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Episode 16 - Luz Reyes-Martin

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Hong and Akil welcome Luz Reyes-Martin to the show to talk about the Office of Public Affairs and Communications; from there, the conversation shifts to Luz's favorite comfort food restaurants in the area, Lomo Saltado and Peruvian Chifa cuisine, and Okamoto Kitchen's delicious fusion cuisine; the show wraps up with a discussion on K dramas, Michelle Yeoh, and Netflix's Marco Polo series, with a final nod to the life and career of SBCC's David "Stoney" Stone.

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Hong Lieu: hello, and welcome to another episode of SBCC Vaquero Voices - a podcast highlighting the unique voices that comprise our campus culture and how we're all working together to serve our students and the community at large. As usual, i'm joined by my co host to Akil Hill.



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Akil Hill: was good yeah.



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Hong Lieu: And today, we are honored to welcome Luz Reyes-Martin to the show.  Welcome Luz!



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Hong Lieu: Luz yeah so we had Akil's boss Michael Medel on episode, I think, four or five, so now we had to return the favor and get my boss.



00:00:29.760 --> 00:00:32.370

Akil Hill: yeah let's let's hear tell us all the juice.



00:00:32.490 --> 00:00:38.910

Hong Lieu: And the thing is like you know when you walk by our office, it says office of communications, but your title is a little more elaborate than that it's.



00:00:39.300 --> 00:00:40.110

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): full title.



00:00:40.770 --> 00:00:43.290

Hong Lieu: Public Affairs and communications marketing, I mean we.



00:00:43.290 --> 00:00:45.780

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): had to try to make it as long as possible.



00:00:48.540 --> 00:00:51.540

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Director of Public Affairs and communications.



00:00:51.990 --> 00:00:54.570

Hong Lieu: So marketing is actually officially in the title they're.



00:00:55.890 --> 00:01:01.710

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): not officially in the title but it's I guess implied to be part of both of those things.



00:01:02.040 --> 00:01:10.470

Hong Lieu: Yes, yeah and different different meetings it's been like Austin communications officer communications and marketing and then like but public affairs and communications good to know actually yeah.



00:01:10.500 --> 00:01:10.860




00:01:11.910 --> 00:01:12.990

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): That is good for you to know.



00:01:13.290 --> 00:01:13.590




00:01:14.850 --> 00:01:28.260

Hong Lieu: So, and within that title, I mean it's pretty much all campus communications with the from the College out to the broader world and then beyond that can you just kind of elaborate a little bit on what what our office is kind of responsible for within this within the College.



00:01:28.590 --> 00:01:33.240

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): yeah so our offices, I guess, roughly responsible for.



00:01:34.470 --> 00:01:47.160

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Communications both externally, to the Community to our you know elected you know leaders in the Community and internally, you know I work really closely with the rest of.



00:01:47.820 --> 00:01:59.520

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): You know cabinet on internal communications, the public affairs piece, I think, speaks to you know Community engagement and also kind of legislative advocacy and advocacy in the Community.



00:02:00.060 --> 00:02:08.760

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And then the marketing piece is you know both enrollment marketing for credit and for extended learning.



00:02:09.180 --> 00:02:16.530

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Plus just all the you know, communications and marketing support that we provide for departments, you know all over the campus.



00:02:17.250 --> 00:02:29.820

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): So it really is like this catch all kind of department and we do lots of different things, and I think that's part of what I love about our team is that we're always working on something new, something different, and.



00:02:30.570 --> 00:02:37.290

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Really stretching our creativity and you know it's it's a fun office, I think.



00:02:38.070 --> 00:02:50.970

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): But that's something that really draws me to it, is that it's not it's not a routine really you know we're always being challenged, with new things, and no day is the same as another and so that makes it I think fun.



00:02:52.800 --> 00:02:55.890

Akil Hill: And with that title I I know you're working longer than eight hours a day.



00:02:56.700 --> 00:03:02.280

Akil Hill: i'm just gonna say that without a long title, I know you were working more than eight hours a day, but you know.



00:03:02.670 --> 00:03:04.890

Akil Hill: that's just what I just had to throw that out there.



00:03:05.520 --> 00:03:10.920

Hong Lieu: Because that it doesn't even touch on the numbers emergency service that's the part I forgot about was the emergency services aspect of it as well.



00:03:11.730 --> 00:03:23.880

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Yes, yeah I am the public information officer for the College, which is a specific designation that organizations have when there's an emergency or.



00:03:24.540 --> 00:03:33.900

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): disaster of some kind, you know i'm in the college's you know disaster plan that we have to have.



00:03:34.410 --> 00:03:54.270

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And and yeah that's that's another big piece that you know comes in, unfortunately, has happened, more often than anyone would want, in the last you know five years that i've been at the College, but it's definitely another big piece of what what I do and what our office supports to.



00:03:56.400 --> 00:03:59.250

Hong Lieu: So, in terms of juggling all that stuff.



00:04:00.450 --> 00:04:10.620

Hong Lieu: it's not there's no easy answer here, but are there any kind of secrets or tips in terms of time project management and just keeping all these balls in the air, I mean, is it just going crazy is that the only.



00:04:12.030 --> 00:04:14.460

Hong Lieu: Just constant anxiety is there is there, like kind of a method.



00:04:14.580 --> 00:04:15.690

Hong Lieu: That you found that works.



00:04:16.260 --> 00:04:25.170

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): For you yeah I think you know i'm also part of in the California Community colleges there's a group that hung knows called CC pro.



00:04:25.620 --> 00:04:35.130

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And and it's all of the people in my position at all the Community colleges and i'm on the State board, and so we meet you know regularly and.



00:04:35.640 --> 00:04:51.180

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): I think what i've realized, is it takes a particular type of person who enjoys this work, because it is very demanding and challenging It is absolutely not a clock in clock out.



00:04:51.690 --> 00:05:05.790

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And kind of job you're on all the time and and available all the time, and you have to be ready and able to shift between things very, very quickly on a dime.



00:05:06.180 --> 00:05:13.380

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And I think those are things that I enjoy, and I think i'm adapted well too, so I think I.



00:05:13.920 --> 00:05:24.870

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): You know I it obviously takes all the same things that make anyone else successful in their job you know attention to detail and staying organized as best you can.



00:05:25.350 --> 00:05:35.850

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): I rely so much on my Google calendar, that is my lifeline if I didn't have that I would know what day was or what time it was or where i'm supposed to be.



00:05:37.170 --> 00:05:48.630

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): But we all find little you know you know hacks to make make things easier make things work a little better, and a lot of that i've been able to find through.



00:05:49.020 --> 00:05:59.520

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): trial and error trying things out and also just learning from other people, you know what do you use to take notes or to stay on top of this, or to remind you of things you need to do.



00:06:00.330 --> 00:06:11.850

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Those are kind of questions that I know I asked our managers at the College all the time, like what do you use to you know get remind yourself of recurring tasks like really fun and exciting questions like that.



00:06:14.220 --> 00:06:15.840

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): But it's definitely not an eight hour job.



00:06:15.870 --> 00:06:18.180

Akil Hill: you're right yeah I know that I was like.



00:06:18.240 --> 00:06:38.280

Akil Hill: No there's no way to there's no way, all that is is can be calculated in eight hours and i'm sure a good sign of someone who manages his delegation to so i'm sure you know you definitely have to be you know versed in that too, as well you know because.



00:06:39.300 --> 00:06:53.250

Akil Hill: there's no way, like the job so probably big that you can just do it all by yourself, so I think it always for me when Michael was on sign of a good manager is someone who can delegate and and kind of keep an eye on the prize and.



00:06:54.330 --> 00:07:10.470

Akil Hill: I always appreciate, you know I always see you know the emails that come out that are like loses in another email loses it and i'm like this, since is busy, so I have to honor you and say to you and women's history month that we appreciate you and all what you do to.



00:07:10.530 --> 00:07:10.950

Akil Hill: Call it.



00:07:11.640 --> 00:07:18.720

Akil Hill: And you know I can't let the show go by now she'll give it some love for women in this particular month.



00:07:19.770 --> 00:07:37.770

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Thank you, I appreciate that and you're right, I have an an excellent team and they're all amazing you know we're so glad to have hung on that team now too and they're all just amazing and they always step up and they have my back, and I have their back so we're a great team.



00:07:39.000 --> 00:07:45.030

Hong Lieu: And you raise some good points there in terms of you know people always looking for what's that like for students and for for for staff faculty.



00:07:45.330 --> 00:07:49.470

Hong Lieu: There wasn't for the edge or tips to succeed, but you kind of have to be suited to the work a little bit you know, like.



00:07:50.310 --> 00:07:53.760

Hong Lieu: If there were times when I was in college and stuff where I was in a class I was like.



00:07:54.240 --> 00:07:58.230

Hong Lieu: This is not for me, I am not enjoying it at all like I just did my brain doesn't work this way.



00:07:58.470 --> 00:08:02.880

Hong Lieu: Like it's like that, with everything whether you're whether you're in school, whether you're at work, whether you're doing anything.



00:08:03.090 --> 00:08:11.280

Hong Lieu: If you're not suited for it, then you kind of have to really recognize that early or it will just kind of snowball and you'll get you'll feel stuck after a while so so recognizing that and knowing that.



00:08:11.520 --> 00:08:22.140

Hong Lieu: Your kind of personality or your work, your work style is suited to the role, I mean that that is a big kind of a key to keep you around in the position, because otherwise you probably would just burn out in an instant because the.



00:08:22.410 --> 00:08:25.050

Hong Lieu: amount of work that comes in and the way the work comes in.



00:08:25.320 --> 00:08:30.840

Hong Lieu: If you're not suited to it, then you know it's rough and and and that that second aspect of of.



00:08:31.230 --> 00:08:39.120

Hong Lieu: The folks that use oversee having your back and vice versa that's important too, I mean the folks that are listening home ask yourself this you know.



00:08:39.390 --> 00:08:42.930

Hong Lieu: When you look at your supervisor, do you think they have your back and a lot of folks you know who knows what they can do.



00:08:43.440 --> 00:08:55.200

Hong Lieu: With that answer will be, but I do know, without a doubt that you know Lou says have my back so it's a it's a good feeling to come into work, knowing that your supervisor or boss have your back because it's not it's not you it's not universal for sure yep.



00:08:55.260 --> 00:08:56.730

Akil Hill: Give him that race Lucy here.



00:09:01.620 --> 00:09:02.490

Akil Hill: was our review what's.



00:09:04.710 --> 00:09:04.980

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Next.



00:09:06.330 --> 00:09:06.960

Akil Hill: Next week.



00:09:06.990 --> 00:09:07.950

Okay okay.



00:09:10.350 --> 00:09:13.530

Hong Lieu: yeah and and another thing about the job that I know is kind of.



00:09:14.730 --> 00:09:21.960

Hong Lieu: An aspect of it is it's not always clear in terms of tangible measurable results so folks are folks you know, especially with the marketing.



00:09:21.960 --> 00:09:22.890

Hong Lieu: aspect of it like.



00:09:23.040 --> 00:09:23.910

Hong Lieu: i'm not.



00:09:23.940 --> 00:09:25.890

Hong Lieu: A crazy marketing guy myself in terms of.



00:09:26.190 --> 00:09:31.830

Hong Lieu: The way does that really work is that really doing anything you know, but at the same time it at no matter what it's hard to quantify.



00:09:32.100 --> 00:09:39.600

Hong Lieu: So when folks are and when we're doing these campaigns is we're doing the same folks like well, you did X and y but I don't see Z Z is not.



00:09:39.990 --> 00:09:45.420

Hong Lieu: A guaranteed outcome of that so it's it's not like a lot of work, you get the results, just like speak for themselves.



00:09:45.630 --> 00:09:54.690

Hong Lieu: But with with some of the things that that our office does it's not as clear so so it's not that gratification is not instant in that respect so even that part of it is suited.



00:09:54.690 --> 00:09:57.750

Hong Lieu: to people who understand you know the work is good, you just have to.



00:09:57.750 --> 00:10:03.540

Hong Lieu: Trust the work itself and not necessarily don't know what the result will necessarily be so I don't know if you can.



00:10:03.540 --> 00:10:04.500

Hong Lieu: speak on that a little bit.



00:10:04.590 --> 00:10:07.800

Hong Lieu: or kind of corroborate that a little bit, but it's it's.



00:10:07.830 --> 00:10:11.100

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): i've noticed that that's a tough one to kind of quantify for folks yeah it.



00:10:12.210 --> 00:10:23.640

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): It is a big a big question that you know we we have talked about, we talked about often you know, especially in the state, and I think we as a college have moved.



00:10:24.480 --> 00:10:35.040

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Really in in in significantly positive ways over the last couple of years, to be able to track much more than we ever could before.



00:10:35.850 --> 00:10:45.510

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): How our campaigns are doing, who is seeing it, how many people are actually coming, and then you know coming to our website coming to the apply page.



00:10:45.960 --> 00:10:57.030

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And that's only you know how many people are we driving to the front door, we say about the College and we have pretty good data to show us that piece.



00:10:57.450 --> 00:11:08.880

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And and what's so interesting is you know now we have a couple of years, worth of data, which to me is is the data is most valuable when you have you know, a longitudinal.



00:11:09.900 --> 00:11:21.120

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Data sample to look at and we can really see you know areas of our Community where we we we see really high attention to the College and where we have gaps.



00:11:21.540 --> 00:11:30.750

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And that informs you know future campaigns, you know if we're seeing you know, like in you know certain parts of our community that maybe aren't.



00:11:31.170 --> 00:11:36.750

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): You know clicking on our ads aren't don't care or aren't coming to our webpage.



00:11:37.050 --> 00:11:47.730

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): We can then you know dig a little deeper to find out why you know, maybe we try a different message, or we figure out or learn more about that community to see what we can do to.



00:11:48.210 --> 00:11:55.620

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): adapt our message, or what they need, maybe we don't have something that they're looking for and then that takes change on our part.



00:11:56.430 --> 00:12:04.590

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): to figure out how to best serve a community and so it's really neat to you know see that data and see how it's doing.



00:12:05.430 --> 00:12:17.400

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And now you know with Dr Gus mommy's support we're now marketing out of state and that's a or back to marketing out of state and that's a whole new kind of area for us and.



00:12:18.240 --> 00:12:29.610

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): You know amanda Jacobs in our offices is one of the key people working on that and we're able to see you know in our country, you know where people most excited.



00:12:30.210 --> 00:12:40.650

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): About coming to sbc and that's really interesting and we're only just starting that so I know, over the next couple of years we're will refine that even further and see.



00:12:41.730 --> 00:12:47.880

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): You know how we how we, you know, increase the enrollment from out of state.



00:12:48.780 --> 00:12:57.000

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): and bring people to the Community so it's really interesting and it's fascinating and we have to keep up with changing technology.



00:12:57.360 --> 00:13:04.260

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And and that's really neat and fun to even in the last couple years but we're able to do now to really target.



00:13:04.800 --> 00:13:20.190

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): neighborhoods or communities or types of students is is so much more than we were able to do even just a couple of years ago, so that's really exciting to to be constantly learning and trying to stay on top of all these emerging trends.



00:13:21.720 --> 00:13:29.790

Hong Lieu: yeah and in terms of the data, you know versus when you compare it to like the Nielsen system of the 80s or everywhere one household equal to a million people were.



00:13:30.540 --> 00:13:32.130

Hong Lieu: Data relations we're not quite there.



00:13:32.520 --> 00:13:37.620

Hong Lieu: I mean Google and these tech companies will give it to you one to one exactly how many clicks how many impressions.



00:13:37.800 --> 00:13:50.430

Hong Lieu: So you can kind of glean a little more in depth analysis and Eric I mean it's bad in other ways, you know, privacy and whatnot but in terms of the data analysis aspect of it, it is, it is very it's very good to get that that kind of.



00:13:51.060 --> 00:13:55.230

Hong Lieu: You know analysis in the moment and and as it in real time so yeah.



00:13:57.390 --> 00:14:07.950

Hong Lieu: So I did want to mention that, if folks are curious about how to get our office to work for them if you're a staff or faculty on campus we do have a help request form, I will put that help request form in the show notes.



00:14:08.760 --> 00:14:15.690

Hong Lieu: I did also want to give a quick nod to luis's email she's been putting out on a coven vaccination lately because we.



00:14:16.050 --> 00:14:24.180

Hong Lieu: The it's such a fast moving constantly shifting kind of landscape, the fact that you're able to send these emails out and give us kind of updates, I mean.



00:14:24.480 --> 00:14:29.730

Hong Lieu: I was able to schedule an appointment thanks to one of your emails because he said there was availability somewhere so it's one of those things where.



00:14:30.210 --> 00:14:34.380

Hong Lieu: If you're here on campus and you have a pipeline account and you're getting the emails and you're in the eligible.



00:14:34.710 --> 00:14:41.310

Hong Lieu: class to get vaccinated um keep an eye on this is emails I click on the links that she provides and and there are options, I mean it's not something where.



00:14:41.850 --> 00:14:54.510

Hong Lieu: You click and just sold out instantly like there are kind of spots available, so I mean it in terms of that aspect loose could you speak on that a little bit in terms of how you're getting that info or or how because it's it's Nice and we're getting all at one chunk but i'm.



00:14:54.510 --> 00:14:56.520

Hong Lieu: Sure it's not committed so.



00:14:58.680 --> 00:15:13.140

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): I wish you know it is, it is a lot of you know something that you know I think is really unfortunate about the vaccine rollout is that I have experienced that it is so much.



00:15:13.620 --> 00:15:27.060

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): On the individual person to be your own you know investigator really to you know find where Might there be appointments posted and kind of compile that.



00:15:27.360 --> 00:15:36.060

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And then just keep checking them regularly and it's it's really on your own and and that's an area that you know i'm I.



00:15:36.390 --> 00:15:51.930

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Have feelings about that I would compartmentalize and fit you know come back to what's her past this too, so that we can we as a society as a county as a college can do this better if you know this ever happens again.



00:15:53.040 --> 00:16:00.810

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): But right now, you know I I just really feel like that's an area where I have a skill set that I can bring to try to help people.



00:16:01.200 --> 00:16:11.700

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And, and so I know i've done that with my own family and helping you know, especially seniors in my family who don't have an email address don't have a laptop.



00:16:12.690 --> 00:16:23.130

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): might have a smart smartphone you know, helping them figure out where to where to get an appointment, how to get an appointment and where to go, I have been you know, helping.



00:16:23.580 --> 00:16:33.720

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): family members do that and then with the College, you know a lot of it is regular communication with the you know county public health department and.



00:16:34.080 --> 00:16:44.550

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): i'm so appreciative for them for putting up with my almost daily calls and emails asking them for information and they've been so great.



00:16:45.060 --> 00:16:54.210

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And then it's also just you know my own research and finding things and that's how you know this opportunity with cottage hospital came up.



00:16:54.720 --> 00:17:00.210

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And, and you know, then then just being you know drop everything and send this out.



00:17:00.630 --> 00:17:09.810

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): so that you know people can have the information, and you know if they if they are wanting to make an appointment they you know have what they need to then go and do it.



00:17:10.500 --> 00:17:25.080

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And, and you know, keep doing that, until we have full access for everyone who wants it, and I really hope that this is a promising sign for our whole community that access will really start to open up for.



00:17:25.830 --> 00:17:31.710

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Many, many parts of our community that I know are still waiting for for an opportunity to be vaccinated.



00:17:33.090 --> 00:17:41.550

Akil Hill: yeah I, I have to thank you for that again too, because I it's really interesting I just kind of thinking about what I was listening to you, he speak as well as.



00:17:42.510 --> 00:17:51.570

Akil Hill: With black faculty and staff soon as your email came out there was a text sent to the group, and it was sent by Dean seems like yo.



00:17:51.990 --> 00:17:53.070

Akil Hill: This is starting you know.



00:17:53.430 --> 00:17:59.970

Akil Hill: there's an appointment times that are available, you got to do it, you got to do it now right and so everyone basically.



00:18:01.080 --> 00:18:06.120

Akil Hill: jumped on I just hopped in I got mine scheduled for Friday, a couple other people.



00:18:07.140 --> 00:18:09.510

Akil Hill: Like the group went kind of dark for like 1520 minutes.



00:18:09.570 --> 00:18:10.830

Akil Hill: And then everyone came back and.



00:18:11.040 --> 00:18:20.610

Akil Hill: They were posting their appointment time, so it was good, you know, so that people you know are definitely on pins and needles.



00:18:21.780 --> 00:18:30.630

Akil Hill: Waiting for those emails to come out from you, so they can go ahead and get the first round of the vaccination and it's in and for me it's it's really.



00:18:31.320 --> 00:18:41.190

Akil Hill: On a personal note i'll say like it's really good, because we know you know people color are under we're not getting the shots and we don't have access to getting the shot as much so.



00:18:42.000 --> 00:18:53.340

Akil Hill: It means a lot to me that you're doing this work and keeping our campus afloat and in the loop so that way people can get vaccinated and can try to return to some type of normalcy.



00:18:54.480 --> 00:18:56.820

Akil Hill: You know i'm tired of logging into zoom i'll say that.



00:18:59.430 --> 00:19:01.320

Hong Lieu: i'm trying to go get tacos with the keel as soon as.



00:19:04.140 --> 00:19:05.580

Hong Lieu: I got that Friday appointment to.



00:19:06.180 --> 00:19:12.480

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): know and being able to to protect not only yourself but to add some protection to your family.



00:19:12.510 --> 00:19:21.870

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): too and that's you know it's very meaningful for people and and you know, give a little shout out to rob morale is who.



00:19:22.890 --> 00:19:38.280

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): responded to that email, and he and I were talking and he was on it to call his managers to make sure all of the facilities and custodial and the that staff were able to get help to.



00:19:39.180 --> 00:19:44.160

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): make appointments since they're not likely, you know sitting in front of a computer watching their pipeline email.



00:19:44.910 --> 00:19:51.750

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): So I really appreciate, you know so many staff that I heard from who were like I made my appointment and I reached out to.



00:19:52.230 --> 00:20:05.370

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): You know anybody, I know, on campus to you know stop and go go check your email, so I think that's a real testament to our Community, and you know effort to make sure everybody knows that that's that that's available.



00:20:06.060 --> 00:20:12.600

Hong Lieu: And that and that is the office in a nutshell microcosm like you will not take you will not take someone to that the endpoint.



00:20:12.840 --> 00:20:17.520

Hong Lieu: you're you're like the second to last mile where you provide the information you just send me the information out.



00:20:17.700 --> 00:20:24.720

Hong Lieu: And it's up to the folks that receive the information you know managers etc to then take that information and use it, however, they will rob warehouse you know.



00:20:25.020 --> 00:20:34.740

Hong Lieu: got on the phone guy to staff there was a group group texts are being shared so so that information is being spread by you, but you're not you're not the one cradling it all the way to its end.



00:20:35.940 --> 00:20:42.120

Hong Lieu: So that is kind of our office in nutshell what will get pretty close and we'll get we have the data to show where we're going, but at the end of the day.



00:20:42.420 --> 00:20:49.260

Hong Lieu: There is a last lift that is required, but it's it's not immense if we've done our job yeah yeah.



00:20:49.980 --> 00:20:57.120

Hong Lieu: And, and once again I will put an album equipped to help request form in the show notes, if anyone is interested in reaching out to our office to get assistance with any sort of.



00:20:57.480 --> 00:21:12.930

Hong Lieu: Communications or marketing project we have graphic design capabilities, I do the Web stuff we do press releases yeah anything and everything regarding written graphic or other communications to and from the College, we are responsible so.



00:21:14.220 --> 00:21:18.000

Hong Lieu: And speaking of the persistence that you show in your day to day at this job.



00:21:18.360 --> 00:21:28.830

Hong Lieu: we're gonna move on to kind of what brought you to SPC I know that you've been at the College, a little while now, but i'm sure it was a long and winding road to get here so kind of expound on that a little bit.



00:21:29.820 --> 00:21:34.560

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): yeah i'm I am a very I guess non traditional.



00:21:36.660 --> 00:21:59.160

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): person to be here in this role of I my my educational background and training is in to kind of studies and in land use planning, and so I started my professional career as a planner and I know how your wife is a planner so.



00:21:59.160 --> 00:21:59.520

Hong Lieu: You have.



00:21:59.790 --> 00:22:02.370

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): To understand and appreciate with our world is like.



00:22:02.910 --> 00:22:03.390

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): and



00:22:03.420 --> 00:22:12.270

Hong Lieu: You know I didn't know much about it before I met her, and you know she didn't she got into planning, while I was with her to so so doing what that job is like now, like you just see that land use planner.



00:22:12.570 --> 00:22:17.820

Hong Lieu: sounds kind of quaint and calm it's it's wild it's a it's a true grind as well, in terms of.



00:22:19.230 --> 00:22:24.990

Hong Lieu: Your work style in terms of being on it and persistent and more than eight hour days I mean that that's planners, in a nutshell, as.



00:22:24.990 --> 00:22:25.830

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Well, so yeah.



00:22:26.160 --> 00:22:29.430

Hong Lieu: You kind of pick could you kind of pictures it's route so.



00:22:30.330 --> 00:22:41.040

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): So I started working for cities, so I worked for first the city that I grew up in and downey and La county which I love and loved being able to work there.



00:22:41.430 --> 00:22:47.220

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And then I worked for the city of anaheim, which is a huge city of I think at least half a million people.



00:22:48.060 --> 00:23:02.940

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And I worked for the city manager there, which was really cool because the city of anaheim owns the Honda Center and angel stadium, and so working for the city gave you a little bit of extra access to those venues, which was.



00:23:04.980 --> 00:23:16.980

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And then worked as a consultant and land use planning and so had no, you know higher education and working at a Community college was nowhere on my radar.



00:23:17.850 --> 00:23:35.460

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): and had the opportunity to move to Santa Barbara with my my husband, and that was you know he got a job and he works at the city of Santa Barbara and it was like well it's moved to Santa Barbara, why not, you know it's it's beautiful, we visited there you know.



00:23:35.910 --> 00:23:36.960

Akil Hill: yeah yeah.



00:23:37.770 --> 00:23:44.760

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And, like everybody else's story you immediately fall in love with this community and want to try to figure out how to stay here.



00:23:45.240 --> 00:24:01.770

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And I worked for the city of galena and had been there for a few years and and galena is a great community that I love and live in and the city is a newer city it's only been incorporated for less than 20 years.



00:24:02.850 --> 00:24:13.080

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And you know they have a small staff and everyone wears many hats and that gave me an opportunity to work on things that were new to me at the time, like.



00:24:13.560 --> 00:24:20.160

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Public information and Community engagement and that kind of work and and.



00:24:21.090 --> 00:24:34.380

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): When the referring to oil spill happened, I was part of the team that was responding to that for the city at the county and and I got to meet a lot of people as a result of that.



00:24:34.920 --> 00:24:48.360

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And and one day I got a call from Dr laurie gaskin who I had met once at an event and she said, you know i've heard about you and.



00:24:48.870 --> 00:25:02.430

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): You know, some people, you know mentioned that you're a really good communicator and she wanted to talk to me about maybe coming to work at the College and honestly I was like no.



00:25:03.840 --> 00:25:17.400

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): I had I had just given birth to my son, who was less than a year old and I love my job and Lolita i'm i'm kind of a risk averse person and so that felt very risky.



00:25:18.030 --> 00:25:26.640

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): To like switch jobs in the middle of you know, having my my child and you know, things are going well, but I agreed to meet with her.



00:25:27.090 --> 00:25:35.790

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And for anyone who you know remembers you know, Dr gas and she's a very tough woman to say no to she.



00:25:36.630 --> 00:25:43.410

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): You know I came in met with her, I asked her to tell me, you know tell me about the College tell me about Community colleges and she.



00:25:43.740 --> 00:25:56.880

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Has such a fervent passion for Community colleges and for the students that we serve, and she just you know totally made me want to be part of this Community.



00:25:57.330 --> 00:26:14.040

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And so I took a huge leap of faith to leave my job that have job security and retirement and vacation time to come to NSPCC on a on a contract.



00:26:14.640 --> 00:26:23.430

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And it was just like a three or four month contract and knowing that you know I would have to apply and compete for the permanent job.



00:26:23.940 --> 00:26:32.760

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And that there was a lot of change happening and lori was leaving was one of the big ones, you know she's like i'm only going to be here for the next six months.



00:26:33.180 --> 00:26:40.200

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And you're going to have to build you know this new office from the ground up but it seemed like such a great opportunity.



00:26:40.620 --> 00:26:51.720

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And I was totally sold on the mission and I love working for places that are mission driven and I said Okay, you know i'm in.



00:26:52.170 --> 00:27:02.220

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And that's kind of how it started, and you know is talking about women's history month if I look back on my career both professionally and in my Community work.



00:27:03.120 --> 00:27:18.780

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): I can always point to a woman somewhere along the path, who encouraged me who pushed me beyond my kind of both risk averse and you know.



00:27:19.590 --> 00:27:36.540

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): imposter syndrome kind of moment to say no, you are the right person for this and you should you know take this leap of faith or take this extra challenge and and and and Dr gaskins definitely one of those women.



00:27:37.590 --> 00:27:38.760

along the way.



00:27:39.780 --> 00:27:43.800

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And so that's what brought me here and it's been five years now.



00:27:44.400 --> 00:27:47.220

Akil Hill: wow so you're calipers five years.



00:27:47.220 --> 00:27:47.700

Hong Lieu: There it is.



00:27:48.180 --> 00:27:49.260

Akil Hill: There it is it's all.



00:27:50.880 --> 00:27:51.450

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Good.



00:27:51.930 --> 00:27:52.230

Akil Hill: yeah.



00:27:52.260 --> 00:27:54.990

Akil Hill: We have this running joke about you know so many people that we've.



00:27:55.560 --> 00:28:02.220

Akil Hill: interviewed and brought on to the show they've been here, you know at the institution for so long and it's like almost every person we've interviewed has been.



00:28:02.670 --> 00:28:11.160

Akil Hill: Fully vested so we got a running joke on that shout out to lori gaskin though because you're actually spot on all the things that she said Laurel always.



00:28:11.880 --> 00:28:24.330

Akil Hill: The best way I could describe her because I was talking to someone about her i'm like lori was like when the game is a lie in the fourth quarter and someone wants the ball, that is lori lori is like clear out.



00:28:24.810 --> 00:28:28.740

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Let me see I got this i'm taking the shot and so.



00:28:29.520 --> 00:28:32.400

Akil Hill: you're absolutely right on women strong women always.



00:28:34.020 --> 00:28:46.530

Akil Hill: You know, pushing other women to reach their full potential it's such a beautiful story to listen to that and you're spot on laurie was definitely invested in that regard.



00:28:47.400 --> 00:28:48.030

Hong Lieu: For sure it.



00:28:48.210 --> 00:28:56.190

Hong Lieu: And she gave and we have a there's like a through line of folks on this show even that that lori gave him a shot like TIM TIM was saying that he got his start as a coach.



00:28:56.520 --> 00:29:04.470

Hong Lieu: Because laurie laurie saw that he wrote on some form that he was you know played football and it's like hey like just being in a retail like that, and do, that is, is.



00:29:04.860 --> 00:29:10.980

Hong Lieu: it's such a refreshing kind of kind of thing to come up over and over again so that'd be like part of your characters is just really.



00:29:10.980 --> 00:29:11.490

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): awesome yeah.



00:29:13.560 --> 00:29:16.890

Hong Lieu: I never got I never got to meet or work under lori gaskin but it sounds like.



00:29:18.150 --> 00:29:20.940

Akil Hill: She was definitely clear out i'm going I so.



00:29:21.870 --> 00:29:24.450

Akil Hill: The way i'm taking the last side and.



00:29:24.750 --> 00:29:39.120

Akil Hill: that's what you need from leaders, you know you want the leaders to be able to you know you know take that initiative and so i've always respected lori and and that's you just confirmed more I got my Mr you know.



00:29:40.650 --> 00:29:41.130

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): yeah.



00:29:41.820 --> 00:29:48.960

Hong Lieu: And so, beyond the NSPCC aspect of this, I know you you're involved on the school board you're out you're you know you're involved in various things around town.



00:29:49.380 --> 00:29:53.460

Hong Lieu: As in part is women's history month as a woman, a woman of color apparent.



00:29:53.820 --> 00:30:03.480

Hong Lieu: In these kind of rolls around town and on campus I mean, are there any tips, you could give for aspiring women who are looking to reach kind of not like not these, not to say these heights you know, like.



00:30:03.690 --> 00:30:11.550

Hong Lieu: Like anything like that, but just just tips to kind of navigate these spaces, because you know he's talking about lori give me a shot and it's Nice that strong strong because traditionally.



00:30:11.940 --> 00:30:17.790

Hong Lieu: They were not given any opportunities and they were kind of held down, so the only person that would give a woman, a chance is another woman.



00:30:18.180 --> 00:30:27.030

Hong Lieu: Not to say that's the case now but, but you know that it's getting better there's always room to go but but is there any kind of kind of I guess tips is the word, but any any information, you can.



00:30:27.030 --> 00:30:27.360

Akil Hill: provide.



00:30:27.390 --> 00:30:27.930

Hong Lieu: folks trying to.



00:30:28.140 --> 00:30:28.860

Akil Hill: Get insights.



00:30:28.950 --> 00:30:37.350

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): insights yeah you know I think what one thing I talked about often is there are many ways to.



00:30:37.950 --> 00:30:46.770

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): serve your Community or be of service in your Community it doesn't have to be through an elected role or through being on a board.



00:30:47.250 --> 00:31:00.450

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And or things like that, and I think we need more people and more women and women of color who who do step up to leadership in those places but there's so many different things that you can be involved with.



00:31:00.930 --> 00:31:07.440

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And again, I would point to you know i'm currently president of the Santa Barbara women's political committee.



00:31:07.920 --> 00:31:28.320

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And the reason I even got involved with that organization was a woman and a very dear friend of mine who might be familiar to you, Dr daisy Gonzalez and who is now the Deputy Chancellor of the California Community colleges because it's such a small world.



00:31:29.340 --> 00:31:38.310

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): She and I are our personal longtime friends and and she used to live here in Santa Barbara when she was a PhD student at ucsb.



00:31:38.730 --> 00:31:48.360

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And when I moved here and we were introduced to each other through a mutual friend and she was on the board of the women's Political Committee, and she brought me in.



00:31:48.930 --> 00:31:58.020

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And and welcome to me and said, you know, this is a great group of women, you should get involved, and because I trusted her and knew her and she pushed me.



00:31:58.500 --> 00:32:09.390

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And I became involved in that organization and with the galena school board, there was a vacancy that occurred on the board I didn't know anything about the board I didn't know anyone on the board.



00:32:10.410 --> 00:32:25.740

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And what but one of the board members was a friend of mine Valerie can tell us, and she reached out to me and said you would be perfect for this, you should apply, you should be on the school board, and I said no you're crazy.



00:32:27.270 --> 00:32:41.070

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): You know, I was absolutely no and and she was persistent and then, then other women, you know in my friend circle encouraged me and said no, you are the voice that they need.



00:32:42.300 --> 00:32:54.450

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): they've they've never had a Latina and their school board and they serve 40% of the kids are Latino kids and they you know you, you should be you should apply, you should be there.



00:32:55.050 --> 00:33:05.910

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And, and so again, you know all along the path it's been other women and so now, I feel a deep sense of responsibility to be that woman for for other women.



00:33:06.210 --> 00:33:14.640

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And so you know, on any board i'm on I always try to be on the committee that gets to nominate future board members.



00:33:15.570 --> 00:33:28.350

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): so that I can bring bring in more more women and women of color and just expand that you know the opportunity and the experience for for women all over our Community.



00:33:29.070 --> 00:33:39.690

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): But it's so fun, you know I wouldn't, I am very busy all the time, but I wouldn't do all the things I do if I didn't truly enjoy doing it and enjoy the work.



00:33:40.140 --> 00:33:54.330

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): and enjoy the friendships that I made because it is of course time away from you know my kids and my family, although I bring my kids to a lot of things and but I wouldn't do it if I didn't if I didn't love it.



00:33:55.290 --> 00:34:00.030

Akil Hill: And i'm starting to think I don't know about you home i'm starting to think that lose gets more than 24 hours of their day.



00:34:00.930 --> 00:34:04.080

Akil Hill: i'm like how much time you got your day cuz I only have 24 hours.



00:34:04.500 --> 00:34:09.270

Akil Hill: I think she got like maybe 28 maybe 29 maybe close to 30 my.



00:34:09.390 --> 00:34:10.170

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): son just.



00:34:11.370 --> 00:34:12.240

Akil Hill: 24 hours.



00:34:12.480 --> 00:34:16.260

Hong Lieu: Next time I sit and play video games i'm just gonna be thinking about how i'm just wasting my life.



00:34:17.370 --> 00:34:17.880

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): yeah right.



00:34:18.660 --> 00:34:24.210

Hong Lieu: I should be maximizing that potential that time could be maximized and you know, fishing, but I want to.



00:34:24.600 --> 00:34:26.580

Hong Lieu: You know just just kind of amplify what you're saying about.



00:34:26.910 --> 00:34:38.340

Hong Lieu: Networking creating good connections crane those relationships, I think about my older sisters a lot in terms of how they they're in downtown la doing entertainment stuff one is Amazon studios and one is doing camera work, I mean.



00:34:38.760 --> 00:34:46.200

Hong Lieu: You know presentation work for TV shows and and it really was that kind of networking and building those connections and and kind of back and forth.



00:34:46.740 --> 00:34:50.130

Hong Lieu: elevating each other up to where they are where they are now and.



00:34:50.430 --> 00:35:01.830

Hong Lieu: And they and they constantly tried to hammer home that fact to me about now we're including connections and I was always Mr meritocracy like no i'll just let my work speak for itself and yeah I didn't stand as well as their networking.



00:35:01.860 --> 00:35:02.460




00:35:03.810 --> 00:35:04.290

Hong Lieu: So.



00:35:04.320 --> 00:35:09.300

Hong Lieu: So that I guess that yeah you need you need both absolutely and that and that's what i've come around to learn.



00:35:09.540 --> 00:35:16.110

Hong Lieu: And that would be kind of I guess that's the inside, I was kind of looking for when I asked the question is yeah that that is an important aspect of it it's something that you.



00:35:16.530 --> 00:35:22.110

Hong Lieu: You, we should emphasize it that is definitely part of the process and it's there's nothing wrong with it, like, for me it was always like.



00:35:22.380 --> 00:35:27.300

Hong Lieu: let's just feel so scummy this and that like but there's no you're just making friends, you know, like like well.



00:35:28.110 --> 00:35:39.450

Hong Lieu: yeah I was, I was separating it as it's like professional versus personal but no it's just a it's just a it's just communicating with others and just being kind of putting yourself out there, which is not easy but, but the rewards.



00:35:39.480 --> 00:35:40.740

are fast yeah.



00:35:42.660 --> 00:35:47.490

Hong Lieu: yeah so thank you for that, and that will segue us into good eating.



00:35:48.750 --> 00:35:49.110

Hong Lieu: Our.



00:35:49.320 --> 00:35:51.900

Hong Lieu: Our food our food and dining section yes.



00:35:51.930 --> 00:35:53.040

Hong Lieu: My favorite part of the show.



00:35:54.420 --> 00:35:55.080

Hong Lieu: I love the whole.



00:35:56.280 --> 00:36:06.480

Hong Lieu: I do love to eat and I miss eating out and various things so Is there something that you've been eating lately or dishy prepared or a restaurant you been to anything that you want to share with us loose it's been giving you life lately.



00:36:08.610 --> 00:36:16.560

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): yeah you know, I have to start by saying, I do not cook but one very important to do is.



00:36:16.650 --> 00:36:17.910

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): I can cook.



00:36:21.330 --> 00:36:22.350

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Do not cook.



00:36:24.690 --> 00:36:36.960

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): i'm very fortunate that my husband Diego is an excellent cook and he loves cooking and he always has has our entire relationship we've been together for.



00:36:37.920 --> 00:36:51.450

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): it'll be 16 years and and he he cooks he made, I mean down to he was the one he was the parent who made all the homemade baby food for our kids like he he makes all the meals.



00:36:52.380 --> 00:37:07.980

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): So I of course enjoy everything he makes and he really loves he is a huge foodie and loves experimenting and cooking all different kinds of cuisines so we get everything from of course Mexican food to.



00:37:08.460 --> 00:37:21.510

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Italian food Japanese food Indian food Thai food Irish food, like all kinds of food from all over the world, which is really neat for my kids to to you know experience.



00:37:22.200 --> 00:37:33.150

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Different types of food, so I of course love everything we have on home home and and then outside you know at restaurants and stuff I am someone who loves comfort food.



00:37:33.990 --> 00:37:48.570

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): So you know something that i'm kind of a creature of habit to and so things that are just made really well and are just come like straight comfort food that's my that's my my sweet spot.



00:37:50.220 --> 00:37:56.670

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): So I think some of my favorite things are and I live in the lead, so there's a three Pickles and Lolita.



00:37:56.940 --> 00:38:09.240

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): yeah and I love their Cuban sandwich that's like one of my top like lunch places and and like Hong I miss just the experience.



00:38:11.010 --> 00:38:19.260

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): of eating out and just being with other people I missed that a lot we I would frequently go to the good land.



00:38:20.490 --> 00:38:29.340

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): For their food they have great food if you've never been there before just to hang out, and you know, have a beer and have these have an empanada night.



00:38:30.150 --> 00:38:30.420




00:38:31.680 --> 00:38:32.460

Akil Hill: I didn't know that either.



00:38:34.290 --> 00:38:42.030

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Oh yeah yeah it's great and they have a trivia night it's a great spot for if you're ever looking coming over to the leader.



00:38:43.140 --> 00:38:47.130

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): So yeah i'm a comfort food kind of creature of habit kind of person.



00:38:48.030 --> 00:38:49.740

Akil Hill: what's your go to for Mexican food.



00:38:52.590 --> 00:38:58.800

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): At home, I have to say, like i'm kind of maybe it's the La snob pardon.



00:38:59.940 --> 00:39:00.990

Akil Hill: Eric goes on.



00:39:01.980 --> 00:39:02.880

Akil Hill: You people from.



00:39:03.480 --> 00:39:12.150

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): not able to find Mexican food here that's better than what we could have at home.



00:39:13.320 --> 00:39:15.090

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): which I know is a really high bar.



00:39:16.590 --> 00:39:31.320

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): But like you know in La you know there's skiing backhoe which is great and there's all the little hole in the wall, you know taco places or you know food places I do enjoy most oreos.



00:39:31.650 --> 00:39:40.230

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And looks I got it is I do enjoy that and so those are great you know kind of just go to places lily's tacos is pretty good.



00:39:42.300 --> 00:39:43.260

Akil Hill: Have you tried bonnie's.



00:39:43.410 --> 00:39:44.760

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Only stay any any.



00:39:47.190 --> 00:39:49.410

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): I have that's pretty good you know what is good.



00:39:50.550 --> 00:39:56.700

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Oh i'm forgetting what it what it's called but it's on memphis and they have a really good thought.



00:39:57.750 --> 00:39:58.770

Akil Hill: Oh elbow to.



00:39:59.790 --> 00:40:00.390

Akil Hill: elbow he'll.



00:40:00.630 --> 00:40:02.460

Akil Hill: Yes, yeah you know I know.



00:40:02.490 --> 00:40:03.030

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Yes, yes.



00:40:04.080 --> 00:40:04.980

Akil Hill: I know I know.



00:40:07.110 --> 00:40:07.260

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): they're.



00:40:07.890 --> 00:40:08.160

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Really.



00:40:08.820 --> 00:40:09.600

really good yeah.



00:40:11.190 --> 00:40:14.040

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): yeah all right, this is this is good.



00:40:14.310 --> 00:40:14.760




00:40:16.260 --> 00:40:17.820

Hong Lieu: And, and another pro tip about the good.



00:40:17.820 --> 00:40:20.460

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): land is that if you have you know I.



00:40:21.780 --> 00:40:22.890

Hong Lieu: They legit will let you.



00:40:22.890 --> 00:40:26.010

Hong Lieu: Use the pool for five bucks go ahead yeah five five bucks use the pool.



00:40:26.010 --> 00:40:26.790

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): it's a good plan so.



00:40:26.850 --> 00:40:32.100

Hong Lieu: Oh, my God wants to go swimming I can get get good food and go swimming for five bucks so.



00:40:33.540 --> 00:40:35.430

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): you're saying loose about you follow that.



00:40:35.460 --> 00:40:57.480

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): We used to live in and yeah we moved here from pasadena we were living in pasadena so I really miss being having access to really great and Asian grocery stores and Asian restaurants, I think that's a big gap for Santa Barbara and not having really awesome dumpling places or.



00:40:57.690 --> 00:40:59.070

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Korea you.



00:40:59.310 --> 00:41:00.750

Akil Hill: yeah yeah.



00:41:01.170 --> 00:41:03.270

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Those would be really great to have here.



00:41:04.320 --> 00:41:04.770

Akil Hill: yeah.



00:41:05.670 --> 00:41:12.810

Hong Lieu: yeah we have the one Korean bbq spot now kimchi Korean girl, but they I haven't been, since you know I don't think they've been open properly.



00:41:13.230 --> 00:41:15.630

Hong Lieu: I don't think there is anymore oh really yeah.



00:41:15.660 --> 00:41:17.700

Akil Hill: Yes, one right here across from McKinsey park right.



00:41:18.150 --> 00:41:20.400

Hong Lieu: yeah next to next to tap time.



00:41:20.580 --> 00:41:25.590

Akil Hill: yeah yeah I I drove past there recently and I looked like they were out of business, but.



00:41:25.710 --> 00:41:26.520

Hong Lieu: Oh no.



00:41:26.670 --> 00:41:27.840

Hong Lieu: The only one.



00:41:28.110 --> 00:41:29.790

Hong Lieu: That was doing like the grill and all.



00:41:29.790 --> 00:41:30.150

Hong Lieu: You can eat.



00:41:31.110 --> 00:41:38.310

Akil Hill: yeah there's a spot in oxnard it's called gin gin and that's that one's actually that one's pretty pretty legit.



00:41:39.390 --> 00:41:51.540

Akil Hill: You know, obviously pre covert right, so I mean there they do have some dining spots that I know they're still I drove passer and they were still busy but it's just yeah i'm it.



00:41:53.340 --> 00:41:57.420

Hong Lieu: Are they just doing takeout or whatever they do because that's how that's the one type of restaurant or how you would do.



00:41:57.660 --> 00:41:59.640

Akil Hill: Well, they have a tent and then some people yeah.



00:41:59.730 --> 00:42:04.740

Akil Hill: I think they have a tent some people were eating outside and and then the windows kind of open up remember how.



00:42:05.100 --> 00:42:08.940

Akil Hill: The windows open up and then there's like that row against the window that.



00:42:09.000 --> 00:42:09.780

Hong Lieu: part is okay.



00:42:09.840 --> 00:42:15.720

Akil Hill: yeah so but yeah Korean bbq like is like no joke.



00:42:17.010 --> 00:42:18.660

Hong Lieu: it's definitely one of my favorites but it's.



00:42:18.660 --> 00:42:19.590

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): yeah definitely.



00:42:20.190 --> 00:42:28.830

Hong Lieu: dining with these dining regulations actually it's almost impossible to do, I mean cuz Indian restaurants, I love Indian Buffet, but you can not do the Buffet, and still serve Indian food.



00:42:29.040 --> 00:42:30.570

Hong Lieu: If you're Korean bbq place.



00:42:30.720 --> 00:42:34.140

Hong Lieu: there's you know pivot you can't just throw a bunch on you know just.



00:42:35.610 --> 00:42:36.210

Akil Hill: yeah right.



00:42:36.270 --> 00:42:36.390




00:42:37.980 --> 00:42:38.580

Akil Hill: You can like yeah.



00:42:38.610 --> 00:42:44.640

Hong Lieu: People robbed me to take home, but then you just cooking it on a pan at home and it's like what am I doing you know so it's yeah that's enough.



00:42:45.720 --> 00:42:52.920

Akil Hill: I mean that to me speaks like to how the code like cove it really makes me kind of has made me really kind of think and.



00:42:53.340 --> 00:43:04.050

Akil Hill: reflect about eating and and how we eat in Community you know, like we just kind of just probably just never really truly reflected on that until it's actually been taken away.



00:43:04.440 --> 00:43:18.630

Akil Hill: Where we sit back and realize man I haven't sat with a Co worker, or you know someone outside of my immediate circle and enjoy a meal and over a year, you know if you're doing if you're doing it right.



00:43:20.040 --> 00:43:20.970

Akil Hill: Which is oh.



00:43:21.270 --> 00:43:25.170

Hong Lieu: Because that's one of the reasons why we emphasize this food aspect is the communal nature of it.



00:43:25.440 --> 00:43:38.310

Hong Lieu: yeah yeah, it is a Community building aspect, it is a good way to kind of keep up with folks and yeah I haven't been I mean, my friends, when I do down la see my friends, it was always you know you go eat and then you go do something else, and now we do, none of that like.



00:43:38.490 --> 00:43:39.870

Hong Lieu: You go you go to a show.



00:43:40.080 --> 00:43:45.660

Hong Lieu: And we're not eating and we're not going to show, so I literally haven't seen some of my friends for over a year, you know I mean there's.



00:43:45.900 --> 00:43:54.120

Hong Lieu: there's technological ways to get around that you know zoom and slack and all this stuff but it's just not the same, like the kind of conversations you have are different.



00:43:54.480 --> 00:43:54.990

Hong Lieu: You know, like.



00:43:55.080 --> 00:43:58.890

Hong Lieu: I can sit here i'll just post the animated gif or something but he's like.



00:43:58.950 --> 00:44:00.240

Hong Lieu: yeah it's not like a full.



00:44:00.420 --> 00:44:06.840

Hong Lieu: on actual full conversation like how are you doing you know, like a legit like look in someone's eyes, like how are you doing it is everything okay like because.



00:44:07.110 --> 00:44:18.720

Hong Lieu: People will open up like that over the Internet, always you know, and especially I don't know, especially with guys that I know we were hesitant open up, no matter what you know, like let's see here like like boxing wrestling this net but.



00:44:18.900 --> 00:44:21.720

Hong Lieu: In terms of how we really feeling about what's going on with our lives.



00:44:22.020 --> 00:44:22.740

Hong Lieu: Now it doesn't happen.



00:44:24.720 --> 00:44:25.800

Akil Hill: yeah I.



00:44:26.010 --> 00:44:29.400

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Absolutely miss that just gathering and.



00:44:29.850 --> 00:44:31.020

Akil Hill: yeah just being with.



00:44:31.020 --> 00:44:33.600

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): People aspect of so many things.



00:44:34.770 --> 00:44:35.970

yeah yeah.



00:44:37.560 --> 00:44:38.610

Hong Lieu: Thank you for sharing this.



00:44:39.210 --> 00:44:40.380

Hong Lieu: Okay, you want me to go you go.



00:44:40.650 --> 00:44:43.950

Akil Hill: it's up to you i'm just go ahead and.



00:44:44.040 --> 00:44:54.810

Hong Lieu: i'll go ahead, so my dish for this this episode is a low sell tada it's a Peruvian dish, it is a beef with I guess onions and peppers and tomatoes.



00:44:55.110 --> 00:45:00.900

Hong Lieu: But it has a soy sauce flavoring to it, so I first had in La at a restaurant called Felix.



00:45:01.500 --> 00:45:11.940

Hong Lieu: they're still around but there's a ton of Peruvian restaurants that they're in a way to sort of the dish I mean it's kind of like the pad Thai of Peruvian restaurants, like you know you go to Thai restaurant, you can everyone, they all have pattaya in the menu.



00:45:12.210 --> 00:45:21.300

Hong Lieu: The Caribbean restaurant odds are, it will have normal cells to hold on the menu, but it came to my mind, because I was thinking about the dish because there's a new Peruvian restaurant in La they open called chief.



00:45:22.020 --> 00:45:35.130

Hong Lieu: And chief as actually the name for Peruvian Chinese food because evidently there's a lot there's a long history of Chinese you know Chinese folks in Peru, because in the 1850s.



00:45:36.780 --> 00:45:37.710

Hong Lieu: England stopped.



00:45:39.120 --> 00:45:50.490

Hong Lieu: stopped the slave trade to that part of the Americas so proved needed Labor for their you know for the various things the the industry's things that they were doing so they began taking taking an Indentured servants from China.



00:45:50.820 --> 00:45:59.190

Hong Lieu: because China was in the middle of the typing rebellion and the country was in kind of flux, so a lot of folks are looking to get out, they can approve became Indentured servants.



00:45:59.910 --> 00:46:05.610

Hong Lieu: Some of them actually work long enough to you know get their freedom from Indentured servitude and just stayed in the area.



00:46:05.940 --> 00:46:09.060

Hong Lieu: You know, it was other folks you know died or this and that but.



00:46:09.390 --> 00:46:15.660

Hong Lieu: A lot of folks didn't stick around and as a result, they kind of established a Community there and and Chinese food kind of popped up.



00:46:15.930 --> 00:46:22.770

Hong Lieu: So a lot of dishes in in this chief a kind of tradition, will have soy sauce flavoring and you know Chinese elements to it like there's a.



00:46:23.160 --> 00:46:30.060

Hong Lieu: there's a chow FA which is there fried rice, but it's the child for literally comes from the canopies where chow fine, which is fried rice.



00:46:30.360 --> 00:46:34.740

Hong Lieu: You know so there's so the so the Cross was there, because most of the Indentured servants, they were bringing anywhere from.



00:46:35.070 --> 00:46:42.720

Hong Lieu: guang shows, they would catch me so that was kind of another part that kind of reached me specifically as a you know Cantonese speaking Chinese person as opposed, you know opposed to Mandarin so.



00:46:43.140 --> 00:46:47.490

Hong Lieu: So seeing some of the dishes at dawn Felix and, in general, I mean I knew there was soy sauce I knew their flavors.



00:46:47.820 --> 00:46:53.370

Hong Lieu: But it wasn't till I really dug a little deeper and realized Oh, my goodness there's like this long rich history of Chinese kind of.



00:46:54.000 --> 00:47:00.090

Hong Lieu: Chinese Peruvian kind of crossover so yeah almost sell tada there's a tyrion which is like a time tell me.



00:47:00.480 --> 00:47:05.040

Hong Lieu: And then there's chow phone, which is the fried rice, they do, they do kind of walked on Soups and stuff as well, improving cuisine.



00:47:05.490 --> 00:47:08.040

Hong Lieu: And so there's just this long rich history and it just kind of reminded me.



00:47:08.460 --> 00:47:16.260

Hong Lieu: Of kind of the ways in which immigration is kind of intertwined you know that how it all kind of works out it's so interconnected in terms of.



00:47:16.650 --> 00:47:20.310

Hong Lieu: The the Chinese folks wouldn't have ended up in Peru if.



00:47:20.730 --> 00:47:27.540

Hong Lieu: England had not stopped the slave trade of that part of America, if this and that and just how interconnected, everything is even even now we call it globalization.



00:47:27.780 --> 00:47:32.790

Hong Lieu: But even in the pre globalization times we were so interconnected and truly were a kind of global village at the time.



00:47:33.150 --> 00:47:37.770

Hong Lieu: So I mean it kind of brings me back to this conversation we're having now about the Asian American.



00:47:38.220 --> 00:47:42.000

Hong Lieu: You know, violence and the crimes that have been perpetuating as Asian Americans and it's just.



00:47:42.420 --> 00:47:51.270

Hong Lieu: That kind of stuff is just really not kind of speaking to the true nature of things which is that we are all so connected and all you know, so in this together.



00:47:51.780 --> 00:47:56.340

Hong Lieu: That to kind of see these kind of acts perpetrated you know, for whatever reason.



00:47:56.850 --> 00:48:05.460

Hong Lieu: is just wrong, I mean there's no there's no justification, of course, but whatever whatever mindset that rationale that that leads you to kind of act out against a certain part of the culture.



00:48:05.910 --> 00:48:14.100

Hong Lieu: Is is just kind of completely misguided and it has to stop you know but it's it's one of those things where the understanding you hope will come, but it's it's.



00:48:14.400 --> 00:48:27.450

Hong Lieu: Only through kind of research and kind of understanding the history of things that you'll get there, so, so I thought about I was thinking about that a lot and I thought about the cheaper and it's almost Alto and I got really hungry, because I don't know of any previous in town that.



00:48:28.140 --> 00:48:35.850

Hong Lieu: I do almost out of time because it's just a really homie competition like it's a it's beef peppers onions soy sauce on a bed of Fries.



00:48:36.120 --> 00:48:46.980

Hong Lieu: So it's it's yeah it's just really good i'll put i'll put a link to show notes for recipe, and only to don Felix because they are a long time la institution, as well as chief but yeah that's my that's my pick, for this is episode.



00:48:47.820 --> 00:49:03.180

Akil Hill: it's funny that you brought that I brought that up on because I had a friend her last name was campus to me, and she was from Peru and I just she was telling me pretty much like the rundown of what you were saying and.



00:49:04.260 --> 00:49:20.520

Akil Hill: I was like Oh, I found that so fascinating I just didn't know, and I was super that's the fact that you brought me back to that conversation with their buy your food dishes is it yeah I was like yeah that's that's that's cool we're definitely.



00:49:21.840 --> 00:49:33.210

Akil Hill: All intertwined and ways that we don't even know you know, through our cuisine who's our dress or culture is it's just so impactful and a lot of different ways and and to speak on the point about.



00:49:34.680 --> 00:49:44.370

Akil Hill: You know all the violence going on against you know Asian Americans and stuff I we definitely have to elevate that voice, you know I feel like a lot of people still are in the dark about that you know.



00:49:45.450 --> 00:49:48.420

Akil Hill: So thanks for sharing that with that.



00:49:48.690 --> 00:49:56.670

Hong Lieu: And it's definitely something that i'm not used to being being kind of involved in because traditionally growing up, we were always kind of the neutral race in terms of.



00:49:56.970 --> 00:50:06.210

Hong Lieu: Like we were, we would get mixed up and stuff but we were it was never like the spotlight was never on Asian American, so to speak, I mean there were always incidents there's always been a struggle.



00:50:06.630 --> 00:50:10.680

Hong Lieu: But but, but the struggle of black folks struggle that next folks.



00:50:10.980 --> 00:50:19.140

Hong Lieu: We were kind of willing to take that back see because I mean in terms of my family personally, we were just happy to be here this was you know the coming here was was a chance for us to have a better opportunity.



00:50:19.350 --> 00:50:28.020

Hong Lieu: So we're grateful for that and didn't work, you know any kind of injustices or indignities that we suffered we were okay with because compared to what we were dealing with back in Vietnam.



00:50:28.320 --> 00:50:35.100

Hong Lieu: Was you know is way worse, so it was one of the things we're we're personally growing up, I was always contented to take that back seat in terms of these kind of.



00:50:35.430 --> 00:50:39.930

Hong Lieu: Cultural conversations, but, but with the stuff that's going on now, it really is coming, more to the forefront.



00:50:40.320 --> 00:50:47.370

Hong Lieu: In terms of how these things get targeted and it's just it's just one of those things where it's not to amplify just Asian American voice is just amplify.



00:50:47.670 --> 00:50:53.400

Hong Lieu: That conversation about racial injustice period that this happens to all people of color and is just you know we may be the.



00:50:53.640 --> 00:51:03.060

Hong Lieu: The flavor of the month, so to speak, in terms of what's being highlighted on the news, but this is just a constant struggle and it's it should be a unified struggle, where we're all in this together, trying to kind of kind of see see a better way.



00:51:03.600 --> 00:51:05.280

Akil Hill: Absolutely yeah.



00:51:05.370 --> 00:51:22.260

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): it's so interesting you bring that up because you know as someone who also you know grew up in the La area and I grew up with you know a lot of my family were Farmworkers starting with my grandfather who came here as under the but I said oh Program.



00:51:23.310 --> 00:51:33.930

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): To to work in the fields and to have lots of family members who you know new sets of chavis or were with him, you know when he was starting his movement.



00:51:34.380 --> 00:51:48.870

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And I grew up always knowing that Filipinos at the time were strongly allied with us at chavis and the farm worker movement, so I grew up knowing like a feeling this very strong kinship.



00:51:49.860 --> 00:52:02.010

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Especially on social justice with Filipino Americans and Filipino immigrants and and I just I always grew up feeling like oh yeah they're they're you know they're in this with.



00:52:02.070 --> 00:52:12.150

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): With you know Mexican Americans and Latinos and it's just I think speaks to again like that we're we're connected in ways that you know, some people don't even.



00:52:12.750 --> 00:52:31.140

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): know that part of the farm worker history and so so Chavez his legacy working in building coalitions and it's just it's really neat when you do, learn and and learn more of that history to see how how how all these movements are connected in many ways.



00:52:32.190 --> 00:52:40.110

Hong Lieu: yeah the Asian American activism movement was very strong you know, in the 60s and 70s and 80s early 80s, there was a murder of Vincent chin and Michigan so there.



00:52:40.440 --> 00:52:49.830

Hong Lieu: it's been there for a while, but see as someone who's new to the country like I was born in 81 so my parents got here in the early 80s like it totally gloss just completely over in terms of my diaspora.



00:52:50.130 --> 00:52:57.840

Hong Lieu: And so it was something I had to reconnect with only recently within the last four or five years so seeing how strong that kind of tradition was and kind of be totally detached from it and i'll trying to.



00:52:58.170 --> 00:53:01.410

Hong Lieu: kind of reconnect in some ways, I mean it just speaks to kind of how different each.



00:53:01.740 --> 00:53:10.620

Hong Lieu: Experience of each diaspora is because the Asian Americans that are protesting and 60s or 70s, were the first generation Asian Americans in the know 30s 40s 50s.



00:53:10.980 --> 00:53:19.710

Hong Lieu: That then had that activists voice and so that whole generation lay the path or vote for my parents generation who came over, but we never were kind of aware of it, because we were just kind of escaping.



00:53:20.160 --> 00:53:24.570

Hong Lieu: atrocity and we're just we're just grateful to be on you know, on the on the first soil so.



00:53:24.960 --> 00:53:32.550

Hong Lieu: it's that reconnecting and and bringing it all together and that's what you know the the learning and and via eating, you know that, which is you know.



00:53:32.940 --> 00:53:43.770

Hong Lieu: I learned a lot about the Peruvian aspect of it from the from learning about the food and stuff like that, but, but how to bring that all together and kind of have that collective consciousness going forward, that is, that is, that is, the journey.



00:53:47.820 --> 00:53:49.020

Akil Hill: Already yeah.



00:53:49.080 --> 00:53:50.130

Akil Hill: So I got.



00:53:52.320 --> 00:53:57.420

Akil Hill: My recommendation is a spot it's a food truck because.



00:53:58.530 --> 00:54:03.150

Akil Hill: it's an ox nor it's a fruit tree called kokomo oka motos kitchen.



00:54:04.380 --> 00:54:13.650

Akil Hill: And this it's basically Japanese comfort food with fused with American slashed.



00:54:15.180 --> 00:54:19.740

Akil Hill: Mexican and it's just like it's just it's really it's an interesting.



00:54:21.240 --> 00:54:26.670

Akil Hill: play see eat right so it's a basically it's a food truck it's parked on oxcart boulevard it only comes like.



00:54:28.050 --> 00:54:42.360

Akil Hill: once a week it's usually on Thursdays and what they do is it's a really it's really interesting, the first time I went there was, I saw a Park, on the other side of the street, and it was like are they open.



00:54:42.870 --> 00:54:45.600

Akil Hill: So I pull over and.



00:54:46.080 --> 00:54:54.750

Akil Hill: All the windows, with the truck was there, everything was shot right and so i'm like ha their clothes, I was bummed I thought I had missed it, but then shortly someone would come up.



00:54:55.320 --> 00:55:00.090

Akil Hill: knock on the back door back door opens and you know hand comes out.



00:55:01.020 --> 00:55:11.550

Akil Hill: And there's food right so in the midst of the pandemic what they're doing is, you have to actually place the order online you show up you're not even taking a walk up orders because.



00:55:12.480 --> 00:55:24.900

Akil Hill: I don't know if there I won't say they're not I don't know sit it out zone, but the you walk up because their front doors weren't open knock on the back door tell them what your name is, and then they hand you your food.



00:55:26.010 --> 00:55:32.430

Akil Hill: One of the one of my favorite things that they make it's called an economic yaki Fries.



00:55:33.480 --> 00:55:44.970

Akil Hill: Okay, no me hockey is it's it's amazing open oneok is its traditional Japanese pancake I guess you would call it, and then on top of it, you will put Japanese.



00:55:46.410 --> 00:55:57.570

Akil Hill: manet's you would also put a kind of like a sweet sauce Africa I can't think of the name of the sauce it's open o'meara sauce you would put that on little bonito flakes a little bit of ginger.



00:55:58.620 --> 00:56:07.320

Akil Hill: So they took that basically minus the pancake and put it on top of the Fries right, and so it just reminds me of.



00:56:08.520 --> 00:56:12.570

Akil Hill: me it takes me instantly the first bite I was like transported to Japan, you know.



00:56:14.220 --> 00:56:25.950

Akil Hill: And so, and then they do other things to that are really interesting they do a sushi burrito which is basically the rice and sushi and the insight wrapped in like a soy.



00:56:26.610 --> 00:56:37.140

Akil Hill: paper, so it looks like a burrito but uh but uh it's you know it's it's it's basically a giant handle that looks that looks like a burrito so.



00:56:37.680 --> 00:56:42.480

Akil Hill: Those two things and then there's a couple other things ever really good their sandwiches they have like a fried.



00:56:43.230 --> 00:56:47.640

Akil Hill: chicken sandwich which is really good it's spicy fried chicken sandwich and you know.



00:56:48.240 --> 00:56:56.280

Akil Hill: Japanese culture, one of the one of the things that people may not know, but fried chicken is one of their things as well, I think it's a it's kind of a lot of that stems in.



00:56:56.700 --> 00:57:06.390

Akil Hill: Asian culture across the board to as well, I know Koreans and even Chinese like fried chicken is is big and and even Filipinos with you know that.



00:57:06.480 --> 00:57:07.050

Hong Lieu: holly be.



00:57:07.290 --> 00:57:24.210

Akil Hill: jolly be right so it's across the board, so I it's definitely comfort food with a kind of like a international twist on it super cool truck to it's like a bright it's like a bright pink truck with Japanese cherry blossoms and some enemy on the truck.



00:57:25.620 --> 00:57:34.470

Akil Hill: And so that's my pick for the week if you're down in the area on a Thursday night and you feel like being adventurous and stepping outside of your box.



00:57:34.770 --> 00:57:36.960

Akil Hill: lose and those who are listening.



00:57:39.390 --> 00:57:43.260

Akil Hill: try it out check out the show notes, I know how will drop it, they have an instagram page.



00:57:43.770 --> 00:57:44.340




00:57:45.420 --> 00:57:45.930

Akil Hill: it's.



00:57:46.950 --> 00:58:03.630

Akil Hill: it's just one of those things right, we talked about here is a truck serving Japanese fusion food in oxnard on ochsner boulevard like it is it can't get it's more diverse than that right like Japanese comfort food in oxnard California on our boulevard.



00:58:05.370 --> 00:58:07.770

Akil Hill: But so transforming people's with.



00:58:08.850 --> 00:58:10.710

Akil Hill: Two places back in Japan so.



00:58:11.820 --> 00:58:19.470

Akil Hill: that's my my pick for the week it's definitely worth trying out if you're down there on Thursday night and then there's they're mostly based in like.



00:58:20.610 --> 00:58:30.360

Akil Hill: I don't know they come in thousand oaks and other spots in like the valley, the San Gabriel Valley, I believe, so we happen to be down there and you're a foodie your husband may really like it to lose so.



00:58:30.390 --> 00:58:30.900

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): yeah check.



00:58:30.930 --> 00:58:31.470

Akil Hill: check it out.



00:58:32.220 --> 00:58:36.090

Hong Lieu: yeah he doesn't get more southern cal doesn't get more southern California than that.



00:58:36.210 --> 00:58:36.870

Akil Hill: You know the yeah.



00:58:37.290 --> 00:58:42.210

Hong Lieu: The rocket democratization of food truck I feel like southern California things so.



00:58:42.270 --> 00:58:54.810

Akil Hill: yeah big fan yeah yeah oxnard I mean ochsner has a whole stable of food trucks man I think my goal is to eat through every one of them almost there there's a couple that I haven't got to.



00:58:57.900 --> 00:59:03.510

Hong Lieu: We had some food trucks we've gone for a while, but then it's like hit or miss with between the regulations and whatnot but.



00:59:04.140 --> 00:59:14.730

Hong Lieu: I mean in terms of folks starting up a business again it's that halfway point the brick and mortars way expensive the food trucks, a little more accessible, where you can kind of get your idea in motion and kind of build build your way up so.



00:59:14.970 --> 00:59:18.900

Akil Hill: yeah, I think, and I don't even think Santa barbara's worthy of food trucks, but.



00:59:18.960 --> 00:59:29.520

Akil Hill: that's my personal because they look, they are coming out the food trucks like as if it's a looked upon are frowned upon like Oh, we can't have those in our Community, I might know you don't deserve them have them in your.



00:59:30.480 --> 00:59:32.430

Akil Hill: People that eat from food trucks know that.



00:59:32.490 --> 00:59:48.330

Akil Hill: there's a certain authentic you know authenticity, about being at the food truck you know there's like he just doesn't get it just like a sure sense of gratitude, you know I so that's just me on my soapbox about.



00:59:49.020 --> 00:59:52.410

Akil Hill: Santa Barbara I would drive rockstar de de Santa Barbara.



00:59:53.520 --> 00:59:54.300

Akil Hill: get it together.



00:59:54.660 --> 00:59:55.620

Hong Lieu: That common last.



00:59:55.830 --> 00:59:56.130




00:59:57.750 --> 00:59:59.100

Akil Hill: yeah for girls.



00:59:59.310 --> 01:00:09.180

Hong Lieu: Because deleted does have those big parking lots with the food trucks will post up and you get you get some food truck activity and delete a Santa barbara's little dicey between between the restaurant complaints and etc, etc, but yeah.



01:00:10.050 --> 01:00:10.320




01:00:11.460 --> 01:00:12.420

Akil Hill: don't get me started out food.



01:00:13.530 --> 01:00:13.650

Akil Hill: Right.



01:00:14.430 --> 01:00:15.840

Hong Lieu: Moving right along yeah.



01:00:17.580 --> 01:00:18.660

Akil Hill: Absolutely, thank you.



01:00:19.650 --> 01:00:25.650

Hong Lieu: Lucy you want to kick us off again with any any piece of culture movie TV book music.



01:00:27.720 --> 01:00:28.260

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): So.



01:00:30.570 --> 01:00:35.460

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): I guess confession I have is I watch a lot of TV.



01:00:38.160 --> 01:00:39.600

Akil Hill: In your 30 hour day loose.



01:00:41.160 --> 01:00:41.820

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): happens.



01:00:41.910 --> 01:00:43.680

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And i'm very good at.



01:00:45.180 --> 01:00:48.570

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Being able to listen to two things at once.



01:00:49.920 --> 01:01:05.640

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Which i'm sure other people can do that too, so I kind of always have a constant stream of stuff i'm watching, even if i'm doing something else, so we say like I watch everything I watch all the TV so.



01:01:05.700 --> 01:01:26.910

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Like rare occasions where there are shows that I either haven't watched all of or or you know watched maybe a couple episodes if I wasn't super into it or movies, and I, and you know being at home during coven has kind of put that on steroids just home all the time.



01:01:27.210 --> 01:01:31.170

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): yeah and one thing that I wanted to share that i've.



01:01:31.320 --> 01:01:35.130

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): really enjoyed about being home and discovering is.



01:01:36.240 --> 01:01:37.440

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Korean dramas.



01:01:38.430 --> 01:01:39.390

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): So I.



01:01:39.450 --> 01:01:42.690

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Have gotten into Korean dramas.



01:01:42.690 --> 01:01:51.300

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): I love them i'm obsessed, to the point where I now have a subscription to like the netflix version of.



01:01:51.330 --> 01:01:52.410

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Korean dramas.



01:01:53.010 --> 01:02:13.980

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): I will like access to everything that is the Korean drama world and and my sister my younger sister and I are big fans and we just been motoring through all all all the different you know top shows i've find all these lists of like where's like the top 20 Korean dramas of all time.



01:02:14.700 --> 01:02:28.170

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And God wants them and and I just love it it's been like one of my happiest happy moments of Kobe is discovering that and netflix now, it has a whole category there.



01:02:28.170 --> 01:02:31.350

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): too I love that they've expanded that but.



01:02:33.060 --> 01:02:34.800

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): that's one thing I wanted to share.



01:02:35.880 --> 01:02:46.620

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And then just I love I love watching shows and movies and series and i'm really into just you know trying different things and watching new things and.



01:02:47.760 --> 01:02:48.300

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): love it.



01:02:49.800 --> 01:02:54.480

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Most recently, I guess, before I turn it over for your comments.



01:02:55.740 --> 01:02:57.570

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Is I just finished watching.



01:02:58.590 --> 01:03:10.590

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And I may destroy you and Michaela Cole and show on HBO Max she is phenomenal I loved her ever since chewing gum her comedy show.



01:03:11.130 --> 01:03:24.450

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And and did a rewrite of chewing gum you know after watching I may destroy you, and it is just amazing series that I believe she wrote produced and stars in.



01:03:25.560 --> 01:03:41.100

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): So that's my if if people are looking for some something to get into and make anything that Michaela Cole does is going to be amazing and both of those are very different shows from one another and but they're both great.



01:03:43.050 --> 01:03:44.760

Akil Hill: wow I would have never guessed.



01:03:46.410 --> 01:03:49.650

Akil Hill: I would have never guessed that you're it's a K drama.



01:03:50.730 --> 01:03:56.100

Akil Hill: i'm gonna have to say I full disclosure I kind of got into it a little bit.



01:03:56.400 --> 01:04:05.880

Akil Hill: So, and then my daughter was kind of clowning me a little bit about me watching K drama, so I had to pull back, but I was.



01:04:07.020 --> 01:04:14.490

Akil Hill: I was watching one like I went I was on the couch I, and I were up kind of late, she was on a spring break.



01:04:15.930 --> 01:04:22.170

Akil Hill: And I was like she went upstairs and I was like oh what's this it's called I think it's called the startup.



01:04:23.850 --> 01:04:33.390

Akil Hill: And OK drama and then, so the next one, she comes down she goes up turns on netflix she's like who was watching K drama, I was like I don't know.



01:04:35.160 --> 01:04:43.530

Akil Hill: So she kind of dragged on me a little bit kind of help help me have some self doubt, so I haven't returned it, but I do it, I was, I was enjoying it.



01:04:45.780 --> 01:04:47.460

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): I didn't care very enjoyable.



01:04:47.490 --> 01:04:49.590

Akil Hill: yeah I feel you I feel you.



01:04:51.600 --> 01:05:02.580

Hong Lieu: I love chewing gum and I, and I still have to finish it destroy you is just really thick it's like it's it's not that's how hard to watch but it's.



01:05:02.880 --> 01:05:14.340

Hong Lieu: Some difficult subject matter some difficult subject matter and it was I stuff to get through it, but it is very well done it, but it was just it was intense and I was, I had to pull back for a second I will come back to it.



01:05:14.670 --> 01:05:15.030

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And so.



01:05:15.900 --> 01:05:16.950

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): yeah and she told me.



01:05:17.670 --> 01:05:18.480

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): not getting.



01:05:18.570 --> 01:05:24.870

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): nominated for a golden globe for that for like in like every category that she would have been qualified.



01:05:25.980 --> 01:05:37.650

Hong Lieu: Very well done, it was hard to hard for me to get through, but I will fit I did promise i'll go back and finish it if you had to pick up a drama an entry level OK drama folks that are curious because they have reached a tipping point where a lot of people are kind of watching them.



01:05:38.910 --> 01:05:43.950

Hong Lieu: Something that folks would like to just to dip their toes into the genre well, is there any picture, when you go with.



01:05:43.980 --> 01:05:48.930

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): I would, I have to say there's two there's because for a wide audience so.



01:05:49.260 --> 01:05:54.540

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): I think if you're looking for an entry into just like very.



01:05:56.430 --> 01:06:11.970

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): heartfelt romantic like epic drama and crash landing on you, is on netflix it is, is probably my number one favorite it's so good, it will it's just so so great.



01:06:12.510 --> 01:06:25.830

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): And then, if you're looking for one, that is, you know for anyone who is not a fan of super romantic kind of things and he take one class, which is also on netflix is really good it's kind of.



01:06:27.660 --> 01:06:34.350

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Count of Monte Cristo kind of inspired story and and that one's really, really cool.



01:06:35.430 --> 01:06:42.510

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): i've made my husband watch both of them, and he is a big fan of both, although I think he preferred eating one class I was kind of a neat.



01:06:43.620 --> 01:06:47.940

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): You know story so both of those I would highly recommend.



01:06:49.710 --> 01:06:56.700

Hong Lieu: That is a solid coast nine you get it doesn't get any better than the wife by forced me to watch by really enjoyed it like I have a lot of shows.



01:06:57.450 --> 01:07:01.950

Hong Lieu: yeah and i'm like I don't know by the third episode i'm putting the next one, I think, wait a minute.



01:07:03.150 --> 01:07:03.660

Hong Lieu: Like yeah.



01:07:04.680 --> 01:07:06.120

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): give it a chance, just to.



01:07:06.180 --> 01:07:09.030

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): End you know I, I think we watched parasite.



01:07:09.090 --> 01:07:18.900

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Which is, which is such an amazing me and I love you know the the director, when he was accepting his award where he said, you know you have to just get past.



01:07:19.380 --> 01:07:36.480

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): The whatever what he said, like two inches of subtitles to like get into the story, and so you do kind of have to it for anyone who's not you know used to watching things on some subtitle and you just get past that and just enjoy it and it's it's great.



01:07:37.650 --> 01:07:37.860

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): yeah.



01:07:37.950 --> 01:07:46.140

Hong Lieu: i've always been a subtitles person, because the dubs have never you know when you cross in languages it's always tough to translate especially Asian languages are total total based.



01:07:46.500 --> 01:07:54.660

Hong Lieu: So if you don't kind of get the total intonation right, it can throw it all off, so I kind of like listening to the tonal the way that sound and then reading the subtitle.



01:07:54.780 --> 01:08:00.690

Hong Lieu: yeah because I can't read or write Chinese myself so but but hearing the Chinese voice and and seeing the English on is like yeah.



01:08:00.930 --> 01:08:05.970

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): I do enjoy this, and even if you don't understand the language you there is not the nonverbal communication.



01:08:06.690 --> 01:08:07.200

Hong Lieu: Absolutely.



01:08:07.230 --> 01:08:11.610

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): You can you can get the feeling and then read you know with it with the weather thing.



01:08:12.000 --> 01:08:14.850

Akil Hill: Except for the old school Chinese Kung fu movies, you have.



01:08:16.020 --> 01:08:17.820

Akil Hill: Those are the best those are the best.



01:08:18.330 --> 01:08:20.280

Akil Hill: I like where the mouth is moving.



01:08:20.400 --> 01:08:21.780

Akil Hill: And like.



01:08:21.840 --> 01:08:24.720

Akil Hill: Or the mouth isn't moving speaking, those are the.



01:08:25.320 --> 01:08:28.950

Akil Hill: Those those are the those I would always watch those in English.



01:08:29.310 --> 01:08:31.140

Hong Lieu: And it's and it's like three voice actors.



01:08:31.200 --> 01:08:32.040

Akil Hill: Like yeah yeah.



01:08:33.210 --> 01:08:39.510

Hong Lieu: Well, that guy oh man that guy again I reckon that girl like it's always that girls voices that one actress.



01:08:39.540 --> 01:08:42.330

Hong Lieu: Then yeah actor plays like at guys yeah.



01:08:42.360 --> 01:08:44.250

Akil Hill: yeah yeah yeah yeah.



01:08:44.370 --> 01:08:44.850

Akil Hill: that's what.



01:08:45.360 --> 01:08:47.190

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): I one last movie plug.



01:08:47.580 --> 01:08:48.150

Akil Hill: All right, let's go.



01:08:48.300 --> 01:08:54.810

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Anyone watching, who has kids and we just watched riah and the last dragon.



01:08:54.810 --> 01:09:07.680

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): Oh, and it is so good it's it's a great animated movie and I love the direction the animated movies, are going with having strong.



01:09:08.520 --> 01:09:21.120

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): You know, female characters that don't have a romantic interest or a princess or you know someone there's like there's none of that kind of character in the in this movie and it's just you know.



01:09:21.870 --> 01:09:35.520

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): To without giving away the plot but there's two kind of really badass kind of warrior women and and it's a really, really well done movie so highly recommend that for it's it's kid approved in my house, at least.



01:09:35.790 --> 01:09:36.030

Akil Hill: Now I.



01:09:36.180 --> 01:09:39.600

Hong Lieu: mean i've been meaning to check it out, because it's specifically Southeast Asia, which is, which is.



01:09:39.810 --> 01:09:53.430

Akil Hill: yeah it's really big yeah yeah I was gonna I was looking at that too we're gonna watch out over the weekend, but we kind of pulled back and start watching something else but yeah i'm looking forward to getting into that definitely.



01:09:55.980 --> 01:10:02.880

Hong Lieu: Alright, thank you Lucy i'll go next just as my PIC kind of ties into what kind of this is pick a little bit.



01:10:02.940 --> 01:10:03.420

Akil Hill: I don't know.



01:10:03.450 --> 01:10:04.950

Akil Hill: How, you know my pictures and tie into.



01:10:06.210 --> 01:10:07.500

Hong Lieu: What cuz I don't know so.



01:10:07.500 --> 01:10:08.970

Hong Lieu: Yes, civically I know that.



01:10:09.270 --> 01:10:09.870




01:10:13.320 --> 01:10:19.590

Hong Lieu: I wanted to pick for just as part of the kind of women's history month we're doing here, I wanted to highlight Michelle yeoh.



01:10:20.070 --> 01:10:33.090

Hong Lieu: Who is the Hong Kong action star everyone will always think of you know Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, of course, but for my money Michelle yeoh has had a better you know kind of movie career than Jackie Chan I mean I know we're talking about Bruce because Bruce to me is like.



01:10:33.390 --> 01:10:36.090

Hong Lieu: he's like Chinese to potty he's like he's like on that extra level where.



01:10:37.200 --> 01:10:40.950

Hong Lieu: You know, you know, no one talks about know slanders was Bruce Bruce.



01:10:41.520 --> 01:10:42.240

Akil Hill: Chinese to.



01:10:43.230 --> 01:10:44.160

Hong Lieu: jack is Michelle.



01:10:44.190 --> 01:10:52.710

Hong Lieu: I would give it to Michelle yeoh in terms of the depth and breadth of Cinematic career and the fat tissue did her own stunts and the fact that she shared a screen.



01:10:53.400 --> 01:11:08.010

Hong Lieu: he's done movies have Jackie she did movies or gently she's done romantic comedies in the US she's done, you know her her you United States film is much more you know there's much more variety there between crouching tiger between last Christmas using romantic comedy I think it.



01:11:08.010 --> 01:11:14.190

Hong Lieu: Was crazy rich Asians so she's just had a depth and breadth of career that Jackie doesn't have.



01:11:14.700 --> 01:11:20.160

Hong Lieu: I love Jackie is a great action star in terms of the actual movie star I gotta give it to Michelle and.



01:11:20.490 --> 01:11:31.440

Hong Lieu: at her action chops are right there with Jackie in terms of she does her own stunts she was with him and super COP so at the height of both of their powers they were sharing the screen together, you know supercop is what it was called here.



01:11:31.830 --> 01:11:39.180

Hong Lieu: In China, it was part of the Hong Kong was part of the police story is police story three so there's please story trilogy she did a movie with jelly.



01:11:40.080 --> 01:11:51.900

Hong Lieu: it's called I think twin warriors in America, I don't know what America Tyler but it's tied to master it won't pay phones are you up with these characters so she so she says share screen, with all the ex heavyweight held her own she's.



01:11:52.950 --> 01:11:58.800

Hong Lieu: really good and she did a movie called the hero trio in the mid 90s with Maggie churn and I need a movie.



01:11:59.220 --> 01:12:12.510

Hong Lieu: And for folks that are now into K pop you know bts also F K pop is big before K pop it was Japanese pop pop but, for me, growing up, it was canto pop and Anita movie is like the Madonna of Cantonese pop she passed away to.



01:12:13.620 --> 01:12:16.140

Hong Lieu: The age of 40 due to cancer, unfortunately, you know you know rest in peace.



01:12:16.500 --> 01:12:28.050

Hong Lieu: But when she was on she was like the diva of canto POPs she was like on another level, so to see a need a movie with Michelle yeoh and then Maggie sharing as well who's a bona fide you know Hong Kong star as well that was like.



01:12:28.500 --> 01:12:36.510

Hong Lieu: That was, like the charlie's angels of Hong Kong cinema to be so so so to watch that movie growing up was like whoa it's so crazy I need more and she's kicking button also so yeah.



01:12:37.440 --> 01:12:45.810

Hong Lieu: i'll put links in the show notes to all the films I mentioned, because some of them may or may not be available, but just in general, if you can find a Michelle yeoh movie you're in good hands I can't say that about every Jackie Chan movie.



01:12:46.560 --> 01:12:51.750

Hong Lieu: But I can definitely say if I ever Michelle yeoh movies, I will definitely get to the plus one in my books, I just wanted to give her a shout out.



01:12:53.070 --> 01:12:53.340

Akil Hill: To.



01:12:53.880 --> 01:12:56.730

Hong Lieu: All of us all and subtitles subtitles no dubs.



01:12:58.800 --> 01:13:04.770

Akil Hill: that's that's a great PIC that's funny on because that ties into my PIC to as well.



01:13:04.800 --> 01:13:10.140

Akil Hill: Alright, so I was gonna drop, and I know i'm late, some people out here.



01:13:10.380 --> 01:13:17.100

Akil Hill: Maybe maybe kind of hating on me when they hear this, but uh by my pick for the week.



01:13:18.180 --> 01:13:22.200

Akil Hill: It is Marco Polo on netflix did you guys.



01:13:22.290 --> 01:13:22.830

Akil Hill: Have you guys.



01:13:25.230 --> 01:13:26.100

Akil Hill: You gotta do it.



01:13:26.520 --> 01:13:26.910

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): I think.



01:13:27.390 --> 01:13:29.790

Akil Hill: Michelle yeoh is actually in it in it too.



01:13:32.460 --> 01:13:34.290

Akil Hill: yeah so that's the reason why I was like.



01:13:36.570 --> 01:13:47.820

Akil Hill: Like when he said that I was like no that's that's who I was gonna talk about, but such a great movie such a great movie it's a movie it's a series and it's a two season series.



01:13:48.780 --> 01:13:53.460

Akil Hill: and basically what's so cool about it is it's a.



01:13:54.300 --> 01:14:10.170

Akil Hill: Marco Polo is titled Marco Polo so you would think that he's the Center of it but he's not there's all these sub stories that are going on with the Kang and the the mongol empire, and all this different culture, so I want to give it away too much, I know I will put the notes.



01:14:11.400 --> 01:14:16.650

Akil Hill: Or the links in the show notes, but that you got to do yourself a favor and watch that.



01:14:17.640 --> 01:14:22.650

Akil Hill: there's just this preference, there are some nudity in that, so I don't you know if you have kids you don't want to.



01:14:23.100 --> 01:14:38.370

Akil Hill: You know, make sure that they're not around but it's definitely like one of those things like you just binge you know and like one was saying, like how, when your wife's like I want to watch this and you start watching it and then you get into more than they do.



01:14:38.430 --> 01:14:41.400

Akil Hill: So I was laughing because I had a pool back.



01:14:42.570 --> 01:14:54.600

Akil Hill: Because my wife was falling asleep, but I was secretly watching and then I would like, and then she would be like the next day she like how far did you watch I was like I think I only watched like what episode it's.



01:14:56.490 --> 01:15:04.050

Akil Hill: So this is so, because what happened is you always get discouraged right because I would almost finish it cuz she sleep right I just so into it.



01:15:04.440 --> 01:15:08.250

Akil Hill: So i'd be like watch one episode so should we go back and watch it over again, but.



01:15:08.880 --> 01:15:18.750

Akil Hill: You guys check that out i'm hurt season three supposed to be coming out later sometime this year but man it's it's such a good show, although it's not.



01:15:19.920 --> 01:15:32.880

Akil Hill: There speaking English in this in the show, so you don't have to read the subtitles but we were talking about that how it's so much easier we're like it's kind of it's kind of cool that they're speaking English, you know it's we don't have to read, but it's definitely worth.



01:15:34.950 --> 01:15:39.210

Akil Hill: worth checking out, you know it's really good so.



01:15:39.630 --> 01:15:40.140

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): I mean now.



01:15:40.920 --> 01:15:41.640

Hong Lieu: yeah here's an.



01:15:41.820 --> 01:15:43.470

Akil Hill: Interesting stories so.



01:15:43.680 --> 01:15:56.640

Akil Hill: yeah it's a great story it's It really is, and it leaves you on a cliffhanger so i'm excited for what season three looks like and so that's my pick for the day and then I wanted to give one plug real quick shout.



01:15:58.200 --> 01:16:02.580

Akil Hill: out to David stone whenever in place we've recently passed away.



01:16:03.660 --> 01:16:11.700

Akil Hill: David was a dear friend of mine and and or colleague and someone who I look to, for you know that.



01:16:12.300 --> 01:16:29.190

Akil Hill: Old old man wisdom that he always had you know always find the right found the right time to say the right thing, and so I just wanted to say recipes to him, I went to school with or I played actually sports against the sun without sons, when I was in high school and so.



01:16:30.780 --> 01:16:41.910

Akil Hill: David stone man, he was a mountain one of the best emails campus wide emails ever sent out when he referred to himself as to puncture core and Martin Luther King up at 721 cliff Dr.



01:16:45.450 --> 01:16:55.140

Akil Hill: I I I don't I think I kind of search my email, I do have the the channels article that they actually literally quoted him in that.



01:16:55.650 --> 01:17:00.360

Akil Hill: So he sent the email, he was you know, he was having you know, he was feeling some kind of way about.



01:17:00.720 --> 01:17:06.870

Akil Hill: The usage of campus wide emails because everyone else was sending stuff for like apartments and this and that so.



01:17:07.260 --> 01:17:19.320

Akil Hill: You know, there was some there was a some background in regards to that, but he sent that email, it was like the best one I ever read at city college, when I was in my office and I was like did he say he was to proxy court and Martin Luther King.



01:17:19.530 --> 01:17:26.610

Akil Hill: At 720 drive, I have the article and the channels, where they quoted them for saying that I can send that to you it's one of the best lines ever.



01:17:27.060 --> 01:17:27.240




01:17:28.350 --> 01:17:34.890

Akil Hill: he's gonna be greatly missed, you know it's just you know you know people from that generation, you know.



01:17:36.420 --> 01:17:48.450

Akil Hill: it's just a totally different experience and outlook on life, and you know what what it is like now, so I just want to say you know or some peace David stone and there'll be missed, and it was a joy and a pleasure working with them.



01:17:51.090 --> 01:17:52.890

Well, said, thank you yeah.



01:17:54.990 --> 01:18:05.370

Hong Lieu: All right, that that about wraps us up for this episode loose before we say goodbye is there anything else you'd like to share plug or mentioned about our office or anything else that's going on with you.



01:18:05.910 --> 01:18:12.450

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): know just thank you so much for having me this was fine I was looking forward to it, I was a little nervous, because I know.



01:18:13.680 --> 01:18:15.030

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): This is such a popular.



01:18:15.030 --> 01:18:19.590

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): podcast as I feel like everybody listening to it, so I feel really.



01:18:19.590 --> 01:18:27.600

Luz Reyes-Mart?n (she/her): honored to have been asked to be part of it, so thank you and thank you guys so much for doing this i'm so glad that we have this at the College.



01:18:29.130 --> 01:18:38.280

Hong Lieu: yeah we're we're we're honored to have you here, where we're happy to be here i'm grateful that akil was was happy, he was willing to do this with me as well.



01:18:39.630 --> 01:18:45.330

Hong Lieu: yeah so I mean in terms of we talked about Community and communal experiences like without the kind of.



01:18:46.080 --> 01:18:54.840

Hong Lieu: Chemistry that we have in terms of being able to kind of you know just just just chat I mean that's it that's the key piece of it and it's it's good you know we're we're glad we had this.



01:18:55.710 --> 01:19:07.230

Akil Hill: Well, I hope my goal is when you're walking across campus when we return back on campus some employee college pulls your site and we say yo you, like you, like a drama.



01:19:08.640 --> 01:19:09.090

Hong Lieu: drama.



01:19:10.380 --> 01:19:13.410

Akil Hill: So we're building community on K drama.



01:19:13.590 --> 01:19:14.670

Akil Hill: yeah so.



01:19:14.940 --> 01:19:23.280

Akil Hill: that's that's The goal of this show is being able, for people to tune in and listen and see that person and connect with that person or something that they've listened or.



01:19:24.030 --> 01:19:39.000

Akil Hill: From the show and so that's what we're trying to do here and and thank you for coming on and and hung like always it's always a pleasure working with you and look forward to doing more episodes and honoring and uplifting the voices of our you know our campus community.



01:19:40.260 --> 01:19:44.340

Hong Lieu: Well, said, thank y'all thank y'all and until next time this was SBCC Vaquero Voices take care.



01:19:44.940 --> 01:19:45.330

Akil Hill: Peace!