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Episode 19 - Agatha Louie

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Akil and Hong welcome Agatha Louie to the show! Agatha is a Student Program Advisor in Financial Aid, although when she first started at SBCC she worked with Akil in Admissions and Records. After highlighting Financial Aid, Agatha discusses what brought her to SBCC (while highlighting her family's history in Santa Barbara), and then follows with a thorough breakdown of some of her favorite dishes to cook and eat, and a discussion of Chinese medicine and oral tradition. Akil mentions what he's been reading during Ramadan, and Hong chimes in with his favorite manhua (Hong Kong comics) he read growing up.

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00:00:02.460 --> 00:00:15.030

Hong Lieu: hello, and welcome to another episode of SBCC Vaquero Voices - a podcast highlighting the unique voices that comprise our campus culture and how we're all working together to serve our students in the community at large, as usual i'm joined by co host Akil Hill.



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Akil Hill: what's good?



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Hong Lieu: And today we're honored to welcome agatha Louie to the show.  welcome agatha!



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Akil Hill: Welcome Agatha.



00:00:22.440 --> 00:00:24.000

Agatha: Thank you for having me guys.



00:00:25.320 --> 00:00:31.020

Hong Lieu: So agatha you work in the financial aid office as a student program advisor in terms of your.



00:00:31.950 --> 00:00:34.320

Hong Lieu: day to day activities, what does that kind of entail.



00:00:36.210 --> 00:00:47.760

Agatha: or tea every day is so different how y'all so us, we might not my path to the financial aid is quite different than probably normal others.



00:00:48.240 --> 00:00:56.520

Agatha: I have no experience with financial aid, so my day to day experience at first, is that you know getting to know what what.



00:00:57.240 --> 00:01:07.440

Agatha: What student wants to what see the need so i've been there for at least five years now, so what I usually do is I help students with.



00:01:08.310 --> 00:01:16.260

Agatha: Financial aid class or the dream Act or the cpt G, which is the California dream, the California promise graph.



00:01:16.980 --> 00:01:25.860

Agatha: And you know it's really different daily really depending on what student needs are because their needs is so vast right, we are public.



00:01:26.220 --> 00:01:32.940

Agatha: Institution, so we range from students who are coming from high school to someone who is we entering the workforce.



00:01:33.780 --> 00:01:43.230

Agatha: to someone who is still learning the path housing, you know, having some goals that you want to meet and they're at the age where you know.



00:01:43.560 --> 00:01:59.520

Agatha: they're ready to retire, but they do have a goal that this you want to do, then they want financial aid assistant, so we kind of meet with the students to see what the needs are, and then we go from there, and you know, to see what they're really needs are so we really custom to the students.



00:02:00.810 --> 00:02:17.010

Agatha: knee and yet the same time, we have to follow the you know not only the state guidelines, but you know the federal student aid guideline to assist those students that they need, and we do have workshops available for them to but really think on what their needs are.



00:02:18.810 --> 00:02:19.710

Hong Lieu: yeah and we had.



00:02:20.820 --> 00:02:27.270

Hong Lieu: Maureen on the show earlier, you know a few episodes ago, so we got kind of the overview financial aid so it's nice to get that kind of.



00:02:27.690 --> 00:02:29.700

Hong Lieu: granular singular approach in terms of.



00:02:30.150 --> 00:02:36.090

Hong Lieu: What does it mean to be student centered and focusing on students it really just means you have to be ready to go in a different directions and cover.



00:02:36.330 --> 00:02:45.120

Hong Lieu: All different aspects so many different aspects because, like you said we're a public institution and students come to us from all walks of life, and we have to be ready to kind of help them so it's good.



00:02:45.600 --> 00:02:56.490

Hong Lieu: it's good to see that that kind of that that's how it plays out and that, at the folks are ready to meet the task and that's kind of what you kind of just built, you know this going in kind of this is what it's going to be like.



00:02:57.480 --> 00:03:03.720

Agatha: Exactly I remember hearing your projects with marine on there, and I think it's.



00:03:04.290 --> 00:03:14.820

Agatha: You know it's it's where we are, we we wouldn't be here if we don't want this job right because we were student centered and at the same time, been there, done that, having.



00:03:15.270 --> 00:03:24.150

Agatha: kids have gone through colleges, not knowing what financial aid is that is probably more of the most driven part of my job is.



00:03:24.600 --> 00:03:36.450

Agatha: Trying to help students who does not know who and how to navigate through the financial aid system because it's so complicated and it at times, it could be.



00:03:36.930 --> 00:03:45.060

Agatha: Very daunting knowing you know, not knowing what to do and how to do it because most of the time they are first generation students.



00:03:45.420 --> 00:04:01.770

Agatha: Even coming from high school, we have to start helping them to doing that part of the Roadmap as to what financial aid is what aid is available, how they can obtain that and whether you know what what they have.



00:04:03.360 --> 00:04:18.180

Agatha: To offer us it's also a learning curve, for us, also because every student student is so different like you said you know we we have not knowing who's coming in that day, and what we need, what the what the needs are and we have to be ready system.



00:04:20.700 --> 00:04:26.820

Hong Lieu: yeah so it's a grateful to have you and it's Nice, you know, in terms of I think of customer service kind of.



00:04:27.240 --> 00:04:35.970

Hong Lieu: positions where you kind of have an idea of what people want coming in, and you have that vague idea of they want financial aid, but in terms of the details of it it's just yeah so.



00:04:36.630 --> 00:04:45.150

Hong Lieu: So definitely definitely is a lot to work through but but, judging from the performance of the department you y'all do a great job so so definitely worth you know to be commended.



00:04:45.720 --> 00:04:48.840

Agatha: Absolutely yeah especially remote environment right we.



00:04:49.050 --> 00:05:04.560

Agatha: Try to figure it out how to assist students and we are moving fast enough, and you know, do you know, this is, this is a new environment was but we getting in we taking students, you know any way, we could live with phone email, fax.



00:05:05.790 --> 00:05:16.230

Agatha: And chat we also have a zoom virtual desk now which we really hope that student utilize that tool that we can be talking to them, just like in person.



00:05:16.710 --> 00:05:28.800

Agatha: And to assist them, even though remotely but we're able to share screen with them and try to system, the best we could and we find it, we have been very successful in doing all those areas which is quite Nice.



00:05:30.990 --> 00:05:37.440

Hong Lieu: yeah at the end of the day, there are still those documents to fill out, I know I was helping Elsa get some documents on the website, a couple months ago.



00:05:37.800 --> 00:05:42.150

Hong Lieu: So yeah it is one of those like first kind of wake up calls for folks as they transition to adulthood.



00:05:42.510 --> 00:05:51.720

Hong Lieu: Just how much paperwork and stuff like that plays in the process so it's kind of like a first kind of salvo in that process of filling out this paperwork information right having.



00:05:52.620 --> 00:06:01.500

Hong Lieu: corroborating documents I mean it's it's a daunting process but folks like agate they're here to help so if you're still listening definitely definitely get on that contact your department.



00:06:02.550 --> 00:06:11.220

Akil Hill: yeah you know and and i'm thinking a little bit also as well how you know Agha this job is so impactful because.



00:06:11.730 --> 00:06:19.230

Akil Hill: You know a lot of students after they graduate from high school, especially maybe Christian Generation Students or or even students coming back, but.



00:06:19.800 --> 00:06:29.730

Akil Hill: You know the financial aid piece is a huge piece of of giving students, the realization that there is support and hope for them to complete whatever they're attempting to complete in and.



00:06:30.870 --> 00:06:47.520

Akil Hill: And it's a you know I just remember what am I good friends his son is filling out the fast food, and you know, he was just he's just like last right, and so the piece of having all these tools and that just spoke about different ways to communicate and reach people and financial aid.



00:06:48.750 --> 00:06:58.380

Akil Hill: In fact, in financial aid department is super supportive and, but I think the fast one realizing that you can get funding straight out of high school.



00:06:58.800 --> 00:07:03.270

Akil Hill: To help assist you like to a lot of students that's that's a game changer.



00:07:03.960 --> 00:07:15.000

Akil Hill: And having people who are positions that know how to assist the students, I mean you've already heard her allude to each student's need is different, and then the federal guidelines in the state guidelines and.



00:07:15.510 --> 00:07:20.910

Akil Hill: Being able to kind of work it's almost like a rubik's cube right, and so you know.



00:07:21.780 --> 00:07:29.580

Akil Hill: it's super it's an impactful I think that's the first realization for a lot of students, where they're like oh I gotta fill out a fafsa oh wait they're going to give me money.



00:07:30.030 --> 00:07:37.770

Akil Hill: away like it's a really outside the application process apply NSPCC it's the next most important thing, I really believe that.



00:07:39.540 --> 00:07:46.500

Agatha: yeah you mentioned something about like basketball right and most students, I say okay i'm going to do two or three Max application.



00:07:46.710 --> 00:08:01.320

Agatha: Okay, or the CG that they have that it's because of all those variations of application, they have no idea which one, they should be falling and then, if they do file.



00:08:02.130 --> 00:08:15.300

Agatha: Now what what's The next step, so you know I hope and wish that students, you know not only just contact us but visit our website, because I left, I have so many instructions, like the website instructions, how they.



00:08:16.200 --> 00:08:28.230

Agatha: How they apply each application, what is this application they is that application for them and then all those things you know and with the workshop that we have.



00:08:28.650 --> 00:08:44.340

Agatha: We always want to students to say utilize those services were there for you, we are not in high school, therefore, we can't really kind of like go to your classroom and drag you out and say hey you know I kill, you have not done X, Y Z.



00:08:45.360 --> 00:08:55.890

Agatha: We can do that anymore, what we do, can do is we send students, he now once we receive the fast law, but sometimes they've been selected for verification, they have no idea what that is.



00:08:57.000 --> 00:09:04.590

Agatha: But if they utilize our service when they contact us we get to look at the file right, and then we get to see what.



00:09:05.250 --> 00:09:13.920

Agatha: They need to so we can talk to them and say hey I kill you still have to do for verification the Department of ED has selected for verification.



00:09:14.250 --> 00:09:25.350

Agatha: So this is what you need to do here, the steps, how to be real your and satisfy requirements and and complete that and if you didn't declare major the federal guideline is that you have to declare major.



00:09:25.890 --> 00:09:34.440

Agatha: And if you do need help you still want to do all these things, and you still comfortable attend, one of our workshops just just just sit and listen.



00:09:34.830 --> 00:09:43.620

Agatha: or just you know and you're going to learn something or you're going to go away, having one more piece of information that it's a little bit more clearer.



00:09:44.010 --> 00:09:59.790

Agatha: And that's All we want is the student contact us if there's any questions and doubt and we will assist them, you know it's just sometimes it's a timeline that may not be instantaneously at that that's okay we're there for them so.



00:10:00.540 --> 00:10:11.820

Hong Lieu: yeah if this info gets out there, as long as folks aren't in that line, the first couple days of Semester, the financial aid office line like snakes all the way around out the building like it's super long know that you can.



00:10:12.390 --> 00:10:18.750

Hong Lieu: pick up the phone, you can make a phone call you can email, you can get on the online chat there's many ways to reach folks.



00:10:19.050 --> 00:10:29.010

Hong Lieu: Try to avoid that line, the first couple days of semester, you know I mean if you have to go then there's no way to avoid it, but if you can avoid it please take advantage of these other options available to you, those workshops and whatnot.



00:10:29.430 --> 00:10:31.830

Akil Hill: That line is like a Holland raise line.



00:10:33.660 --> 00:10:35.610

Akil Hill: that's if you guys don't know about.



00:10:35.970 --> 00:10:44.280

Akil Hill: You look Google Holland raised see how long people wait in line for that, for the chicken it's pretty much like that that's pretty much what the financially line is like.



00:10:44.520 --> 00:10:50.820

Hong Lieu: And, in both cases it's worth it, because you will get you will get help you will be served yeah there are ways around that as well.



00:10:52.020 --> 00:11:01.620

Agatha: But how I kill they don't have to do, that the application for fast for dream at all those applications started the year previously so.



00:11:01.800 --> 00:11:02.670

Agatha: For example, the.



00:11:03.930 --> 00:11:08.880

Agatha: Application it started in October 2020 already.



00:11:09.900 --> 00:11:14.730

Agatha: They just apply early and be active.



00:11:15.780 --> 00:11:23.340

Agatha: In the files as search and to find the answer I can promise them by the time school start.



00:11:23.880 --> 00:11:39.570

Agatha: That line they shouldn't be on that line they should be already ready to go and get the financial aid ready and it's, sad to say that, even though the application started a year before we have students who will not and.



00:11:40.710 --> 00:11:49.110

Agatha: Or do not know how to self application into the need of the Semester, or even a way after the semesters ended.



00:11:50.700 --> 00:11:51.060

Akil Hill: yeah.



00:11:51.930 --> 00:11:58.170

Agatha: You know that's that's a hard lesson, but you know we're always comes to applying early.



00:11:58.620 --> 00:11:59.370

Akil Hill: Just to work.



00:11:59.460 --> 00:12:00.390

Agatha: Early at night.



00:12:00.780 --> 00:12:05.250

Agatha: yeah that's snake is not good to be asked, but if you do need help.



00:12:06.810 --> 00:12:08.790

Agatha: that's the best that's the best way.



00:12:10.170 --> 00:12:19.560

Agatha: that's where you're going to be, but it's not a good feeling for us also knowing that the students are there, waiting for us and we can't get them soon enough.



00:12:21.630 --> 00:12:21.960

Akil Hill: Yes.



00:12:22.230 --> 00:12:28.380

Hong Lieu: it's good to know, no matter what you will be helped so it's like you will be helped, no matter what but there's ways, you can mitigate those circumstances.



00:12:28.650 --> 00:12:33.840

Hong Lieu: and make it a better situation for you so that's kind of what there's so many options so many things you could take advantage of.



00:12:34.320 --> 00:12:42.720

Hong Lieu: Please do so and start early, but if not, no matter what you will be helped so exactly, thank you for that agatha besides besides.



00:12:43.560 --> 00:12:57.000

Hong Lieu: Besides, you experience a financial aid, it is also May, which is API plus heritage month, so we also wanted to have you on the show agatha to kind of segue that into our what brought you to SPC or your past SPC stevie wonder just talk about kind of.



00:12:58.050 --> 00:13:04.410

Hong Lieu: Your heritage and your experience growing up and how that kind of segue into you kind of coming and working here today.



00:13:05.850 --> 00:13:07.620

Agatha: wow do you have about a year.



00:13:09.240 --> 00:13:10.680

Hong Lieu: we'll do what we can we'll do the best.



00:13:12.720 --> 00:13:14.460

Agatha: With the one hour to go.



00:13:17.460 --> 00:13:17.790

Akil Hill: that's.



00:13:18.120 --> 00:13:18.720

Hong Lieu: The broad.



00:13:18.750 --> 00:13:19.410




00:13:22.290 --> 00:13:30.690

Agatha: I came from a very interesting path born and raised in the South Pacific island and it's called the Solomon Islands.



00:13:31.320 --> 00:13:38.970

Agatha: And was born in the island called gorda can now can anyone hear about the Second World War, so.



00:13:39.810 --> 00:13:50.730

Agatha: You know the invasion of quarter canal, they would find my hometown capital is one era grew up there spent about nine years in Hong Kong went back to the island.



00:13:51.510 --> 00:13:59.430

Agatha: list a little bit in Australia and I decided to come to the state, because I do have a long history of family members.



00:14:00.270 --> 00:14:07.320

Agatha: That is in Santa Barbara and at that time my sister my sister was studying in the state here, so my mom thought you know what.



00:14:07.830 --> 00:14:15.870

Agatha: you're going to go to your sister because she has no one there and I have a large family, so I thought I said Okay, no big deal, you know.



00:14:16.320 --> 00:14:35.760

Agatha: been there, done that to other countries what's another what's another country right so came here fell in love with the cultural and having my other family members who are now you know, establishing the Santa Barbara, which I found it on that were how they came about.



00:14:36.840 --> 00:14:48.360

Agatha: And how they became a resident of Santa Barbara which is you know what gosh probably my great grandfather came here way before the Second World War, with the railway.



00:14:49.710 --> 00:15:04.260

Agatha: On the Northern Canada and they kind of push the way down to United States and, eventually, I never learned how they decided to station in Santa Barbara but the now called.



00:15:04.800 --> 00:15:16.530

Agatha: used to call the chinatown in Canada data straight, a lot of my family members has established business there, which is, I think I kill know, like my my uncles and as a genius oriental garden.



00:15:16.740 --> 00:15:19.440

Agatha: Oh in here for.



00:15:19.860 --> 00:15:21.270

Agatha: gosh who knows how long.



00:15:22.290 --> 00:15:39.930

Agatha: And my you know, and my heritage is has gone that far you know, so you know my parents born and raised in China somehow they bought out of China because of the communism and they moved to Australia and then somehow.



00:15:41.130 --> 00:15:50.640

Agatha: migrated to the Solomon Islands and that's where I was born and raised so there's a lot of different history that's why I laugh a joke, I said, you have a year because it's just.



00:15:51.420 --> 00:16:04.050

Agatha: there's so many components to my stories and my family history, it just is in Spain just try to figure it out the pieces How is that possible into who I am today and.



00:16:05.040 --> 00:16:19.020

Agatha: It just it's very interesting and then from from there, I decided to stay in Santa Barbara and I got married and had two kids had a restaurant on stage tree.



00:16:19.620 --> 00:16:30.510

Agatha: And with that that downtown Development came in and then from there, I decided to say not it's either wait for the downtown redevelopment complete.



00:16:30.960 --> 00:16:40.260

Agatha: Go back into that restaurant mode, but at that time, I have a decision to make like like two kids it is, it is, it is a good.



00:16:40.890 --> 00:17:00.120

Agatha: For me to be in such a busy, and anyone who has restaurant know that you're there 24 seven pretty much family life it's like on the side on the sideline right so so I didn't want to give up the chance of watching my kids grown, so I think I say you know what for Back to School so with.



00:17:02.250 --> 00:17:08.520

Agatha: You know, with with with that my mother in law was watching the kids or the kids were in school, while I was going to school.



00:17:08.910 --> 00:17:19.020

Agatha: And as soon as they're done with school I get to come back and spend time with them, so one thing led to another, I did volunteering for the accounting department, because I was a business major.



00:17:19.650 --> 00:17:30.900

Agatha: And, and from that point on, I was hired to be a lab monitor and, from that point on, I did that for part about a good 12 years and hourly worker.



00:17:31.530 --> 00:17:38.370

Agatha: And to my kids have gone to college and my last daughter was a sophomore in college and I said to myself.



00:17:38.910 --> 00:17:48.990

Agatha: I think it's my time to find a full time job because I was quite antsy and I was like I want to do something yeah and I don't want to do the part time thing I wanted to do the full time.



00:17:50.370 --> 00:17:55.290

Agatha: So I kind of looking around and I eventually found admission tonight curves.



00:17:55.560 --> 00:17:57.900

Agatha: shutter open up a position yeah.



00:17:59.820 --> 00:18:00.030

Agatha: that's.



00:18:00.630 --> 00:18:02.790

Agatha: me yeah.



00:18:04.050 --> 00:18:08.160

Akil Hill: that's what my life forever changed because I had I got this cooking we'll get into.



00:18:08.250 --> 00:18:10.020

Akil Hill: The food section well I just.



00:18:11.880 --> 00:18:22.170

Agatha: In 2007 I got I got into admissions and records and I was there for nine years and then I said to myself Okay, I learned what I need.



00:18:23.250 --> 00:18:34.980

Agatha: Now I want to do, learn something else at that time I was doing some projects with a financial director and at that time I was told that there's a position, open and I said.



00:18:36.060 --> 00:18:57.780

Agatha: I don't think I can do that and he's questions for me was why can't you and I said I don't know, maybe I could he said well look at my website and then apply and I did, and then there was was it in 2015 i've been there since 2015 so.



00:18:59.850 --> 00:19:13.260

Agatha: Few loving it, you know challenging at times but loving what i'm doing and the goal is like a customer service student Center I think I was kind of like.



00:19:15.150 --> 00:19:26.460

Agatha: meant to be because you know if you, if I look at all the things i've done all the years i've done since I was six I was running the business for my family helping the family business.



00:19:27.360 --> 00:19:41.580

Agatha: Just imagine security on the cash register, you have to learn how to give out change, so I kind of a customer service a on, so I think it's meant something that I need to do continuously anything with customer service so.



00:19:42.630 --> 00:19:45.270

Agatha: Just variations of customer service right.



00:19:46.620 --> 00:19:48.510

Hong Lieu: What was the name of your restaurant on state street.



00:19:50.430 --> 00:19:56.970

Agatha: Well it's called Bamboo garden at first, and then it changed the name to go Bamboo palace.



00:19:58.140 --> 00:19:59.280

Agatha: And my husband's.



00:20:00.300 --> 00:20:21.210

Agatha: family has also been in restaurant business, since the before the Second World War and his family's past is pretty much the same as my family pack my great grandfather passed, they all in a railway workers got imported from China to here, for that reason, and from that point on.



00:20:22.440 --> 00:20:36.210

Agatha: They all like groups, you know, in a Community Chinese, is there any Asian culture we are so Community like that everything we do is pretty much like a family.



00:20:37.260 --> 00:20:37.620




00:20:38.670 --> 00:20:49.410

Agatha: So they get into business, together with friends, they moved together and they you know sure well together to eight together.



00:20:49.830 --> 00:21:08.310

Agatha: I think they work like 16 or more hours a day, from what I remember my father in law, told me and my my great grandmother grandmother has told someone my family members that the law of our state and door, it has to do with what family value.



00:21:09.600 --> 00:21:20.730

Agatha: And the fruit of the Labor hopefully can translate to wealth and that's what I was taught to do and that's why I think it's ingrained in me that work so.



00:21:21.180 --> 00:21:29.790

Agatha: For the time that I didn't work going to school, but finding ways to work, whether it's volunteering or doing side jobs.



00:21:30.210 --> 00:21:45.720

Agatha: that's something that it's like embedded in me that integrated that I have to work, this is what I need to do in order for to continue on learning and also well I don't know and prove me wrong, I don't say rocket.



00:21:45.720 --> 00:21:46.650

Akil Hill: work at all well.



00:21:48.870 --> 00:22:00.840

Akil Hill: I can, I can I can actually testify to that because you know I worked with you know I worked with academic records and and she used to she was a beast up in their van she.



00:22:00.840 --> 00:22:02.280

Akil Hill: was always grind in.



00:22:02.460 --> 00:22:03.300

Akil Hill: i'm working on.



00:22:03.780 --> 00:22:17.970

Akil Hill: You know it's true agatha i'm not saying anything that's that's not true, and you know it's true she was she would always be like first one in last one leave it's that's what it was, and you know that's that's the that's the absolute truth.



00:22:18.930 --> 00:22:30.870

Hong Lieu: and your story touched on so many things that I think a lot of listeners can relate to, I mean your parents are running or we're moving moving Australia do do internal you know strive in the country, you know you are.



00:22:31.440 --> 00:22:37.710

Hong Lieu: working long hours you know at a restaurant at a very young age, helping helping family out you were running around restaurant working.



00:22:38.070 --> 00:22:47.400

Hong Lieu: And it's kind of speaks to the idea of today, you know you kind of have to figure out what you want to do when you grow up and kind of you go you go to school, you do things to kind of build that way.



00:22:48.030 --> 00:22:55.680

Hong Lieu: But you're the classic example of why experiences matter so much because you weren't built from you weren't put on a path do something.



00:22:56.190 --> 00:23:04.140

Hong Lieu: You just knew that whatever had to be done, you would do it, you know and and the experiences that you've accumulated throughout and and the kind of.



00:23:04.710 --> 00:23:08.430

Hong Lieu: mentalities that you've had to build that kind of handle all the things that have been thrust your way.



00:23:08.730 --> 00:23:19.080

Hong Lieu: have just served you well, so you can do really anything that gets thrown at you so it's one of those things where I feel like we're really kind of moving away from that, I mean, with good reason, because there's a lot of trauma and it kind of developing that kind of.



00:23:19.080 --> 00:23:19.680

Agatha: mindset.



00:23:19.800 --> 00:23:25.950

Hong Lieu: You really have to build yourself to be really strong and really tough because i've seen it myself in my life and a smaller scale, because.



00:23:26.190 --> 00:23:32.730

Hong Lieu: yeah my parents, I saw that my parents had to go through, and I just like that's what toughened me up to kind of go through the things that anything that came my way.



00:23:33.120 --> 00:23:41.910

Hong Lieu: But it's it's a it's not an easy path, but something that we should reward more in terms of when when folks apply for jobs and folks interview for jobs and you look at a resume or you look at.



00:23:42.390 --> 00:23:46.590

Hong Lieu: You know what they did their description of what they've done before, and it doesn't It might not quote unquote apply.



00:23:47.040 --> 00:23:51.030

Hong Lieu: But if you, you should be able to look someone in the eyes just meet them and talk to them and know.



00:23:51.330 --> 00:23:59.220

Hong Lieu: Whether they can handle business or not, you know to, to put it in a broad sense, can you handle business can you can you get this done and there's a lot of people that look good on paper interview well.



00:23:59.640 --> 00:24:08.490

Hong Lieu: They can't get it done so, so I feel like we should have more kind of evaluation on that aspect where you look at someone say oh yeah good that she she also had a business, you get it done.



00:24:08.880 --> 00:24:14.370

Hong Lieu: I just don't want that, I mean and it's and it's hard to do it's hard to actually implement because you have to like.



00:24:14.700 --> 00:24:22.320

Hong Lieu: Because you have these already pieces in place if they do this and it's a point if they do this it's a five out of five three out of five four to five, but after you slip in that and being like.



00:24:23.010 --> 00:24:25.710

Hong Lieu: Just sign somebody up saying hey can you do the job or not.



00:24:26.130 --> 00:24:33.180

Hong Lieu: I mean there's no way to actually make it happen, but I wish that more folks would you know and i'm glad that that whoever financially told you to apply and just said hey.



00:24:33.450 --> 00:24:45.030

Hong Lieu: I know you can do it, and then doesn't matter what your you know what you may have done in the past, or how much experience you have doing this, I know from what i've seen you do and what what you've done in other departments, you can do this job I mean that's that's just that's awesome.



00:24:46.290 --> 00:24:56.940

Akil Hill: Well, I appreciate so much about the stories one is highlighting the API plus experience in this country, and what I really liked about it agatha.



00:24:57.690 --> 00:25:06.390

Akil Hill: is how you brought it to local to the local level, meaning, like the whole chinatown down on canon perdido street.



00:25:06.930 --> 00:25:17.850

Akil Hill: My mother, my mother's side of families for Santa Barbara so I knew that but there's a lot of people that don't understand that context where that whole area where there used to be like the the Buddhist temple was down there.



00:25:19.140 --> 00:25:24.360

Akil Hill: All of that people really need to hear and understand that there was and there still is a.



00:25:25.020 --> 00:25:37.710

Akil Hill: Asian presence in Santa Barbara and, and so I really appreciate you for that and for bringing that up on the show because that's that's significant people need to hear about these type of things in our Community.



00:25:39.240 --> 00:25:54.180

Agatha: yeah I appreciate you guys being the honest, because you know I you know I kid knows me right, I could be loud, at the same time, with an Asian and and having that strict respect you must respect.



00:25:55.410 --> 00:26:06.060

Agatha: Whether its authority or seniority or what have you it's kind of ingrained in us where you just you just work you don't you don't talk much you just work.



00:26:06.450 --> 00:26:09.150

Agatha: You and I find that the.



00:26:10.290 --> 00:26:12.510

Agatha: environment that we're in currently.



00:26:13.770 --> 00:26:26.670

Agatha: I wish we would we were taught be more outspoken because i've seen the environment has slowly changing, who I am and what i've been taught to do.



00:26:27.390 --> 00:26:41.340

Agatha: But at the same time it's not happening fast enough where we've always been kind of quiet side we do our job we don't bother anyone, which is do it because that's what we were good at.



00:26:41.730 --> 00:26:53.520

Agatha: But that's what we were told that's what we should do, but with the current environment I wish I was taught being a little bit more outspoken and tougher in that area being outspoken.



00:26:54.030 --> 00:27:02.190

Hong Lieu: And that and that's content that part of the context has definitely shifted because I know I was taught the same way, but because I mean if you from my parents perspective perspective.



00:27:02.640 --> 00:27:06.060

Hong Lieu: speaking out doing these things, what is it gets you you literally die.



00:27:06.600 --> 00:27:11.700

Hong Lieu: Like you don't you don't speak out to soldiers who were saying we're going to take your House, because we don't want Chinese people here anymore.



00:27:12.030 --> 00:27:17.130

Hong Lieu: You know, like you're gonna die so so The context is shifted where here I mean here in America there's.



00:27:17.370 --> 00:27:23.820

Hong Lieu: There are a lot of problems there's a lot to be grateful for, where we have that ability to speak out and it's been a slow adjustment because.



00:27:24.180 --> 00:27:31.380

Hong Lieu: Of the consequences are so hardcore even going back to earlier generations Chinese exclusion, you know the people getting ferried out for refer railroad work.



00:27:31.590 --> 00:27:37.920

Hong Lieu: we're coming because there wasn't a lot of work in in the home country, so you don't want to lose that job against sin back.



00:27:38.190 --> 00:27:48.570

Hong Lieu: And you don't have any money and now you've caught and come back so so the consequences are so dire before and and and folks here today, I mean it's still a very serious thing.



00:27:49.230 --> 00:27:54.030

Hong Lieu: But, but the consequences of losing the bit where we have that extra wiggle room to speak out and.



00:27:54.270 --> 00:28:00.660

Hong Lieu: And we're seeing more more young folks speak out in that respect, because yeah i'm the same i'm the same as you and I was raised to work hard.



00:28:00.930 --> 00:28:06.600

Hong Lieu: Put your head down and build generational wealth for your family that's all that matters doesn't matter who your friends are doesn't matter what you're doing.



00:28:06.840 --> 00:28:15.420

Hong Lieu: If the check clears and your family gets the money than you then you put your head down and you keep doing it so it's it's taken a lot for me to kind of get out of there too, because the other side of that.



00:28:15.840 --> 00:28:20.790

Hong Lieu: I was raised to be terrified by the other side of that if I got fired for speaking Africa five or anything.



00:28:21.030 --> 00:28:26.460

Hong Lieu: That wasn't a life or death situation because taking care of the family is the life or death situation you know it's.



00:28:26.700 --> 00:28:36.150

Hong Lieu: it's preserving that lineage that heritage and and and for the future generations so it's it's one of those things where it's it's it's one of the things that i'm glad i'm here in America that I.



00:28:36.540 --> 00:28:45.270

Hong Lieu: have more opportunities but it's also makes me think back at the reason for that people I mean you call it people call it festivity people call it being meek but it's like.



00:28:45.660 --> 00:28:57.840

Hong Lieu: You have to contextualize the trauma and the consequences that mean that I mean there were straight gangster stuff out there, he will he was semi auto semi automatic weapons, you know, like like it's no joke like what.



00:28:59.760 --> 00:29:00.120

Agatha: yeah.



00:29:04.080 --> 00:29:04.950

Agatha: Sorry sorry I.



00:29:05.010 --> 00:29:05.580

Hong Lieu: don't know.



00:29:05.700 --> 00:29:07.200

Agatha: A lot of times, a lot of.



00:29:08.940 --> 00:29:13.710

Agatha: lot of people who don't know that we are suffering silently.



00:29:15.390 --> 00:29:29.580

Agatha: we're in a country where it's kind of it's pretty much foreign to us it doesn't matter is i'm consider myself as Chinese American or Asian American, but when you're not being accepted.



00:29:31.200 --> 00:29:33.450

Agatha: Simply just going to a grocery store.



00:29:34.470 --> 00:29:36.330

Agatha: Coming out to the grocery store.



00:29:37.470 --> 00:29:40.980

Agatha: Having almost bumped into another card with someone.



00:29:42.060 --> 00:29:53.550

Agatha: And that someone who call you out and say, if you cannot drive a shopping cart you should go back to your own country, and you ask yourself, I am in my country.



00:29:54.480 --> 00:30:05.310

Agatha: But, yet I inside my heart, I know what they're talking about and I think when I did got that confront by someone who told me that.



00:30:05.790 --> 00:30:20.040

Agatha: I think that was my first time to even was a to even speak out for myself, and when I was speaking I don't know what I did I just asked him to look up the history book to find out where he came from.



00:30:21.060 --> 00:30:33.330

Agatha: And maybe he should re educate himself to classify himself as American and I told him I said, the real American that is truly American, which is the American Indians.



00:30:33.840 --> 00:30:45.960

Agatha: So I said we all integrate here, so how here you put me in that line line and if it's not the because I didn't say i'm sorry but it's what he said to me that kind of like.



00:30:47.070 --> 00:31:00.990

Agatha: Should I continue to just shy away from that conversation or, should I just let him know that you're not and most of the time they don't think I speak English so when they talk back to me or the way they treat me.



00:31:02.520 --> 00:31:08.370

Agatha: Not having service just because they don't think I speak that language and they either make me wait.



00:31:09.120 --> 00:31:13.740

Agatha: Are they treating a little bit differently so it just it's it's kind of hard thing.



00:31:14.220 --> 00:31:22.710

Agatha: But I teach my kids I say you know what you know the wrong and the right, you have to speak out so my kids do speak out now, these days, if there's something but.



00:31:23.580 --> 00:31:32.490

Agatha: I don't know what to tell you how long it just i'm grateful for sharing the story from my father in law's even heartbreaking because, like you said right the Japanese has been.



00:31:36.060 --> 00:31:37.380

Agatha: removed from their homes.



00:31:38.520 --> 00:31:39.810

Agatha: and putting in the camp.



00:31:41.160 --> 00:31:52.800

Agatha: And at that time, the Chinese were asked to wear batches to differentiate between are you a Japanese or the Chinese and for us is that.



00:31:53.280 --> 00:32:02.970

Agatha: We also come in the same community, why do we have to do, why do you have to call me out, who I am and why does it make any difference and at that time, my father.



00:32:04.080 --> 00:32:13.650

Agatha: didn't work because he was working so hard the restaurant, but just following those rules it's almost like we found the room, we listen we do what we're asked to do.



00:32:14.700 --> 00:32:17.280

Agatha: But 10 years later and learning what happened.



00:32:18.540 --> 00:32:36.240

Agatha: it's just if that's something that I remember him telling my kids his experience in United States and how his first job in United States after the railway is earning him five cents an hour and where's he at today it just unbelievable.



00:32:37.290 --> 00:32:37.770

Akil Hill: yeah.



00:32:38.850 --> 00:32:40.140

Hong Lieu: And that's yeah go ahead, you.



00:32:40.680 --> 00:32:53.550

Akil Hill: know what I what I hear a lot of, that is, you know and we've talked about it, you know previously on the show with different guests to just you know just the past trauma of of experiencing you know racism.



00:32:54.990 --> 00:33:05.070

Akil Hill: sexism, but what what one thing that really stood out to me is the perpetual foreigner right, so you know that label that are that slapped on.



00:33:05.670 --> 00:33:21.150

Akil Hill: People from Asian descent is like always like Where are you from and they could never be from America and and you know that's so ignorant so unfortunate in so many ways, where people just kind of perpetual, we think that you're not from.



00:33:22.560 --> 00:33:33.210

Akil Hill: America and I experienced that you know, over and over again, you know i'm just you know my daughter's you know biracial she's half Asian and.



00:33:34.200 --> 00:33:43.710

Akil Hill: You know just with different life experiences, where people just don't think that you're American that's your from here so Where are you from i've heard that multiple times it's unfortunate.



00:33:45.630 --> 00:33:50.370

Agatha: it's better if they ask you where you're from a kill they usually ask me what are you.



00:33:51.420 --> 00:33:52.170

Akil Hill: yeah that's true.



00:33:52.770 --> 00:33:53.670

Agatha: yeah yeah.



00:33:53.700 --> 00:33:57.780

Agatha: yeah what are you and I just come in at first I just like i'm human.



00:33:58.680 --> 00:34:12.210

Agatha: we're seeing so it's that it's you know because maybe I have an accident, I don't know I At first I didn't know where they're coming from Is this the way they asked to say what are you and i'm just like a.



00:34:13.350 --> 00:34:13.890

Agatha: Human.



00:34:15.060 --> 00:34:16.920

Akil Hill: you're like you're like happy, most of the time.



00:34:18.300 --> 00:34:19.170

Until I met you.



00:34:21.330 --> 00:34:24.300

Akil Hill: talk to you about this nonsense yeah absolutely.



00:34:24.540 --> 00:34:34.830

Hong Lieu: But that extra content providers important negative because yeah So while I while I highlight how far we've come in the ability, we have to speak now the context you provide of what Asian folks in America went through.



00:34:35.160 --> 00:34:44.280

Hong Lieu: Even just 5060 years ago not too long ago in history in terms of and where we are today, I mean a serious debt of gratitude to the folks that put in that work.



00:34:44.520 --> 00:34:53.940

Hong Lieu: Even if they weren't being explicitly you know advocating for this and that just living in that environment and persevering and saying i'm going to do this, no matter what.



00:34:54.210 --> 00:34:59.070

Hong Lieu: And just getting through and getting that you know handling business getting that work done speaks for us, you know.



00:34:59.370 --> 00:35:08.670

Hong Lieu: speaks volumes because they stayed they built that generational kind of wealth for for their you know followers you know, following generations to stay as well.



00:35:08.880 --> 00:35:17.880

Hong Lieu: And to kind of carve out that history and and and for folks who don't know who weren't here man jimmy's was open jimmy's is a landmark restaurants Santa Barbara I always here for the last couple of years before it closed.



00:35:18.210 --> 00:35:24.240

Hong Lieu: And that bar, I mean I could feel the history on that bar top and you know, like eating the food there you could just you could just feel it, I mean.



00:35:24.900 --> 00:35:30.960

Hong Lieu: It just it was just a great place it felt good to be inside that restaurant and i'm glad I got eat there before it closed.



00:35:31.200 --> 00:35:37.110

Hong Lieu: And I wish I would have stayed open the pickle room is in jimmy's place now it's fine okay it's nothing wrong with that go grab a drink.



00:35:37.380 --> 00:35:44.310

Hong Lieu: But it's not jimmy's is not the bar jimmy's it's not the lunch specials at jimmy's so and I didn't get eat at your restaurant I get that but I wish I wish.



00:35:44.970 --> 00:35:51.510

Hong Lieu: So, but yeah so just seeing that history in that context is important, I mean it everything matters now, these conversations yeah.



00:35:51.960 --> 00:36:05.490

Hong Lieu: hey because in the past, what would they do when they have this conversation together oh i'm just kidding oh just words lighten up you know or some of that it's like, no, no, no we're we're past that now yeah like it, we have to, we have to go beyond that we have to be better than that.



00:36:06.390 --> 00:36:18.270

Agatha: Right, I think I think I think it's you you're absolutely right, it history taught or something right within their we know what happened moving forward.



00:36:19.380 --> 00:36:30.090

Agatha: Because we please learn something from history and then better myself the Community the nation, the world, you know it's just.



00:36:30.750 --> 00:36:49.260

Agatha: Why do we have to repeat history or why, why do we have to label someone it's just not only not sensitive but not knowing or not learning that cultural and assume what that culture is like assuming what who that person is.



00:36:50.490 --> 00:37:07.830

Agatha: It you know you're not helping yourself grow I always said, life is such a learning process when you stop listening and when you will stop learning and you know it's it's not that hard to listen and it's not that difficult to learn.



00:37:09.210 --> 00:37:13.950

Agatha: and get you know get along or what have you and, if you like, Chinese food you're not.



00:37:15.780 --> 00:37:24.270

Agatha: You know, find out what Chinese food is all about and find out what Japanese food about you know find out who, who, I am rather than swear what are you, you know that should matter.



00:37:24.870 --> 00:37:41.190

Agatha: But you know, unfortunately, we see, you have the climate has you know why you know, things are changing, but the racism still exists in different format in different ways, you know whether it's in a workforce or in our society.



00:37:42.210 --> 00:37:46.860

Agatha: Unfortunately, still there and it's just you not okay it's still not okay.



00:37:48.990 --> 00:37:53.430

Hong Lieu: And people are quick to say this, you know young folks are too sensitive young folks that tuition close to that.



00:37:53.700 --> 00:38:03.240

Hong Lieu: Young folks have had to deal with their parents trauma repressing stuff like this, so it's one of those things where they've heard the stories and their parents that that parents can tell you what else and they've had internalize that and they've.



00:38:03.240 --> 00:38:03.870

Akil Hill: decided that.



00:38:04.020 --> 00:38:10.680

Hong Lieu: they're going to speak out and they're going to be more vocal about it, and you know what that can't that cancel culture stuff black put him on blast on social media.



00:38:10.980 --> 00:38:17.520

Hong Lieu: To a certain extent it works, because a lot of these people who are these closet races and stuff they like working the shadow they don't like being called out.



00:38:17.730 --> 00:38:23.970

Hong Lieu: So it's the perfect kind of antidote to folks who want to sit here and act and act crazy and in likes.



00:38:24.630 --> 00:38:34.020

Hong Lieu: To individuals to get put on blast you know front of everyone, the Internet, I mean it's working to a certain extent, so i'm here to advocate for those young folks who are speaking their mind and and and.



00:38:34.380 --> 00:38:41.610

Hong Lieu: tell them how it is, I mean if that if you feel it's right, I mean you do you man that I mean you, you definitely deserve that platform because.



00:38:41.940 --> 00:38:45.990

Hong Lieu: you're learning a lot of ways you're just you're just advocating for the things that your parents couldn't advocate for.



00:38:46.200 --> 00:38:53.160

Hong Lieu: Because they were putting their heads down and trying to grind it out and get the work done because they're trying to build generational wealth, because capitalism is holding them down.



00:38:54.330 --> 00:38:55.380

Hong Lieu: it's rough out there.



00:38:56.400 --> 00:39:01.200

Agatha: And we live in a very beautiful city and beautiful SP.



00:39:02.430 --> 00:39:04.950

Agatha: So what I want to.



00:39:06.030 --> 00:39:13.440

Agatha: Express is that I value the hierarchy, but the same time, like, I was taught.



00:39:14.580 --> 00:39:28.020

Agatha: value the administrator some seniority but at the same time, but I know now I do hope and wish and and hope that the administrator hierarchy.



00:39:28.740 --> 00:39:41.430

Agatha: will see what they should do when a staff member experiencing some hardship or a bad experience they need to hold those people accountable for they should be the example.



00:39:42.090 --> 00:39:50.370

Agatha: Of what we're learning because we're education institution with education that should have no room for excluding they should have.



00:39:50.790 --> 00:40:02.520

Agatha: moved but anything else but working in harmony, as a group together and with the with it with environment and atmosphere, we are at that SEC.



00:40:02.940 --> 00:40:13.350

Agatha: SEC with everything's going on a holy schrader will look into things that they should be cold accountable for and be more serious at.



00:40:14.310 --> 00:40:28.860

Agatha: when somebody brings a subject to the matter and not going to do, deep it of history, but they should be acknowledging that people are suffering when they are not holding those people accountable for.



00:40:29.850 --> 00:40:31.950

Agatha: That sorry about that and I killed.



00:40:33.120 --> 00:40:36.150

Akil Hill: Speak it yeah shoot i'm over here like.



00:40:36.720 --> 00:40:47.970

Hong Lieu: yeah I I respect hierarchy I respect my elders but I was also taught from a very young age, that you know you always be held accountable for your actions so respect and and those aspects are very important.



00:40:49.230 --> 00:40:54.450

Agatha: yeah so in a farming family environment or in the society environment right if you.



00:40:54.870 --> 00:41:02.400

Agatha: If my sister in law, what do you do you know you hold accountable, that person for it famous at home if I messed up guess what my parents will do.



00:41:02.970 --> 00:41:18.180

Agatha: Well there's also accountability, what I have to do so, I always say in education feel, what are we doing you need to be accountable for it doesn't matter what environment you're an accountability is what we need to focus on.



00:41:19.410 --> 00:41:20.040

Akil Hill: Absolutely.



00:41:20.130 --> 00:41:26.010

Hong Lieu: Absolutely and and that's a good segue into our good eatin section because.



00:41:27.450 --> 00:41:34.080

Hong Lieu: Nothing like nothing like food, the whole to hold a hold accountable, you know people and places.



00:41:34.980 --> 00:41:35.730




00:41:37.860 --> 00:41:38.190

Hong Lieu: All right.



00:41:39.540 --> 00:41:42.990

Hong Lieu: yeah So are we going to do the one time deep dive now or how.



00:41:45.570 --> 00:41:47.460

Agatha: hey I said we go why.



00:41:50.130 --> 00:41:50.910

Akil Hill: You don't know why.



00:41:51.870 --> 00:41:53.160

Agatha: yeah I don't know why.



00:41:54.180 --> 00:42:11.070

Akil Hill: Man listen for all you listeners out here, if you ever have the opportunity to try agatha as one times you you just have to do it, I will eat I would even suggest emailing her I go.



00:42:14.070 --> 00:42:14.520

Agatha: No.



00:42:14.910 --> 00:42:16.080

Agatha: No, no, please.



00:42:17.760 --> 00:42:18.300

Akil Hill: drop an.



00:42:18.690 --> 00:42:30.690

Akil Hill: email in the show notes and you people out there listeners out there y'all need to go ahead and email her and find out when's the next financial aid potluck.



00:42:32.010 --> 00:42:40.860

Akil Hill: So you can slide through and try the one time, I mean, first of all, not just a one time that she liked actually already alluded to, she had a restaurant she she's a chef.



00:42:41.370 --> 00:42:46.530

Akil Hill: Anything she would bring into the office or you know she would make cheesecake That was good, she would make spring rolls out we're good.



00:42:46.860 --> 00:43:01.830

Akil Hill: Anything she would make in the office is literally like what am I eating, this is not your average like store bought mixed together and put in the oven i'm going to bring this to the potluck type of thing this is like hey this should be at the biltmore on a Sunday brunch.



00:43:02.280 --> 00:43:02.970

Akil Hill: Type thing.



00:43:03.060 --> 00:43:11.340

Akil Hill: So you know it is actor I got many people that can testify to it, you can ask Michael waddell he's another one that will literally like.



00:43:11.820 --> 00:43:22.170

Akil Hill: Cut your write them off to get it to get some adjectives want on this Sweden, and let me tell you about this she makes the sweet and size sweet and sour sauce from scratch so.



00:43:22.950 --> 00:43:29.640

Akil Hill: i'm going to just leave it there i'm just saying that's when I was like let's get agon i'm like i'm so excited to talk about her.



00:43:30.810 --> 00:43:36.390

Akil Hill: Her cooking in her food so i'm just gonna leave it there, email agatha Louis.



00:43:38.370 --> 00:43:39.780

Akil Hill:



00:43:41.400 --> 00:43:44.820

Agatha: I guess, I guess, are you sure I think it's more kill.



00:43:46.350 --> 00:43:50.310

Agatha: Fortunately, I know who i'm going to call the next time and I have a car.



00:43:51.240 --> 00:43:55.680

Agatha: With a one timer on them, just like he'll he'll he would be.



00:43:56.790 --> 00:43:58.290

Agatha: A spokesperson for agatha.



00:43:58.500 --> 00:43:59.280

Akil Hill: I am the official.



00:44:00.000 --> 00:44:01.680

Akil Hill: song hi i'm a system.



00:44:01.770 --> 00:44:03.030

Akil Hill: that's my official title dude.



00:44:04.380 --> 00:44:11.280

Hong Lieu: i'm not going to put his email in the show notes and unfortunately the way folks and spell Chinese last names multiple ways will keep you.



00:44:13.110 --> 00:44:17.040

Hong Lieu: Pretty anonymous because you know they ll e l ui.



00:44:18.120 --> 00:44:29.970

Hong Lieu: So you'll have some editing it there, but I am curious about the waltons what feeling, are we talking about what kind of rapper we use it, or we are we see, I mean what what what am I dealing with it, I need I need some I need to visualize a little more these.



00:44:30.840 --> 00:44:32.250

Akil Hill: don't give away all the.



00:44:33.600 --> 00:44:34.620

Hong Lieu: secrets I don't see.



00:44:36.390 --> 00:44:36.720

Hong Lieu: You know.



00:44:37.800 --> 00:44:38.040

Agatha: Okay.



00:44:39.090 --> 00:44:39.990

Agatha: I can't give you.



00:44:43.800 --> 00:44:45.690

Agatha: know until you get to Chi.



00:44:47.790 --> 00:45:00.330

Agatha: never, never in my life that I was I when I was growing up that knowing that my mom would never let me go into the kitchen to Dan cooking for kill so.



00:45:01.560 --> 00:45:20.400

Agatha: that's that's that's the real story, where I was never allowed to be in the kitchen, because I was admitted child I was just like in Chinese day I just don't get means you know I mean i'm in a way, most of the time so so no and just never learned how to cook and to we have the restaurant.



00:45:21.540 --> 00:45:41.640

Agatha: more focused on the Cantonese food that kill, I was not a chef I was just a shoe staff, which means I run errands and do everything else who else wants to do at that and the back of the kitchen, so thank you for promoting my my title anyway, but.



00:45:43.080 --> 00:45:50.340

Agatha: By having that you're not just like learning how the chef's coat and i'm just like oh i'll just I can tweak a little bit differently, because I like certain things different.



00:45:51.090 --> 00:46:01.470

Agatha: So I just came about in one time is just like what's the big deal, I can put chicken in there, I can put for whatever that I want that day right so so what I kill.



00:46:01.890 --> 00:46:08.250

Agatha: etfs that it can vary depending on what my mood is that day to make that one time and it's deep fried.



00:46:08.700 --> 00:46:14.580

Agatha: it's a little bit different than the one in a restaurant is because I just a little bit more ingredients in there, so.



00:46:15.480 --> 00:46:24.720

Agatha: You know, some some black mushroom maybe some shred maybe you know it really depends, what I want I want that day so it's.



00:46:25.470 --> 00:46:37.830

Agatha: it's something that i'm so it's so easy to do and it's so therapeutic when i'm cooking and I can't get to just eat some some of those vicious where I just like it's quick to fix.



00:46:40.620 --> 00:46:52.200

Agatha: But but there's a but there's a lot of other items that you know I wish I can cook it the and bring it to those potluck but you know a lot of time, I prefer fresh rather than like our to oh.



00:46:53.310 --> 00:46:56.220

Agatha: I came for the contest to i'm very picky about freshness.



00:46:56.880 --> 00:46:57.690




00:46:58.800 --> 00:46:59.130




00:47:00.180 --> 00:47:00.870

Akil Hill: And that's good.



00:47:01.290 --> 00:47:06.570

Hong Lieu: yeah you can't minimize the role of a sous chef in a Chinese restaurant, because my dad was a cook you know, in the restaurant for many years.



00:47:06.870 --> 00:47:15.720

Hong Lieu: And the folks at the prep folks associate folks they do most of the work they're the ones chopping everything down at a certain consistency, you know grind it up me doing all this stuff.



00:47:15.990 --> 00:47:21.240

Hong Lieu: The the cook have the time I mean they're doing a lot of work, because their shoulders and research are throwing walks the whole time.



00:47:21.480 --> 00:47:28.080

Hong Lieu: But it's just throwing a bunch of stuff and some oil and just tossing it, you know so it's so the prep the prep is like 80% of the way there.



00:47:28.320 --> 00:47:35.400

Hong Lieu: Once you've done the prep like like you know dumplings and spring rolls and things of that sort are just family kind of gatherings like when you get a lot of people together.



00:47:35.610 --> 00:47:43.620

Hong Lieu: you'll make those kinds of things so i've seen how it breaks down and once you get the prep done then you're just sitting there shooting the breeze you know, making making your thing.



00:47:43.980 --> 00:47:51.360

Hong Lieu: But like that prep is that's no joke, so you got it yeah you definitely I think I think that that that that qualifies for chef status in the Chinese Chinese kids.



00:47:53.460 --> 00:47:53.880

Agatha: yeah.



00:47:54.930 --> 00:47:56.040

Agatha: it's it's more like.



00:47:57.120 --> 00:48:03.000

Agatha: You know, you can never go wrong, what you need is that a what you want a good and it.



00:48:04.350 --> 00:48:24.660

Agatha: So happened to try to do something I love to cook but, yet I have not, I have branched into other cultural food like Italian and Mexican and you know, Google American priceless that's something that I love to kick out the agent and how to cook it yeah it's something I love doing.



00:48:26.010 --> 00:48:27.900

Agatha: Everything I won't talk back to me home.



00:48:29.820 --> 00:48:47.370

Akil Hill: Listen i'm gonna i'm gonna also put the listeners on notice to I get that also makes the most amazing cranberry sauce y'all one year for thanks giving she had brought in some cranberry sauce I can see, you know what i'm talking about that cranberry sauce man I.



00:48:47.550 --> 00:48:49.620

Hong Lieu: got yeah I did.



00:48:50.070 --> 00:48:54.990

Akil Hill: I did like I said, like you know this slap your mama good but.



00:48:56.370 --> 00:48:57.210

Akil Hill: It was that good.



00:48:59.310 --> 00:49:01.950

Agatha: yeah we can be in person, now, so we can do a little cooking.



00:49:02.880 --> 00:49:03.720

Akil Hill: yeah we should.



00:49:04.260 --> 00:49:13.440

Akil Hill: We should do something we should do something once we're able to kind of return back, and you know, obviously, you know i'm vaccinated for six months, I guess the shots so.



00:49:13.890 --> 00:49:14.820

Akil Hill: you're vaccinated.



00:49:15.330 --> 00:49:17.040

Akil Hill: Listen my door is always open.



00:49:18.180 --> 00:49:19.620

Agatha: And there's definitely room yeah those.



00:49:19.620 --> 00:49:33.150

Hong Lieu: kind of events on campus you know, in terms of folks that are vaccinated folks it feel like it's safe to have those kind of get together in person moments, because it has been has been a little while for everyone, you know it's it's been over over a year yeah so.



00:49:34.350 --> 00:49:48.450

Hong Lieu: So so there's definitely room to do things safely, as we transition back to campus I mean it and we'll figure those things out as we go, but I mean the you know building that community is still still an integral part of this campus and of the Santa Barbara you know, on the whole.



00:49:49.770 --> 00:49:53.670

Agatha: yeah you know what they always say even life is tough but food would never.



00:49:54.930 --> 00:50:07.980

Agatha: would never, never lie to you, your just your comfort that's what they always say comfort food is always the pump it down, and I agree with that 100% with all the uncertainty, we have, but we have one thing to rely on.



00:50:09.300 --> 00:50:22.440

Hong Lieu: yeah yeah So do you have any you have any specific killer should we just riff on this, and more, because I, I mean this was kind of going into what my PIC was as well, I was gonna do like spring rolls something that just to highlight that communal aspect, the family aspect of food, but.



00:50:23.880 --> 00:50:29.250

Hong Lieu: Because that's I mean that's really what most of our family gatherings are built around that we would we would get together and we've either make.



00:50:29.580 --> 00:50:35.280

Hong Lieu: You know agro spring rolls we'd make dumplings we'd make there's a steamed rice flour cake, or you put it's a.



00:50:35.760 --> 00:50:37.800

Hong Lieu: Like mostly it ends up being like kind of.



00:50:38.220 --> 00:50:43.170

Hong Lieu: jelly consistency, but you put like pork and whittier and shrimp on the top and then you eat that with a vinegar sauce.



00:50:43.350 --> 00:50:52.410

Hong Lieu: So it's always is calming of thing where this big dish comes out and you eat at the end of it, that was a lot of our family gatherings the profiling ash most folks so it's just one of those things where you know it's.



00:50:53.040 --> 00:50:55.560

Hong Lieu: When the Q mention one time, I was like oh yeah I definitely.



00:50:56.010 --> 00:51:02.910

Hong Lieu: made one tons tons of times growing up, maybe a ton of spring rolls and I can see where that's kind of where you honed your craft probably.



00:51:03.210 --> 00:51:09.540

Hong Lieu: This is, it will I did before I knew, you had a restaurant where now it's easy when you're on the graph, but it was just one of those things where yeah.



00:51:10.860 --> 00:51:20.700

Agatha: yeah always always involved around to it, yet, and like you said when your family gathering, we always do something like dumpling expect to go to it's like.



00:51:21.750 --> 00:51:28.830

Agatha: pick up and then we always make like interns and we're always make that that don't like a Chinese a tamale.



00:51:29.010 --> 00:51:29.310

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah.



00:51:30.420 --> 00:51:32.400

Agatha: Right yeah.



00:51:32.460 --> 00:51:33.090

Agatha: And it's Nice that.



00:51:33.750 --> 00:51:36.720

Hong Lieu: The Cantonese dishes of my users are actually you know.



00:51:37.560 --> 00:51:45.240

Hong Lieu: We wrap junk every year for Chinese New Year, you know and and my mom does it more like Vietnamese style with like the like a piece of me in the middle and some you know, like.



00:51:45.570 --> 00:51:58.770

Hong Lieu: The various but it's it's it's Vietnamese town that Chinese people in Vietnam or making it that way, where sometimes it's a different shape but yeah Jones is the classic we use the code New York, which is like the braised pork belly so yeah this is.



00:51:59.130 --> 00:52:15.180

Agatha: How we do to it it's it's like the best but it's the most difficult to make it takes about your parents with but I remember just waiting for that to be cut in with five hours and hours and crazy.



00:52:15.240 --> 00:52:21.390

Hong Lieu: And it's it's one of my favorite dishes but, as always, the one where I want to slap my hand because, like you're already fat don't eat too much pork belly son cuz.



00:52:21.780 --> 00:52:34.410

Hong Lieu: it's like good, but she knows that's why she make it, partly because you know the youngest son like you know girl and boy so she would definitely pull it out, but the thing is yeah what happens is you, first, you have to like kind of fry the purpose here the edges, so to speak, so.



00:52:34.470 --> 00:52:42.030

Hong Lieu: So me as a as a young, you know this American kid like wait, why do you keep cooking after this This is basically bacon just slice it thin and make bacon so she was sometimes take.



00:52:42.240 --> 00:52:50.580

Hong Lieu: chunks of it and put some aside and make bacon with it, where she would fry it further and crisp it up, but then the rest of it would go into brace and that's like you know, like you said five or six hours.



00:52:50.910 --> 00:53:04.290

Hong Lieu: Until it's just like just fall apart, and you can spoon that sauce all over the rice oh yeah ponyo ponyo and the Joan are the two big ones, we also for Chinese, do you know the oysters and all the with the peaks the port nickel that you get in the yeah so.



00:53:04.650 --> 00:53:14.640

Agatha: yeah i'm here can you never taste that because it takes so much work you think, for I want time is a lot of work, the job is like intense.



00:53:15.210 --> 00:53:26.400

Agatha: just watching my mom has to soak that i've got the Bamboo leaves for days or even a week on and just make sure it's all clean and then the prep behind all the feeling.



00:53:26.910 --> 00:53:36.510

Agatha: And then, on top of that, we have to wait for another five six hours once it's all wrapped up just like Okay, once you can't do too many.



00:53:38.100 --> 00:53:47.310

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah my my I used to make us, you know soy milk you the first soy milk, whereas like you could first you get the the tofu tofu file, where you get the curt on top, with the sweet.



00:53:47.400 --> 00:53:48.000

Agatha: And then.



00:53:48.060 --> 00:54:00.660

Hong Lieu: But then you get the soy milk after that and it doesn't the soy milk that people drink it tastes kinda like milk, but when you get swim up the actually tastes like soy milk like exactly what it's supposed to be with all man where it's like thick and nicely sweetened yeah.



00:54:02.070 --> 00:54:03.780

Agatha: gosh I wish I don't have to make them.



00:54:04.110 --> 00:54:06.450

Hong Lieu: But that's a long process to yeah it's all these long processes.



00:54:06.540 --> 00:54:07.110

Agatha: yeah didn't.



00:54:07.140 --> 00:54:16.530

Hong Lieu: That didn't get passed down to me because i've got none of that to go, like, I want to be able to make these these my moms like my phone, I just want to go to the trouble of teaching me because she knows.



00:54:16.710 --> 00:54:18.030

She knows i'm too far gone.



00:54:23.220 --> 00:54:23.910

Agatha: Right, he knows.



00:54:25.200 --> 00:54:25.530

Agatha: He knows.



00:54:26.190 --> 00:54:27.060

Akil Hill: He knows how to eat.



00:54:27.150 --> 00:54:29.610

Akil Hill: So it did get passed down if he knows what he likes.



00:54:30.720 --> 00:54:31.650

Akil Hill: Absolutely dig it.



00:54:31.680 --> 00:54:43.860

Agatha: As a kid I know how to eat one time comes to making all those things they say mom when are you going to teach us and I said, like like like homes mom say now fine you know.



00:54:48.780 --> 00:55:01.110

Agatha: And I would usually tell my my daughter's preceding the current state when I made them you either stand next to me either videotape it or write it down and and I sort of.



00:55:01.740 --> 00:55:13.890

Agatha: Whenever I do, that I said okay i'm making it now you think they're going to say that because it's just it's so they look at me at this month, so much work and i'm just like back it's the reward after that.



00:55:15.330 --> 00:55:22.200

Hong Lieu: and appreciate the appreciate the work you know they do because that's The one thing I will never learned how to make it, but I do appreciate when I see it, on the on the plate for sure.



00:55:23.040 --> 00:55:37.440

Akil Hill: i'm have to get on the call i'm have to get on the call and adjectives daughter works at Santa Barbara city college i'm gonna be like i'm have to get on there man i'm like look man you gotta you gotta learn you don't do anything in 2021 dude learn how long Johns dude we gotta.



00:55:38.550 --> 00:55:38.880

Akil Hill: Do.



00:55:39.120 --> 00:55:40.440

Akil Hill: We gotta keep it alive man.



00:55:44.670 --> 00:55:51.540

Agatha: i'm a tester so I kill i'm a good tester what my mom cooks i'll let her know if she missed something or not.



00:55:53.130 --> 00:55:54.210

Akil Hill: Yes, he will.



00:55:54.780 --> 00:56:00.240

Agatha: call me up on the phone right they'll call me on the phone, they said mom, how do you make.



00:56:01.260 --> 00:56:13.500

Agatha: I remember when I seen a call me on the phone it's a month i'm trying to make some broccoli be, how do you do it and i'm just like Okay, I know how to cook meat instructions over the phone.



00:56:14.700 --> 00:56:15.000

Akil Hill: yeah.



00:56:15.450 --> 00:56:21.930

Agatha: Just like you ask any coke they just do it without thinking right, but if you have to ask them to think about it, I say.



00:56:22.470 --> 00:56:35.790

Agatha: Oh boy I said, none, and I can't do that so when I start telling them the instructions, but the time I tell them backwards and it frustrates the heck out of them at the same time to say, well, this is what happened we don't learn when i'm doing it, you know.



00:56:36.900 --> 00:56:48.450

Akil Hill: Absolutely, but that's a sign that that's the sign of a good chef right you just you don't know it's all about field tastes taste chemistry it's like it's an art man it's it literally is an art.



00:56:48.810 --> 00:56:55.710

Hong Lieu: yeah because, even when you get recipes like tapes two and a half teaspoon sometimes taste right because it's that's not exactly the amount they use it was like.



00:56:56.040 --> 00:57:03.930

Hong Lieu: Like three pitches like that and he's like pinch that into the spoon in the quantify it so yeah a lot of times it's just just it's all a lot of it is feel you're right yeah.



00:57:04.650 --> 00:57:10.170

Agatha: Yes, how big the garlic is too, so if they say one or two garlic, I think, no, no it's.



00:57:10.740 --> 00:57:11.430

Agatha: A little bit more.



00:57:12.030 --> 00:57:12.330

A little bit.



00:57:14.220 --> 00:57:23.940

Agatha: yeah it's it but it's so much fun down there you know get get you know, especially when I get to cook for my family members que nos you know.



00:57:25.260 --> 00:57:36.450

Agatha: thanksgiving Christmas is like 30 plus people in my house yet and it's just it's just a fun time just get together and that's why like I said from the beginning, I said we're such a.



00:57:37.710 --> 00:57:42.990

Agatha: Family atmosphere sense of community that we always find ways to try.



00:57:44.820 --> 00:57:53.220

Agatha: It it's just that's what we're taught to do and that's why we've always been right, you know how do you use the live with grandmother, and your mother and.



00:57:54.270 --> 00:58:00.660

Agatha: your father can remember, I remember those days, you know that's that's just a single agent on.



00:58:02.340 --> 00:58:02.940

Agatha: The move out.



00:58:05.700 --> 00:58:09.600

Agatha: Probably moving out of ya know that that kind of mentality.



00:58:12.300 --> 00:58:14.040

Agatha: Nice yeah so okay.



00:58:16.410 --> 00:58:20.340

Hong Lieu: Perfect perfect segue into a higher learning akil you think you got it.



00:58:21.120 --> 00:58:21.480




00:58:22.500 --> 00:58:23.340

Akil Hill: You want me to go first.



00:58:23.790 --> 00:58:24.450

Agatha: go there.



00:58:25.740 --> 00:58:34.860

Hong Lieu: yeah we can you talk about food forever, I know, but but yeah we we we we gotta we gotta drop some knowledge on the on the people to be beyond beyond the gastronomical interests.



00:58:35.340 --> 00:58:36.030

Hong Lieu: yeah he wanted.



00:58:36.270 --> 00:58:36.900

Hong Lieu: to kick us off.



00:58:37.350 --> 00:58:39.300

Akil Hill: So my choice for the week.



00:58:40.830 --> 00:58:52.740

Akil Hill: Is in light of I mean it's Ramadan right now, so you know a lot of people are fasting itself included so i've been really kind of focused on a book it's called purification of the heart.



00:58:53.820 --> 00:58:56.400

Akil Hill: And it's actually translated by.



00:58:58.110 --> 00:59:00.600

Akil Hill: A man by the name of Hamza Yusuf he's in a.



00:59:02.490 --> 00:59:15.420

Akil Hill: Big time scholar here in America, but he translates the book from the original author is a man my loots book and it's called matar of collude that's the Arabic word.



00:59:16.170 --> 00:59:33.600

Akil Hill: For it, but it translates into purification of the heart and it really focuses on the different ailments of the heart right and and and it gives you it talks about the element, it talks about what the cure is for the element like like like greed envy.



00:59:35.700 --> 00:59:36.270

Akil Hill: hate.



00:59:37.620 --> 00:59:46.560

Akil Hill: miserly in this it talks about all the different diseases of the heart and what do you need to do from you know, the summit perspective to try to rid yourself of that.



00:59:46.980 --> 00:59:54.660

Akil Hill: it's a really, really, really good book I would highly recommend this book and it's one of my favorite books that i've read.



00:59:55.440 --> 01:00:06.210

Akil Hill: So i'm revisiting and I try to revisit it during the month of Ramadan so it can actually help me reset so can get balance so that's my pick for the week it's kind of funny how we were talking about.



01:00:07.830 --> 01:00:16.380

Akil Hill: Food right now, and how it's you know how it's comforting and stuff like that, and so this is for me it's kind of like it's like that spiritual so food.



01:00:17.400 --> 01:00:25.440

Akil Hill: it's book so that's my pick for the week purification the heart by Hamza Yusuf i'm sure you can find it on Amazon.



01:00:26.940 --> 01:00:33.270

Akil Hill: it's it's I can't you just have to read it it's a really, really book really good.



01:00:33.630 --> 01:00:41.280

Hong Lieu: Without going too in depth into the kind of solutions in more kind of changing how you accurate changing how your your mindset going into things I mean.



01:00:43.110 --> 01:00:59.130

Akil Hill: yeah I meant like you know I think the book does a really good job at pointing it out like you know and a lot of ways that you know the spirits are hard is just like any other muscle in your body, where you have to work on it right, and so you know it's always amazes me how.



01:01:01.050 --> 01:01:14.760

Akil Hill: We live in this this age of where people are just infatuated with working out and you know they'll work they'll spend days on in just like for a tiny muscle on the back of your tricep right but.



01:01:15.540 --> 01:01:26.640

Akil Hill: But what are we doing or how are we implementing our spiritual exercises right we don't talk about that we just are so occupied with the with the external right and so.



01:01:28.740 --> 01:01:36.690

Akil Hill: And so, this book does a good job at recognizing your heart is your spiritual hearts like muscle, so you have to train that too, as well.



01:01:36.990 --> 01:01:47.820

Akil Hill: And it talks about like certain without going too much into it, but it does give you the ailments and the in the cure for it so whatever you may call these that you made find in yourself.



01:01:48.090 --> 01:01:54.270

Akil Hill: That you like you know what I really need to work on that, like if I talk bad about other people if i'm backbiting.



01:01:54.960 --> 01:02:02.310

Akil Hill: How I would love to stop that How would I would stop how How should I go about stopping that and then book talks about that it talks about.



01:02:02.790 --> 01:02:13.380

Akil Hill: different things, but it gives you calisthenics I guess is what the best word for it gives you calisthenics on how to addressing those ailments you know so.



01:02:14.160 --> 01:02:26.100

Akil Hill: it's great i'm not gonna I don't want to tell you guys too much about it because it's really one of those things that you have to really experience on your own so that's that's my pick for the week and so i'm really enjoying it.



01:02:27.630 --> 01:02:29.520

Agatha: You have to send me that book titled account.



01:02:29.910 --> 01:02:38.850

Akil Hill: yeah i'll send it to you and I think we'll put it in the show notes as well, but it's it's a really it's a such a good book it's you know.



01:02:40.500 --> 01:02:40.980

Akil Hill: You know.



01:02:42.120 --> 01:02:48.630

Akil Hill: And I think truth be told, that's that's where, when we talk about these issues of injustices.



01:02:50.040 --> 01:03:01.590

Akil Hill: Racism sexism all the things that ailments that we have it literally comes down to the heart that's where it's at and that's the piece that a lot of people really choose not to.



01:03:02.040 --> 01:03:10.770

Akil Hill: address in it it's it's something in an individual's heart that's turning that is allowing them to to spew or this hatred.



01:03:11.820 --> 01:03:19.020

Akil Hill: Or the racism or these these type of hateful speech it's it all repeat it can be reduced, down to the heart so.



01:03:19.260 --> 01:03:21.360

Hong Lieu: yeah definitely definitely speaks to a lack of.



01:03:22.590 --> 01:03:26.880

Hong Lieu: cultivation or you know, like yeah you're not working on that on that part of yourself.



01:03:26.940 --> 01:03:28.590

Hong Lieu: You know you work on all different aspects but.



01:03:28.770 --> 01:03:34.200

Hong Lieu: Without balance you don't you know you will always lash out and unbalanced ways, you know just by definition.



01:03:35.130 --> 01:03:39.900

Agatha: yeah they're cheap they don't they they need to get into the in the sky yeah.



01:03:40.140 --> 01:03:41.460

Hong Lieu: that's my my middle name.



01:03:42.540 --> 01:03:42.990

Agatha: Oh, is it.



01:03:43.260 --> 01:03:44.730

Hong Lieu: yeah my middle name is Chad and.



01:03:44.910 --> 01:03:55.860

Hong Lieu: school, and the reason I asked you about how these solutions because you know with the Chinese food is a lot of like hot and cold foods, yet he lucky, so I was wondering if that was like an overview is like an IRA Vedic thing.



01:03:56.130 --> 01:04:05.430

Hong Lieu: But it sounds like it is more just like a yeah just a spiritual just keep digging your mind right in your heart right and then your body will follow kind of thing which is, which is always good advice yeah.



01:04:05.910 --> 01:04:14.070

Akil Hill: yeah it's true, I mean that's the piece, you know, like we said, you know, like just being able to tap into that and be present, you know what I mean.



01:04:15.330 --> 01:04:21.360

Akil Hill: And everything that in our not everything, but a lot of our culture in our society is.



01:04:23.310 --> 01:04:28.380

Akil Hill: Is is the job is to distract you from it right and so that's why we were.



01:04:29.400 --> 01:04:40.020

Akil Hill: You know habitually finding ourselves in states have have houses still occurring Well, we know why it's still occurring because we haven't really addressed the real issue right so so much.



01:04:41.160 --> 01:04:45.600

Akil Hill: Things are you know out here to distract us from actually doing this self work.



01:04:46.860 --> 01:04:56.310

Akil Hill: And so, but yeah that's my choice that's what I hope you guys can check it out, hopefully, you can be well pleased with it because it's it's really good yeah.



01:04:56.340 --> 01:05:02.220

Hong Lieu: society built on efficiency faking it till you make it, you know just plow forward keep working doing this, this this and this.



01:05:02.610 --> 01:05:14.460

Hong Lieu: be present and be patient is the exact opposite of what you told that you need to be successful, but it's what you need to be successful, with your own self with the third eye with you, you know with the true spirit of yourself so it's like yeah.



01:05:14.880 --> 01:05:19.320

Akil Hill: That consumer culture continue to buy continue to shop keeping up with the joneses.



01:05:20.040 --> 01:05:33.060

Akil Hill: All these type of things all prevent you from really getting to the core because the nature of it all is to continue the more you get the more you want, and the further away from you really are some of the richest people i've ever met.



01:05:34.380 --> 01:05:44.550

Akil Hill: In my life were in West Africa, and they didn't have i'll tell you i'll tell you, much like they didn't have like they would be by our standard, they will be lived.



01:05:45.660 --> 01:05:54.120

Akil Hill: In the thresholds of what we would consider property like didn't really own much didn't have anything people slept outside intense.



01:05:54.540 --> 01:06:08.280

Akil Hill: But these people that I met were just the richest people are very experienced completely present completely in in the moment and I there's something to be said about the more you acquire the further away.



01:06:09.330 --> 01:06:11.970

Akil Hill: You get from from that that type of work but.



01:06:13.440 --> 01:06:17.070

Akil Hill: that's just you know that's just my wow look at it so.



01:06:18.630 --> 01:06:20.760

Akil Hill: What do you guys who's who's up next.



01:06:20.880 --> 01:06:23.010

Hong Lieu: So you want to go you want me to go it's.



01:06:23.070 --> 01:06:36.630

Agatha: So interesting to just that it's just the word richness right can be defined in management level by so many different depending on who you ask right and it just it's funny why they wouldn't accuse that.



01:06:37.890 --> 01:06:38.280

Agatha: He went to the.



01:06:39.600 --> 01:06:40.920

Agatha: Cultural and the.



01:06:46.650 --> 01:06:49.290

Agatha: Visa is bigger than the wi fi.



01:06:52.350 --> 01:07:07.110

Agatha: right but, yet we are happy and we are satisfied with what what what what we are, but that doesn't mean that we don't work hard, but it's just that you solo to acquire happiness or the richness right.



01:07:07.830 --> 01:07:10.320

Agatha: So, you know as a few is more.



01:07:11.940 --> 01:07:16.530

Agatha: of an i'm more like because my mom is getting older, so I decided.



01:07:17.580 --> 01:07:17.880

Agatha: I do.



01:07:19.770 --> 01:07:25.320

Agatha: Skype with my mom in a Skype with my mom is that understand.



01:07:27.060 --> 01:07:30.510

Agatha: That about just be Chinese.



01:07:32.460 --> 01:07:39.450

Agatha: History that she can and, most importantly, because she's very much into you know she and.



01:07:43.590 --> 01:07:53.880

Agatha: I can help you and all those herbs right So for me, I think, as i've grown older i've just like I need to know that things because even though i'm always interested.



01:07:54.450 --> 01:08:07.920

Agatha: But to learn more about it, built in stuff I see what better yet, because my has all those resources, I need to tap into her resource before she you know didn't even remember them.



01:08:09.150 --> 01:08:21.120

Agatha: anymore, and all the work that happens, like my mother should have asked those things when they were alive, knowing every single part of body and what kind of herbs.



01:08:21.930 --> 01:08:30.120

Agatha: That you should take to get towards that and also focused on your body, knowing you know, knowing your body.



01:08:30.960 --> 01:08:43.050

Agatha: So, having that type off observation on your own self, then you kind of knowing what herbs to take so I was more interested in that recently it's like you know calling my mom to say okay.



01:08:43.800 --> 01:08:56.970

Agatha: What happens if you know if my grand challenge TV, what do you guys use to do an herbal wise for the that level right it just like I want to use more natural thing, what did you do when you have us.



01:08:58.440 --> 01:09:08.010

Agatha: And what did you do what you know, have you seen what part, did you know what i'm on it, yet so all those things, I think all this history.



01:09:08.460 --> 01:09:22.860

Agatha: So what i've been doing is just writing them down, you know kids eventually kind of kind of you know, one day, they probably be interested, they can go back to their and knowing that you know oh if they have a slight you know.



01:09:23.910 --> 01:09:35.430

Agatha: sample you have a coat you kind of make this skirt suit and how to make it what's in there, so I was really more interested in that essentially years that I was.



01:09:35.910 --> 01:09:46.950

Agatha: A pretty much up to my father two times, or three times a week just just to tap into her memory, to try to figure it out what is that that we do and how we do it and.



01:09:47.970 --> 01:10:00.600

Agatha: And just learn from her, and you know, then I can probably hopefully eventually i'll be more interesting probably probably taking classes with that right, because you know there's always things outside.



01:10:01.350 --> 01:10:06.630

Agatha: That we can learn from and that's kind of been doing, recently, not as much as the kill, but you know.



01:10:09.030 --> 01:10:17.220

Hong Lieu: it's that's that's really cool because you know I I grew up with that kind of stuff to in La there's a small kind of mini chain of places called taxing Hong.



01:10:17.550 --> 01:10:26.460

Hong Lieu: you're like or biology shops and in every taxing hunger every kind of or Chinese herbal shop, that is, that is out there there's a small room and everyone that has a Doc quote unquote doctor.



01:10:26.850 --> 01:10:29.820

Hong Lieu: And so the dodger game three pulse, yes, you what's wrong.



01:10:30.240 --> 01:10:37.440

Hong Lieu: And then he writes a prescription that you take the prescription to their biologist and they will give you the herbs and you get this you have you have the ceramic medicine pie, I get that the little.



01:10:37.770 --> 01:10:40.920

Hong Lieu: The one with the handle and that's about that way you put it in there, it tastes like.



01:10:41.520 --> 01:10:47.340

Hong Lieu: he's like God I should tell them every time like i'm not drinking that stuff unless you put like 80,000 teaspoons of sugar in it.



01:10:47.610 --> 01:10:51.000

Hong Lieu: But then, like you know once I got older I realized like okay it's not bad at all like.



01:10:51.300 --> 01:11:02.460

Hong Lieu: cuz cuz This was our healthcare, this was our insurance, we had there was no obamacare yet so when I was sick that we didn't go to the doctor until we got because we were you know we were low income, so we got Meta cow once we did the paperwork.



01:11:02.970 --> 01:11:10.980

Hong Lieu: But before that we would go to taxing honks either a biologist drink that for seven days, and even if he didn't get better it was good as it got so you just have to tough it out so.



01:11:11.220 --> 01:11:14.430

Hong Lieu: But it's one of those things where I I think about that all the time in terms of.



01:11:15.180 --> 01:11:18.690

Hong Lieu: Where is that pipeline, we fill those doctors are biologist that boxing hall.



01:11:18.960 --> 01:11:32.070

Hong Lieu: When they move on, or they retire, because there are schools, there are Chinese medicine, schools, you know these oriental medicine, I actually got a summer job at one of those colleges down really emperor's college, when I was younger yeah and bread emperor's college yeah these to be.



01:11:33.540 --> 01:11:34.890

Agatha: A constant of our trainees.



01:11:34.920 --> 01:11:38.160

Hong Lieu: oriental oh yeah so they have they have one here too yeah so so there's.



01:11:39.480 --> 01:11:46.590

Hong Lieu: yeah there's definitely classes, where you can get that higher ED level, but in terms, these these folks have the toxic homes I don't think they went to these Chinese medicine, schools, I think they were.



01:11:46.800 --> 01:11:55.050

Hong Lieu: Either either learned it in the old country or were had someone to teach them here because there's there's kind of two jobs, I think about that a lot in terms of those are values that toxic home.



01:11:55.350 --> 01:12:01.320

Hong Lieu: And there's other folks that come and bless houses like when I bought my house like oh my mom bought our House, we had have a guy come and bless it, you know he.



01:12:01.650 --> 01:12:06.690

Hong Lieu: He did this, he did this elaborate ceremony hung hung papers on the wall, you know set everything up.



01:12:07.140 --> 01:12:13.200

Hong Lieu: And it was like they're like fortune tellers you know they weren't in the phone book and i'm just kind of found them in the end, he came in and helped us out.



01:12:13.830 --> 01:12:27.240

Hong Lieu: And those are both kind of lost arts, I see that aren't kind of you know or or i'm wondering where that the next generation is going to come from, but I don't know so i'm glad you brought that up because it stirred a lot of devices storage in my in my own mind so.



01:12:28.170 --> 01:12:35.280

Agatha: yeah phone is such a big deal for my mom you know just like knowing learning all the things from her and like you said.



01:12:35.940 --> 01:12:42.480

Agatha: you're going to those back room there and all they asked you to do is show me a tone and then they take your post.



01:12:42.900 --> 01:12:51.390

Agatha: And then they get to know what you need to take and i'll just like, and now I kind of was once i've gone to a couple of them, then it kind of memories that coming back.



01:12:51.960 --> 01:13:07.350

Agatha: and say that's what a Paul usually asked me to do when I don't feel good to say show me all the time and it just it's it's so interesting and it's all by just what they were taught I said growing up, so this is very much like self taught.



01:13:07.650 --> 01:13:15.240

Hong Lieu: Personal and it's the difference between prescriptive medicine, which is what Western medicine is about you know you you, you have a problem first and then you get medicine for it.



01:13:15.540 --> 01:13:25.320

Hong Lieu: This is more proactive medicine, where you may not have something wrong, but if you go there every week and drink that medicine tastes like garbage but you probably feel like a million bucks after if you do it all the time, you know so.



01:13:26.100 --> 01:13:26.760

Agatha: Like my kids.



01:13:28.140 --> 01:13:28.650

Agatha: My kids.



01:13:28.950 --> 01:13:29.340

Hong Lieu: it's not.



01:13:32.760 --> 01:13:34.260

Agatha: mom you want to kill me.



01:13:35.490 --> 01:13:38.520

Hong Lieu: Because a lot of that stuff is not meant to cure specific elements like, if I have like.



01:13:38.880 --> 01:13:49.500

Hong Lieu: A specific like kidney stones or something that medicine is not going to help, but if I just you know it's just good it's just a lot of herbs and different things that are good for you, so if you just taken that on a regular basis, I can see where be very different.



01:13:51.060 --> 01:14:05.010

Akil Hill: I just thought about something really quickly, no one to pivot the conversation in a different direction but speaking of sick and I was thinking about another something else that agate that would make and bring into the Office every winter.



01:14:06.720 --> 01:14:12.210

Akil Hill: It was what was it, I think you know when you're not feeling good you make the coke Coca Cola ginger.



01:14:12.570 --> 01:14:14.100

Agatha: Because you cannot stop.



01:14:14.100 --> 01:14:14.760

Agatha: coughing.



01:14:14.850 --> 01:14:29.400

Agatha: Okay yeah Okay, you cannot stop coughing after his code and I said it's time to make my paws Western type or Asian cross a remedy and it's basically is Coca Cola.



01:14:29.940 --> 01:14:40.350

Agatha: And a ton of slices of ginger and you boiled it and you simmer it when our and you drink it I don't care how spicy it is you're going to drink it.



01:14:41.220 --> 01:14:44.700

Akil Hill: it's so good i'm sorry i'm sorry coffin right now.



01:14:45.720 --> 01:14:46.680

Akil Hill: that's how good it is.



01:14:48.570 --> 01:14:50.940

Agatha: very, very close to mine, so you can hear.



01:14:53.670 --> 01:14:55.680

Akil Hill: This is pre Kobe just just a disclaimer.



01:14:57.540 --> 01:15:00.180

Akil Hill: as well, this is years before coven actually just because.



01:15:01.860 --> 01:15:05.400

Akil Hill: It is Dr you alluded to it she's been in financial aid for the last.



01:15:05.670 --> 01:15:06.660

Akil Hill: Six seven years.



01:15:06.870 --> 01:15:11.340

Akil Hill: This was when she works in a mission, the records I don't want anyone all you're thinking that i'm being contagious in the office.



01:15:13.590 --> 01:15:13.800

Hong Lieu: I.



01:15:14.550 --> 01:15:20.670

Hong Lieu: I distinctly remember what I was really sick with fever flew my mom would beat me and ginger like green onions and stuff like.



01:15:20.880 --> 01:15:23.610

Hong Lieu: I like are you trying to eat me, are you trying to make me feel better but.



01:15:23.850 --> 01:15:33.450

Hong Lieu: But you know what it would work because I got after that I come out feeling like oh man that did help because you get all the sweat out and you get the aromatics and that's really what clears up your yeah so yeah.



01:15:34.020 --> 01:15:35.760

Agatha: that's where the coal and the hot comes in.



01:15:36.180 --> 01:15:36.450




01:15:38.070 --> 01:15:38.280

Hong Lieu: yeah.



01:15:38.310 --> 01:15:39.690

Hong Lieu: Thank you, thank you for that agatha.



01:15:40.710 --> 01:15:45.870

Hong Lieu: Okay i'll go i'll bring i'll bring up the caboose, so to speak, and I just a.



01:15:46.530 --> 01:15:57.300

Hong Lieu: Real quick my PIC for this week is comics the first comics I read growing up before I got in tomorrow for identity see where Kung fu comics they you know in Japan, they call manga.



01:15:57.690 --> 01:16:06.060

Hong Lieu: I guess I didn't know, there was a name for him for Chinese versions of these comments, but the call man why men or something I don't know I never called me I just call them comics so they get man, while, but there is.



01:16:06.570 --> 01:16:12.240

Hong Lieu: A couple big names in Chinese comics Tony Wong I knew them is 21 but his name, he has a Chinese name was.



01:16:12.780 --> 01:16:20.400

Hong Lieu: Seeing or something like that, but his name is Tony wall because he brought them he translated to English I can't read Chinese so he translated into English in 1989.



01:16:20.820 --> 01:16:24.240

Hong Lieu: And we started releasing these Chinese comics and that's when I first picked him up.



01:16:24.900 --> 01:16:31.260

Hong Lieu: And one of the comics that he decided to translate was a story called the blood sort original by it's going in my wing xing and.



01:16:31.950 --> 01:16:40.260

Hong Lieu: The blood sword is is like like the probably my number one yet in terms of in terms of if you want to get in it to Chinese Kung fu comics at all.



01:16:40.620 --> 01:16:45.480

Hong Lieu: that's the one there's another one called dragon tiger gate they made a movie out of it with donnie yen.



01:16:46.260 --> 01:16:55.320

Hong Lieu: Maybe 1015 years ago that's one of Tony was comics Tony Wang is a big kind of head he's like the Stanley of Hong Kong comics but my wing shane and the blood sword.



01:16:56.100 --> 01:17:01.560

Hong Lieu: Is is the one that really kind of guided me a lot because they're you know if you watch a lot of Kung fu movies, you know what these stories are like.



01:17:01.800 --> 01:17:06.960

Hong Lieu: they're going to be, you know something something traumatic happens, of course, because we all have our stories are rooted in trauma.



01:17:07.260 --> 01:17:14.520

Hong Lieu: And then the the the person learns how to become a hero and and in the process exact revenge for what happens in the blood sort of this tale of a.



01:17:14.850 --> 01:17:20.820

Hong Lieu: His name his hero in the American translation I don't know his real name is penny but heroes parents, you know get killed by this.



01:17:21.180 --> 01:17:28.890

Hong Lieu: You know ruthless warlord he he finds his family heirloom the blood sword, and the minute it makes contact with blood, it turns into this super like.



01:17:29.220 --> 01:17:35.790

Hong Lieu: Unbelievable sword, and so people always come in, after trying to get the sword he goes all these adventures, and he he learns under various.



01:17:36.240 --> 01:17:43.140

Hong Lieu: You know seafoods and he becomes a disciple of various martial arts and he ends up by the end of it becoming one of the greatest martial arts they live and they kind of split it between.



01:17:43.410 --> 01:17:51.630

Hong Lieu: Internal Kung fu which he's a master of which deals with energy and an external conflict which all the folks are like can kick 1000 miles an hour and things of that sort, so it's.



01:17:51.930 --> 01:18:01.740

Hong Lieu: it's it's a really great like overarching world like you talked about the marvel Cinematic universe, the blood sword Cinematic universe is full of all the characters with crazy powers and magical you know.



01:18:02.310 --> 01:18:11.100

Hong Lieu: This and that, but the art is really good the story, it really is really good and really spoke to me and and now the inking and the line work in terms of the the action scenes.



01:18:11.460 --> 01:18:16.650

Hong Lieu: I mean, I put those I put a lot of action scenes on up with any Kung fu movie I grew up watching so.



01:18:17.010 --> 01:18:21.330

Hong Lieu: yeah i'll pull up there's not much in terms of getting your hands on these comics today because they're they're very out of print.



01:18:21.600 --> 01:18:26.280

Hong Lieu: There was a reissue that was done a few years ago that picked up all of them, but I don't know if those are even around anymore.



01:18:26.700 --> 01:18:30.960

Hong Lieu: But I can lead to the Wikipedia page and then folks you know you can find lots on eBay and stuff but yeah.



01:18:31.530 --> 01:18:40.200

Hong Lieu: My wing xing in the blood sword, and then to a lesser extent Tony long and it was translated here's oriental heroes, but it's dragon dragon gate he didn't want called drunken fist.



01:18:40.530 --> 01:18:47.700

Hong Lieu: drunken master and he won't do on call the force of Buddhist palm and they're all pretty good but blood sword is like the the one I would have to pick.



01:18:49.440 --> 01:18:53.340

Agatha: I went watching reading low fuchun I don't know if you.



01:18:54.420 --> 01:19:00.930

Agatha: it's growing up and then going to Hong Kong it just gets worse like to go to comic book yeah.



01:19:00.960 --> 01:19:01.170

Agatha: yeah.



01:19:01.800 --> 01:19:02.610

Hong Lieu: And that's that's.



01:19:02.820 --> 01:19:05.400

Hong Lieu: that's the Tony that's the Tony one that's the that's the oriental heroes.



01:19:05.430 --> 01:19:06.930

Hong Lieu: Really anchor wall.



01:19:07.620 --> 01:19:08.490

Hong Lieu: dragon and.



01:19:08.730 --> 01:19:16.440

Hong Lieu: And tiger one was brother gets killed, and they have to go to Thailand to event is dead oh yeah I mean we yeah that one got really crazy by the end of it but.



01:19:16.980 --> 01:19:23.940

Hong Lieu: there's like there's two types there's a transition, like the early ones they look like these little squat little characters and then like he kind of brought in that.



01:19:24.450 --> 01:19:30.420

Hong Lieu: The realism and ladies and kind of made them more like but yeah it's all those Those are all the stories around that will house where they.



01:19:30.750 --> 01:19:35.100

Hong Lieu: They they find somebody to get, be they need to get stronger so they find a new seafood to teach them.



01:19:35.370 --> 01:19:43.230

Hong Lieu: New skills they take their their computer like level, it was level eight and they found level nine or secret book that teaches level 10 and then that.



01:19:43.530 --> 01:19:53.940

Hong Lieu: story just keeps going but it's those stories of loyalty respect honor tradition, upholding those core values, and you know fighting against the new the new guys coming in, where was taking shortcuts everyone's you know.



01:19:54.570 --> 01:20:02.040

Hong Lieu: involved in organized crime is that, instead of using their martial arts for good, you know so it's just those classic beams and it's very basic stuff on that level.



01:20:02.310 --> 01:20:08.730

Hong Lieu: But like as a young kid really resonate with me and just and just seeing that kind of representation for martial arts and stuff was was was real Nice.



01:20:10.800 --> 01:20:21.120

Agatha: Nice yeah when I was living in Hong Kong I got the I got privileged and lucky that I met a seafood who has taught me some cool moves.



01:20:21.750 --> 01:20:30.210

Agatha: On his one of the times that I spend usually you go to the rooftop to garden right so where I was when I was living just a rooftop.



01:20:31.080 --> 01:20:45.150

Agatha: It will usually practice Kung fu and it is so cool that you get to work with someone or not alone know someone who does that give you those insights of those things I I used to love going up to the top of that, so you know.



01:20:46.020 --> 01:20:59.250

Agatha: You just brought up a lot of good memories, because I i've always look at those comic book in Chinese, you see, because I read Chinese so it's just that, having now with English version, not used to it home to sing.



01:21:00.630 --> 01:21:01.680

Hong Lieu: it's definitely not because what.



01:21:01.680 --> 01:21:13.740

Hong Lieu: They what he what he did was they were like he he made each issue 60 pages, so he took those little 1015 page books that were that were you know right to left convert them to left to right and crammed like four or five issues and every issue, so he.



01:21:14.250 --> 01:21:21.570

Hong Lieu: Basically, work, the people that were here doing the translations to death because they were trying to cram all these issues, you know into one issue and then putting one out every month, so it's like.



01:21:21.780 --> 01:21:28.860

Hong Lieu: They were doing five or six years worth of work in every every issue, so they burned out it didn't last very long didn't sell very many because there was these Martin form but.



01:21:29.280 --> 01:21:34.830

Hong Lieu: In the folks that got them, they have you know you know you know that kind of thing and the left an indelible mark on me for sure.



01:21:35.190 --> 01:21:36.150

Agatha: And i'll.



01:21:36.360 --> 01:21:36.930

Hong Lieu: i'll bring some.



01:21:38.010 --> 01:21:39.720

Hong Lieu: Just you can see, but yeah.



01:21:39.780 --> 01:21:41.610

Agatha: yeah yeah.



01:21:42.150 --> 01:21:42.780

Agatha: I still have.



01:21:43.050 --> 01:21:43.830

Hong Lieu: I still have.



01:21:44.760 --> 01:21:45.780

Agatha: You better keep them.



01:21:46.320 --> 01:21:47.670

Hong Lieu: they're not worth anything but I.



01:21:47.670 --> 01:21:48.300

Hong Lieu: Still, our.



01:21:48.450 --> 01:21:49.110

Hong Lieu: yeah yeah.



01:21:49.200 --> 01:21:51.090

Agatha: You never know yeah.



01:21:51.810 --> 01:21:59.250

Hong Lieu: But, but you know what you said, have a bring it back up a lot of memories like i'm really grateful that you came on the show today I get that it's really, really an honor to.



01:21:59.280 --> 01:22:04.350

Hong Lieu: Talk to you because absolutely it was still is just one of those things where you know it is API plus heritage month.



01:22:04.740 --> 01:22:09.630

Hong Lieu: And it's beyond that it's just nice to talk to folks on campus you know we were we can kind of.



01:22:09.900 --> 01:22:16.920

Hong Lieu: Have those experiences were like oh man, just like when I was a kid oh yeah just like this and it's and that's what that's what this podcast is all about that's what the show is all about.



01:22:17.190 --> 01:22:21.120

Hong Lieu: is just how the commonalities and how universal a lot of our experiences are.



01:22:21.420 --> 01:22:28.380

Hong Lieu: You know, in every every each one of us is unique we're all individuals but there's so much common ground that we have with each other.



01:22:28.620 --> 01:22:35.340

Hong Lieu: If we just take the time to just break it down and like a 2030 minute conversation about your interests, what you like to eat what you like to cook you know, like.



01:22:35.700 --> 01:22:43.500

Hong Lieu: Well, what brought you here, like those are just simple questions and then and the richness and the fruit that we bought today, I mean, thank you very much.



01:22:43.740 --> 01:22:44.640

Akil Hill: yeah I have.



01:22:45.240 --> 01:22:46.770

Agatha: Welcome, thank you.



01:22:46.800 --> 01:22:57.420

Akil Hill: definitely have to echo what Han said, you know it's such an honor and privilege to interview, as well as to be here, you know work with you over the years, so.



01:22:59.400 --> 01:23:11.370

Akil Hill: It was definitely a rich show a lot of I love this sitting back listening to the plays off of you and Hong and similar experiences it's just it was it was really delightful for me to listen to be a part of the show.



01:23:13.260 --> 01:23:16.890

Agatha: You know how remember, I told you a killer is my brother from another mother.



01:23:20.790 --> 01:23:21.510

Agatha: my brother.



01:23:22.080 --> 01:23:25.080

Agatha: I always consider his daughter, my name is.



01:23:26.040 --> 01:23:26.940

Agatha: yeah she's.



01:23:27.540 --> 01:23:36.840

Akil Hill: she's still calls you auntie agatha to she's like have you talked to her that she was asking about you a couple about a few weeks back, and so I mean it's it's.



01:23:38.250 --> 01:23:44.490

Akil Hill: it's this great man it's just this is what the show is really supposed to be geared towards it, and I felt this in my.



01:23:45.810 --> 01:23:47.850

Akil Hill: I felt it in my in my stomach you know I found it.



01:23:47.850 --> 01:23:48.360




01:23:49.950 --> 01:23:51.810

Akil Hill: Or maybe I felt it in my cheat let's say.



01:23:52.860 --> 01:23:55.620

Hong Lieu: A little bit better I felt, yes, we did she Lucas.



01:23:55.680 --> 01:23:58.080

Hong Lieu: yeah or the quran right next to your heart.



01:23:58.110 --> 01:23:59.910

Akil Hill: Where it's all felt it.



01:24:00.930 --> 01:24:06.120

Hong Lieu: So I get the any any yeah any parting words before we say goodbye anything you'd like to leave with are.



01:24:07.560 --> 01:24:08.310

Agatha: Now you know.



01:24:11.040 --> 01:24:12.780

Agatha: You eat with.



01:24:16.020 --> 01:24:35.130

Agatha: Ultimately, understanding and care for each other it's just that simple, I mean just break it down it's very simple it's not that difficult to understand and just happen mutual respect for one another is basically what my takeaway is and I love you all thank you so much for having me.



01:24:36.690 --> 01:24:37.890

Hong Lieu: amen, thank you for being here.



01:24:38.460 --> 01:24:40.350

Hong Lieu: Thanks take care y'all.



01:24:40.530 --> 01:24:41.220

Agatha: Next time.



01:24:41.460 --> 01:24:42.180

Akil Hill: so next time.



01:24:42.210 --> 01:24:44.220

Agatha: Okay, thank you.



01:24:44.370 --> 01:24:44.790