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Episode 15 - Casey Ysaguirre

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Akil and Hong invite Casey Ysaguirre on the show to talk all things Umoja and coming to the South Coast from the Inland Empire; from there, the conversation touches on food options from the Inland Empire to Santa Barbara, with a special focus on Disneyland and great tips you won't find anywhere else. The show closes with what everyone has been reading and watching recently.

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00:00:02.790 --> 00:00:14.519

Hong Lieu: hello, and welcome to another episode of SBCC Vaquero Voices a podcast highlighting that unique voices that comprise our campus culture and how we're all working together to serve our students in the community at large, as usual i'm joined by my co host to kill hill.



00:00:14.759 --> 00:00:15.870

Akil Hill: What is good yeah.



00:00:16.650 --> 00:00:20.280

Hong Lieu: And today, we are honored to welcome Casey ISA giri to the show welcome.



00:00:20.760 --> 00:00:22.500

Akil Hill: hi i'm excited.



00:00:24.810 --> 00:00:26.100

Akil Hill: i'm more excited.



00:00:27.390 --> 00:00:27.720

Hong Lieu: Thank you.



00:00:28.200 --> 00:00:40.350

Hong Lieu: Casey Thank you to Paul grant once again for providing our intro and ultra music for the show paul's a local Santa Barbara musician and you can check out all of his music on YouTube or band camp spotify all the music services so.



00:00:40.350 --> 00:00:43.050

Akil Hill: Thank you and he's an SPC alumni.



00:00:44.130 --> 00:00:58.410

Hong Lieu: SPC alumni think he used to work at handlebars why friends are like oh Paul Grant handlebar so yeah a lot of a lot of roots in the Community so Casey I welcome you are the is it what's the official title of the direct yeah.



00:00:58.650 --> 00:00:59.550

Casey Ysaguirre: i'm a spa.



00:01:00.180 --> 00:01:00.600




00:01:02.850 --> 00:01:03.480

Casey Ysaguirre: spa for the.



00:01:04.110 --> 00:01:12.600

Hong Lieu: And you run the motor Center that was that was recently opened shortly before I remember, we brought cupcakes do you for your birthday and I got to see the space, and it was really nice.



00:01:13.110 --> 00:01:17.460

Hong Lieu: But for folks for folks that are aware of the image program completely I mean.



00:01:17.580 --> 00:01:20.100

Hong Lieu: Everyone knows kinda like the bullet points you know about.



00:01:20.880 --> 00:01:30.900

Hong Lieu: Closing the achievement gap, and you know Community what is, what is the day to day kind of experience, like in terms of for students at the motor Center and for you, and if you could just give a little breakdown about everything that goes on there.



00:01:31.890 --> 00:01:36.300

Casey Ysaguirre: Well, you know pre coven when we weren't out here in this room is streets.



00:01:37.500 --> 00:01:49.050

Casey Ysaguirre: Always busy always um and that was both in regards to the students and the tas essentially that I had to do work wise that have.



00:01:49.830 --> 00:02:02.400

Casey Ysaguirre: impact on the students but it doesn't involve me having contact with them, and so my students would constantly be frustrated with me when I wasn't in the Center for long periods of times, if I was in meetings.



00:02:03.240 --> 00:02:17.040

Casey Ysaguirre: Because they're so used to like having access to me is me being present and I used to have two students that I used to call my right in my left hip because pretty much if you saw me you saw them and that pretty much applies to a lot of my students.



00:02:18.420 --> 00:02:24.270

Casey Ysaguirre: But still, like it gives a really good perspective of like what our dynamic is in the Center.



00:02:25.290 --> 00:02:36.450

Casey Ysaguirre: I tried to be present in peak times so usually between classes always right before lunchtime, those are the times they were constantly in the Center and they'd be in there to print.



00:02:37.230 --> 00:02:46.020

Casey Ysaguirre: They would maybe want me to proofread maybe they're grab a snack it was a lot going on, so that's something I definitely really miss about doing the work, because now it's it's.



00:02:46.530 --> 00:02:59.070

Casey Ysaguirre: business with just the worst part and a lot less interaction, because I have to you know, try and track them down sometimes to get the interaction that we're looking for just to ask them about certain things, but I do try to keep it up.



00:03:00.390 --> 00:03:09.750

Casey Ysaguirre: But outside of that yeah we usually constantly in a meeting trying to make some impact i'm almost always on the phone to kill, for some reason, trying to butter him up to ask him to do something for.



00:03:12.240 --> 00:03:18.060

Casey Ysaguirre: Several other people just to make sure that they're covered and they have resources and that they're good.



00:03:19.140 --> 00:03:25.530

Casey Ysaguirre: But there's honestly, no one day looks the same it just doesn't and i'll I wouldn't have it any other way.



00:03:27.570 --> 00:03:31.740

Hong Lieu: And the transition to kind of this at home environment, I mean i'm sure it was quite a job for you.



00:03:32.160 --> 00:03:36.690

Hong Lieu: But at this, I mean in terms of that point you bring up about trying to recreate that Community aspect because.



00:03:36.960 --> 00:03:43.380

Hong Lieu: Yes, you know when you look at the bullet points you're closing the achievement gap you miss that but you're just there for people, you know that's like the baseline is just had to be there for people.



00:03:43.560 --> 00:03:47.340

Hong Lieu: and trying to be there for people in this kind of environment where you're chasing them down, and you, and these.



00:03:47.700 --> 00:03:53.610

Hong Lieu: group zoom sessions are just not that space, you know so trying to create that space from this space.



00:03:53.820 --> 00:04:00.960

Hong Lieu: Is got to be you know it's it's probably definitely been your biggest challenges, but I mean in terms of how you kind of bridge that what have you found any kind of secrets or any kind of thing you could meet up.



00:04:01.470 --> 00:04:11.250

Casey Ysaguirre: So the secret sauce is really been just ask the students what the heck they want um I have pretty much a philosophy and policy for myself.



00:04:12.090 --> 00:04:16.830

Casey Ysaguirre: And this was also at my previous institution and also here I don't ask anybody to do something I wouldn't do.



00:04:17.700 --> 00:04:23.520

Casey Ysaguirre: So when I put together these programs or i'm doing anything like that, with the students it's.



00:04:24.360 --> 00:04:31.410

Casey Ysaguirre: it's definitely 100% only something i'm going to do i'm only I will only push things out them that will be something that I participate in.



00:04:32.220 --> 00:04:39.480

Casey Ysaguirre: Because a lot of times that's The first question is where are you going to be there are you going to do it in so pretty much the only things i'll push to them.



00:04:40.680 --> 00:04:48.240

Casey Ysaguirre: And with this whole virtual learning environment and zoom is so exhausting for them it's exhausting for me.



00:04:48.750 --> 00:04:56.730

Casey Ysaguirre: Being in meetings and things so this semester actually surveyed them and ask them what is it that you're looking for in terms of support and resources from a mojo.



00:04:57.600 --> 00:05:05.760

Casey Ysaguirre: Because, in the last semester, I did not did not get a lot of communication, they just like it felt like everybody was missing in action.



00:05:06.300 --> 00:05:11.820

Casey Ysaguirre: So this this semester government, the beginning, I said Okay, what do you guys need, what do you want when you want to do, what are we looking at.



00:05:12.360 --> 00:05:19.950

Casey Ysaguirre: And if you do want to do something also given timeframe options, because I was also a big a big big thing was in the fall semester.



00:05:20.310 --> 00:05:31.650

Casey Ysaguirre: So care plan, all these vans and things, and then we get to the day, and the meeting and i'm sitting there looking at myself, so I was like Okay, we gotta figure this out and I asked them and they were really honest and they were like honestly.



00:05:33.000 --> 00:05:38.130

Casey Ysaguirre: When they're not looking for the programming, which is okay my feelings are not hurt Michael and I are by any means.



00:05:39.390 --> 00:05:49.680

Casey Ysaguirre: But they were really wanting to focus on really the academic support part so Tutoring a lot of Tutoring I have a handful of stem folks.



00:05:50.100 --> 00:05:57.870

Casey Ysaguirre: And in that handful of stem folks are still a lot of challenges with math and science, even though they are in the stem fields they're like we need help with that.



00:05:58.500 --> 00:06:13.620

Casey Ysaguirre: I need some mental health assistance likes just something to keep me afloat and someone asked me if i'm right every now and then, and I say Okay, we can do that, and then you know I pitched ask them also where they want to see maybe for black history month and they gave me a good.



00:06:14.730 --> 00:06:20.910

Casey Ysaguirre: A good little list of like that some people just wanted to get together so that they can build Community so region for.



00:06:21.840 --> 00:06:26.100

Casey Ysaguirre: But hosted by our Santa Barbara city college just had our region event for black history month.



00:06:26.670 --> 00:06:32.910

Casey Ysaguirre: which we put on, but it was for everybody in the region, and that was really successful and the students absolutely loved it and.



00:06:33.210 --> 00:06:37.680

Casey Ysaguirre: They just got to vibe in a zoom space together and like paint a canvas that we mailed out to them.



00:06:38.100 --> 00:06:46.950

Casey Ysaguirre: There was no pressure your cameras didn't have to be on is just for you to feel like there's other people by you and they really enjoyed that the other requests was.



00:06:47.910 --> 00:07:05.460

Casey Ysaguirre: For like more information or knowledge on the African diaspora, and like you know the diaspora is basically black folks everywhere so blacklist across the spectrum those in the US and outside of the US and Spanish countries and everywhere else, so we did yesterday.



00:07:06.510 --> 00:07:11.430

Casey Ysaguirre: We did kinetic yoga, which is the ancient Egyptian practice of yoga.



00:07:12.300 --> 00:07:19.800

Casey Ysaguirre: So we're hitting the wellness on the head and we're getting the aspirin there and so it's doing things like that, and then also giving them things to do.



00:07:20.250 --> 00:07:23.550

Casey Ysaguirre: In our canvas Shell and whatnot that they can do on their own time.



00:07:24.300 --> 00:07:34.560

Casey Ysaguirre: So you can print it out, you may not have to pay it out, you just do this whenever you have time to do it, and if you want to submit it, you can submit it but there's absolutely no pressure, so I really just took a lot of the pressure off.



00:07:34.980 --> 00:07:41.160

Casey Ysaguirre: Because they already have enough of it with classes and things so i'm really we're really just acting as support in release.



00:07:42.630 --> 00:07:44.790

Casey Ysaguirre: To give them space to do things.



00:07:45.000 --> 00:07:47.850

Akil Hill: And casey's understanding that canvas shell.



00:07:48.990 --> 00:07:49.140

Casey Ysaguirre: Oh.



00:07:49.980 --> 00:07:58.140

Akil Hill: yo last week, she presented on during the in service day and that camera Shell is like.



00:07:59.700 --> 00:08:00.450

Akil Hill: legit.



00:08:00.660 --> 00:08:01.140

Akil Hill: that's all.



00:08:01.410 --> 00:08:06.210

Akil Hill: Day it's it's actually legit like it's like webmaster conscious coming for your job.



00:08:07.110 --> 00:08:13.470

Hong Lieu: i'm a tech person i'm a tech person I barely did like two toes into canvas I look at it and sometimes I feel like i'm going too deep here.



00:08:13.590 --> 00:08:14.610

Hong Lieu: I didn't get out of.



00:08:15.690 --> 00:08:27.240

Akil Hill: This camp so like Casey Casey created is absolutely amazing and and maybe she can speak a little bit on to because she also runs the instagram page for a mojo.



00:08:27.720 --> 00:08:44.400

Akil Hill: And, if any, if you guys haven't seen that or visit there, make sure you guys take a moment and look at what's going on with the NSPCC emoji instagram page that page she's just done a phenomenal job at it it's it's really like like high tech stuff man great quality.



00:08:45.210 --> 00:08:46.590

Casey Ysaguirre: Oh kayla don't blow my head.



00:08:46.890 --> 00:09:00.090

Akil Hill: No i'm just i'm saying i'm not just saying that, because you, you know you know or close, but it really is an amazing job like I go in and just check to see like it's you get history, you get the mental health, you get the.



00:09:01.710 --> 00:09:06.390

Akil Hill: device vibes of feeling like you're being seen and heard it it's a it's a great tool.



00:09:07.290 --> 00:09:14.250

Casey Ysaguirre: Thank you, thank you and the thing that kills talking about so it's not camera shy, but we did create virtual village space.



00:09:14.640 --> 00:09:24.990

Casey Ysaguirre: So the canvas Shell is more for like the direct thing so for like the man to complete the orientation stuff and when I need to ask you for book grants all that stuff happens within that canvas show.



00:09:25.470 --> 00:09:29.790

Casey Ysaguirre: Because it's a little more controlled, you know we can put actual enrolled students in that.



00:09:30.210 --> 00:09:38.220

Casey Ysaguirre: And so what I also did as a supplement to further do outreach and give them the resources that they receive in the Center was I created a virtual village space.



00:09:39.000 --> 00:09:51.360

Casey Ysaguirre: With a just a Google site and in the space like he was mentioning they have space for like student resources, so they can learn about the student groups that image offers which there's three there's a women's group.



00:09:51.780 --> 00:09:58.020

Casey Ysaguirre: For female I didn't find folks men men's group for the mail identifying folks shaquille so lovingly helps with.



00:09:58.620 --> 00:10:04.110

Casey Ysaguirre: And then there's also the queer can connection for all of our queer identity or queer identified community.



00:10:04.860 --> 00:10:11.760

Casey Ysaguirre: So they can learn about those there's a whole directory for black faculty and staff that is touch base with me and given me their information to put up there.



00:10:12.660 --> 00:10:29.400

Casey Ysaguirre: Our calendar of events that also will link them to the well the food pantry and there's one whole page, with all the different services and student services that offer resources, like a motor does like lps and D SPS and everybody with an s.



00:10:30.480 --> 00:10:42.210

Casey Ysaguirre: And so, all the we're on one page so students can read something quick about what that specific resources about, and then the link will take them directly to like the application and further information.



00:10:43.590 --> 00:10:49.200

Casey Ysaguirre: They also have there's also our data is up there for anybody like if administrative folks ever look at it.



00:10:49.710 --> 00:11:04.080

Casey Ysaguirre: there's like data about like our whole rundown of the program hundred people were enrolled you know their GPA, is what a GPS look like in terms of moving forward and a whole bunch of other things so that's what the virtual space like is for and.



00:11:05.160 --> 00:11:19.680

Casey Ysaguirre: The instagram is hundred percent my baby, that is my child people are always like why don't you pass to student worker Ms kind of like it, I will give up almost anything else, as long as I can run that as long as I can run the image instagram.



00:11:21.120 --> 00:11:31.920

Casey Ysaguirre: I just I don't know why just being able, especially now, I think, because Hong Kong is now seeing the Center so he definitely knows you know my centers real colorful space.



00:11:32.400 --> 00:11:42.810

Casey Ysaguirre: Like it's super engaging there's a lot for you to look at there's a lot going on and i'm trying to kind of create the same feeling on the instagram page because it's really the only things that students will physically see.



00:11:43.230 --> 00:11:47.850

Casey Ysaguirre: And that includes any of our new students that we may be getting that have never even stepped foot on NSPCC yet.



00:11:49.020 --> 00:12:05.880

Casey Ysaguirre: And a handful of other things, so I put I put quite a bit of work into our into our instagram page and I akila, thank you for the praise because I definitely work work really hard to hope that everybody feels exactly how you just said, so thank you for for the validation.



00:12:06.720 --> 00:12:12.930

Hong Lieu: And it's definitely a lot of work because i'm in office, communications, you know social media marketing is like legit real thing and in terms of.



00:12:13.290 --> 00:12:21.180

Hong Lieu: Getting to new students instagram is probably the most kind of wide wide net you can cast I mean everyone's like on to the next thing like oh it's gonna be snapchat it's gonna be this.



00:12:21.420 --> 00:12:22.140

But instagram.



00:12:26.310 --> 00:12:32.280

Hong Lieu: instagram for now is probably yeah until we get a tick tock and and we're kind of work, the challenges, the challenge angle.



00:12:32.400 --> 00:12:32.640




00:12:33.690 --> 00:12:36.240

Hong Lieu: Get that Silhouette challenge going for SPC mojo.



00:12:41.580 --> 00:12:41.760

Hong Lieu: hey.



00:12:42.390 --> 00:12:51.660

Akil Hill: Maybe you can drop the link to the instagram in the show notes, so that way you got everyone can take the viewers can our listeners can actually take a look at it it's it's really great I mean.



00:12:51.720 --> 00:13:04.020

Akil Hill: Absolutely, this is, to me, this is why social media was created and you'll see it once you go in and take a good look at it like this, is the to me, you know and i'm an old head so.



00:13:04.920 --> 00:13:06.270

Akil Hill: I guess I guess you.



00:13:06.330 --> 00:13:08.190

Akil Hill: Know it's good it's good.



00:13:11.190 --> 00:13:13.470

Hong Lieu: What do they do this will say swagger swagger done.



00:13:14.970 --> 00:13:16.440

Akil Hill: it's true it's true.



00:13:17.310 --> 00:13:19.230

Casey Ysaguirre: So in my opinion, yes, but.



00:13:20.040 --> 00:13:21.750

Casey Ysaguirre: The one in gen Z maybe not.



00:13:22.050 --> 00:13:29.340

Hong Lieu: Okay, just making sure yeah I will, I will say two quick things i'm the film's you picked for the older black love that film series.



00:13:29.970 --> 00:13:39.510

Hong Lieu: You did beale street talk last black man and Sam Cisco and moonlight another three just amazing film, so I mean good good job picking that and I just wanted to kind of highlight.



00:13:39.810 --> 00:13:47.430

Hong Lieu: kind of the dynamism you showed in terms of how you pivoted and how you're able to kind of ask people what they wanted, I mean a lot of folks coming what they want to do.



00:13:47.700 --> 00:13:53.250

Hong Lieu: And just kind of do it, like, I have no no honor do I do it and that's it and it's up to the people that are actually.



00:13:53.520 --> 00:14:01.380

Hong Lieu: Taking in that program whatever to kind of adapt, but instead you took on yourself and you said i'm going to adapt i'm going to figure out what's going on what people want.



00:14:01.590 --> 00:14:10.020

Hong Lieu: And and and not I mean a lot of people wouldn't do that you know so it's really kudos to you and it's amazing that you were not able not only able to do that, but you were to stay on top of things because.



00:14:10.350 --> 00:14:17.400

Hong Lieu: The reason, a lot of people don't do, that is because you pivot and you start falling behind and you get buried by mountains and mountains of all the things that are coming on.



00:14:17.550 --> 00:14:22.260

Hong Lieu: So you're able to not only pivot but pivot and kind of stay on track and keep them going because.



00:14:22.440 --> 00:14:30.600

Hong Lieu: The minute you fall behind that and we also saw behind to so the fact that you have to kind of keep doing it and keep it moving i'm sure it wasn't easy but but i'm sure it was much appreciated as well, so kudos to you for that.



00:14:30.990 --> 00:14:41.550

Casey Ysaguirre: Thank you, thank you, thank you and trust me I wasn't for anybody who is listening, please do not be shook and that's how I did it because trust me my mountain of work was in the fall semester.



00:14:41.940 --> 00:14:51.300

Casey Ysaguirre: When I was pivoting so they definitely did happen, but thank you so much, again, you know for the compliment, I tried, you know, like how people say make your money work for you.



00:14:51.630 --> 00:15:04.860

Casey Ysaguirre: I try and give the students, the same sentiment it's like make the program work for you like we're here for you so make it work for you, because they y'all pay me to be here, like, I have a job, everybody knows i'm a lean mean program and machine but.



00:15:06.450 --> 00:15:07.680

Casey Ysaguirre: The people i'm serving don't want to go.



00:15:09.420 --> 00:15:20.430

Hong Lieu: yeah absolutely and again a lot of people would not, they would they would retool internally and kind of redeploy you know, without actually getting input, so the fact you're able to kind of integrate input and kind of see what people want.



00:15:20.730 --> 00:15:25.170

Hong Lieu: I mean that means a lot i'm sure i'm sure it means a lot to the students that there's a facility that are there.



00:15:27.870 --> 00:15:38.640

Hong Lieu: So, as I guess this episode is probably going to be airing in early March, but we're still kind of in the black history month kind of kind of mood, so we wanted to kind of talk to you a little bit about kind of.



00:15:39.720 --> 00:15:46.110

Hong Lieu: The black experience NSPCC and in Santa Barbara for you, your perspective is kind of unique because you're kind of newer to the area.



00:15:46.710 --> 00:15:55.170

Hong Lieu: But you've been here a couple years now, so you kind of have a lay of the land, a little bit i'm sure, but if you could just speak on that a little bit and just share share insights or any input, you have.



00:15:55.650 --> 00:16:06.150

Casey Ysaguirre: yeah so I did move here from San Bernardino when I came in in October 2019, which is so weird to say that's funny too, because when you mentioned.



00:16:07.770 --> 00:16:14.010

Casey Ysaguirre: You know the wonderful communications department coming to bring me cupcakes for my birthday, that was a year ago, because my birthday is on Sunday.



00:16:14.940 --> 00:16:15.720

Hong Lieu: This coming Sunday.



00:16:15.900 --> 00:16:16.890

Hong Lieu: Coming Sunday.



00:16:17.790 --> 00:16:18.210

Casey Ysaguirre: So a.



00:16:18.990 --> 00:16:22.230

Casey Ysaguirre: year ago wow that's crazy to even think about.



00:16:23.550 --> 00:16:28.260

Casey Ysaguirre: By I know me me Santa Barbara don't got beef.



00:16:30.360 --> 00:16:34.140

Casey Ysaguirre: it's also you know it's not my most favorite places been time.



00:16:34.440 --> 00:16:43.860

Casey Ysaguirre: You know I definitely cannot you know negate saying that it is a blessing to live and work at the beach and, like the view that we have NSPCC and everything is impeccable.



00:16:44.160 --> 00:16:52.170

Casey Ysaguirre: You know it's definitely a big deal, and I was just having this conversation with my neighbor and I recently gotten really close in quarantine.



00:16:53.250 --> 00:17:03.210

Casey Ysaguirre: Because we're about the same age and we both are in roughly the same line of work and stuff so we have a lot of conversations you know, and one of our most recent conversations was about.



00:17:03.540 --> 00:17:12.900

Casey Ysaguirre: How crazy, it is and we actually really do live at the beach and she's from North cow but we're like you know it always seems like something that's out of reach.



00:17:13.500 --> 00:17:20.430

Casey Ysaguirre: And like don't get me wrong there's like you know the the beach frat houses for show, still out of my reach they're only paying for that, but.



00:17:21.780 --> 00:17:33.240

Casey Ysaguirre: The fact that I can still relatively afford to live a 10 minute drive from the Ocean is is, is this really huge thing, and especially coming out of you know, San Bernardino.



00:17:34.410 --> 00:17:41.070

Casey Ysaguirre: And stuff like that, so it was it's definitely been a journey but it's been hard because it's not a lot of black folks out here.



00:17:42.300 --> 00:17:52.830

Casey Ysaguirre: Just one in in as I saying civilians feels weird but as civilians like it's like we're not around and then even going into businesses and.



00:17:53.280 --> 00:18:04.080

Casey Ysaguirre: And things like that it's like we're so not present and I was really struggling in the beginning, especially before I got you know closer with a kill I tell the kill often times.



00:18:05.160 --> 00:18:13.410

Casey Ysaguirre: That you know between him and roxanne about the only friends, I got in Santa Barbara because it was so complicated for me to open up.



00:18:13.890 --> 00:18:24.630

Casey Ysaguirre: To anybody, because the scent there was like no sense of camaraderie amongst black people, which was very weird for me especially coming out of San Bernardino and everybody looks like this.



00:18:25.170 --> 00:18:29.670

Casey Ysaguirre: And it's not that we're all best these because everyone also know San Bernardino his reputation.



00:18:30.420 --> 00:18:40.530

Casey Ysaguirre: But it was at least if you saw another black person in the street, like you, all smile your hidden would have had nine you know blend know have blessed day something something.



00:18:41.520 --> 00:18:49.500

Casey Ysaguirre: out here that was not a thing I remember, I used to be in this, you know before mass you know when you could add when someone would see you smiling at them, I was, I was just.



00:18:50.970 --> 00:19:00.000

Casey Ysaguirre: Just how i'm going to chucky cheese trying to smile at these black people and, like, I was only really met with a lot of like rudeness.



00:19:00.480 --> 00:19:05.070

Casey Ysaguirre: And I was confused and hurt and I was I hated here i'll call them off.



00:19:05.940 --> 00:19:17.340

Casey Ysaguirre: Like mom I can't do this I don't understand I was like ah just it was such a serious disconnect but now that i've built like you know some Community it's definitely gotten a lot better.



00:19:18.330 --> 00:19:30.480

Casey Ysaguirre: And again just keep keeping a book because that's who I am i'm very transparent it's naturally not where I want to stay forever i'm at all by any means on the hotel people often if I could go back to San Bernardino I would.



00:19:31.560 --> 00:19:40.410

Casey Ysaguirre: But it's also a big thing because i'm way more of a fan of the mountains, to the beach the beaches nice these cool i'm pisces I like the ocean, I like water i'm here for it.



00:19:40.680 --> 00:19:46.680

Casey Ysaguirre: But you know the mountains, is where it's at for me honestly I missing the snow in the distance.



00:19:47.160 --> 00:19:52.320

Casey Ysaguirre: And things like that and being an hour out from big bear so it's really more more so those kinds of things, but.



00:19:52.620 --> 00:20:01.320

Casey Ysaguirre: it's been a rough experience even my students have had a really rough experience and my students really come from you know some places, you know they're coming from the south.



00:20:02.280 --> 00:20:09.810

Casey Ysaguirre: A lot of the times and the South is is not non racist they're not anti racist you know so they come to you know liberal California.



00:20:10.830 --> 00:20:18.510

Casey Ysaguirre: in Santa Barbara and then they get treated somewhat similarly and it's just we tend to get stuck.



00:20:18.960 --> 00:20:28.620

Casey Ysaguirre: So it's but whenever I would face those kinds of like difficulties or feeling like someone in here is like staring at me or is.



00:20:29.280 --> 00:20:32.550

Casey Ysaguirre: Probably thinking horrible things about me, you can read it on the face.



00:20:32.970 --> 00:20:41.580

Casey Ysaguirre: I think a lot of times, even though I want to go, like my students are also facing the exact same thing, and they deserve to have that community in that space, too, so I know I can't run.



00:20:42.180 --> 00:21:00.540

Casey Ysaguirre: When the time is time is is the time for me to go, you know i'll make my accent, but I 100% trying to make sure that I am not necessarily moving on 100% selfish you know precedence, because one that wouldn't be very image of me.



00:21:02.700 --> 00:21:08.400

Casey Ysaguirre: To move on the basis of myself and not you know the Community that desperately needs important people.



00:21:08.670 --> 00:21:18.630

Casey Ysaguirre: But as we continue to make these good connections with folks like a keel and honestly Hong you to in the communications department y'all always have my back with the things that I need in my 8000 questions and.



00:21:18.900 --> 00:21:32.940

Casey Ysaguirre: stuff like that, so creating that kind of network is really only been beneficial for them so not saying the exit the exit is coming, but at least, is it i'm building enough of a system for when I leave I can leave a good conscience.



00:21:34.050 --> 00:21:38.100

Akil Hill: All right, i'll tell you guys a quick funny story that when Casey.



00:21:39.210 --> 00:21:40.440

Akil Hill: When Casey first.



00:21:42.360 --> 00:21:49.890

Akil Hill: started working at Santa Barbara city college I don't know how long I don't remember how long you had been here, but she had stopped by my house.



00:21:50.760 --> 00:22:02.160

Akil Hill: One night and my parents had stopped by as well, and so I, and so we were we were going to grab something to eat, and so we all end up basically eating dinner together.



00:22:03.210 --> 00:22:16.290

Akil Hill: At my place Obviously this was pre coven but I was laughing because I was thinking, I remember having a really distinct thought, because I was like wow she must really miss home because it felt like she was so just happy to be.



00:22:16.530 --> 00:22:17.400

Casey Ysaguirre: It was so nice.



00:22:18.060 --> 00:22:28.560

Akil Hill: around like effect like it was like basically it felt like family because i've met her mother and her mother literally is like Oh, she was definitely get along with my mom you know what I mean, so it felt like.



00:22:31.080 --> 00:22:39.480

Akil Hill: It felt really organic and welcome any and that's the piece that I think is really significant that what I admire about you Casey is that.



00:22:40.920 --> 00:22:49.650

Akil Hill: When you and when students come to sbc and they're coming from places what you've already made mention of like the south inner cities.



00:22:50.340 --> 00:23:03.240

Akil Hill: And then they find themselves dead smack in Santa Barbara that's culture shock right and so by you, holding down those spaces and understanding, like look i've been there before i'm not from Santa Barbara.



00:23:04.080 --> 00:23:17.970

Akil Hill: I know exactly what you're going through is giving them that space that space of for them to feel like Okay, she can relate to me, you know i'm from Santa Barbara so my take on Santa Barbara is a lot different right.



00:23:19.110 --> 00:23:36.990

Akil Hill: But that's the piece that I think that the students are actually getting from you that you can't quantify right you just know like okay she's not from Santa Barbara oh she's from the IE oh and she's out here for us okay I i'm feeling bonded her.



00:23:37.620 --> 00:23:49.740

Casey Ysaguirre: mm hmm and I love when I love when I get I love them all, I want all of my students students if you're listening I love you, but I love when I get the random transplant of it.



00:23:50.340 --> 00:24:01.350

Casey Ysaguirre: And for those of you who don't know the IE, it is the inland empire, it is very large if you've ever been into like you know joshua tree or to temecula or even to like ranches are flown out of.



00:24:01.350 --> 00:24:04.200

Casey Ysaguirre: Ontario all of that is the inland empire.



00:24:04.320 --> 00:24:04.830

Hong Lieu: Even today.



00:24:06.390 --> 00:24:06.570

Casey Ysaguirre: Oh.



00:24:07.200 --> 00:24:08.130




00:24:10.380 --> 00:24:11.310

Akil Hill: wow.



00:24:11.520 --> 00:24:13.290

Akil Hill: I was shocked hard to when I found that is.



00:24:13.290 --> 00:24:15.510

Hong Lieu: Huge because I know where life is too and that's way.



00:24:18.990 --> 00:24:19.230

Akil Hill: way.



00:24:19.980 --> 00:24:20.190




00:24:22.050 --> 00:24:22.470

Casey Ysaguirre: On there.



00:24:23.010 --> 00:24:30.600

Casey Ysaguirre: We are we are bearing you're barely in California, if you are in life that must really be with the being blind stands for, you are billions.



00:24:32.850 --> 00:24:48.900

Casey Ysaguirre: But I tell people all the time that's riverside county a lot of people know joshua tree that's riverside county that's the inland empire, like all of that is the IE it's huge it spreads for miles, but I I would love getting them because people never know where we're from.



00:24:50.400 --> 00:24:55.500

Casey Ysaguirre: So when I get them and I see their home addresses in like green valley somewhere i'm like home gee.



00:24:56.190 --> 00:25:03.030

Casey Ysaguirre: you're from the IE and then we have a whole moment about it and, of course, the thing that everybody does ask where did you go to high school.



00:25:03.450 --> 00:25:09.000

Casey Ysaguirre: And then, it turns into you know, a whole thing we get to really bond off of that I even just hired.



00:25:09.720 --> 00:25:21.060

Casey Ysaguirre: A new program assistant and he he's fabulous he has great energy like y'all are going to probably think i'm adult human being, when you meet him, but he has a lot of good energy lot of high energy and.



00:25:21.660 --> 00:25:28.980

Casey Ysaguirre: he's at ucsb in their mojo program and the first thing we bonded off of when we met almost a whole year ago.



00:25:29.760 --> 00:25:40.440

Casey Ysaguirre: If not, more at this point because I met him when I was pretty new at NSPCC and I found out that he was in the imager program at norco Community college.



00:25:40.950 --> 00:25:51.900

Casey Ysaguirre: Which is also in the eye and I know the folks over at norco so I was like okay cool like you know that's really cool that you're from there and you're all the way up here, and you know that's been an experience for us both.



00:25:52.290 --> 00:25:58.920

Casey Ysaguirre: You know, talking about that transition and what this looks like and whatnot and how difficult it can be when you're looking for some things.



00:25:59.190 --> 00:26:09.330

Casey Ysaguirre: Also anybody listening out there, if you know how to do hair, I suggest you let a keel know so I could tell people because you have back to secure, because no one out here.



00:26:09.570 --> 00:26:25.200

Casey Ysaguirre: Does box braids they don't do feeder braids if somebody could just even learn how to weave and do it well, you will be a good side hustle i'm just put that out there, because we all have to go to La for all those things all services.



00:26:26.280 --> 00:26:27.870

Casey Ysaguirre: i'm going to La to get my nails done.



00:26:30.270 --> 00:26:37.800

Casey Ysaguirre: Everything is completely culture related for my students and, for me, so we will drive the distance to find another black person that does it.



00:26:39.330 --> 00:26:51.030

Akil Hill: I mean I can't that can't be understated like if you and I think a lot of people don't really understand that, because the demographics at Santa Barbara city college, where we kind of weigh heavily.



00:26:52.170 --> 00:27:04.050

Akil Hill: To I mean we're Hispanic serving institution, and you know we have a large white population of students as well, but to be able to actually go to a location and you can't find.



00:27:04.830 --> 00:27:13.350

Akil Hill: like anyone to do your hair or your your nails or certain type of food like that literally weighs on people like.



00:27:13.680 --> 00:27:22.380

Akil Hill: And I don't think people truly understand the impact of that and that's why it's really important that our institution continues to.



00:27:22.650 --> 00:27:28.650

Akil Hill: support these you know the module program and the and other programs where people can come in, if we were.



00:27:29.160 --> 00:27:41.730

Akil Hill: To our institution and see Community there are at least find out where they have access to other things because I can't even imagine like what that's like it's in a lot of ways it's like you're an international student in some regards.



00:27:42.510 --> 00:27:51.180

Akil Hill: Where you you come to campus and there's no resemblance of blackness or your culture or where you're from it, so in a lot of ways.



00:27:51.630 --> 00:28:00.990

Casey Ysaguirre: it's a lot yeah it can it can be anything other than that includes not even just like you know we a factor, a lot of my most of the struggle finding a Barber.



00:28:01.380 --> 00:28:16.170

Casey Ysaguirre: yeah I want, I want to learn how to do it so bad, so that I could do it for them, then like we could do it in the Center and that can be just part of liking our integrated programming and that's akil can for sure it tested this the barbershop is a whole culture moment.



00:28:17.670 --> 00:28:18.210

Casey Ysaguirre: family.



00:28:18.480 --> 00:28:21.390

Casey Ysaguirre: So they're also missing, on top of like.



00:28:21.570 --> 00:28:29.820

Casey Ysaguirre: You know missing out on things, maybe they had at home or certain foods are certain people that can do things you know things they're looking for.



00:28:30.090 --> 00:28:40.770

Casey Ysaguirre: But every single every single one of those things are also really big parts of culture and what makes you feel like you're part of the culture, whatever the culture is when you're integrated into Lee.



00:28:41.190 --> 00:28:47.520

Casey Ysaguirre: And so it hundred percent it will only make all the difference as we kind of figure all that out.



00:28:48.990 --> 00:28:52.260

Hong Lieu: And it's definitely something I ran into coming up here from La even because.



00:28:52.740 --> 00:28:55.740

Hong Lieu: I think about all the time, with my son, because I grew up in an area of La that was.



00:28:56.010 --> 00:29:02.430

Hong Lieu: You know 60 70% Chinese and it was Chinese from my diaspora, the the 80s, but people that came from Vietnam and Southeast Asia.



00:29:02.700 --> 00:29:10.500

Hong Lieu: So coming up here I mean coming up here, you see a lot of Chinese people see a lot of Asian people but it's like you said we're not we're not on the street like what's up how's it going you're like how like how you doing, where do we, you know.



00:29:11.010 --> 00:29:17.760

Hong Lieu: You just kind of like walk by and just kind of like feeling each other out because it's a new kind of diaspora to this is like the modern like.



00:29:18.120 --> 00:29:26.580

Hong Lieu: The the Chinese Chinese coming from China, you know they have a little bit of money so it's it's a different it's a different crew, so I don't even speak the lingo so i'm seeing things that were.



00:29:26.850 --> 00:29:38.610

Hong Lieu: I I feel a little like fish out of water but i'm Okay, but I think about my son he's the only Chinese kid in his class, you know where's he going to go to kind of learn about the deeper tenets of his culture and i'm not that guy look I look at me i'm basically.



00:29:40.440 --> 00:29:50.130

Hong Lieu: i'm California through and through so I bring it back to my mom every now and then he comes back on him why his grandma so strict and then that's even worse because now now it's like all the bad parts and.



00:29:52.590 --> 00:29:58.650

Hong Lieu: So there's a balance, there you know so it's it's something that I wrestle with a little bit here and there, and think about in terms of how to.



00:29:58.860 --> 00:30:09.600

Hong Lieu: How to expose him to those aspects of the culture that I, I can provide cuz I don't know much of anything at all, let alone, try to be some kind of all encompassed like you know culture culture wizard about trying to teach you about things so it's.



00:30:10.020 --> 00:30:11.070

Hong Lieu: Definitely tough nut to crack.



00:30:11.670 --> 00:30:16.050

Casey Ysaguirre: I think, depending on how old your service, though, you could be the culture wizard me never know.



00:30:16.350 --> 00:30:23.400

Hong Lieu: yeah it's true, but then all the wrong things i'm still trying to convince them that i'm poor try to pretend that we're poor, so you can like learn how to come up in the struggle like I did.



00:30:23.550 --> 00:30:31.530

Casey Ysaguirre: But then when you find yourself, we find that I was lying he's gonna turn is going to turn the other way he's gonna end up in jail or something you know he's got like lash out so.



00:30:31.740 --> 00:30:36.420

Hong Lieu: So you can't do that either you know so it's it's a it's a delicate delicate balance right there.



00:30:36.750 --> 00:30:38.250

Hong Lieu: um I also want to take.



00:30:38.460 --> 00:30:42.990

Hong Lieu: Take this moment to shout out to the shout to manage Jacobs and OPS communications, but I know that manner, you know if you amanda.



00:30:43.470 --> 00:30:49.530

Hong Lieu: kind of linked up a little bit and then also take this time to thank a keel because this has been a recurring theme on the show is listeners.



00:30:49.770 --> 00:30:58.860

Hong Lieu: At almost every episode someone's like man, if not for a keel if not for a cure reaching out if not particular region, now and in my previous job and I was at the library, if not for kills mom reaching out to me.



00:30:59.100 --> 00:31:11.100

Hong Lieu: And kind of like being there to have someone to talk to about you know normal stuff you know because Librarians they like they're smart people that know what they're doing, but sometimes these like talk a little bit about the real and it kills mom jack sheila shout out to Jackie she.



00:31:11.280 --> 00:31:12.570

Hong Lieu: lives up to.



00:31:12.900 --> 00:31:15.060

Casey Ysaguirre: So great lady.



00:31:16.140 --> 00:31:27.600

Casey Ysaguirre: I love kills periods I everybody listening is for showing not going to get chance to ever really meet and have a one on one interaction with his parents, but if you do, you are you.



00:31:28.740 --> 00:31:40.410

Casey Ysaguirre: There obscure delight up here to light, and I think it is a true test to them how good of a human being, that kill is because they're also the human beings.



00:31:40.770 --> 00:31:52.800

Casey Ysaguirre: So it's just a lot of goodness happening over there in that area and that's why we all appreciate it so much because a lot of goodness, it seems like you anymore so y'all just give us 100.



00:31:54.990 --> 00:31:56.670

Hong Lieu: New roseville family genetics.



00:31:56.760 --> 00:31:59.310

Hong Lieu: hey seal seal family genetics and put that in the water right.



00:31:59.700 --> 00:32:01.350

Casey Ysaguirre: yeah there you go.



00:32:01.890 --> 00:32:03.330

Akil Hill: Make no mistake about it.



00:32:03.480 --> 00:32:05.730

Akil Hill: My parents used to tear me up do they use so.



00:32:07.440 --> 00:32:11.010

Akil Hill: I can't say, but I used to get spanked i'm just gonna say i'm just gonna leave it that, like.



00:32:11.970 --> 00:32:12.900

Akil Hill: When I was growing up.



00:32:13.260 --> 00:32:15.540

Akil Hill: You know I wouldn't change it, I love my parents.



00:32:16.710 --> 00:32:18.000

Akil Hill: My parents, you know.



00:32:18.690 --> 00:32:22.320

Hong Lieu: But it was done you the hardest on you and good everyone else that's kind of always how it.



00:32:22.320 --> 00:32:22.800

Casey Ysaguirre: plays out.



00:32:22.860 --> 00:32:23.190




00:32:24.960 --> 00:32:27.840

Casey Ysaguirre: Always how it is always always always.



00:32:29.010 --> 00:32:35.040

Hong Lieu: But I mean that, but that speaks to that that that necessity of someone someone out there willing to put themselves out a little bit and say hey.



00:32:35.310 --> 00:32:44.460

Hong Lieu: I know you I know you can do you know, things are all familiar, but you know it's not a bad place you'll check this out check that out, let me hit you on some things give me give me some addresses in La to drive to.



00:32:46.170 --> 00:32:49.200

Casey Ysaguirre: To take me somewhere and I actually liked the food.



00:32:49.260 --> 00:32:49.860

And it was made.



00:32:52.290 --> 00:33:00.300

Casey Ysaguirre: It was because I was convinced, I was gonna have to cook every meal, I was like nothing is season, everything is healthy there's no longer MSG and anything.



00:33:02.340 --> 00:33:11.970

Casey Ysaguirre: y'all I want to die, so can you give can you put the bad stuff back in it whatever you use take it out, put it back because I want that don't trim the fat off my me.



00:33:15.960 --> 00:33:22.410

Akil Hill: yeah I mean it's it's true man, I think you know that's the piece of being able to.



00:33:23.010 --> 00:33:36.270

Akil Hill: see people and bring them in you know, like that's that's the part that makes our institutions super special you know I remember having lunch with you when you first got here Casey and I took it and we went to Mesa burger and.



00:33:36.930 --> 00:33:48.390

Akil Hill: it's just important it's important that we create a culture on on our campus when we're hiring people and we're bringing people in that we have spaces, where people can actually be seen.



00:33:49.740 --> 00:33:58.350

Akil Hill: And then also what makes I feel our institutions special is if you're getting that piece of where you feel like you belong, and then you're and.



00:33:59.040 --> 00:34:04.140

Akil Hill: You know you're nestled between the ocean in the mountains, is this not like the best place to be.



00:34:04.650 --> 00:34:08.970

Akil Hill: Like if you feel like you got a sense of community and belonging and you're living it and.



00:34:09.480 --> 00:34:26.040

Akil Hill: Santa Barbara that's pretty special you know because usually in a lot of places people only get one of those things you know mean either you you you feel like you belong, but you're stuck in the concrete jungle, you know to me and and so that's why you know.



00:34:27.090 --> 00:34:37.620

Akil Hill: it's it's important that, as an institution that we bring people in we see people anytime someone gets hired that's new kind of open people gotta bring people in with open arms, you know.



00:34:38.190 --> 00:34:47.310

Casey Ysaguirre: Oh yeah I think that I think that is it speaks loudly and black faculty and staff has conversation, a lot of times about why black folks don't apply.



00:34:49.200 --> 00:35:00.120

Casey Ysaguirre: When it's like what it completely off our radar a lot of the times and then it's that cultural piece, I even have a student because pretty much only 22% the last time I took a count.



00:35:00.510 --> 00:35:12.990

Casey Ysaguirre: of our student population actually came from Santa Barbara and that just means they went to high school here so that, in a lot of them that I know went to high school out here, they still moved in high school to Santa Barbara.



00:35:13.530 --> 00:35:25.440

Casey Ysaguirre: So they're still not even technically from here, but I have one student who bless his whole heart he's always pumped up fired up ready to go and he is not.



00:35:26.160 --> 00:35:35.190

Casey Ysaguirre: He doesn't identify as black African American but he has grown up around black and African American people so mojo 100% makes them feel more so at home than anywhere else on the campus.



00:35:35.730 --> 00:35:43.740

Casey Ysaguirre: And he still has friends like you know finishing up in high school and they're playing football and things like that and he's trying to get everybody.



00:35:44.160 --> 00:35:51.390

Casey Ysaguirre: To Santa Barbara city college and to you know get them a part of a mojo and also the stuff but I didn't have to have a little come to Jesus moment with him.



00:35:51.840 --> 00:35:56.280

Casey Ysaguirre: I was like Okay, this is great this fantastic loving the outreach but.



00:35:57.240 --> 00:36:06.300

Casey Ysaguirre: You might want to talk to some of you know your black teammates into the black folks you hang around with in here and your friends and your roommates about what their experience has been.



00:36:06.960 --> 00:36:15.720

Casey Ysaguirre: While they're here before you come drag and all these black lecture rinse up here because they see the same thing they're gonna be like you sent me up.



00:36:16.620 --> 00:36:27.810

Casey Ysaguirre: So you gotta you got to figure that out, but as we're all building this culture out and trying to get connected with one another, hopefully it'll only make the transition easier and only welcome.



00:36:28.110 --> 00:36:41.790

Casey Ysaguirre: You know more black and African American folks and all the folks on the diaspora become, and you know get a good chance at SPC So hopefully, in the long run, you know that would be the goal, the goal.



00:36:43.860 --> 00:36:54.330

Hong Lieu: yeah and and definitely find some more some more kills sprinkled throughout that are willing to put reach that handout and be like hey let's let's do it together, you know, like let's let's go do something together.



00:36:54.570 --> 00:36:57.330

Casey Ysaguirre: You just deploy a bunch of kills just give them a bunch of.



00:36:57.750 --> 00:37:00.030

Hong Lieu: Like I said sequence those hill genetics.



00:37:00.300 --> 00:37:00.690

And just.



00:37:02.520 --> 00:37:04.650

Hong Lieu: So you haven't for every generation, you have a couple of years.



00:37:11.460 --> 00:37:19.500

Hong Lieu: I mean, I guess we've touched on this a little bit in this in the past segment, but I guess, we want to kind of talk about what brought us PCC Casey.



00:37:20.730 --> 00:37:24.840

Hong Lieu: And I guess the mountains are you really doing the snow like you're all about the snow life too.



00:37:25.320 --> 00:37:26.910

Casey Ysaguirre: Oh, I didn't I say I was.



00:37:26.940 --> 00:37:29.100

Hong Lieu: In the snow black okay okay just make chicken.



00:37:29.280 --> 00:37:30.270

Hong Lieu: i'm bad with the snow.



00:37:31.950 --> 00:37:34.410

Hong Lieu: snow, but I wasn't sure if, like if you were closer like it was.



00:37:34.440 --> 00:37:35.280

Akil Hill: Easy one oh.



00:37:36.510 --> 00:37:36.780

Hong Lieu: No.



00:37:37.740 --> 00:37:39.960

Casey Ysaguirre: he's the aesthetics, of the snow.



00:37:40.020 --> 00:37:50.730

Casey Ysaguirre: Okay okay cool Oh, you know San Bernardino is literally at the base of the big bear mountain, so it takes us an hour to get to big bear from where I used to live and it's because that was just going up the mountain.



00:37:51.240 --> 00:37:56.550

Casey Ysaguirre: that's why it's like an hour your Lord is going up the mountain at that point, because we're about 10 minutes out from that exit.



00:37:56.880 --> 00:38:06.870

Casey Ysaguirre: But it was really just the aesthetics, and I was just showing someone a picture that I had taken because before I got to NSPCC I was interning when I was finishing up my.



00:38:07.470 --> 00:38:14.280

Casey Ysaguirre: master's degree, so I was finishing up my counseling hours, you have to do all these intern hours all the counselors out there know exactly what i'm talking about.



00:38:15.450 --> 00:38:27.570

Casey Ysaguirre: But I did mine with the mojo program that chafee college in rancho cucamonga and chafee is it sits the TV such an interesting place honestly it sits in.



00:38:28.680 --> 00:38:33.660

Casey Ysaguirre: What looks like the suburbs like it's literally surrounded by houses, all the way around it.



00:38:34.050 --> 00:38:41.430

Casey Ysaguirre: it's just middle of it like it's like someone may have planned for it to be a park but there's no put a school there so it's like in the middle of the suburbs.



00:38:41.940 --> 00:38:50.490

Casey Ysaguirre: And you have to kind of go uphill a little bit to get to it, and at the at the base of that Hill and even when you turn into the campus.



00:38:51.090 --> 00:39:03.090

Casey Ysaguirre: The entire scenery is the school palm trees and mountains and in the winter it's mountains, with better snow caps, because you know from the rain and stuff so it just looks like.



00:39:04.080 --> 00:39:22.290

Casey Ysaguirre: I guess, for me the epitome of California you're getting the mountains, the palm trees yellow snow dusted at the top, and they had an interesting population because, though, was in like this wealthy suburban area where chafee is like city wise it's full of affluent black folks.



00:39:23.460 --> 00:39:42.060

Casey Ysaguirre: So, before I got here that was where I was, and then I applied to here and I guess everybody liked me enough, and so I got year, but I was pretty much fresh off the boat for Grad school, you know sad broken and overweight, because Grad school.



00:39:45.570 --> 00:40:03.450

Casey Ysaguirre: But you know I came here and I started this journey, and you know most folks know, I was hit with a doozy lot going on um but still that was that was pretty much still high ended up being here and i'm not gonna lie, I definitely thought again to Santa Barbara on my radar.



00:40:04.500 --> 00:40:11.280

Casey Ysaguirre: I 100% thought Santa Barbara was like where Santa Ana is, I was very often, as you can see.



00:40:12.300 --> 00:40:13.950

Hong Lieu: Tony exactly.



00:40:14.310 --> 00:40:17.940

Casey Ysaguirre: I was like Santa Barbara Santa Barbara is not a problem I was like okay he's not saying.



00:40:19.020 --> 00:40:20.730

Hong Lieu: You did better than sin, and in my opinion.



00:40:23.460 --> 00:40:25.740

Hong Lieu: it's like the weirdest place I messing with santana.



00:40:26.520 --> 00:40:27.090

Casey Ysaguirre: orange county.



00:40:28.080 --> 00:40:31.650

Hong Lieu: orange county except for Disneyland I don't need I don't need any part of but.



00:40:31.800 --> 00:40:31.980

Hong Lieu: that's.



00:40:32.280 --> 00:40:34.890

Hong Lieu: that's the lamb, so I that's how I that's how I can speak on it.



00:40:36.780 --> 00:40:47.610

Akil Hill: hey speaking of Disneyland want to make a quick segue real quick just for a hot second our girl, no reason why i'm bringing this up right now, because our girl Casey is the biggest.



00:40:47.760 --> 00:40:51.300

Akil Hill: At Disneyland going in Aramaic in.



00:40:52.260 --> 00:40:52.950

Akil Hill: That right.



00:40:53.640 --> 00:40:58.770

Hong Lieu: Tomorrow, and that's part of my culture PICs i'm definitely we can definitely say we can definitely save that conversation.



00:40:58.800 --> 00:40:59.940

Akil Hill: Okay let's say let's say.



00:41:00.000 --> 00:41:01.620

Hong Lieu: I do want to do the deep dive there.



00:41:01.800 --> 00:41:02.100

Akil Hill: Okay.



00:41:02.580 --> 00:41:14.430

Hong Lieu: I want to ask you, real quick at that counseling that thing you mentioned about the counting hours, I mean for folks that don't know as part of your graduate program you have to put in counseling hours and work at actual counseling centers and stuff, which is, I mean it's it's kind of.



00:41:16.020 --> 00:41:21.600

Hong Lieu: Interesting system where they're getting a lot of Labor for for almost nothing right for free, I mean of the backseat.



00:41:22.230 --> 00:41:28.410

Casey Ysaguirre: messy unless you could Vanessa whoever you are working with or what have you to.



00:41:29.610 --> 00:41:32.160

Casey Ysaguirre: To pay you they're starting to become a few.



00:41:32.190 --> 00:41:34.050

Hong Lieu: But there's no requirement for you to put.



00:41:34.050 --> 00:41:34.590

Hong Lieu: In that work.



00:41:36.150 --> 00:41:36.510

Casey Ysaguirre: mm hmm.



00:41:36.900 --> 00:41:43.020

Casey Ysaguirre: And it's a lot of hours, I did the least out of everyone in my cohort because I did not do.



00:41:44.670 --> 00:41:55.380

Casey Ysaguirre: Like any licensing work, so the program that I did my masters with was a three year long program that was super extensive, which was partially why I chose chose he.



00:41:56.400 --> 00:42:09.000

Casey Ysaguirre: Because pretty much I could leave that program and choose any kind of counseling I wanted to do, but you know we covered addiction mental health K through 12 we didn't touch a lot of higher education, but it was fine with already working in higher ED.



00:42:10.080 --> 00:42:14.190

Casey Ysaguirre: So pretty much everything I did everyone else was learning about higher ED because it was all I knew.



00:42:15.480 --> 00:42:26.940

Casey Ysaguirre: But you know everyone that did licensing so pretty much K through 12 counselors have to get like a PPs credential and then be licensed all this stuff and they have to do.



00:42:28.650 --> 00:42:32.010

Casey Ysaguirre: Oh gosh real close to 1000 hours.



00:42:33.030 --> 00:42:43.020

Casey Ysaguirre: Real real close it's like somewhere between six and eight like six and 800 hours, which is a lot of hours that's like a few months and working full time 40 hours.



00:42:43.530 --> 00:42:52.830

Casey Ysaguirre: And then, since I wasn't doing any of the licensing work i'm all I had to do was 400 and I know it sounds crazy all I had to do was 400.



00:42:53.820 --> 00:43:02.610

Casey Ysaguirre: But that's 10 weeks that's a quarter, so one quarter, because I was on the quarter systems and for cal state San Bernardino switched to semester system.



00:43:03.300 --> 00:43:08.760

Casey Ysaguirre: So I was on the quarter system so that's one quarter of working 40 hours a week for 10 weeks.



00:43:09.390 --> 00:43:16.380

Casey Ysaguirre: And so my I originally had planned to do it at my previous institution, I even found a counselor that was willing to supervise me.



00:43:16.590 --> 00:43:26.760

Casey Ysaguirre: They were ready to work with me, it was a whole thing they were like yeah no no problem they all remember the struggle of having to do this and my boss at the time, who was also a counselor.



00:43:28.110 --> 00:43:29.100

Casey Ysaguirre: did not.



00:43:30.750 --> 00:43:36.150

Casey Ysaguirre: Exactly support they weren't supportive at all about me doing it on the campus.



00:43:36.510 --> 00:43:46.320

Casey Ysaguirre: which was, I was already having a bunch of other problems, so that was the pretty much the last straw for me, because I was like i'm not staying in Grad school any longer three years with long enough.



00:43:46.830 --> 00:44:02.940

Casey Ysaguirre: And it was brutal, so I decided to quit my job to do, because it was also kind of like Okay, if this is really what i'm getting a degree and master's degree we've done all this work, this is the time to choose a theme to intern to see this is really what I want to do.



00:44:03.960 --> 00:44:11.160

Casey Ysaguirre: And so that's what I did that's how I ended up finding a mojo and danica laundries who was actually also one of the founders of emergent.



00:44:13.470 --> 00:44:16.710

Casey Ysaguirre: And she took me in with open arms, she had like 18 other interns.



00:44:18.180 --> 00:44:20.580

Casey Ysaguirre: She has something interesting she didn't say no to anybody.



00:44:21.600 --> 00:44:36.450

Casey Ysaguirre: And, but she took me in and I talked to her probably way more than her other interns and I got to work with their program assistant, and you know really get to learn about a mojo and then it literally just so happy that I saw them mojo job.



00:44:37.530 --> 00:44:49.320

Casey Ysaguirre: When it flew for sbc and even though i'm still constantly always mad at everybody that includes jv our regional coordinator and Donna, because they've all been the NSPCC.



00:44:50.460 --> 00:45:00.600

Casey Ysaguirre: What a lot of things were going on, and nobody told me anything so I got hired and i'm calling everybody all excited and then without hesitation like oh.



00:45:02.070 --> 00:45:03.090

Casey Ysaguirre: What do y'all know.



00:45:04.110 --> 00:45:19.680

Casey Ysaguirre: What do you know where do you live, you telling me and then I came to find out for myself, but that's pretty much how I ended up catapulted to hear, out of all the places in the world and Leaving the mountains and the palm trees to come into palm trees in the ocean.



00:45:21.990 --> 00:45:33.240

Hong Lieu: I mean that's that's a real grind right there you talked about folks just go to go to work or working and go to school, but try to go working and go to school and not getting paid for the work you do so that's I mean I know a couple folks that are gone to that.



00:45:37.470 --> 00:45:40.410

Casey Ysaguirre: education system me some help in that area in turning his room.



00:45:42.060 --> 00:45:43.740

Casey Ysaguirre: Turning it just rude look.



00:45:45.420 --> 00:45:51.120

Hong Lieu: And, but as I mean the work you get is very spinner satisfying about to work, you want to do so, you gotta you gotta see it through, but yeah I.



00:45:51.420 --> 00:45:56.640

Hong Lieu: I definitely couldn't do it personally, and I can definitely see why there's a lot of moments, we have to make that decision we're like.



00:45:57.060 --> 00:46:04.590

Hong Lieu: Well, what do you what am I doing what am I gonna do let's figure this out and you once again, you pivoted you were dynamic with it and it ended up working out pretty good, I would say.



00:46:06.510 --> 00:46:08.340

Casey Ysaguirre: That if it's going to flow sometimes.



00:46:09.540 --> 00:46:11.790

Hong Lieu: No definitely definitely glad to have you here so.



00:46:13.020 --> 00:46:13.830

Casey Ysaguirre: glad to be here.



00:46:15.210 --> 00:46:21.060

Hong Lieu: All right, it's time for good eating things are targeting okay okay.



00:46:21.450 --> 00:46:30.750

Hong Lieu: I got you got some in case you want to you want to kick us off some some food recipe place you've been to eat anything food related that's given you life daily.



00:46:31.050 --> 00:46:32.280

Casey Ysaguirre: Does it have to be local.



00:46:32.700 --> 00:46:37.350

Hong Lieu: know just any like a dish an entree a restaurant anywhere anywhere in the world.



00:46:37.620 --> 00:46:48.750

Casey Ysaguirre: Talk about food to the cows come home and that ended, but like I I love food I love to eat, and that is what I typically go to Disneyland for is to eat.



00:46:49.290 --> 00:47:02.730

Casey Ysaguirre: So a lot of people are still frustrated that you know did like downtown Disney California adventure open and people are like Walt open with the rides are an open, so I don't want to go me my friends are like So what are we going because they're still dropping seasonal food.



00:47:04.260 --> 00:47:11.790

Hong Lieu: Anyway, what's seasonal choices, because I know the corn dog I know the dole whip I know the basics, you know corn dolla dolla the chicken tenders that tomorrow and.



00:47:12.690 --> 00:47:18.780

Casey Ysaguirre: Yes, so I don't know if they I don't know if they did this year because I wasn't up there and I haven't been paying attention.



00:47:19.410 --> 00:47:34.740

Casey Ysaguirre: Since i've been so swept up in black history month, but so like Lunar New Year just passed and last year they had like a whole smorgasbord of treats that has to do with like Lunar New Year and stuff like that, and so they'll do them for cultural holidays.



00:47:36.090 --> 00:47:43.140

Casey Ysaguirre: And for other things because, like during the actual holidays, they pull out all the stops, because they do all the holiday so they'll do they do.



00:47:43.860 --> 00:47:56.880

Casey Ysaguirre: they'll do hanukkah they do the wily they do all of them and then there's always food and activity connected so there's always a bunch of different things going on, I cannot think off top of my head of lack because it was almost a year ago last thing I.



00:47:58.110 --> 00:48:08.460

Casey Ysaguirre: was in there, so I cannot remember, but they always do a whole bunch of different cultural things they even have a soul, a one year for something so.



00:48:08.580 --> 00:48:13.230

Hong Lieu: So i'll definitely put a link to the show notes for seasonal things that isn't enough, I find our article in terms of your best.



00:48:13.500 --> 00:48:21.840

Hong Lieu: bang, for your buck and quality of food at Disneyland do you have one I mean one it's hard to pick one specific thing, but just a couple of few things you know, like.



00:48:23.460 --> 00:48:25.860

Hong Lieu: Like you like, if you go to Disney and you have to get this because.



00:48:26.010 --> 00:48:26.490

Casey Ysaguirre: it's worth it.



00:48:26.880 --> 00:48:30.870

Hong Lieu: Because I you know there's there's things that you can get like the Monte Cristo blue bayou is good but.



00:48:31.860 --> 00:48:34.620

Hong Lieu: I wouldn't push everyone to get it, because it's like $25 a.



00:48:34.620 --> 00:48:35.880

Casey Ysaguirre: Month it's also hard to get.



00:48:36.510 --> 00:48:48.480

Hong Lieu: yeah yeah fer fer fer so so yeah so in terms of the convenience and the price I couldn't recommend it to everybody, but if there's something that you know that you can get definitely like if you go to the park, no matter what you have to get this What would it be.



00:48:48.810 --> 00:49:00.330

Casey Ysaguirre: Okay let's see oh i'll do this i'll cut you a solid here i'll do one for Disneyland i'll give you mine for the IE and mine for up here alright so Disneyland.



00:49:01.320 --> 00:49:10.380

Casey Ysaguirre: me and my friends, one of our go to desserts is they have something called cookie butter cookie butter monkey brain.



00:49:10.890 --> 00:49:15.540

Casey Ysaguirre: And it's monkey bread and it's like a personal size like thing monkey bread.



00:49:16.440 --> 00:49:24.120

Casey Ysaguirre: And if you haven't eaten monkey bread before I have really no way to describe it it's literally like caramelised roles that have all been cooked in the cake pan.



00:49:24.960 --> 00:49:37.680

Casey Ysaguirre: But it's really good and so it's warm when you get it, but they have a scoop of cold, vanilla ice cream on it with a cookie in the side is a little, just like a little like maybe a cookie.



00:49:38.100 --> 00:49:44.190

Casey Ysaguirre: And they put they drizzle cookie butter over it, and everybody to shopping trader joe's trader joe's.



00:49:44.190 --> 00:49:44.820




00:49:47.340 --> 00:49:48.240

Akil Hill: give you start on it could.



00:49:49.020 --> 00:49:49.350

Casey Ysaguirre: be better.



00:49:51.300 --> 00:49:52.230

Akil Hill: that's correct dude is.



00:49:52.440 --> 00:49:55.050

Hong Lieu: So much about it, is it is it like a syrup or.



00:49:56.250 --> 00:49:56.790

Casey Ysaguirre: peanut butter.



00:49:57.030 --> 00:49:57.270

Akil Hill: it's like.



00:49:59.310 --> 00:50:00.480

Hong Lieu: Oh man I didn't.



00:50:00.480 --> 00:50:01.860

Akil Hill: Have ice cream yeah.



00:50:02.340 --> 00:50:04.710

Casey Ysaguirre: You gotta do it in depth oreo in that bad boy.



00:50:06.060 --> 00:50:06.720

Casey Ysaguirre: Oh, my God.



00:50:08.190 --> 00:50:09.030

Akil Hill: it's it's.



00:50:09.990 --> 00:50:10.890

Akil Hill: it's it's.



00:50:12.720 --> 00:50:20.880

Casey Ysaguirre: it's so good it's so good to Disneyland has a you know, a desert, with that in it and that's one of the things that one of my friends always is like can we only but a rookie break it's.



00:50:21.300 --> 00:50:28.020

Casey Ysaguirre: Like one of them and it's like about 10 bucks and it said a rebel rebel terrorists and usually, when you time it outright.



00:50:28.470 --> 00:50:36.810

Casey Ysaguirre: rebel terrorists faces, you know that whole body water that's in the middle of Disneyland so when they do like the World color and all that stuff So if you type it out right.



00:50:37.200 --> 00:50:54.600

Casey Ysaguirre: You can get tree and a show, but those for that for sure, and then firefly chips, which are chili cheese fritos you can only get them at I do not know what the name of the places but it's right when you walk in on Main Street and it's not on the menu either.



00:50:55.410 --> 00:51:02.940

Casey Ysaguirre: Like ask for firefly chips and it's like five bucks and it's so good if you're just like you're hungry, but you're not ready to eat yet.



00:51:03.660 --> 00:51:13.500

Casey Ysaguirre: And it's got you know the chili cheese and it comes in, in like with the fritos and jalapenos and it's so good price.



00:51:14.220 --> 00:51:23.340

Casey Ysaguirre: You truly cannot be the price that is usually the one thing that always draws me to eat, because if i'm trying to you know not do nothing crazy it Disneyland and not break the bank.



00:51:23.730 --> 00:51:37.260

Casey Ysaguirre: Then i'll try to go get that specifically because it's Nice and it's simple and it's It can also be pretty feeling, depending on the school you do so that's always a good one, so that the calculator monkey bread and i'm going to show you guys that monkey bread.



00:51:37.500 --> 00:51:48.000

Hong Lieu: whoa wow that's a bigger portion that I was thinking that looks good, because I do love I do love monkey bread and knowing now knowing about this cookie butter I there's no way that's best.



00:51:48.600 --> 00:51:54.360

Casey Ysaguirre: Oh, I am telling you it's gonna rock your friggin world like.



00:51:55.380 --> 00:51:59.400

Akil Hill: yeah I think I hate myself out of it, I went nuts, when I found out.



00:51:59.910 --> 00:52:01.080

Akil Hill: I was out here.



00:52:03.570 --> 00:52:18.570

Akil Hill: I was losing all my senses and I think i've been had it like and maybe like a year or two, but I literally went nuts and then they dropped they came out with this read first at trader joe's and then they went with it, they had cookies and they had ice cream and I just lost my stuff.



00:52:18.570 --> 00:52:18.810




00:52:20.250 --> 00:52:21.390

Akil Hill: I hate myself.



00:52:21.390 --> 00:52:22.350

Akil Hill: Through it, I think I.



00:52:22.560 --> 00:52:23.640

Casey Ysaguirre: Know it's good to that's.



00:52:23.790 --> 00:52:24.810

Akil Hill: yeah yeah.



00:52:26.070 --> 00:52:30.300

Casey Ysaguirre: And they know what's good it's just it's rude to the rest of us, but we're Okay, with it, but.



00:52:30.810 --> 00:52:44.220

Casey Ysaguirre: My my final top thing I think in terms of bang, for your book and still like it's good for taste, is a tie so there's you know they added galaxies edge in Disneyland which is Star Wars land.



00:52:45.360 --> 00:52:52.290

Casey Ysaguirre: And there's a place in there that's probably the only not sit down place and they literally only serve two things.



00:52:53.880 --> 00:53:02.310

Casey Ysaguirre: And it's called Rato roasters in Toronto roasters it gives so they literally only have two options right there onto a roaster with me in Toronto roasted without me.



00:53:02.790 --> 00:53:09.810

Casey Ysaguirre: And me and a friend tried both and they're both phenomenal so if you're a meat eater it's a good place to go and if you're not it's a good place to go and it's like a.



00:53:11.310 --> 00:53:24.240

Casey Ysaguirre: it's it's it's it's like a sandwich but it's like it's real big piece of pita bread, the one wiki comes with a hot dog in it, and it has coleslaw and Pickles and I will tell you right now I am not a pickle person.



00:53:24.810 --> 00:53:34.830

Casey Ysaguirre: i've never been a typical person, but Disneyland makes their Pickles in house, so if you ever get something in Disneyland and you're not a people person and Pickles come on it i'm gonna tell you right now get to pick up on it.



00:53:35.370 --> 00:53:45.060

Casey Ysaguirre: Because it's this the best people on the planet it's not nothing crazy, but it has like Pickles and then the slaw and then some kind of sauce in the hot dog and then the non meat one has a piece of.



00:53:45.540 --> 00:53:52.020

Casey Ysaguirre: Like beyond me in it and then same thing slaw Pickles the works, and so this is that and that.



00:53:53.130 --> 00:53:54.240

Casey Ysaguirre: Star Wars land.



00:53:55.230 --> 00:53:55.980

Hong Lieu: Very good.



00:53:56.490 --> 00:54:15.690

Casey Ysaguirre: it's delicious, and this is filling is really, really philly so that's for sure, one of one of my top one of my top three in tie, and then the second tie is one of my all time favorite things if you have a sweet tooth again do not miss this one it's called chiro toffee.



00:54:17.100 --> 00:54:36.180

Casey Ysaguirre: And it's toffee that's coded in the sugar and the cinnamon and you will cry probably good tears if you can manage to get that and point in time, in a day or important time of the year, like Christmas or something, and you can sit down with like coffee or hot chocolate and eat.



00:54:37.740 --> 00:54:45.840

Casey Ysaguirre: It just there's you'll need a lot much else in the world it's about the simple things and that's one of the simple things that will just you just sit there like i'm at Disneyland i'm chilling.



00:54:46.470 --> 00:54:52.740

Casey Ysaguirre: i'm eating this piece of coffee in zero, and then they upgraded it during Christmas time and put it on a marshmallow.



00:54:53.550 --> 00:55:03.840

Casey Ysaguirre: So it's the whole same thing and then they just put a marshmallow in the middle and it's again, one of my all time favorite things and you bite into it and it's just layers.



00:55:05.190 --> 00:55:05.730

Hong Lieu: Oh.



00:55:06.150 --> 00:55:14.130

Casey Ysaguirre: it's frickin it's a 10 out of 10 would recommend if you're going to Disneyland those are for sure, and my top top things that I have to eat.



00:55:16.350 --> 00:55:17.790

Casey Ysaguirre: Next, one I said I would do the IE.



00:55:19.290 --> 00:55:33.060

Casey Ysaguirre: So an IE and I go on my world tours I call it a very often because that's where mom is where all my best friends are and they all live all over the IE so it's why I call it a world tour, I have to start at the top and then pretty much going to build a circle.



00:55:34.110 --> 00:55:36.840

Casey Ysaguirre: I usually am somewhere in corona and then make my way back up.



00:55:37.440 --> 00:55:49.170

Casey Ysaguirre: But there is a place if you're ever generally in the San Bernardino area are going through, it to get to riverside because you go past both of these places, so the first place is.



00:55:49.800 --> 00:56:04.590

Casey Ysaguirre: it's like a mom and pop diner tight, but they've been around a really, really, really long time really long time and it's called P amp cheeseburgers and they have my feet, one of my favorite warm sandwiches it's called the mechanic.



00:56:05.670 --> 00:56:08.640

Casey Ysaguirre: And it's a steak sandwich with pastrami on it.



00:56:09.960 --> 00:56:17.970

Casey Ysaguirre: And it is the most perfect sandwich and then you can do like you know fried zucchini or French Fries either one I recommend either doing.



00:56:18.930 --> 00:56:28.140

Casey Ysaguirre: Both or split in half, you know do half now and it's so fulfilling like if you're like me, you like a good burger like I tell people when I want to.



00:56:28.470 --> 00:56:38.850

Casey Ysaguirre: Muslims don't clog your arteries type like that want a burger and so that sandwiches the same kind of vibe like you, you own asleep you go.



00:56:40.950 --> 00:56:42.660

Casey Ysaguirre: You go and get the ids like.



00:56:43.740 --> 00:56:51.510

Casey Ysaguirre: For sure i'm all about comfort foods so usually my food, the food I like it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and then the other spot.



00:56:52.770 --> 00:57:03.690

Casey Ysaguirre: is called cause ramen calm and is real special for the IE because a nothing open 24 hours in the ice melting and really open past like nine o'clock.



00:57:04.380 --> 00:57:12.900

Casey Ysaguirre: cause ramen is open 24 hours there's still open 24 hours in this pandemic and it does not matter when you go to cons is packed.



00:57:13.800 --> 00:57:24.510

Casey Ysaguirre: It does not matter and it's about the size of the emotional Center so go ahead and put a kitchen in the motor Center as some tables and tell me where the heck you think people are going to fit but that's how it's built.



00:57:26.010 --> 00:57:33.900

Casey Ysaguirre: it's the best ramen they have the best fried rice everything about it is just phenomenal the fact that you can go anytime a day.



00:57:34.170 --> 00:57:44.130

Casey Ysaguirre: You know, is great, you know, for those who are age appropriate that are listening, it was always great if you went out and party with your friends and like your trashed you go get Rami.



00:57:45.330 --> 00:57:53.610

Casey Ysaguirre: Does it helps you know and so it's i'm glad to know that they're so open through in the pandemic, because we were all little nervous that maybe they would have went under.



00:57:54.030 --> 00:58:04.140

Casey Ysaguirre: Because it's none of you, neither these are chains like they're not big restaurants, like they're the only ones and they're like family owned and stuff so it's a constant like holding your breath to make sure that.



00:58:04.980 --> 00:58:08.580

Casey Ysaguirre: You know your people are still around when you go home to get something to eat.



00:58:09.660 --> 00:58:20.940

Casey Ysaguirre: So those to talk to you for sharing the IE and then trying to buy one more There is one more is definitely an Honorable mention for the IE.



00:58:21.870 --> 00:58:26.010

Casey Ysaguirre: And if you're ever at cal state San Bernardino specifically because it's right by there.



00:58:27.000 --> 00:58:36.870

Casey Ysaguirre: There is a taco shop you'll see a baker's I don't even know if y'all know bakers, because makers it up here like that, but there's a baker's and there's like the small shopping Center.



00:58:37.260 --> 00:58:49.230

Casey Ysaguirre: And there's a taco shop, that is the best the absolute best and best in terms of the food and the bang for their book, because they have.



00:58:49.620 --> 00:59:01.710

Casey Ysaguirre: Three tacos special combo with those my go to meal I would eat this meal all the time and now I understand why I was never broke, because this meal was like $6 it was three tacos rice and beans and a drink six books.



00:59:02.160 --> 00:59:02.880

Akil Hill: I love that.



00:59:03.330 --> 00:59:09.480

Casey Ysaguirre: You got it and it was so good they're tacos are flavorful their salsa is to die for.



00:59:09.690 --> 00:59:21.810

Casey Ysaguirre: It was to the point that i'm a previous boyfriend and I he loved the sauces so much he went in one day to ask if they would sell it like you know in bulk and they actually knew because that's how many people asked is how good sauces.



00:59:22.170 --> 00:59:32.550

Casey Ysaguirre: So you can really buy a little like to WiFi of the salsa because it's so good, even their personal as good and it's like instant somehow.



00:59:33.180 --> 00:59:43.020

Casey Ysaguirre: But it is the best pistole and I think both the soul as we're talking seven $8 and it would last me at least two bowls so they are for sure, one of my.



00:59:43.590 --> 00:59:59.460

Casey Ysaguirre: All time favorite places, especially if you're a taco eater you really want to eat some good tacos all their meetings good honestly we eaten half of them, and you and it's all good we ain't never had a complaint never ever had a complaint so definitely my ones for the IE.



01:00:00.600 --> 01:00:05.160

Casey Ysaguirre: Oh, my gosh I don't know how i'm going to do it up here because I don't need a lot of here but.



01:00:07.650 --> 01:00:10.680

Casey Ysaguirre: Let me think there is.



01:00:13.020 --> 01:00:27.660

Casey Ysaguirre: Trying to think is there is there is there's a place in ventura that I just found and it's called to it's like two palms are two birds to have something i'm looking for and i'll tell you what it is, but it's like two pounds or two.



01:00:27.660 --> 01:00:29.250

Casey Ysaguirre: birds and.



01:00:29.400 --> 01:00:29.760




01:00:31.230 --> 01:00:43.320

Casey Ysaguirre: I don't think I ever would have actually found it if I wasn't looking at like yelp trying to find somewhere to eat but it's a good brunch spy it's a good, you know lunch spot dinner their.



01:00:44.370 --> 01:00:54.270

Casey Ysaguirre: French be there, what is it they're French dip sandwich soup the meat is soft and tender it's not hard to bite into like you know it's not nothing crazy.



01:00:54.930 --> 01:01:08.190

Casey Ysaguirre: Their their dip is really good so they I would definitely strongly strongly recommend them strongly akil knows my next recommendations and talking about it for about a week taco sisters and oxnard.



01:01:08.310 --> 01:01:09.870

Akil Hill: me that's That was my pig.



01:01:12.000 --> 01:01:12.330

Akil Hill: Pig.



01:01:12.780 --> 01:01:21.660

Casey Ysaguirre: tacos, this is an awesome night now i'm not gonna i'm not gonna be mean here, but I just what I got up here Mexican food just was not, it was not hitting.



01:01:22.200 --> 01:01:35.640

Casey Ysaguirre: For me, and it was you can definitely taste, who they were serving primarily, but it was so what I found taco sisters their meat is so good it's so seasoned.



01:01:36.240 --> 01:01:44.550

Casey Ysaguirre: yeah it's just delicious like I can't say enough good things I think about their tacos it's just is good.



01:01:46.230 --> 01:01:46.920

Akil Hill: yeah it.



01:01:47.190 --> 01:01:47.370




01:01:48.900 --> 01:01:55.500

Akil Hill: It is crazy good I rent I just covered it I don't know, maybe about three weeks ago, maybe.



01:01:56.250 --> 01:02:03.690

Akil Hill: i've been there, multiple times since then, and this the meat what is really cool is the taco truck there from sonora.



01:02:04.320 --> 01:02:13.410

Akil Hill: Mexico, so the the flavors are a lot different from like the traditional truck I guess you would say but uh they have.



01:02:14.040 --> 01:02:21.360

Akil Hill: A lot of different options right, so they do Barber coa they do a whole bunch of different type tacos and.



01:02:21.870 --> 01:02:30.540

Akil Hill: And then they have this thing called the Papas grinders that is like a bowl of just goodness it's like potatoes, you can choose your me I.



01:02:31.170 --> 01:02:43.140

Akil Hill: Usually good sada they have like peppers cheese it's just not like the traditional taco truck and, lastly, if you go there.



01:02:43.740 --> 01:02:57.930

Akil Hill: I kid you not they have the best shot that ever I would put it up against any of her chances are that's how confident, I am in that it's like this it's super light and airy and creamy and and like.



01:02:58.440 --> 01:03:01.710

Akil Hill: toggle sisters no joke, I think it has to be one of my favorite trucks.



01:03:03.000 --> 01:03:03.330

Akil Hill: And i'm.



01:03:03.660 --> 01:03:05.370

Akil Hill: Sure, and i've seen that a lot of trucks and.



01:03:06.330 --> 01:03:18.270

Casey Ysaguirre: i'm going to agree with you there friend, because that there again like I said it's truly something I think you just have to like experience to kind of understand it's it's just as good.



01:03:18.600 --> 01:03:20.880

Casey Ysaguirre: And then my tiebreaker here for.



01:03:20.940 --> 01:03:31.380

Casey Ysaguirre: For up here is Mesa burger I think everybody may suffer because, like I said, like the burger and they have that and they give me a good range of options and things.



01:03:32.430 --> 01:03:37.950

Casey Ysaguirre: And I take everybody that comes up here amazing burger Mesa burger and super cookies.



01:03:39.120 --> 01:03:44.430

Casey Ysaguirre: I love super cool because, because I can get a burrito it looks like it's going to clog your arteries, but it also has vegetables in it.



01:03:46.440 --> 01:03:49.590

Casey Ysaguirre: You know what i'm trying to balance my meal out it's just all.



01:03:51.000 --> 01:03:51.360

Hong Lieu: They have.



01:03:51.420 --> 01:03:54.330

Hong Lieu: They have a diet Brito but it's like sour cream beans and a.



01:03:56.100 --> 01:03:57.480

Hong Lieu: little bit of letters in there yeah.



01:03:57.630 --> 01:03:58.860

Casey Ysaguirre: hi Daddy.



01:04:00.840 --> 01:04:07.680

Casey Ysaguirre: Top choices in all the places that I typically Am I know what to ask for here it is.



01:04:08.700 --> 01:04:19.080

Hong Lieu: I mean we out we out, we always like to you know, encourage the spread of knowledge, this was true knowledge dropped on listeners today we got ramen burgers tacos I mean this is just like high quality.



01:04:19.620 --> 01:04:25.770

Hong Lieu: In terms of bang, for your buck I don't think you can get a better a better a better selection than what you just provided for us.



01:04:25.980 --> 01:04:27.540

Hong Lieu: And you say I feel sick.



01:04:28.020 --> 01:04:28.500




01:04:31.980 --> 01:04:35.220

Akil Hill: One catch here's a small, this is how details matter.



01:04:35.670 --> 01:04:45.180

Akil Hill: One catch about taco sisters is is it's obviously it's family owned, but when the older gentleman is working, I would assume that it's the father.



01:04:46.200 --> 01:04:55.350

Akil Hill: The food tastes a little bit better the as a younger son who's the chef to who's it's not it's not bad don't get me wrong, I wouldn't suggest if it wasn't but.



01:04:55.800 --> 01:05:10.290

Akil Hill: When when the old G father is in the truck you know, is going to come out extra extra special so they have an instagram page i'm hungry, you can put it in the show notes, but the mosquitoes are good, the case ideas are.



01:05:10.290 --> 01:05:13.500

Hong Lieu: Good they do flour tortillas there because I do have made yeah.



01:05:15.300 --> 01:05:20.820

Casey Ysaguirre: I was pretty sure they were handmade that's like toward you agree, I mean it makes that.



01:05:21.570 --> 01:05:26.850

Hong Lieu: it's one of the touchstones of sonoran style a Mexican food is that the cornea Salah is always you know secrets.



01:05:27.000 --> 01:05:38.400

Hong Lieu: etc, but they serve it on flour tortillas and made flour tortillas yeah, and so it really kind of it's definitely its own style I mean you everyone knows cornice all everyone knows tacos but those little twists you know hammy Florida to.



01:05:38.730 --> 01:05:43.530

Hong Lieu: The the little touches they put on it does give that region ality to it and that's and that's what makes us special tools like.



01:05:43.800 --> 01:05:51.450

Hong Lieu: there's there's a general kind of Mexican food and there's like the regional specialties so when you when you get someone that that puts it out there, like oh yeah, this is an orange style.



01:05:51.660 --> 01:06:01.320

Hong Lieu: Then you definitely should should always take take the chance and get something, because you know it's gonna be that little twist and that little twist everything is a difference between good and amazing because it sounds I need to check it out.



01:06:01.620 --> 01:06:14.040

Casey Ysaguirre: man like a kill say it makes such a difference, what is, what is the oh gee this America the taco shop in San Bernardino that I mentioned it's two brothers that only but on some days.



01:06:14.640 --> 01:06:31.230

Casey Ysaguirre: I we don't we were never sure if it was like mom or aunts or whoever it is there's always two older ladies who would every now and then would be in there with them the day they were in there yeah good as it was, it was just like oh my gosh.



01:06:31.320 --> 01:06:33.420

Casey Ysaguirre: yeah like you what's your grandma's house for food.



01:06:34.050 --> 01:06:35.430

Casey Ysaguirre: yep it.



01:06:35.610 --> 01:06:36.270

Akil Hill: matters.



01:06:36.510 --> 01:06:38.100

Hong Lieu: yeah absolutely 100%.



01:06:39.330 --> 01:06:40.500

Hong Lieu: taco place in it.



01:06:41.460 --> 01:06:43.470

Casey Ysaguirre: And it's literally just called taco shop like.



01:06:44.520 --> 01:06:47.010

Casey Ysaguirre: it's just I can grab it grab the show notes I wasn't sure if that because.



01:06:47.010 --> 01:06:49.350

Hong Lieu: I I did a quick Google like I hope it's its place but yeah.



01:06:49.410 --> 01:06:50.760

Casey Ysaguirre: i'll send it to you i'll.



01:06:53.340 --> 01:06:55.080

Hong Lieu: Just try to make sure so folks ever to do the.



01:06:56.610 --> 01:06:58.320

Casey Ysaguirre: Business please yeah.



01:07:00.720 --> 01:07:06.690

Hong Lieu: yeah i'm definitely check a taco taco sister in oxnard that's that's right down right down the street from us so it's not not not a bad driver at all.



01:07:07.140 --> 01:07:09.540

Akil Hill: It was it, I would suggest the first time I went there.



01:07:09.690 --> 01:07:27.720

Akil Hill: I got like every taco that I could have tried, I didn't get the I think eat chicken, because I feel like it's chicken, but I got like they had a lot of different options that I have never tried before and so as long as it wasn't pork, I was like yeah i'll take one of those.



01:07:29.910 --> 01:07:30.360

Casey Ysaguirre: Thank you.



01:07:31.590 --> 01:07:43.530

Akil Hill: So the thing is, it does take a while so be prepared, just to wait for a little bit, but and don't leave without getting the shot to I I can't even like.



01:07:44.520 --> 01:07:47.760

Hong Lieu: My house or tried to she was she was he got a place just works out this.



01:07:47.790 --> 01:07:50.580

Akil Hill: yeah this place is literally the best I.



01:07:52.650 --> 01:07:57.000

Akil Hill: I was bummed I was gonna turn around and go back that's how good it was the first time I tried it, it was like.



01:07:57.600 --> 01:07:59.580

Akil Hill: Like I said it was like slap your mama good.



01:08:00.060 --> 01:08:02.010

Akil Hill: And you know how black one was don't play.



01:08:02.610 --> 01:08:03.030

Akil Hill: So.



01:08:03.060 --> 01:08:04.980

Akil Hill: If you just slap your mama you bet.



01:08:07.980 --> 01:08:09.930

Casey Ysaguirre: They, as they say they put they put any.



01:08:12.420 --> 01:08:14.430

Casey Ysaguirre: Any truly and honestly.



01:08:15.570 --> 01:08:16.290

Akil Hill: What do you got for us.



01:08:16.950 --> 01:08:25.500

Hong Lieu: So I just wanted to do a quick mention before I know this is going to air like early March, but February was Lunar New Year, so this is the first Lunar New Year that.



01:08:25.980 --> 01:08:34.740

Hong Lieu: I haven't seen my family because I mean the Lunar New Year is about food and about about stuff but it's really about getting together with your family it's really about just going back home and senior family and all that so.



01:08:35.100 --> 01:08:40.770

Hong Lieu: This is the first year I didn't I mean I didn't even need my mom would agree to not kind of get everyone together it's actually just bite the bullet but let's do this.



01:08:41.160 --> 01:08:47.370

Hong Lieu: But she she was like no I don't think it's a good idea, you know we're about to get our vaccines wait a little bit, so I mean.



01:08:48.270 --> 01:08:57.240

Hong Lieu: it's it's kind of a strange feeling like I love the new years ago, you know, like I it's one of the things like Christmas where's the kid you love it and then as an adult you kind of like understand it better.



01:08:57.570 --> 01:09:01.320

Hong Lieu: The mechanisms behind it, because now, I have now, I have to start giving out money, so it is getting money as a kid.



01:09:01.560 --> 01:09:07.560

Hong Lieu: it's kinda like Christmas, where you always get gifts, but then these are buying gifts of changes, a little bit so yeah but it's always so it's it's it's.



01:09:07.890 --> 01:09:17.070

Hong Lieu: A lot of thing it's a multi faceted thing but it that one aspect of it that family gathering was kind of the touchstone of it now that was missing for me this year, so I was thinking about a lot of the food.



01:09:17.340 --> 01:09:21.900

Hong Lieu: Which is not like those aren't they're not my favorite dishes but now that I didn't get them to see I kind of missed them like.



01:09:22.230 --> 01:09:29.700

Hong Lieu: We ate like fungus it looks like hair and there's all it's all it's all the symbols and stuff you just fungus it look like here because it's long and it symbolizes long life.



01:09:29.970 --> 01:09:34.920

Hong Lieu: You know you have noodles because it was a long we don't don't break your noodles when you eat them, because I know like take years off your life.



01:09:35.190 --> 01:09:40.170

Hong Lieu: You eat dumplings because dumplings are shaped like the code gold pieces used to look like so it's like symbolizing wealth.



01:09:40.470 --> 01:09:43.800

Hong Lieu: it's all it's all eating us as symbolically so it's less about the taste.



01:09:44.100 --> 01:09:51.570

Hong Lieu: And more about getting through the rituals that's kind of how I think about a lot of Chinese culture, and especially the Lunar New year's like you're just trying not to step on anything and get like.



01:09:51.810 --> 01:09:56.250

Hong Lieu: trip over bad luck you're trying to avoid bad luck, like my mom was always like the day of Chinese New Year.



01:09:56.490 --> 01:10:01.410

Hong Lieu: You don't drop it if you drop a chopstick on the ground, or something like you always gotta watch out, you know so as well as things where.



01:10:01.650 --> 01:10:05.040

Hong Lieu: I like when I was in the moment i'd never liked in killing my family.



01:10:05.280 --> 01:10:09.420

Hong Lieu: Because my mom was always watching like a Hawk like but like sort of shaking she's like you should get money on the table.



01:10:09.570 --> 01:10:19.680

Hong Lieu: Stop it if I dropped the chopstick if there are grains of rice that I didn't finish off my boss like what are you doing you know, so it was always tense, but then like now that I didn't like this one, here I didn't have it is like.



01:10:20.220 --> 01:10:23.160

Hong Lieu: kind of I was definitely kind of bugged by it so i'll put a link to some.



01:10:23.730 --> 01:10:33.330

Hong Lieu: kind of classic Chinese New Year dishes I mean there's always noodles dumplings stuff but there's always some like little specific things that we like abalone and try to eastern stuff that that aren't aren't necessarily people's.



01:10:34.020 --> 01:10:40.830

Hong Lieu: play and aren't always catering to people's palates but you know, in terms of learning more about the cultural aspects of it i'll put it up there as well, so.



01:10:41.610 --> 01:10:42.150

Akil Hill: Happy New Year.



01:10:44.130 --> 01:10:47.460

Casey Ysaguirre: About a little baby Hong shaking his like lay on the table.



01:10:47.550 --> 01:10:58.710

Hong Lieu: Oh man it's dogs dog me my entire even to this day, I still have that restless leg and the her saying is like you know you're taking money out of your life, you can be broken i'm like well you know, look at me now you know, like you.



01:10:58.710 --> 01:11:00.330

Hong Lieu: Are you are live.



01:11:00.840 --> 01:11:01.260

Hong Lieu: I mean what.



01:11:02.430 --> 01:11:03.510

Hong Lieu: My mom my mom is.



01:11:04.080 --> 01:11:09.990

Hong Lieu: Like generally an educated she can't read or write in any language so superstitions that kind of guided her whole life and they've done well you know she got.



01:11:10.170 --> 01:11:16.140

Hong Lieu: She raised three kids that went to college and you know the door for self but I got one time I rolled my basket I broke my ankle playing basketball.



01:11:16.560 --> 01:11:23.220

Hong Lieu: And she went to a fortune Teller to ask what happened, why and the fortune Teller said I tripped on a ghost and I rolled my ankle by trippin on a ghost.



01:11:24.000 --> 01:11:25.980

Hong Lieu: costume so she called me back dead serious like.



01:11:26.250 --> 01:11:38.790

Hong Lieu: Okay, you can't play basketball anymore, because you triple play ball yeah and and that's it and that's it and, like you, can't argue against that because it's like it's you know, like it came in from the fortune to the lady she gave her back you know she gave me.



01:11:38.790 --> 01:11:39.330

Akil Hill: I was just.



01:11:39.660 --> 01:11:40.770

Akil Hill: I was just some brother on the Court.



01:11:40.770 --> 01:11:41.130




01:11:43.770 --> 01:11:44.340

Hong Lieu: don't know.



01:11:44.520 --> 01:11:45.060

Hong Lieu: If it was me.



01:11:46.950 --> 01:11:50.160

Hong Lieu: i'd be happy, it was me trying to make a move, and it wasn't even like I was.



01:11:54.000 --> 01:11:54.690

Casey Ysaguirre: out here, playing.



01:11:54.720 --> 01:11:55.410

Playing basketball.



01:11:57.030 --> 01:11:57.240

Casey Ysaguirre: yeah.



01:11:59.040 --> 01:12:06.000

Hong Lieu: it's that kind of thing those kind of superstitions and stuff like you know as a kid you're like I would ever This is all nonsense, but you know what I mean everybody needs something.



01:12:06.450 --> 01:12:14.490

Hong Lieu: You know, so I think about that stuff now and I miss it, I honestly do like I I miss him I miss having my mom like yellow me about dumb stuff they don't care about and all that stuff is.



01:12:14.790 --> 01:12:21.870

Hong Lieu: Because that that was the whole point of the holiday, you know, like get together and you spend that time together, then you go on with the rest of your life and and this year, instead of just.



01:12:22.260 --> 01:12:30.750

Hong Lieu: On with the rest your life, just like life life life, you know so it's one of the things where I I actually did did miss it and it was it was a unique year, so I.



01:12:30.810 --> 01:12:35.730

Casey Ysaguirre: yeah I love that you shared that too and it's funny because when I can already see the rest of slate but.



01:12:36.870 --> 01:12:38.580

Casey Ysaguirre: No, no folks at home, I cannot.



01:12:38.580 --> 01:12:42.150

Casey Ysaguirre: see his legs, I can just keep going, because I know that leg is going.



01:12:42.330 --> 01:12:58.320

Casey Ysaguirre: Oh yeah it's funny because that's the thing I think I love about ethnic culture like food has such meaning in all of like our ritual and practice because black folks are the same it's, the first of the year, I don't know if he'll talk about it around new years.



01:12:58.710 --> 01:13:00.750

Casey Ysaguirre: But my phone to the black eyed.



01:13:01.080 --> 01:13:01.740




01:13:03.330 --> 01:13:10.770

Casey Ysaguirre: Has symbolism attached to it, and you know you don't do certain things like you do you shouldn't be cleaning up that on the first of the year.



01:13:11.130 --> 01:13:12.660

Casey Ysaguirre: You should have cleaned it before.



01:13:14.400 --> 01:13:15.210

Hong Lieu: The night before.



01:13:15.450 --> 01:13:24.360

Hong Lieu: The night before Lunar New Year you sweep up all your stuff and then from Lunar New Year it's like it's duties after you don't throw anything away because that's money and then you clean it up and throw it out for that yep.



01:13:24.870 --> 01:13:28.800

Casey Ysaguirre: yep black box, the same thing as money you swim to my door you sleeping.



01:13:31.110 --> 01:13:37.800

Hong Lieu: And it's funny that it always boils down to the same stuff it's like money luck success and stuff it's not about like being a good person is about like rich.



01:13:39.900 --> 01:13:40.230

Casey Ysaguirre: For.



01:13:40.290 --> 01:13:47.430

Hong Lieu: it's The one thing you don't have like my mom had their whole life to work on being a good person, but she never got the opportunity to make any money, because no one gave me that opportunity know like.



01:13:47.730 --> 01:13:55.620

Hong Lieu: They come out you're like you can't read the writing language you're out so she was so close to what you so she can work on all the character aspects, no problem, but she can't work on the money cuz she never got the opportunity.



01:13:55.740 --> 01:13:57.900

Hong Lieu: So all the receiver decisions are based around money you know.



01:13:58.020 --> 01:14:02.520

Hong Lieu: And the luck and earning money so it's kind of it's always that grass is greener, on the other side of things yeah so.



01:14:03.420 --> 01:14:03.750

Hong Lieu: funny.



01:14:04.410 --> 01:14:04.890

Casey Ysaguirre: I love it.



01:14:06.870 --> 01:14:11.880

Hong Lieu: yeah the two commonality between cultures there's there's I mean there's a lot that separates us and makes us, and there are a lot of differences.



01:14:12.090 --> 01:14:17.550

Hong Lieu: But it's funny how all the things that kind of united all things that are similar you know and and those and those hoops, we have to jump through.



01:14:17.760 --> 01:14:23.550

Hong Lieu: As kids have parents that believe these things are into this kind of stuff I mean it's all very similar so that's that's where.



01:14:23.790 --> 01:14:31.350

Hong Lieu: If you ever out there thinking like oh man, this is rough for this crazy you got a ton of other people don't the same stuff yeah you got to reach out and kind of find that community.



01:14:31.950 --> 01:14:33.450

Hong Lieu: Right yeah.



01:14:35.100 --> 01:14:44.070

Hong Lieu: Alright, so moving on to the Culture Committee let's go get to higher learning Okay, so you want to kick us off again or, should I strike kick us off, so we can start the Disney talk.



01:14:46.440 --> 01:14:46.890

Hong Lieu: alright.



01:14:47.790 --> 01:14:58.470

Hong Lieu: So I was talking to Casey that's limit for where I i'm an animation guy I love animated films I love Disney films, but I had a gap, you know, like I missed I missed a few because I was you know, like my era was like.



01:14:58.860 --> 01:15:07.980

Hong Lieu: The second Disney golden age, a little mermaid aladdin lion King beauty, the beast all those, so I missed I missed a few the later ones, you know, like after move on, it was kind of a haze a little bit so.



01:15:08.580 --> 01:15:11.700

Hong Lieu: My PIC is emperor's new groove it's the movie with David spade.



01:15:12.000 --> 01:15:20.610

Hong Lieu: Patrick warburton john Goodman I only just saw it like a week or two ago, and it was excellent, I put it up there with any of the Disney films that are you know that you put in that golden age like.



01:15:20.970 --> 01:15:27.210

Hong Lieu: animation was really high quality, the story was good, and I only wanted to watch it because they they did like a 20.



01:15:28.200 --> 01:15:40.290

Hong Lieu: A couple months ago they did 20 year anniversary like like retelling of how the movie was made, and it was evidently another movie that got scrapped and they had to repurpose the footage to create emperor's new groove it was originally going to be more focused on like.



01:15:41.670 --> 01:15:45.720

Hong Lieu: Indian mythology and other stuff it was like a classic Inc and folk tale, but it wasn't.



01:15:46.110 --> 01:15:54.720

Hong Lieu: Pulling well with audiences, so they redid it and they kind of made it a little more as little as eight year old or slapdash they kept some pieces ever like the earthly eartha kitt stuff it was originally going to be.



01:15:55.080 --> 01:16:02.850

Hong Lieu: I think it was David spade and Owen Wilson doing yeah Pacha wasn't you know it wasn't there was someone else.



01:16:03.240 --> 01:16:08.220

Hong Lieu: And it was so they brought john Goodman in they made it more of a comedy and it's it's a really good movie it's funny.



01:16:08.520 --> 01:16:13.350

Hong Lieu: I mean I I don't know what kind of kept me away from it before but there's something about maybe was David spade, I don't know.



01:16:13.560 --> 01:16:24.540

Hong Lieu: But something that didn't kind of pulled me towards that movie where I was like I don't think it's gonna be any good, but I just saw and it was it was great I highly recommend it and and evidently Casey saw it back in the day he and she's enjoyed it and.



01:16:24.780 --> 01:16:30.060

Casey Ysaguirre: watch it I would they even had a show briefly on Disney channel emperor's new school where he had.



01:16:30.120 --> 01:16:43.230

Casey Ysaguirre: Oh yeah, for you know X amount of time and I watched that too, so I was, I was all in the mix with the with the all the emperor's new emperor's new groove I still we watch it every now and name, including crocs movies, like.



01:16:44.100 --> 01:16:44.520

Hong Lieu: So is there.



01:16:44.790 --> 01:16:50.400

Hong Lieu: A God there's something that got you into Disney specifically was it going to Disney or was it the movies first and the Channel.



01:16:50.970 --> 01:16:53.640

Casey Ysaguirre: fun fact I actually hated Islam as kid.



01:16:54.600 --> 01:17:04.170

Casey Ysaguirre: hit it my brother loved it he's obsessed my brother's special needs and but he's like obsessed with Disneyland because, like all the music and there's like stuff going on and.



01:17:04.560 --> 01:17:14.370

Casey Ysaguirre: You know, so we always have to go, and I would completely opt out of family busy trips completely because I was like i'm good I want there's no point in me going.



01:17:15.390 --> 01:17:23.910

Casey Ysaguirre: Because I didn't like it, the characters used to freak me out when I was little and stuff so I was never the one to go and also the amount of people.



01:17:24.690 --> 01:17:35.340

Casey Ysaguirre: In Disneyland would stress me out and don't get me wrong it's still very much so stresses me out, but now that, like you know i'm an adult and I go with friends Disneyland is a totally different experience.



01:17:36.570 --> 01:17:44.250

Casey Ysaguirre: Because I know how to navigate myself in my own body to get out of this mix of people without having to wait for my mom and wait for my brother and.



01:17:44.580 --> 01:17:57.810

Casey Ysaguirre: You know, do all this other stuff and my mom and my brother very much so, the show watchers so like I said I go to these men eat they go for shows, so they will sit for hours a week for a parade i'm like can we do something else.



01:17:59.940 --> 01:18:10.560

Casey Ysaguirre: It was never a thing I always love Disney movies, I even went to Disney world when I was a kid and, yes, this was in the phase where I was not a fan of Disney I went to Disney world I don't know how how that happened but.



01:18:10.980 --> 01:18:19.800

Casey Ysaguirre: I do plan on going back, I do have a friend that works for Disney world, so I do plan on going back after you know we're out of out of the pantry the pan area.



01:18:22.500 --> 01:18:22.830

Casey Ysaguirre: that's.



01:18:22.890 --> 01:18:30.810

Casey Ysaguirre: That was what I don't know what it was that was like Okay, I will start going to Disneyland, but I think three years ago.



01:18:31.620 --> 01:18:45.480

Casey Ysaguirre: Come pretty much to the date, I decided, I wanted to go for a birthday yeah the two friends that I have that goal that I go with the most they had passes they used to go all the time, and so I was like oh you guys like we're going to Disneyland.



01:18:46.590 --> 01:18:49.770

Casey Ysaguirre: And then, like okay sure like they were super down and.



01:18:51.300 --> 01:18:54.390

Casey Ysaguirre: I found out like how much really a pass was monthly.



01:18:55.710 --> 01:18:57.000

Hong Lieu: And I thought that much more.



01:18:57.120 --> 01:19:04.350

Casey Ysaguirre: yeah exactly gritty which the money at this rate, that you pay to get into Disneyland was the down payment on the past.



01:19:04.890 --> 01:19:13.140

Casey Ysaguirre: And then you just pay your monthly bill and you're telling me I get to go to Disneyland whenever sign me up so that's exactly what happened, I had them signed me up.



01:19:13.860 --> 01:19:19.590

Casey Ysaguirre: And we just started to go as regularly as we could you know when I was in San Bernardino we were only about 45 minutes away.



01:19:20.460 --> 01:19:27.120

Casey Ysaguirre: And so that we just started to go regularly, and you know as an adult Disneyland is very different than it is as a kid.



01:19:27.600 --> 01:19:31.560

Casey Ysaguirre: And we spent a lot of time in California adventure which I call grown up park.



01:19:32.100 --> 01:19:41.880

Casey Ysaguirre: Because that's where there's more like there's drinks and they do a food and wine festival, you know, once a year and that's a way more.



01:19:42.540 --> 01:19:49.950

Casey Ysaguirre: Targeted to adults, then Disneyland is in Disneyland is where all the moms are we showed with strollers I will clip your ankles so I just.



01:19:50.370 --> 01:20:02.820

Casey Ysaguirre: isn't that most of the time i'll go see Castle and say hi and maybe go to indiana Jones but, for the most part, if we can stay in California ventured that is the choice, but there was really not a one thing that was like.



01:20:04.110 --> 01:20:20.130

Casey Ysaguirre: This was my mommy you know with Disney and I don't know it really just it just happened, but I love all the things i'm particularly mainly a fan of pixar I love anything pixar does I don't think they have missed ever.



01:20:21.900 --> 01:20:27.000

Casey Ysaguirre: But yeah they have no, I have no clue what it was good that's how we got here with the.



01:20:28.170 --> 01:20:33.210

Hong Lieu: Disneyland Disneyland was once a summer we just go to Disneyland or magic mountain like once a summer we go to.



01:20:33.540 --> 01:20:45.600

Hong Lieu: amusement park because that's what we all wanted to do every day, but we had 24 months of summer and actually look at people with season passes like they were like like wealthy beyond the wildest dreams and then I went and I looked at the prices and, like all that much more it's.



01:20:47.910 --> 01:21:02.310

Casey Ysaguirre: Our first pass we were only paying like we have the basic basic basic past which is fine, because we could have we could go through the week we go to Disneyland for dinner and then like go on a couple rights blue that do and we use that past and we're only paying like $25 a month.



01:21:03.810 --> 01:21:10.200

Casey Ysaguirre: And when we upgraded last year before they shut back down, we were we bumped up our passes, so that we could.



01:21:10.890 --> 01:21:20.640

Casey Ysaguirre: reserve dates, so that we could also go on a weekend that past was only gonna be 40 something dollars a month same down payment, so we were like I was like yeah no.



01:21:21.240 --> 01:21:33.120

Casey Ysaguirre: Everything is, I feel, like most things, at least for me are can be attainable because of financing options, those are the people who pay Disneyland outright $1,000 for the entire path you're rich.



01:21:35.940 --> 01:21:36.960

Casey Ysaguirre: Because I don't have that kind of money.



01:21:37.380 --> 01:21:46.770

Hong Lieu: yeah that's still that's still a level two I for me that low level, like all the blackout dates give me all the blackout dates that level of season pass that wants to down so that we can do.



01:21:47.790 --> 01:21:48.330

Hong Lieu: The emperor's.



01:21:48.420 --> 01:21:54.900

Hong Lieu: emperor's new groove and evidently the Cross movies to according to KC are all worth checking out and they are streaming on Disney plus and.



01:21:55.950 --> 01:21:56.790

Hong Lieu: elsewhere as well.



01:21:58.410 --> 01:21:58.890

Casey Ysaguirre: I want to hear.



01:22:00.390 --> 01:22:00.960

Hong Lieu: How to kill.



01:22:01.020 --> 01:22:01.740

Hong Lieu: She called it.



01:22:02.430 --> 01:22:13.620

Akil Hill: whoa um it's kind of tough, I mean I was thinking about leaning since you guys are talking about Disney but I was going to go in that direction, but my original pick I think i'm just gonna stick with my original pick for the sake of time.



01:22:14.640 --> 01:22:15.810

Akil Hill: i'm revisiting.



01:22:17.460 --> 01:22:18.780

Akil Hill: How to be anti racist.



01:22:20.700 --> 01:22:22.140

Akil Hill: By evil Max candy.



01:22:23.790 --> 01:22:36.000

Akil Hill: And so I know that we're going to be kicking off with the book club with Joyce so I decided to kind of crack that out revisit it and so that's what i've.



01:22:36.750 --> 01:22:49.440

Akil Hill: been reading that's my higher ED piece, so I just kind of wanted to brush up on that a little bit cuz I know I think we're started that on the first week of March right I think that's when the book club.



01:22:49.560 --> 01:22:53.130

Akil Hill: is so that's what I that's what that was my original pick but.



01:22:53.700 --> 01:23:00.810

Akil Hill: i'm not i'm gonna i'm gonna be a mood killer i'm out i'm definitely not a big on Disney type person.



01:23:01.980 --> 01:23:07.530

Akil Hill: i'm getting a little bit better I mean i've been a few times I just think it's too much for me i'm too big to ride the rides.



01:23:08.370 --> 01:23:21.840

Akil Hill: I got crazy stories of things happening and ride stopping because I like I could I can shut the the little bar down and and so like i'm just like yeah it's not for me is it's not for me, you know.



01:23:22.680 --> 01:23:24.390

Casey Ysaguirre: We just go eat some good food.



01:23:24.690 --> 01:23:33.060

Akil Hill: yeah well yeah in that case I maybe it is, for me, but all the rides and all that, like just two legs are too long too big to be all like.



01:23:34.140 --> 01:23:41.700

Akil Hill: You know, but uh yeah I get it, I like it, but I just I don't know, maybe it's just.



01:23:42.120 --> 01:23:44.160

Hong Lieu: That it's magic mountain any better for you in terms of the.



01:23:44.160 --> 01:23:46.500

Akil Hill: ride you imagine mountains better masterminds better.



01:23:47.250 --> 01:23:52.020

Akil Hill: But I think it just Disneyland it's just too large or too small man I got in.



01:23:53.400 --> 01:24:08.910

Akil Hill: Space mountain and they're trying to shut the gate and I always engaged to see who's getting out this would be like okay I should be cool i'm looking at these people these this guy is stomachs a lot bigger than mine how but he's late, the problem is it's the legs, he has short legs.



01:24:09.120 --> 01:24:17.430

Akil Hill: wow and so like i'm sitting in the right, the right start going the guys like cirque you know cross your legs on my homie my legs are crossed.



01:24:17.880 --> 01:24:24.240

Akil Hill: And so, then, like the right starts going, and then they had to veer off to the side, and then they take you back into a small room I got kids.



01:24:24.540 --> 01:24:38.070

Akil Hill: Asking his parents in front of me like what happened, why are we not writing the right kids or cry the guys like here's a fast pass, so you could come back and i'm like look I can't even finish right why couldn't do the fastpass I would have you know to be like.



01:24:38.490 --> 01:24:40.110

Akil Hill: So so.



01:24:41.520 --> 01:24:55.530

Akil Hill: But yeah I mean that's you know, and then the strollers people running over you with strollers man it's just not for me man it's not for me to I don't have to i'm just like yeah go do your thing have fun I you won't find me there that often.



01:24:56.610 --> 01:24:59.040

Casey Ysaguirre: yeah no i'm a drag you there's some point.



01:25:00.420 --> 01:25:03.960

Casey Ysaguirre: And we just don't eat we just don't eat invite and you only the spaceship.



01:25:05.520 --> 01:25:06.360

Akil Hill: All right, let's do it then.



01:25:06.990 --> 01:25:08.070

Casey Ysaguirre: we're going to do that.



01:25:08.250 --> 01:25:08.940

Akil Hill: yeah we will.



01:25:10.680 --> 01:25:11.040

Casey Ysaguirre: Okay.



01:25:13.980 --> 01:25:19.470

Hong Lieu: I did want to mention real quick he promotes candy his his idea of you know.



01:25:20.760 --> 01:25:25.710

Hong Lieu: I guess the I mean it's that that people are racist policies are racist.



01:25:26.190 --> 01:25:36.390

Hong Lieu: I think that's a very strong kind of kind of point to pull from that book and I think it's kind of a good conversation to have it lends itself well to book liberty so it's definitely definitely a good discussion starter.



01:25:36.870 --> 01:25:40.500

Hong Lieu: Book so if folks haven't checked that out, I mean definitely put something in the show notes, but.



01:25:40.860 --> 01:25:44.880

Hong Lieu: it's definitely worth checking out, whether in the book up or not, because it is kind of a paradigm shift.



01:25:45.270 --> 01:25:50.520

Hong Lieu: To say that most people aren't racist it's just that they are existing within racist policies and systemic structures.



01:25:50.880 --> 01:26:03.270

Hong Lieu: That kind of propagate the racist kind of ideology, so I mean it does lead to people being racist, but then the the bringing it back to the structural aspects of it as well, I mean it's it's a good kind of connecting piece there.



01:26:05.520 --> 01:26:07.500

Akil Hill: yeah I mean I definitely think.



01:26:08.670 --> 01:26:21.000

Akil Hill: You know there's some truth in that you know i'm always curious to like i'm curious to see how people are on campus are going to like you know what their thoughts and stuff are are are around the book and.



01:26:22.620 --> 01:26:35.670

Hong Lieu: yeah so i'm looking forward to book club and i'll put a put a link to the book and then a Joyce has an email about it, if anyone's signing up for you to sign up this this Joe my air when the book club is already started, but for future installments as well.



01:26:37.560 --> 01:26:38.190

Hong Lieu: Alright Casey.



01:26:39.420 --> 01:26:40.350

Hong Lieu: is hard.



01:26:41.010 --> 01:26:46.980

Casey Ysaguirre: um it's just so hard I consume so many things on a regular basis that's why it's hard.



01:26:48.630 --> 01:26:58.290

Casey Ysaguirre: I wish I read more i've always been a really slow reader it was the PICs in Grad school, but I recently by.



01:27:00.480 --> 01:27:15.450

Casey Ysaguirre: cicely Tyson and Brock obama's biographies they wrote their books and I did by cicely Tyson when she passed and I do thoroughly plan on adding both of those books and michelle's to image library.



01:27:16.710 --> 01:27:28.050

Casey Ysaguirre: I will start to read them eventually know get through them eventually directly because it's go via video brock's book is like the size of the Bible, I was like Oh, he has something to say okay.



01:27:28.350 --> 01:27:28.680




01:27:29.760 --> 01:27:30.990

Casey Ysaguirre: With that some point.



01:27:32.220 --> 01:27:33.510

Casey Ysaguirre: But outside of that.



01:27:34.680 --> 01:27:51.450

Casey Ysaguirre: The one thing I definitely I think I would bring up especially anybody that's got kiddos at home and an HBO Max subscription I started to watch this cartoon and it's probably still on cartoon network I don't think it's cancelled I just think HBO Max only has X amount of the seasons.



01:27:52.500 --> 01:27:53.430

Casey Ysaguirre: Craig are the cream.



01:27:54.210 --> 01:27:54.810

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah.



01:27:55.230 --> 01:28:03.840

Casey Ysaguirre: The cutest cartoon and it is the most diverse cartoon I think i've ever seen like with actual people.



01:28:04.800 --> 01:28:15.330

Casey Ysaguirre: Because another one that I would say is just so constantly culturally relevant and just forward and progressive is Steven universe.



01:28:15.960 --> 01:28:20.850

Casey Ysaguirre: But they aren't actual people like they're not like tangible they don't look like us.



01:28:21.780 --> 01:28:33.060

Casey Ysaguirre: But Craig creek is one of those shows that I think that they get it right all the time they constantly hit the nail on the head it's about this little black kid.



01:28:33.990 --> 01:28:49.050

Casey Ysaguirre: Who is just you know he he's like seven or eight maybe nine and he's just bought him and his friends running around being kids like they play in the creek with all the other kids in town and it's basically like their own society.



01:28:50.250 --> 01:28:56.760

Casey Ysaguirre: In the creek you know there's hierarchy systems are those Thor like there's all types things going on at the creek.



01:28:57.180 --> 01:29:04.770

Casey Ysaguirre: But that's where the you know the kids they go and they play you know, I was reading on the characters the other day, and apparently one of his best friends so there's three main characters and.



01:29:05.130 --> 01:29:18.000

Casey Ysaguirre: One of his best friends apparently he's also on the spectrum and he's one of my favorite characters is just so sweet and just is constantly just in the mix with everything but it's just 100% wholesome content.



01:29:19.020 --> 01:29:25.980

Casey Ysaguirre: He and they have his extended family come in a lie and everybody's family dynamic is different there's different.



01:29:26.820 --> 01:29:43.500

Casey Ysaguirre: queer identifying characters kids and as adults, like you know there's just so much going on in that show, I think, in all the absolute best ways and it's funny and I think it's good like if you're an adult listen to cartoons like me i'm a giant kid I love cartoons.



01:29:44.610 --> 01:29:50.340

Casey Ysaguirre: But that that is one of those things, I think you can either watch with kids or if you don't have kids you probably still like it.



01:29:51.570 --> 01:29:53.190

Casey Ysaguirre: But 100% it just.



01:29:54.330 --> 01:30:00.780

Casey Ysaguirre: is one of those shows where i'm like I wish one of these existing when I was a kid because you just truly get to see.



01:30:01.320 --> 01:30:12.210

Casey Ysaguirre: Like all all the different ways that people can can be, and the way people are and the way that that's totally fine you just keep playing with them like their regular people.



01:30:12.780 --> 01:30:27.330

Casey Ysaguirre: Because they are they're just different from you, so I think that that's it and my Honorable mention is a Disney movie, of course, obviously, after one in there, we just spent 20 minutes talking about it but marvel mentioned for Disney movie and.



01:30:27.840 --> 01:30:30.090

Casey Ysaguirre: uh let's see since well since we're.



01:30:30.090 --> 01:30:32.520

Casey Ysaguirre: Since we're probably going to be talking about this in March.



01:30:33.030 --> 01:30:36.840

Casey Ysaguirre: i'm going to go with brave brave was like.



01:30:38.340 --> 01:30:56.880

Casey Ysaguirre: an unexpected like for me I didn't watch brave like what Kong like you like emperor's new groove for years, I think I just watched it for real last year when we like pretty much adjusted quarantine and you know Disney plus was like brand new and pop in and they had all.



01:30:56.910 --> 01:30:59.790

Casey Ysaguirre: things and I was like you know how to seem brave ever before.



01:31:00.300 --> 01:31:08.010

Casey Ysaguirre: But you also don't hear anything about brave and I watched it and i'm gonna tell you right now anybody listening, who has ever who was.



01:31:09.060 --> 01:31:16.200

Casey Ysaguirre: Potentially like me, and you have a mom who's very prim and proper and into the way things are supposed to be in your free spirited child.



01:31:16.830 --> 01:31:28.470

Casey Ysaguirre: This movie's for you, because it was definitely an exploration of a mom who was like you have to be this way and the daughter was like I just want to be three and let my curly hair be tangled.



01:31:28.860 --> 01:31:36.990

Casey Ysaguirre: And shoot arrows and stuff there but her mom was trying to marry her off and give her princess duties, she was not with it, and that was pretty much me and my mom.



01:31:37.260 --> 01:31:47.970

Casey Ysaguirre: My whole life, to this day is she knew I was even talking to you on I look like this she'd be wildly and berries and y'all for at home, I don't look crazy I look like someone who works from home, but she would be very.



01:31:48.990 --> 01:31:59.670

Casey Ysaguirre: So those things that is that is you, even if, even if that was your your dynamic with your dad watch it because you're gonna feel real scene.



01:32:00.900 --> 01:32:05.550

Casey Ysaguirre: Real scene, but also you'll feel real thankful for that parent too, so I think it's a good it's a good balance.



01:32:06.330 --> 01:32:13.050

Hong Lieu: It does feel like kind of a pixar deep cut because people don't bring it up a lot, and he kind of like came in when it's like the good dinosaur is that a pixar movie.



01:32:13.350 --> 01:32:18.360

Casey Ysaguirre: The good dinosaur is one of those movies, that I recommend but grab the tissue nobody warned you how.



01:32:20.310 --> 01:32:21.960

Hong Lieu: I mean it's really well animated I thought.



01:32:23.070 --> 01:32:26.190

Hong Lieu: The landscapes and stuff oh yeah i'd like to get us through a lot and it's.



01:32:29.010 --> 01:32:33.270

Hong Lieu: it's crazy that PICs I can still have deep cuts on this up, but it does feel like Brady and stuff like that or.



01:32:33.870 --> 01:32:34.140




01:32:35.220 --> 01:32:47.400

Casey Ysaguirre: break they're like Irish or like Celtic or something and it's heavily like cultural you know and it's again it's one of those that just doesn't I don't know it doesn't get the cloud that it deserves.



01:32:49.350 --> 01:32:51.330

Hong Lieu: All right, great choices great choices.



01:32:52.380 --> 01:32:58.020

Hong Lieu: All right, that about that about wraps it up for this episode, so thank you very much Casey for coming on the show.



01:32:59.190 --> 01:33:01.170

Hong Lieu: yep anything else you want to mention about a mojo.



01:33:01.200 --> 01:33:03.660

Hong Lieu: or anything else, before we sign off for the day.



01:33:04.380 --> 01:33:16.980

Casey Ysaguirre: And then too much for a moment, because we won't have too much going on as we wind down out of the Semester, other than of course anyone listening, if you want to participate in a mojo or have any students that you know things.



01:33:17.820 --> 01:33:26.310

Casey Ysaguirre: Like benefit from being around you know the culture and the experience and the resources, please send them my way and.



01:33:26.910 --> 01:33:38.880

Casey Ysaguirre: Hong i'm going to send you a bonus piece for my food cake, it is my absolute favorite recipe I use the macaroni and cheese and if you use it, I promise you you're not going to use another recipe ever again.



01:33:39.570 --> 01:33:39.990




01:33:42.180 --> 01:33:49.680

Casey Ysaguirre: Well, otherwise no thanks for having me it's been great to talk to y'all a keel over here munching y'all Casey or here because got you on mute but I gotta put.



01:33:54.870 --> 01:33:56.370

Akil Hill: A portion of Hong edited out don't worry.



01:33:57.750 --> 01:33:58.410

Hong Lieu: No never.



01:34:00.090 --> 01:34:04.920

Hong Lieu: Yes, it was a true honor to have you on, thank you for, thank you for taking the time.



01:34:06.360 --> 01:34:07.380

Akil Hill: Yes, thank you Casey.



01:34:07.440 --> 01:34:21.150

Hong Lieu: As always, thank you for for being here for us and, once again, thanks to Paul grant for providing that intro and our intro music, this was Vaquero Voices and until next time take care.



01:34:20.360 --> 01:34:21.150

Akil Hill: Peace!