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Episode 20 - Stephanie Linnander

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Akil and Hong welcome Stephanie Linnander from the Cashier's Office/Student Finance to the show. After breaking down the myriad ways in which Student Finance is helping to provide services to students, Stephanie goes into detail about growing up in DC and Sweden, and her path to SBCC; from there, Stephanie waxes poetic about zucchini boats and QQ, Akil sings the praises of Thai food in Thousand Oaks, and Hong enjoys fancy porridge and pastries in Summerland. As part of Higher Learning, the trio discuss the Danger of a Single Story, Yasuke, and Invincible.

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00:00:02.280 --> 00:00:15.420

Hong Lieu: hello, and welcome to another episode of SBCC Vaquero Voices - a podcast highlighting the unique voices that comprise our campus culture and how we're all working together serve our students in the community at large, as usual i'm joined by my co host Akil Hill.



00:00:15.839 --> 00:00:16.590

Akil Hill: was good yeah.



00:00:17.070 --> 00:00:21.240

Hong Lieu: And today, we are honored to welcome Stephanie Linnander to the show welcome stephanie.



00:00:21.630 --> 00:00:22.980

Stephanie Linnander: Oh stephanie.



00:00:23.490 --> 00:00:25.170

Stephanie Linnander: Thank you guys, for having me.



00:00:25.470 --> 00:00:33.300

Hong Lieu: So you are in the cashiers Office, what is your official kind of title and what what's your what's your day to day like inside of the cashiers office.



00:00:33.870 --> 00:00:48.000

Stephanie Linnander: I am, so we are a student finance slash the cashiers office official title we recently were reclassified for a job title so it's now a student finance and accounts receivable technicians.



00:00:49.650 --> 00:00:59.850

Stephanie Linnander: So we are you know kind of split in two worlds, is what we are where parts student services and we're also parts fiscal services or a bit of a hybrid organization.



00:01:01.200 --> 00:01:07.050

Hong Lieu: So you are the money takers but you only take money from students Is that correct or in terms of what you handle.



00:01:08.400 --> 00:01:20.250

Stephanie Linnander: For the most part it's a student finances student accounts, but the accounts receivable aspect of it is a majority of the accounts receivable that come into the College.



00:01:20.970 --> 00:01:29.040

Stephanie Linnander: So that's where that fiscal services element comes into it it's a lot of district money it's a lot of all the trust money that comes in, as well.



00:01:29.940 --> 00:01:45.480

Stephanie Linnander: trusts are in all facets, whether that be for athletics, for every single sport every fundraiser and every subcategory of the sports student clubs garden theater the departments, so we handle all of those receivables as well.



00:01:46.380 --> 00:01:51.630

Hong Lieu: Oh wow so it's a lot bigger piece of the pie than I thought I thought it was just kind of like taking into student monies.



00:01:51.630 --> 00:01:52.560

Hong Lieu: And having to deal with like.



00:01:52.590 --> 00:01:56.880

Hong Lieu: irate parents calling about this and that but it's it's a much larger piece of the pie that okay.



00:01:56.940 --> 00:01:57.750

Stephanie Linnander: yeah it's a.



00:01:57.780 --> 00:02:04.320

Stephanie Linnander: Huge part exactly you know we have that's where you know our team is really splitting a lot of different functions.



00:02:04.830 --> 00:02:21.570

Stephanie Linnander: sandy does all the district money that comes in, from a lot of the the Rentals and you know citizenship Cosmetology program all wires on a does third party billing she builds our promise program she also takes care of all the child care billing as well for or phila.



00:02:22.650 --> 00:02:26.910

Stephanie Linnander: So, if anyone has their kids and she's she's the one taking your money there and.



00:02:27.960 --> 00:02:32.640

Stephanie Linnander: So we're really widespread that hence why we kind of got that reclassification of.



00:02:32.970 --> 00:02:46.920

Stephanie Linnander: differentiating that we are not only student accounts but we're also accounts receivable almost as a whole, a lot of departments have their own smaller billing areas as well, but that's why we are quite widespread in that aspect.



00:02:48.030 --> 00:02:48.450

Akil Hill: and



00:02:49.380 --> 00:02:49.950

I just thought.



00:02:50.970 --> 00:02:55.440

Akil Hill: I just thought people showed up and pay their parking tickets and and and basically yella you guys.



00:02:57.000 --> 00:03:10.200

Stephanie Linnander: Know that's a part of what we do and that's a common misconception, you know there's been comments of you know what you guys do besides, you know account change and pennies and give students change, for you know paying their tuition it's like Oh, let me tell you.



00:03:12.780 --> 00:03:17.100

Hong Lieu: I will see the other side, whereas like parents are calling you like, no purpose for but.



00:03:19.680 --> 00:03:21.420

Stephanie Linnander: We do use that line, unfortunately, a lot.



00:03:23.730 --> 00:03:23.970

Akil Hill: So.



00:03:24.810 --> 00:03:34.680

Stephanie Linnander: yeah so we're we're pretty big in that sense that we, we have a lot of things on our plate I think that's one of the great things about this podcast is you guys are kind of breaking down a lot of the.



00:03:35.100 --> 00:03:44.250

Stephanie Linnander: Common misconceptions and also opening people's eyes to you know what happens behind the scenes and in our office we.



00:03:45.240 --> 00:03:54.600

Stephanie Linnander: work collaboratively with a lot of the programs on, especially with her third party billing she's working with lps and he programs that pay for student tuition and fees.



00:03:54.870 --> 00:04:10.530

Stephanie Linnander: She works, hand in hand to make with them to, whether it be establishing a contract with those special programs to get those tuition fees paid ups pays a lot of the mandatory fees for students, making sure that the Foundation promise pays off student accounts.



00:04:11.670 --> 00:04:22.920

Stephanie Linnander: 529 college savings plans third party programs department of rehab the veterans benefits as well there's a lot of hands that were were constantly shaking.



00:04:24.090 --> 00:04:25.050

Stephanie Linnander: Throughout our department.



00:04:26.160 --> 00:04:30.510

Hong Lieu: And and that's kind of the the underbelly of the bookkeeping processes when you have.



00:04:30.930 --> 00:04:40.980

Hong Lieu: money coming from so many sources, I guess, we get money from the state but there's a lot of grant funding there's a lot of temporary like three to five year agreements that are coming in and out cycling in and out, I mean just.



00:04:41.550 --> 00:04:48.810

Hong Lieu: bookkeeping on any level kind of scares me like even my own personal finances is kind of daunting and intimidating, but to do it on the scale that y'all do it on I mean.



00:04:49.200 --> 00:04:57.840

Hong Lieu: it's a lot, you know, and it is something that preys on my kind of like in terms of who, I am as a person, it makes it's a one thing it's nerve racking to me.



00:04:58.110 --> 00:05:10.530

Hong Lieu: is getting my books right gaining balance so in terms of how y'all are handling all this stuff coming in and out and managing that and keeping track of these timelines while making sure the numbers work and things are balanced like y'all y'all do the lord's work right there for sure.



00:05:12.630 --> 00:05:14.970

Stephanie Linnander: that's only going to be sandy a lot of work, and there is.



00:05:14.970 --> 00:05:33.480

Stephanie Linnander: sandy and Nicole in our department Brittany over there as well, God they they are masters of what they do sandy she recently celebrated 20 years with sbc and so she is our we call her The historian, because she knows the ins and outs of that work and she's incredible.



00:05:34.020 --> 00:05:44.970

Akil Hill: You know I saw like you know shout outs to her, because I saw that she got her 20 years recognition and I was like what 20 years I say cars are showing look like she's 25.



00:05:46.980 --> 00:05:47.220

Stephanie Linnander: He.



00:05:50.640 --> 00:05:56.880

Akil Hill: was like yo she looks like she's 25 years old, she was at city college for 20 years.



00:05:58.110 --> 00:06:05.700

Stephanie Linnander: You know and it's one of the I don't often you can't really tell when she stressed out and that's another thing that I give sandy she is always so.



00:06:06.060 --> 00:06:16.680

Stephanie Linnander: calm and cool when you get to really know her for a long time, then you can kind of see it, you know believe all the layers but she's so good at managing that always figuring out like let's sit down let's get a game plan.



00:06:17.130 --> 00:06:22.620

Stephanie Linnander: And I think that stress management, however, she does it it's definitely shows.



00:06:22.950 --> 00:06:26.880

Akil Hill: and whatever she's got or she uses she needs a bottle that up and sell it man.



00:06:26.880 --> 00:06:34.470

Akil Hill: cuz i'll be the first in line you know and you're absolutely right, I mean i've been you know at the College, for I think like 17 years.



00:06:35.550 --> 00:06:48.240

Akil Hill: And she's always been just slide calm cool collective under the radar and just super helpful, as well as super knowledgeable too so yeah you're spot on on that.



00:06:49.200 --> 00:06:55.080

Hong Lieu: And that poker face kind of kind of serves the professional well because I know if i'm talking to someone about financial stuff and they started like.



00:06:55.560 --> 00:07:02.070

Hong Lieu: You know, get getting nervous about what i'm talking about the old man that's not good, you know so so that's stoicism kind of pride lend itself well to the position as well.



00:07:02.610 --> 00:07:12.930

Stephanie Linnander: Definitely absolutely So yes, our department, you know, primarily when it comes to serving students directly majority of our work is back office in that.



00:07:13.410 --> 00:07:23.010

Stephanie Linnander: Fiscal services side but student facing that's why Nicole has been making a big push to get into student services leadership and really making a bigger face.



00:07:23.310 --> 00:07:31.080

Stephanie Linnander: In terms of our work and pushing us beyond just that fiscal services bubble is because we do serve our students in a large capacity.



00:07:31.710 --> 00:07:44.340

Stephanie Linnander: So student and finance and student accounts is, it has to do with all of their tuition and fees or mainly related to tuition so we're not bookstore that's going to be a separate beast on its own, but any.



00:07:44.700 --> 00:07:59.160

Stephanie Linnander: Material fees, we had we get audit fees from the admissions and records office some extra forms that pop in from akil any departments that want to you know charge any fines, whether it be last book finds from the library.



00:08:00.060 --> 00:08:06.300

Stephanie Linnander: If you're using equipment from the photography department, for example, we have chutney that emails us and says hey.



00:08:06.930 --> 00:08:16.410

Stephanie Linnander: Can you charge a student for this that's where we come into play, and so students will ask us a lot of questions about you know why does my bill look like this, how much my paying.



00:08:16.710 --> 00:08:23.340

Stephanie Linnander: How can I pay when can I pay thicker and helping them figure out the logistics of how to best manage that account.



00:08:24.090 --> 00:08:28.170

Stephanie Linnander: We work hand in hand a lot with the financial aid department as well.



00:08:28.950 --> 00:08:33.930

Stephanie Linnander: Once financial aid makes their decision on what they're getting in terms of grants and loans.



00:08:34.260 --> 00:08:43.140

Stephanie Linnander: We run what's called the check round, which is a three department process and that's our biggest thing it's a four day into departmental job that we run.



00:08:43.800 --> 00:08:52.320

Stephanie Linnander: And the money basically flows down from financial aid hits the student accounts, we make sure that it's paying all the right things.



00:08:53.100 --> 00:09:02.130

Stephanie Linnander: And beta credit, creating a refund that can be sent out to the student if there's anything left in excess so we send it off, we do our.



00:09:02.640 --> 00:09:09.390

Stephanie Linnander: Two day process and heavy times, maybe three days we try not to do that, but it's about 25 to 26 different banner jobs.



00:09:09.840 --> 00:09:16.170

Stephanie Linnander: That is run primarily by Brittany on our team so she's locked into that for almost two days straight running those jobs.



00:09:16.860 --> 00:09:32.010

Stephanie Linnander: With the help of all our team to troubleshoot any problem accounts anything that's looking iffy and then we send it down to accounts payable and accounts payable takes those leftover funds and get some ready to be sent out as checks and direct deposits to our students.



00:09:33.450 --> 00:09:33.930

Akil Hill: man.



00:09:34.350 --> 00:09:39.810

Hong Lieu: yeah that's that's intense 26 better job I can imagine like because better has some cranky days.



00:09:40.020 --> 00:09:42.780

Hong Lieu: So bail out in the middle of a job run it's like.



00:09:42.840 --> 00:09:43.710

Akil Hill: Oh it's like.



00:09:45.150 --> 00:09:52.170

Akil Hill: Man listen I work in brand as well, and I know when when you start to see it spin dude you're about to like go run through the window you're like.



00:09:52.740 --> 00:09:53.220

Oh no.



00:09:54.810 --> 00:10:00.810

Stephanie Linnander: No it's the worst you know, even if we're delayed and that's the thing because so many departments are involved in this job to.



00:10:01.200 --> 00:10:05.940

Stephanie Linnander: it's you know if one thing blows up and financially, then it's that domino effect.



00:10:06.360 --> 00:10:14.850

Stephanie Linnander: And there's some parts of the season, where we've had you know the cares grants those become extra runs on top of our just our weekly you know, two to three day job.



00:10:15.480 --> 00:10:29.940

Stephanie Linnander: Now we're taking care of that so it all has an impact, and you know kudos to it for for sure, taking our panic calls and chats and work orders and and getting us back online as fast as possible, because it has a major impact there.



00:10:31.500 --> 00:10:39.750

Stephanie Linnander: So there's a lot that we do there, so we help students understand how their financial aid is applying to pay for their tuition that's a big question there.



00:10:40.530 --> 00:10:53.760

Stephanie Linnander: So we help them understand it better and answer a lot of their their questions just related to tuition it sounds pretty vague but there's just a number of variants that that come through as you can imagine, of questions.



00:10:55.050 --> 00:11:13.020

Akil Hill: So it's so funny because the listeners weren't privileged to we had a conversation prior to coming on the air about we're talking about Harry Potter and we're talking about what houses, people are, and so you are totally completely Raven call it now, I see it.



00:11:13.680 --> 00:11:14.370

Akil Hill: The way that you just.



00:11:14.730 --> 00:11:17.010

Akil Hill: The way that you just explained everything.



00:11:17.130 --> 00:11:27.210

Akil Hill: Literally back to the backs up the fact that you're completely Raven call I thought she had a little bit of Griffin door undertones in there, and she probably still does but completely no doubt well.



00:11:28.020 --> 00:11:31.050

Hong Lieu: The confidence in the expression, but the thoroughness of that yeah.



00:11:31.410 --> 00:11:32.550

Akil Hill: that's Raven call or.



00:11:32.910 --> 00:11:43.530

Hong Lieu: explanation I i'm only just now getting Harry Potter now in terms of renewed to my son, because I read the first book a long time ago, so i'm not in too deep in this as well, but I I definitely yeah I can see.



00:11:45.750 --> 00:11:46.560

Stephanie Linnander: It as a compliment.



00:11:46.920 --> 00:11:48.030

Akil Hill: It is it is.



00:11:48.330 --> 00:11:52.200

Hong Lieu: So, if your student looking to you have questions you want some help.



00:11:52.470 --> 00:12:01.500

Hong Lieu: what's the best way to kind of reach out to your office or should they even reach out to your office till they go to the other auxiliary department first, or is there, or should they kind of look for y'all as a point of contact.



00:12:02.280 --> 00:12:08.070

Stephanie Linnander: They should definitely come to us a one day thing with us, as if we're not the right person for you will point you in the right direction.



00:12:08.790 --> 00:12:18.330

Stephanie Linnander: will never turn them away a lot of the things that we do a lot of times end up being a hand in hand thing where they do need to come to not only us, but also the other department, for example.



00:12:18.540 --> 00:12:28.530

Stephanie Linnander: If it was photography equipment they need to go back to them or latics they need to go to them, but they also still need to work hand in hand with us so if we're not the right person will point you in the right direction.



00:12:29.430 --> 00:12:41.400

Stephanie Linnander: But generally yep Come on, through our doors or generally, the best way to reach us is email that's my main point of work, I do.



00:12:41.970 --> 00:12:49.740

Stephanie Linnander: majority of the customer service for our students is my job in the cashiers office, so we have phone lines where we have.



00:12:50.040 --> 00:12:56.040

Stephanie Linnander: phone support from mariel came over from the bookstore to help us out with the phone so he's currently on the cashiers phone line.



00:12:56.670 --> 00:13:07.770

Stephanie Linnander: Helping to answer general questions and if there's anything that somebody wants a phone call directly from one of us about put them on a list and we'll give you a call back at the end of the day, or the following business day.



00:13:09.090 --> 00:13:16.410

Hong Lieu: And their folks actually have to pay, do you take like newer forms of payment like square things of that sort, or is it, I mean Ben mo or is it just credit.



00:13:16.770 --> 00:13:17.640

check a coin.



00:13:20.160 --> 00:13:22.890

Stephanie Linnander: coin oh i'm always in the dose coin.



00:13:26.340 --> 00:13:35.490

Stephanie Linnander: We got all those you know so we're still we still kind of, say, a pretty traditional in that sense, where we take Visa, MasterCard discover and amex.



00:13:35.970 --> 00:13:49.500

Stephanie Linnander: Payments are online, we do have international payments methods as well for international students, that they can pay with their local bank back in their home country to send us wire transfers so that's an option.



00:13:50.550 --> 00:14:02.130

Stephanie Linnander: But currently we aren't able to accept cash that's the the big difficulty with being remote, you can mail on a check, but then we have issues with our seven day drop for non payment deadline.



00:14:02.580 --> 00:14:15.060

Stephanie Linnander: Is is that issue that's been one thing that's just been running into is now being able to get payments in on time because of that lack of being able to come in to us in person and handle those payments.



00:14:16.200 --> 00:14:28.350

Hong Lieu: So online payment would be the optimal kind of path for folks because that that check later day because it's like an unknown there's not like a set yeah i'd say go go with the one where you know, the amount of time is going to take to get the payment.



00:14:28.890 --> 00:14:38.100

Stephanie Linnander: Exactly exactly and it's been a tough one in terms of equity, especially is not everybody has bank accounts or access to a debit card or credit card.



00:14:38.700 --> 00:14:44.640

Stephanie Linnander: So as you're saying oh just hop online and pay that's not an easy thing to ask everybody.



00:14:45.210 --> 00:14:54.300

Stephanie Linnander: So there's different ways we've been able to figure out solutions for students, the esl program has been working really closely with their students to figure out good ways to get them taken care of.



00:14:55.830 --> 00:14:59.250

Stephanie Linnander: And what we recommend it in this case is you can get a prepaid debit card.



00:14:59.730 --> 00:15:17.400

Stephanie Linnander: And we do accept prepaid cards so if you need a pop into your CVs you know hand, you know get a prepaid visa you know load up your know your $22 and mandatory fields, you can use that to pay online so that's been our main suggestion as kind of that work through that for our students.



00:15:18.780 --> 00:15:31.050

Akil Hill: A common he asked question that I get in mission and records is surrounding the issue of a payment plan so Do you know anything about that or can you speak a little bit on that if where we're at with that.



00:15:31.980 --> 00:15:41.310

Stephanie Linnander: yeah with Nicole, I am the go to payment plan person for our office I do the payment plan administration for.



00:15:42.000 --> 00:15:49.050

Stephanie Linnander: Our students so with payment plans we have our standard ones, which is right now open for the two.



00:15:49.710 --> 00:15:57.780

Stephanie Linnander: Long term semesters which is fall and spring, so we open them up a couple months in advance right now fall payment plans are open.



00:15:58.410 --> 00:16:04.080

Stephanie Linnander: and students can sign up for a payment plan to make more flexible payments on their tuition.



00:16:05.010 --> 00:16:16.140

Stephanie Linnander: The ideal, the goal of it is that the tuition is actually paid off within about you know, a month and a half of the Semester starting so students that are enrolled haven't been enrolling now are on a five month plan.



00:16:16.530 --> 00:16:26.640

Stephanie Linnander: So it's more flexible and more generous for the students, we do have students that come in and they owe a debt to the College and.



00:16:27.090 --> 00:16:37.530

Stephanie Linnander: As we know, with an outstanding balance hold they can't come in and register and for a lot of these students like well i'll get financial aid to pay it off, but you got to register first.



00:16:37.890 --> 00:16:50.070

Stephanie Linnander: Before you can get that financial aid to pay off what you owe in the past, so we were trying to think about way more ways to be inclusive and provide more options for our students because before it was.



00:16:50.670 --> 00:16:59.820

Stephanie Linnander: Sorry man you gotta pay it off in full, you know, otherwise your whole time coming up your account so we've opened past do payment plans for students.



00:17:00.510 --> 00:17:10.020

Stephanie Linnander: it's by petition, and so a student little petition with our office we actually modeled it after the petition for waiver of college regulations after working in admissions for a little bit.



00:17:12.510 --> 00:17:19.740

Stephanie Linnander: Students can basically you know, let us know what happened there's things that that go on and students lives we know from their stories that.



00:17:20.700 --> 00:17:31.410

Stephanie Linnander: things happen, and a lot of times it's financially pullbacks that they got a financial aid they had to drop out and they owe back the grants that they were given.



00:17:32.220 --> 00:17:40.350

Stephanie Linnander: And that's been the biggest hurdle that we've seen most commonly for students is something happened they had to drop out now they owe back that financial aid that they got.



00:17:40.800 --> 00:17:52.470

Stephanie Linnander: And it puts them in this really tough to catch 22 system, so they petition with us, we take a look at it look at their goals academically and and just a little bit about their history and.



00:17:54.030 --> 00:18:02.130

Stephanie Linnander: We generally approve those students, just to let them back in so what happens is they make a down payment on their payment plan.



00:18:02.460 --> 00:18:11.430

Stephanie Linnander: And we lift their hold so there'll be paying their payment plan, while they're enrolled in their classes, to get them back in the door, and allow them to make payments.



00:18:11.850 --> 00:18:21.900

Stephanie Linnander: While they continue off their studies and it's been really beneficial for the students we've had a lot of great success stories that come out of it, I check up on the ones that we gave payment plans to.



00:18:22.170 --> 00:18:33.870

Stephanie Linnander: You know year and a half ago, and I see him still continuing on paying their bills and full and and succeeding academically so it's it's been working and it's been really cool to see that and work with the students on that.



00:18:34.680 --> 00:18:38.100

Hong Lieu: yeah that's that Griffin door Raven club blend right there I feel.



00:18:39.060 --> 00:18:39.330

Stephanie Linnander: Like.



00:18:39.360 --> 00:18:40.080

Hong Lieu: she's checking in.



00:18:41.190 --> 00:18:44.610

Hong Lieu: sure that they're still doing the thing, and I mean that's.



00:18:44.850 --> 00:18:49.140

Hong Lieu: And the fact that you're referencing story individual stories you're showing compassion empathy.



00:18:49.320 --> 00:18:56.580

Hong Lieu: People that handle money that whenever I work with with the business folks you know that the bookkeepers be handling they don't show this kind of compassion empathy and like you know.



00:18:57.030 --> 00:19:04.140

Hong Lieu: just looking out for the the lived experiences of our student body like like you saw a need you saw an area that was kind of.



00:19:04.470 --> 00:19:12.240

Hong Lieu: Gray, or that that the areas weren't kind of lined up correctly and you, you created that buffer to allow things to kind of still work and flow so that's I mean.



00:19:12.570 --> 00:19:23.100

Hong Lieu: Not only like using individual experience to to like change a process but changing that process, seeing it through and seeing the positive outcomes that you're now getting on the other side, I mean that's that's just like.



00:19:23.820 --> 00:19:28.080

Hong Lieu: that's just awesome it's great work on on your department and kudos all y'all because.



00:19:28.350 --> 00:19:36.630

Hong Lieu: yeah I definitely can see that being an ongoing should I remember when the library feasting was it was an issue where people would have like you know dollar 50 library fees on their account and that's that's something y'all kind of.



00:19:37.230 --> 00:19:43.890

Hong Lieu: addressed as well, so so y'all have really been taking a look at kind of the issues that were students are facing in terms of you know.



00:19:44.490 --> 00:19:57.630

Hong Lieu: Dealing with the fiscal side of things and kind of removing some of those barriers so so in terms of the mission of the College and creating more more diverse, you know, equitable and inclusive environment yeah y'all y'all doing the damn thing right now so so Hats off for sure.



00:19:58.470 --> 00:19:58.890




00:20:00.060 --> 00:20:10.470

Akil Hill: i'm I wouldn't even I mean i'm just gonna actually just step out on a limb and end date myself, you know, like, I remember back in the day when you know my parents with.



00:20:11.910 --> 00:20:17.190

Akil Hill: You know I mean from a financial point of view, they didn't have a whole lot and so.



00:20:18.720 --> 00:20:24.660

Akil Hill: You know, we had to put stuff on my way man when I put stuff on layaway my parents would like I remember them teaching me just.



00:20:25.050 --> 00:20:29.940

Akil Hill: Early on, like look you put on layaway you make your payments, every time and then, once you pay it off.



00:20:30.600 --> 00:20:35.910

Akil Hill: It actually becomes yours, and then they also you know to me like and then I remember actually putting something on layaway.



00:20:36.720 --> 00:20:47.340

Akil Hill: At one point in time, and you know paying it off and getting there was like a stereo and so just it felt like I had a paper route, so I, it was a sense of accomplishment you know what I mean, and I mean.



00:20:48.510 --> 00:20:53.730

Akil Hill: I just like that idea of working people and meeting people where they're at, and you know it's not that.



00:20:54.090 --> 00:21:02.130

Akil Hill: You know people don't want to pay just people are just you know living from paycheck to paycheck that's a reality for a lot of American people are a lot of people in this country.



00:21:02.610 --> 00:21:14.010

Akil Hill: And so institutions have to kind of see you know you know call an audible and meet people where they're at so that's such a beautiful thing to hear that or institution is doing that type of work.



00:21:15.120 --> 00:21:22.710

Stephanie Linnander: Definitely and that's our that's our big goal with this push of how we are you an integral part of student services, as well as.



00:21:23.700 --> 00:21:32.730

Stephanie Linnander: The students are not just numbers on the spreadsheet to us it's not just another line item and excel that we're looking and we're grinding through in terms of our accounts receivable and.



00:21:33.120 --> 00:21:39.960

Stephanie Linnander: You know it's it's an important part, and we have to with the regulations that we're working with but there's there's people behind this and.



00:21:40.650 --> 00:21:54.060

Stephanie Linnander: that's when one of my personal goals is I want them to not think that money is scary that when you owe something it's not this you know walk a shame over to our office and like I messed up and i'm like it's fine.



00:21:55.110 --> 00:22:01.050

Stephanie Linnander: things happen let's let's work on a game plan, and so you know I work with a lot of Casey students.



00:22:01.350 --> 00:22:10.230

Stephanie Linnander: Over in a mojo we kind of go through once a Semester and we've started establishing that that we go through, we check on their you know kind of like financial health of their student accounts.



00:22:10.710 --> 00:22:15.870

Stephanie Linnander: Make sure they're all good so that way, we can do outreach and say like hey what's going on, you know.



00:22:16.410 --> 00:22:30.120

Stephanie Linnander: and stop it from getting to that point where they can't register next semester so that's our big goal is really embracing the student as well, and not just be a you know, a close off kind of Accounting Office in that sense.



00:22:30.810 --> 00:22:37.440

Hong Lieu: yeah because I remember when I was at he started school, I had no concept of that extra level of fiscal responsibility my mom didn't have a credit card my mom.



00:22:37.710 --> 00:22:43.110

Hong Lieu: kept all their money in a jacket pocket and wonder in their closet and I remember when I found that jacket pocket, like all right.



00:22:43.350 --> 00:22:43.980

Akil Hill: Like a low.



00:22:44.970 --> 00:22:47.820

Hong Lieu: pitch $1 here dollar there because she's not even yeah so but.



00:22:47.850 --> 00:22:57.390

Hong Lieu: yeah credit and stuff yeah I had older sisters they told me a lot about credit, but besides that I was on my own, and I made a lot of poor decisions in my you know 1818 to early 20s.



00:22:57.780 --> 00:23:07.230

Hong Lieu: In terms of what I was doing financially and and paying for stuff at school was difficult, I mean it was still the three copy carbon copy paper you know with a check and all that stuff so.



00:23:07.530 --> 00:23:12.030

Hong Lieu: So without a credit card and just going through that stuff it was it was tough to navigate and the people there helped me a lot.



00:23:12.210 --> 00:23:20.910

Hong Lieu: So seeing how y'all are going that extra mile and doing going beyond even that to check up on on people out on a personal level, I mean that's that's just really awesome so.



00:23:22.140 --> 00:23:33.120

Hong Lieu: Once again kudos and then, if anyone needs i'll put in the show notes, but cashiers is the main contact route to get in touch with you all, is there a phone number to or just is it just on your website because i'll put the website in the show notes as well.



00:23:33.690 --> 00:23:47.580

Stephanie Linnander: yeah we have our phone number as well 805-730-4197 they can go ahead and call that there's a phone tree that Chris Miller, help us implement so shout out to Chris for being super patient with us on that.



00:23:48.030 --> 00:23:52.260

Stephanie Linnander: So they can get frequently asked questions and then dial nine to speak with a live representative.



00:23:53.280 --> 00:24:01.800

Hong Lieu: All right, excellent and that that's kind of segues us into our next segment of the show which is your path to SPC and just kind of your life travels.



00:24:02.370 --> 00:24:15.480

Hong Lieu: Up to this point, we, it is still API plus heritage month the month of May, and if you want to speak on that a little bit along with kind of folding in your your you know path to this point we'd love to hear it.



00:24:16.410 --> 00:24:31.830

Stephanie Linnander: yeah absolutely um so I have a I don't I don't want to say anybody has a traditional life path everybody has their own path in life and it's very different and unique for everyone, I am half Taiwanese half Swedish.



00:24:33.180 --> 00:24:47.340

Stephanie Linnander: I have three passports, have a Taiwanese pass, for it is a Taiwanese national Swedish passport and the US passport as well, I grew up over on the east coast in the DC area and tell about age 10.



00:24:48.660 --> 00:24:57.990

Stephanie Linnander: Then, unfortunately 911 and those events happened in that area and my parents said we're going to get out of here, this is this isn't what we signed up for.



00:24:58.770 --> 00:25:14.010

Stephanie Linnander: So we moved over to Sweden when I was 10 and that was a huge culture shock for me growing up in the DC area for me was I describe it as.



00:25:15.000 --> 00:25:29.190

Stephanie Linnander: Like really just a phenomenal childhood and it taught me so much it was incredibly diverse and open and welcoming the area I lived in was full of ambassadors and they all worked in DC.



00:25:29.820 --> 00:25:42.840

Stephanie Linnander: So two doors down with my friend nah hey was Korean and they introduced me to chef J and Kim tj gay and all of those amazing foods, I was like oh my God, this is amazing, and then across the other street.



00:25:43.830 --> 00:25:51.210

Stephanie Linnander: Where the Russians and their kids were you know played it rough and we're super cool but we're the sweetest family.



00:25:51.600 --> 00:25:55.950

Stephanie Linnander: And then you know down the road was my friend Rom Jana and she taught me about.



00:25:56.250 --> 00:26:06.090

Stephanie Linnander: You know her culture and when she was celebrating Ramadan I was confused about you know hey why aren't you eating lunch with us, she said, oh it's Ramadan I was like oh what's that.



00:26:06.390 --> 00:26:17.190

Stephanie Linnander: And then she taught me about that culture and I was like oh that's super cool I was jealous that she got to be you know celebrating and she you know was describing what fun, she was having and.



00:26:17.580 --> 00:26:26.070

Stephanie Linnander: You know I had friends from all different cultures and colors and backgrounds and it was so rich and open and.



00:26:27.660 --> 00:26:38.070

Stephanie Linnander: My race was never in question during that time period, and it was it was amazing and then I moved to Sweden, I was 10.



00:26:38.940 --> 00:26:50.040

Stephanie Linnander: And we moved to an island off of the coast of Sweden and rural area in almost the equipped not I wouldn't say the deep South almost, but it was it was real.



00:26:50.550 --> 00:26:59.430

Stephanie Linnander: And we had five miles to our mailbox you know and then 10 miles to school and was dropped off at the school and said all right.



00:27:00.150 --> 00:27:12.240

Stephanie Linnander: have had it and I didn't speak the language I hadn't picked up on me Swedish from my dad, even though they tried they put it in the sweetest school on Saturdays and Chinese school on Sundays that never stuck, unfortunately.



00:27:13.020 --> 00:27:22.890

Stephanie Linnander: and had to really dive into this new culture, these new people didn't speak the same language and trying to adapt to it.



00:27:25.680 --> 00:27:35.790

Stephanie Linnander: Then that's you know when there were some really great things that I learned in Sweden, the culture was different getting into understand my dad's side of the family, a lot more in deep dive into that.



00:27:36.210 --> 00:27:52.410

Stephanie Linnander: Was super exciting learning the language as well, but there were areas that that made me not super comfortable you know with regard to you know API heritage month it that's when I encountered racism, for the first time in my life.



00:27:54.000 --> 00:28:00.300

Stephanie Linnander: There were instances of student and I was the only Asian kid in my whole school everybody else was white.



00:28:02.010 --> 00:28:06.480

Stephanie Linnander: You know, there is kids that spray painted go back to China on the pavement.



00:28:07.020 --> 00:28:17.880

Stephanie Linnander: And the mains quiet of the school and would yell out slurs and I was confused, I was you know, then 11 at that time 1112 and these formative years and.



00:28:18.150 --> 00:28:29.790

Stephanie Linnander: I came out of my you know perfect happy little bubble in DC of inclusion and happiness and and it was great granted also a kid So you see through different a different lens of course but.



00:28:30.570 --> 00:28:39.090

Stephanie Linnander: that's when I encounter that for the first time I realized, am I am I that different Oh, I am different I guess okay.



00:28:39.810 --> 00:28:50.520

Stephanie Linnander: um and so, then I you know grew up in Sweden and went through you know those struggles and went through high school and I didn't know what I wanted to do after high school.



00:28:51.240 --> 00:29:01.020

Stephanie Linnander: A lot of people would take a sabbatical and Sweden, which is really common is either work for a year you backpack through Europe, or you go study and you start your degree.



00:29:01.710 --> 00:29:07.950

Stephanie Linnander: And I was at this seminar where they were you know the different universities were.



00:29:08.460 --> 00:29:19.950

Stephanie Linnander: Introducing themselves and recruiting and one of the universities, I was going to go to their seminar about got canceled, and so I was wandering the halls and my friend said hey i'm going to go to this one about studying abroad.



00:29:20.430 --> 00:29:33.690

Stephanie Linnander: Do you want to come, I was like oh sure yeah mine was canceled anyways with mean shopping's university so i'll join in and plastered across the front was studying in Santa Barbara California.



00:29:35.040 --> 00:29:37.110

Stephanie Linnander: And so I was like.



00:29:38.340 --> 00:29:39.630

Stephanie Linnander: i'm game let's do it.



00:29:41.070 --> 00:29:47.850

Stephanie Linnander: It was a ibs Internet international business programs now fortunately closed down as sts.



00:29:48.570 --> 00:30:01.350

Stephanie Linnander: International but I came over with their program I texted my dad and said hey What if I moved to the US in a month, and he freaked out and my sister said Nana calm down she'll be fine she'll take care of herself.



00:30:02.100 --> 00:30:14.820

Stephanie Linnander: And so, through our ISP office with their amazing staff and the program I started as a quote unquote international student at Santa Barbara city college in 2012.



00:30:16.230 --> 00:30:22.920

Stephanie Linnander: So that kind of started the kind of catalyst at my journey at Santa Barbara city college was that encounter.



00:30:24.540 --> 00:30:36.150

Stephanie Linnander: Most of the students only stayed about a year on that study abroad program but I really fell in love with Santa Barbara and the school and the education, I was getting so I.



00:30:36.630 --> 00:30:48.000

Stephanie Linnander: called my dad and said hey What if I stay another year, and he said go for it looks like the first year worked out well why not, so I stayed and I kept studying at Santa Barbara city college.



00:30:49.290 --> 00:31:08.580

Stephanie Linnander: transferred out for a little bit and then moved to sacramento worked in finance for a little bit, hence my current work in student finance and then came back to Santa Barbara and went back to school and started my career, if you will, with Santa Barbara city college.



00:31:09.960 --> 00:31:20.070

Stephanie Linnander: i've been a student worker and hourly worker and now for almost two years I have been full time with the student finance department.



00:31:21.480 --> 00:31:26.610

Hong Lieu: RAD yet just a you said traditional life path yeah just your regular old life paths with.



00:31:26.610 --> 00:31:27.930

Hong Lieu: Three passports and moving.



00:31:32.520 --> 00:31:33.930

Akil Hill: reflected on the show right now.



00:31:39.150 --> 00:31:40.080

Stephanie Linnander: be nice about it.



00:31:41.430 --> 00:31:45.870

Akil Hill: I was like shoot man, I thought I was special being born in Japan.



00:31:46.170 --> 00:31:50.550

Hong Lieu: yeah you can you got to show people like they showed you there their cultures you gotta show mumbo sauce.



00:31:50.580 --> 00:31:51.570

that's the DC.



00:31:52.770 --> 00:31:54.180

Hong Lieu: That mumbo sauce oh yeah.



00:31:54.450 --> 00:32:05.010

Hong Lieu: Exactly and it's good that you mentioned that you experience in Sweden, because people think about you know, Sweden and allow those European countries as these progressive bastions of like Oh, if only we can be more like sweet, if only.



00:32:05.610 --> 00:32:10.680

Hong Lieu: I mean they ain't got it all figured out, you know, nobody has this all figured out and nobody has this.



00:32:11.070 --> 00:32:17.040

Hong Lieu: To where everybody feels that that comfort, you know and that's what we're all trying to work for that's what we're trying to get to.



00:32:17.280 --> 00:32:22.590

Hong Lieu: So that's not I mean you can hold these places for the things they do right like the childcare stuff in Sweden and the and the.



00:32:22.920 --> 00:32:31.290

Hong Lieu: You know some of the socialist economic the way the world is distributed among the people is good, but you can see, you know these first hand experiences that you're hearing on this show and elsewhere.



00:32:31.680 --> 00:32:35.160

Hong Lieu: You can see those those problems are endemic and and they're just.



00:32:35.580 --> 00:32:41.490

Hong Lieu: kind of yeah they're they're waiting to be solved still so we can't pretend like someone's got to figure it out, we just have to emulate what they do.



00:32:41.820 --> 00:32:47.520

Hong Lieu: it's really about this collective let's come together let's see what's going on here let's listen this just like what stephanie was talking about earlier.



00:32:47.850 --> 00:32:54.480

Hong Lieu: which you listen to the experiences of the people and kind of reaction on that listen to her story and and react to that and realize like.



00:32:54.990 --> 00:33:01.740

Hong Lieu: yeah there's there's so much that needs to be done on in all aspects and that, and this is just one more so that should provide that spark like.



00:33:02.070 --> 00:33:09.180

Hong Lieu: We need to do better at all times, you know, in terms of making bridging that divide where where someone literally got.



00:33:09.780 --> 00:33:15.150

Hong Lieu: spray paint out to spray messages on the floor like what are you what are you thinking, what are you what what.



00:33:15.600 --> 00:33:21.570

Hong Lieu: Why, you know, like yeah time your time that person's time is more important than they don't realize it and why is that.



00:33:21.990 --> 00:33:31.020

Hong Lieu: You know, like and stephanie's time have to take in all that stuff what what is the point you know, like yeah so so thank you for really highlighting that but yeah your your.



00:33:31.560 --> 00:33:37.680

Hong Lieu: Your average worker day life pretty pretty amazing and it's it's it's awesome that you ended up here and.



00:33:37.920 --> 00:33:46.440

Hong Lieu: And you absolutely are on that career path you know, like you said you got the full time work, you got that calipers like a keels always dropping that heat about the calipers So yes.



00:33:46.770 --> 00:33:47.790

Akil Hill: Oh, see a couple years away.



00:33:47.820 --> 00:33:48.840

Hong Lieu: she's a couple years ago he.



00:33:49.380 --> 00:33:51.390

Hong Lieu: Was he's on that path he's on that bass.



00:33:52.080 --> 00:33:53.460

Hong Lieu: Down now.



00:33:54.390 --> 00:34:08.070

Stephanie Linnander: A lot of, and one thing that I do have to you know, give a personal shout out to keel is a lot of my career with Santa Barbara city college is due to the amazing people that i've met here and really inspired me to want to work here.



00:34:09.600 --> 00:34:22.050

Stephanie Linnander: I started off in the Security Department and that's where I got to know a lot of the amazing staff and faculty that work here, and all of the employees, I was.



00:34:22.740 --> 00:34:34.020

Stephanie Linnander: for about a year I was out front at East Gate in the kiosk opening the little gate hand for everybody in the morning cold early mornings, but that's when.



00:34:34.590 --> 00:34:38.400

Stephanie Linnander: The people really showed me their kindness and sense of community.



00:34:38.970 --> 00:34:49.890

Stephanie Linnander: And just generosity towards me and being a student worker, you know out there in my My big ol yellow security jacket saying good morning and waving to everybody, you know I I remember.



00:34:50.430 --> 00:35:01.470

Stephanie Linnander: It was a super cold morning and akil rolls up and is Honda and he comes up and he's like hey, what do you drink and I was like whoa it's quite early for this tequila.



00:35:03.780 --> 00:35:13.740

Stephanie Linnander: And he's like i'm headed over to starbucks would you like anything, and I was like really and he's like yeah i'll be right back and so he came back and he handed me, you know, a starbucks I.



00:35:14.310 --> 00:35:23.610

Stephanie Linnander: there's a little heater in that East kiosk or at least back then, and I was like wrapped around it and so that coffee just meant so much and people would bring.



00:35:24.000 --> 00:35:31.890

Stephanie Linnander: You know donuts and, at the end of the Semester, they give up a financial he brought me a card for thanking me to beat for being there and people would.



00:35:32.460 --> 00:35:49.920

Stephanie Linnander: Roll down the window and take the time and say you know how's your day going how's your classes going and I realized this is a place that I want to work for this is this community of you know just camaraderie This is something if this is how they're treating me just as a student worker.



00:35:51.090 --> 00:35:51.780

Stephanie Linnander: Is gonna be great.



00:35:52.410 --> 00:35:54.720

Akil Hill: To get that full time job yeah.



00:35:54.750 --> 00:35:56.370

Stephanie Linnander: Let me get those benefits, on top of it.



00:35:56.580 --> 00:35:58.260

Stephanie Linnander: yeah yeah.



00:35:58.740 --> 00:36:03.390

Hong Lieu: yeah sometimes it's a matter of how they treat you as long as you show that card the doctor's Office may take it no questions asked.



00:36:03.990 --> 00:36:13.080

Stephanie Linnander: Exactly, and then you know, I was looking at ways that you know strategies of okay well how can I get in at working full time for the College, so I knew, like all right.



00:36:13.470 --> 00:36:18.690

Stephanie Linnander: I want to change up my strategy, a little bit and work more in student services in the administration side.



00:36:19.500 --> 00:36:28.800

Stephanie Linnander: So I walk over to admissions and records and i'm picking up one of my diplomas that I had earned at the College and kyle sitting up front and akil comes over and he says hi to me.



00:36:29.490 --> 00:36:39.840

Stephanie Linnander: Because at this point, you know, in the mornings I waved hello to everybody, so I was at least friendly with a lot of people and asked how I was doing and I said Oh well, like i'm looking for.



00:36:41.130 --> 00:36:57.930

Stephanie Linnander: Different jobs so i'm taking a peek but you know we got this new degree here and so that's exciting and akil said hey come in for an interview we're hiring in our office and I said, are you kidding me and I didn't believe that he did the interviews.



00:37:00.630 --> 00:37:01.080

Akil Hill: yeah.



00:37:02.550 --> 00:37:07.890

Stephanie Linnander: And he he took me in for an interview and seems like you saw something in me.



00:37:09.720 --> 00:37:11.670

Stephanie Linnander: And just super grateful for that.



00:37:12.180 --> 00:37:14.040

Akil Hill: yeah I mean look like so.



00:37:15.900 --> 00:37:25.320

Akil Hill: I just I remember like exactly how you stated it, you know, like rolling up every morning stephanie was always super friendly at the front gate and.



00:37:26.460 --> 00:37:33.270

Akil Hill: You know I it's it's really you know interesting to me, because one of the reasons why I love doing this show is.



00:37:34.110 --> 00:37:44.670

Akil Hill: Because you know we don't get everything right as an institution, you know and and and that's you know okay it's not Okay, but it's Okay, meaning that.



00:37:45.090 --> 00:37:57.090

Akil Hill: there's a lot of places in this similar situation, but the human story or the human element of the show that is talking about how agatha brought you a card how other people, you know stopping greeted you and treated you.



00:37:57.570 --> 00:38:10.770

Akil Hill: They saw the humanity in you, they just didn't see you as some person just opening up the gate in the front like these are the stories that we need to hear more of a need to hear more about because it's easy to always you know.



00:38:11.790 --> 00:38:18.090

Akil Hill: be critical of the institution and so when you're telling you stories it really kind of feels good to me because.



00:38:18.540 --> 00:38:25.200

Akil Hill: that's what it's really about in terms of being in Community and developing a relationship with our co workers and and so when.



00:38:25.680 --> 00:38:35.070

Akil Hill: I would stephanie would always be like hey how's it going and then actually full disclosure one time my parking permit was actually expired.



00:38:35.550 --> 00:38:42.810

Akil Hill: And I was like stephanie calling she called me out she's like hey look, you know I just choose taking the time she's like i'm not gonna give you a ticket.



00:38:43.830 --> 00:38:46.710

Akil Hill: I just want to let you know you probably want to go down and get.



00:38:47.790 --> 00:39:04.620

Akil Hill: The new sticker because you know we are taking for that and so again right so went down there that same day got the sticker put it in and and and those are the things that that are occurring, day in and day out at our institution that people just don't hear or talk about and so when.



00:39:05.790 --> 00:39:13.290

Akil Hill: She came into a mission records, at one time, I was like yo what are you doing she's like well you know um you know you know I asked, I think I asked.



00:39:13.590 --> 00:39:22.380

Akil Hill: Are you still working at security she's like no and then I was like oh we're hiring we got to get this and then here's the other funny story once I stephanie.



00:39:23.880 --> 00:39:30.540

Akil Hill: I think a mission to records at the time we were out we we didn't have a supervisor at the time, so I was, I was doing the interviews and.



00:39:30.990 --> 00:39:40.980

Akil Hill: I remember totally like bragging like boasting to Vanessa that how you're going to work in a mission and records and she was like i'm going to try to take her away so.



00:39:42.300 --> 00:39:43.170

Akil Hill: So Vanessa.



00:39:43.740 --> 00:39:58.350

Akil Hill: Vanessa pelton and I had this full on conversation she's like I think I can offer more money, and then I was, like you, better not take stuff away permission to record so just not me, but a lot of other people saw you know the greatness in you and so it's such a pleasure to be able to.



00:39:59.400 --> 00:40:10.830

Akil Hill: hear your story and actually to have you on on the show, and you know from the days of you know, bringing you a coffee to now sitting here, seeing all the Raven call in you, is it's been it's a pleasure.



00:40:12.060 --> 00:40:19.920

Hong Lieu: yet seen the good you've done for the students in terms of the programs even acting physical services and as someone who's who's had a lot of jobs and other places like in terms of.



00:40:20.430 --> 00:40:26.910

Hong Lieu: It I mean I there know what none of them have gotten it all right, no it's like we talked about with sweet lady nobody's got it all figured out all the places that word.



00:40:27.210 --> 00:40:29.130

Hong Lieu: Maybe some are better maybe somebody worse, but.



00:40:29.490 --> 00:40:36.780

Hong Lieu: In terms of the people yeah I it's hard to find a better a better group of people in the ones here and that's really in all the jobs i've had.



00:40:36.990 --> 00:40:43.170

Hong Lieu: What holds you up what keeps you what keeps your head above water is a relationships you build them on the people and the people who, when you're having.



00:40:43.350 --> 00:40:47.940

Hong Lieu: Your having a middle the road day or kind of a down day they say hey let's go take a walk let's grab a cup of coffee.



00:40:48.240 --> 00:40:56.520

Hong Lieu: let's go stroll let's talk, because those are the people that will hold you down day in, day out it's not the administrative policies it's not the policies and procedures it's not the things that they bake in.



00:40:56.760 --> 00:41:00.540

Hong Lieu: Our said that baseline to where you won't get just destroyed by oppression, you know.



00:41:00.690 --> 00:41:01.290

Akil Hill: yeah.



00:41:01.320 --> 00:41:03.870

Hong Lieu: But in terms of in terms of elevating you to that like.



00:41:04.560 --> 00:41:11.550

Hong Lieu: Good life or a reasonable existence that's only that your peers and your your co workers and the people around you how they are because.



00:41:11.760 --> 00:41:20.190

Hong Lieu: In those i've been in those environments where the positive shooters were great, but it was such a cutthroat like you know, like competitive environment that wasn't good either so something like.



00:41:20.760 --> 00:41:24.780

Hong Lieu: Such a good balance here, where, if you if you really want to strive to climb the highest mountain there are opportunities there.



00:41:25.050 --> 00:41:37.500

Hong Lieu: But if you just want to do the work and really hone in on the student experience that's there as well, so in terms of the variety of opportunities here and and the the depth and breadth of the people that work here yeah it's really hard to beat city college like.



00:41:38.430 --> 00:41:47.580

Stephanie Linnander: Well, we have good Oh, I was gonna say Look, we just have we haven't really amazing standout gems that that make it.



00:41:48.600 --> 00:41:59.220

Stephanie Linnander: You know when when things get really tough and as the climate changes as a whole is you know that's you know what I kind of you know, in some ways kind of have to hold on to and where I grasp on to that is remembering.



00:41:59.880 --> 00:42:06.420

Stephanie Linnander: That camaraderie and like okay Why did I come here and even something a lot of ways, how can we get back to that because that's why I came here.



00:42:06.780 --> 00:42:15.420

Stephanie Linnander: You know and that's what I saw you know from the beginning, you know just as a student worker and then our really in this whole time is that journey of.



00:42:16.560 --> 00:42:25.800

Stephanie Linnander: There are great people here and how do we get back to that feeling that I fell in love with and saw you know as an outsider from the very beginning now being fully in it.



00:42:26.160 --> 00:42:36.180

Stephanie Linnander: is reminding ourselves of you know what good there is, and you know that that drive to get back to what that was because it was incredible and that's what brought me here yeah.



00:42:37.170 --> 00:42:53.010

Akil Hill: I mean, I think, also too there's a piece of being able to stand in both spaces right like standing in the space that recognize that we do a lot of things well then also being you know standing that same space and also be critical of the things that we're not doing well you know.



00:42:54.420 --> 00:43:01.950

Akil Hill: One thing that I really love about your story, and I think and i'm a really firm believer in this is that you know how you kind of progressed.



00:43:02.550 --> 00:43:09.780

Akil Hill: You know up right so from you know working security and mission records now you're you know you are where you're at now.



00:43:10.110 --> 00:43:17.730

Akil Hill: And I think that's really a lesson I think our hope that the institution can really consider is that I think one of the things that.



00:43:18.180 --> 00:43:35.550

Akil Hill: Is such a challenge for our institution is we don't do a good job at hiring within like we should really be, and this is my opinion and i've stated this in numerous places we really need to be really thinking about breeding and developing.



00:43:36.840 --> 00:43:47.580

Akil Hill: people to be in leadership positions versus always hiring from outside sources that you bring people in I don't understand the culture, the climate of of campus.



00:43:48.420 --> 00:44:03.780

Akil Hill: Because we have an intelligent people here that are are well qualified to be in spaces, you know top administrative positions, but if we're always hiring out people don't understand our culture here and that's just my two cents and i'll get off my soapbox.



00:44:04.140 --> 00:44:10.020

Hong Lieu: And yeah it's definitely something i've seen In most places where I work, I feel it feels like a generational shift where.



00:44:10.260 --> 00:44:15.030

Hong Lieu: Before people were more inclined to kind of build start to at the bottom and kind of work, you up through it.



00:44:15.300 --> 00:44:20.250

Hong Lieu: And now, because there are these kind of like I almost a shortcut but their efficiencies to be had by.



00:44:20.520 --> 00:44:28.980

Hong Lieu: You know, getting your MBA first are getting this that getting a certification first you know masters in public administration or wherever and just thinking that you can just plug that into a place.



00:44:29.550 --> 00:44:34.260

Hong Lieu: And not account for institutional knowledge and then, when you add in the fact that a lot of younger workers do you think of.



00:44:34.560 --> 00:44:43.830

Hong Lieu: working at the same place for a long time as like a detriment like it's negative like if you're not bouncing around from job to job every three to five years looking for you know chasing a higher salary chasing.



00:44:44.130 --> 00:44:51.720

Hong Lieu: chasing your positional you know you're moving up that way so it's it's it's an interesting kind of problem to solve because I totally agree with you and I added.



00:44:51.990 --> 00:44:59.250

Hong Lieu: And the last three or four places I worked, it was the same deal where you would you would get you start if you start and work your way up in an institution, you get to a certain point.



00:44:59.490 --> 00:45:02.400

Hong Lieu: And you hit the ceiling, you know, like this, like institutional knowledge ceiling.



00:45:02.880 --> 00:45:07.800

Hong Lieu: Where you bring in this other person over these at these fresh ideas Oh, they got this fresh perspective, I want to hear.



00:45:08.100 --> 00:45:12.630

Hong Lieu: That perspective is totally like a lot of them most of the time totally untested doesn't actually work.



00:45:12.960 --> 00:45:18.720

Hong Lieu: And there's any kind of brush back and all of a sudden, all the people that were all the people that were you were riding with before are now these like.



00:45:18.960 --> 00:45:30.480

Hong Lieu: Oh they're just there's afraid of change is that, like it's all spin on top of spin on top of spin when you can just call it what it is like that the person blew it they don't you know, like they weren't about that life for real like.



00:45:30.540 --> 00:45:36.930

Hong Lieu: yeah you have people you've been working with for years, you know, or about that life, you know if you give something to do on a day to do it'll get done.



00:45:37.170 --> 00:45:41.970

Hong Lieu: And you're trying to plug this you know fresh MBA, not to say that those programs are bad they're totally valid, but.



00:45:42.690 --> 00:45:50.400

Hong Lieu: If that makes you have to have that MBA with that rule that experience and that kind of dynamic quick thinking ability and those just hard to find no matter what.



00:45:50.640 --> 00:46:01.530

Hong Lieu: But I would I would agree with you, you kill, where I would like to take that chance more often that people inside within this issue then then outside but yeah again Those are just feels like a generational shift that I missed out on.



00:46:04.230 --> 00:46:04.590




00:46:06.750 --> 00:46:14.610

Hong Lieu: Yes, we're glad you're here and and we hope you we hope you stay here for you know you continue your career here and make it a career get that five years get that vested.



00:46:14.640 --> 00:46:16.320

Akil Hill: You know, for a girl get get.



00:46:16.740 --> 00:46:17.310




00:46:21.720 --> 00:46:29.640

Hong Lieu: yeah so all right, thank you for that stephanie and now we can move on to our next section, which is good eating.



00:46:30.750 --> 00:46:31.710

Hong Lieu: Our food section.



00:46:31.800 --> 00:46:40.560

Hong Lieu: If there's any a meal you've had at a restaurant recently or something you've made or you know just just you could talk about mumbo sauce if you want talking about mobile.



00:46:43.860 --> 00:46:53.040

Stephanie Linnander: Oh God I i've been kind of on this, you know, the College student diet back again in some ways i'm i've been.



00:46:54.300 --> 00:47:00.660

Stephanie Linnander: full time back in school finishing my bachelor's which I get to walk for next week another.



00:47:05.340 --> 00:47:12.090

Stephanie Linnander: Very good, so i've been that remote work has been the only thing that's made that possible for me to be able to finish my degree.



00:47:12.420 --> 00:47:19.050

Stephanie Linnander: 100% you know being saving that extra you know hour in the morning of getting ready, you know.



00:47:19.350 --> 00:47:31.650

Stephanie Linnander: And you know packing my line and getting out the door and driving to the College and then doing all that over you know my way back that extra time has been the only thing that's allowed me to go back to school full time.



00:47:32.100 --> 00:47:40.200

Stephanie Linnander: And finally finished his degree that has been the biggest thing for me, but with that i'm paying tuition again so.



00:47:42.480 --> 00:47:55.590

Stephanie Linnander: Tighter on the on the budget, been doing a lot of meal prep and like Hello fresh lately has been my big thing just out of the sheer convenience in that aspect too too bad it's been pretty good.



00:47:57.150 --> 00:48:03.690

Hong Lieu: Is there is there, like a goatee protein or certain gifts that they do really well with Hello fresh are those those kind of prepared meal kits or is it.



00:48:04.290 --> 00:48:11.310

Hong Lieu: kind of across the board pretty good because i've never used it but i've always been curious because I like those you know the middle people out of the equation so.



00:48:11.970 --> 00:48:21.450

Stephanie Linnander: Definitely so they're they're really pork heavy on Hello fresh and i've been been eating a lot of meat lately personally so i've been going through the vegetarian option.



00:48:22.500 --> 00:48:34.470

Stephanie Linnander: has been, and they have these like Southwest zucchini boats and that's been my favorite one where it's like the stuffed zucchini and, for me, the best part is it takes the guesswork out of it is.



00:48:34.770 --> 00:48:40.110

Stephanie Linnander: I just follow the step by step instructions and it tells me what to do and I have the exact amounts there's no way i'm going to mess it up.



00:48:41.400 --> 00:48:42.180

Stephanie Linnander: I think the thing.



00:48:43.680 --> 00:48:52.290

Stephanie Linnander: So those have been really good, and so we buy the family pack so that way we get multiple meals out of it can meal prep throughout the week with it.



00:48:52.590 --> 00:49:07.620

Stephanie Linnander: So that way it takes away at least like two three days worth of cooking so unfortunately food for me lately has been more of like a part of the grind for it's just like all right, its fuel, we got to keep going, which is the way I hate looking at food and makes me really sad.



00:49:08.910 --> 00:49:09.360

Akil Hill: yeah.



00:49:09.720 --> 00:49:20.880

Hong Lieu: But you're walking soon you know you get some time after to decide in your next steps in terms of educational pursuits so you'll have time to kind of explore and wander again so yeah you did what you had to do you got you got it done.



00:49:21.240 --> 00:49:29.250

Hong Lieu: And that's the kind of dirty secret about about cooking is like things like Hello fresh and I think just the act of making some yourself in home cooking it makes it really good.



00:49:29.640 --> 00:49:36.960

Hong Lieu: Like there's there's little twist like you know really fine dining and high end chefs they can add additional twist On top of that, to take like two three notches above.



00:49:37.230 --> 00:49:45.300

Hong Lieu: But that baseline of a home cooked meal it's never bad i've i've never had a bad home cook me, I mean, I have no taste, you know full disclaimer but.



00:49:45.510 --> 00:49:48.510

Hong Lieu: I read about i've never had a bad deal, you know, like.



00:49:49.110 --> 00:49:50.460

Hong Lieu: In my mind so like yeah.



00:49:50.550 --> 00:50:02.430

Hong Lieu: Just just taking the time to put to put all those ingredients together put in the oven put on a pan or wherever it's going to be good so so yeah ain't no ain't no shame in that game right there so that's that sound does those boats do sound good.



00:50:03.390 --> 00:50:03.990

Stephanie Linnander: that's all about.



00:50:04.320 --> 00:50:08.190

Hong Lieu: Because what is the boat just just as zucchini itself is the boat and you fill it with stuff.



00:50:08.760 --> 00:50:11.640

Stephanie Linnander: yeah it will scrape out the seeds, with a spoon I mean half the.



00:50:11.640 --> 00:50:13.470

Hong Lieu: time I mess it up, because I am like going.



00:50:13.500 --> 00:50:15.180

Stephanie Linnander: A little too ham into it.



00:50:15.510 --> 00:50:18.180

Stephanie Linnander: And it just like obliterates i'm like all right well.



00:50:20.700 --> 00:50:23.940

Hong Lieu: You can like just push it up together, and if you break that it's gonna be good.



00:50:25.980 --> 00:50:26.700

Hong Lieu: Point yeah.



00:50:26.910 --> 00:50:28.620

Stephanie Linnander: yeah exactly so um.



00:50:30.630 --> 00:50:34.770

Stephanie Linnander: yeah you just gave up the season, then you you Stefan and that's the your little zucchini boat.



00:50:37.290 --> 00:50:39.270

Akil Hill: ride on you too much man.



00:50:39.570 --> 00:50:46.950

Hong Lieu: If you if there's like a yeah there's a Hello fresh referral link I could put that in the show notes if anyone's signs up for an account based on what you know you get a kick back to you.



00:50:49.530 --> 00:50:56.940

Stephanie Linnander: You know that's how they got me it's all these sponsorships and podcasts and YouTube videos where they you know Hong 10 for 10 free meals.



00:50:58.650 --> 00:50:58.980

Hong Lieu: Oh.



00:50:59.010 --> 00:51:00.900

Akil Hill: yeah is hilarious.



00:51:01.080 --> 00:51:06.780

Hong Lieu: And i'm glad you mentioned how 10 because he's actually a famous Korean B boy breakdancer and like he's he's uh yeah he's awesome dude.



00:51:11.070 --> 00:51:20.730

Hong Lieu: back when I wanted to be a wanted to break dance I have zero upper body strength and very little balance so those those two things were really kind of weighing against you, but I will watch content videos all the time yeah.



00:51:23.970 --> 00:51:25.170

Stephanie Linnander: With that, like.



00:51:26.880 --> 00:51:30.510

Akil Hill: How you too much man you're out here is self disclosing you have no balance on the.



00:51:30.510 --> 00:51:30.780

Akil Hill: Show.



00:51:31.710 --> 00:51:34.590

Hong Lieu: you're brave man, I feel like if anyone sees me they kind of.



00:51:35.820 --> 00:51:39.750

Hong Lieu: I kind of put it all out there, I know there's nothing like like behind the scenes here like you know.



00:51:40.740 --> 00:51:41.250

Akil Hill: Now behold.



00:51:41.790 --> 00:51:42.900

Hong Lieu: unkept yeah.



00:51:42.960 --> 00:51:47.430

Akil Hill: nah man you can't be out here like given big boys like bad names now you know.



00:51:47.730 --> 00:51:48.240

Hong Lieu: No, no, no.



00:51:48.420 --> 00:51:56.640

Hong Lieu: No for me personally yeah, no, no, no, I there's I know I know a ton of like really dope big bigger break dancers yeah just not me, I mean.



00:51:56.910 --> 00:51:57.510

Akil Hill: kids can.



00:51:57.690 --> 00:52:02.760

Hong Lieu: Catch me on the basketball court, and then you know you might have to watch out but breakdancing, no, no, no.



00:52:04.050 --> 00:52:05.010

Akil Hill: So funny.



00:52:07.680 --> 00:52:09.660

Hong Lieu: All right, i'll go next.



00:52:10.740 --> 00:52:17.280

Hong Lieu: Since it's my choice kind of complements your choice definitely that I have been going out a lot lately like I feel like.



00:52:19.770 --> 00:52:21.450

Akil Hill: that's like a shot that second shot.



00:52:21.780 --> 00:52:28.740

Hong Lieu: compliment that regard yeah the second shot with the I put the 14 day incubation period because full disclosure the past year I I mean we have a.



00:52:29.040 --> 00:52:35.970

Hong Lieu: My wife is a coven safety officer in our House and she had me on a strict regimen or and I was, I was doing good I did pretty good, all things considered.



00:52:36.420 --> 00:52:49.440

Hong Lieu: You know the first six or seven months I was strictly curbside you know even after that I was very you know very careful, so now that i've got my my second sonic i'm a 14 days in i'm pretty good like I bring a mask with me, I can go anywhere so i've been eating all over i've.



00:52:51.000 --> 00:53:03.000

Hong Lieu: been down in La I did a taco mini taco crawl in La I put up here there's been a lot of restaurants, that I didn't get a try fine they got to try revolver pizza on the West side i'll try that excellent there's a new place in summerlin called.



00:53:04.110 --> 00:53:10.320

Hong Lieu: East in Fort let me think it's fitting his feast and Fort it's worth can't was used to be.



00:53:10.500 --> 00:53:11.340

Akil Hill: yeah yeah yeah yeah.



00:53:11.370 --> 00:53:13.560

Hong Lieu: And and it's a it's a it's kind of like a.



00:53:14.880 --> 00:53:17.760

Hong Lieu: Skills and for its field oh yeah it's filled up yeah.



00:53:18.120 --> 00:53:18.630

Akil Hill: it's kind of like.



00:53:18.660 --> 00:53:20.220

Stephanie Linnander: Children park Oh, I was thinking.



00:53:20.310 --> 00:53:21.210

Hong Lieu: Before yeah.



00:53:21.330 --> 00:53:21.690

Akil Hill: it's kind of.



00:53:23.040 --> 00:53:23.460

Hong Lieu: feast.



00:53:24.240 --> 00:53:26.820

Stephanie Linnander: feast and fork I was like well, it sounds like a medieval version.



00:53:26.880 --> 00:53:28.680

Hong Lieu: yeah and I mix it up.



00:53:29.280 --> 00:53:29.940

Hong Lieu: there's a.



00:53:29.970 --> 00:53:40.290

Hong Lieu: restaurant at solving called peasants feast and I eat there as well as feast and then field and forth in summerlin and feel the foreign summerland I mean it's a little kind of higher inside boozy going to put it that way.



00:53:40.620 --> 00:53:40.950

Hong Lieu: But it's.



00:53:41.220 --> 00:53:42.000

Hong Lieu: It is woozy.



00:53:42.030 --> 00:53:42.510

Stephanie Linnander: I lived.



00:53:42.960 --> 00:53:43.800

Hong Lieu: Down I love.



00:53:44.610 --> 00:53:49.170

Akil Hill: I love when we would you have the avocado toast the $20 25.



00:53:50.850 --> 00:53:54.840

Hong Lieu: minute training sampler that's $20 but it, but it does, it will last a while, because.



00:53:55.110 --> 00:54:03.690

Hong Lieu: i'm the kind of person that I can load up on the cards just because it's like like hummus and go cheese and dips and stuff and pickled vegetables, I can eat that for a long ways to go.



00:54:03.900 --> 00:54:10.440

Hong Lieu: i've had the savory porridge which i'm you know porridge is kind of near and dear to my heart, so i've had had the savory and support both are good.



00:54:10.920 --> 00:54:20.760

Hong Lieu: And then i've had the rubin and the roast beef sandwich and okay so it's a $15 sandwich with with one single pickle or like five chips is aside, so it.



00:54:21.090 --> 00:54:24.720

Hong Lieu: is definitely a little expensive but it's very good, I mean yeah.



00:54:25.080 --> 00:54:34.680

Hong Lieu: yeah it's hard to buy it's good sandwich we I voice sounds, but the but the porridge is and that Mediterranean sampler all worth getting coffee's good you know they have these lemon curd croissants are excellent.



00:54:35.370 --> 00:54:42.030

Hong Lieu: So yeah definitely going to feel them for a lot, and then a revolver monique just doing doing the run around town so i've just been enjoying.



00:54:42.450 --> 00:54:50.190

Hong Lieu: Eating out again, I still haven't sat down to eat at a restaurant, but just being able to like you know do take out and support local businesses and do what I can.



00:54:50.700 --> 00:54:55.800

Hong Lieu: Because I mean I was trying before, but we were really trying to be respectful of the protocols and stuff so.



00:54:56.280 --> 00:55:05.790

Hong Lieu: Now that i'm, on the other side of that i'm kind of like acting out in some ways I got I got like a bunch of live music tickets for the fall, these are the artists going back on tours i'm ready to roll but.



00:55:06.360 --> 00:55:10.320

Hong Lieu: yeah so i'll put up a link i'll put a link to the slides or something the show notes, but I just wanted to give a shout out to.



00:55:10.860 --> 00:55:16.440

Hong Lieu: And now, they feel important needs my kind of extra advertising club because they're busy all the time, but.



00:55:17.070 --> 00:55:24.000

Hong Lieu: It was good, it was good and there's a park nearby you get your food takeout from there, you can walk to the park and you sit on the bench and eat it's pretty Nice, especially because.



00:55:24.300 --> 00:55:35.310

Hong Lieu: A lot of people knock that part because the traffic noise but for a person from La traffic is like my white noise machine like it's so relaxing like he calms me down, you know, like cars running by a little bit of that exhaust smell.



00:55:36.150 --> 00:55:38.310

Akil Hill: A little bit of gunshots a little or no, no, no.



00:55:39.090 --> 00:55:44.250

Hong Lieu: You get all the you get all the goo without that part that's, the only thing i'm missing like I need a little chopper overhead.



00:55:44.580 --> 00:55:51.990

Hong Lieu: A chopper overhead and the smell of fresh gas because, like I know the gas station I pulled out my fingers and get a whiff after y'all yeah that's that's the good stuff.



00:55:54.660 --> 00:55:55.860

Akil Hill: You so not today man.



00:55:57.690 --> 00:55:58.230

Akil Hill: So now.



00:55:58.290 --> 00:55:58.920

This episode.



00:56:00.720 --> 00:56:01.320

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah.



00:56:01.740 --> 00:56:14.520

Akil Hill: that's funny so i'll go ahead and give you guys my take I am going thousand oaks California, so if you need a like a little weekend getaway and you find yourself in that area.



00:56:15.720 --> 00:56:19.320

Akil Hill: My favorite Thai restaurant it's called Bangkok avenue.



00:56:20.940 --> 00:56:24.960

Akil Hill: And it's a Thai restaurants super like fresh.



00:56:26.010 --> 00:56:36.600

Akil Hill: Quality is off the chart man, they have I usually go with me everything that i've eaten, there is good, but this past trip, I tried I got the.



00:56:37.860 --> 00:56:45.870

Akil Hill: The crab cream puffs which was basically crab rangoon's right that was amazing and then I go with the drunken noodles.



00:56:46.620 --> 00:57:05.220

Akil Hill: So they you know they just like any Thai restaurant they hit you with the different options of me Thai noodles or the junk noodles or just to die for, and then they have these they make a basal lemonade, which is so good, they have a light sea ice tea.



00:57:06.030 --> 00:57:07.050

Akil Hill: crazy good.



00:57:07.770 --> 00:57:16.860

Akil Hill: Also, make the traditional Thai ICT the crab crab fried rice is amazing, the spicy bazell fish is amazing.



00:57:18.090 --> 00:57:34.410

Akil Hill: You can't go wrong, I mean I really highly recommend this restaurant Bangkok avenue, you can look at even up i'm sure you know, Hong will put it in the show notes, but you can see the photos and pictures on on yelp it's kind of like a hole in the wall, but it's funny because, just like.



00:57:35.460 --> 00:57:43.350

Akil Hill: You roll up into the Plaza because in a closet and you're like kind of like is this it, you know, like you know how you have that like is this that's the.



00:57:43.620 --> 00:57:45.270

Stephanie Linnander: Year, like, I see a dentist don't repay.



00:57:45.270 --> 00:57:46.230

Akil Hill: yeah yeah.



00:57:46.650 --> 00:57:54.870

Akil Hill: Next to a million and a nail parlor right so spot right next to tie spot right next to a donut shop literally that's.



00:57:56.220 --> 00:57:56.550

Stephanie Linnander: It.



00:57:56.760 --> 00:58:02.610

Akil Hill: But then you soon as you open the door it's like you feel like you're in a different place it's really well done in terms of the Interior.



00:58:03.480 --> 00:58:09.270

Akil Hill: design and the people or the services really good people are really friendly the food is literally it's fresh.



00:58:10.200 --> 00:58:22.530

Akil Hill: So if you find yourself in thousand oaks or if you need a just a spot where if you're a Thai food consumer it literally is worth to drive hung knows, I will not disappoint you on a drive to like.



00:58:22.950 --> 00:58:25.110

Hong Lieu: thousand oaks even I went to sit off often.



00:58:25.140 --> 00:58:29.820

Hong Lieu: yeah recommendation it blew me away that cherry rice, I mean I love, rice and I never had.



00:58:30.150 --> 00:58:40.800

Hong Lieu: That kind of flavor mix and I was I wasn't sure if I was like Okay, he said, this is really good but i'm looking at right now, like cherries, in my rice like I don't know what's going on with with Kobe on top oh perfect, it was.



00:58:41.160 --> 00:58:45.660

Stephanie Linnander: I was listening to that on the podcast and I was like it kills freaking out about this charity right so.



00:58:45.780 --> 00:58:46.800

Hong Lieu: It was good.



00:58:46.800 --> 00:58:47.790

Stephanie Linnander: Actually sounds.



00:58:49.470 --> 00:58:50.070

Akil Hill: i'm not trying.



00:58:51.450 --> 00:58:56.460

Akil Hill: i'm not in the business of leading people astray no like big boys come through you know that's what we do.



00:58:56.970 --> 00:58:59.220

Akil Hill: You know so i'm out here representing for.



00:58:59.220 --> 00:59:09.480

Akil Hill: us and this Thai restaurant is that good, so my my daughter always gets the red Curry, which is in it's so funny last time.



00:59:10.170 --> 00:59:17.940

Akil Hill: We ate there I think was a couple of days ago was like last maybe last week, she was like she hadn't we hadn't been there right since the whole pandemic.



00:59:18.480 --> 00:59:29.670

Akil Hill: And it was actually That was the first restaurant that we sat down to eat right and we're kind of like we're walking in we're all like I don't know there's a lot of cars and in the in the parking lot.



00:59:31.260 --> 00:59:40.140

Akil Hill: So we get in and literally soon as we sat down, it was kind of late they're getting ready to close everyone left so we literally was just us and the server so we were like yeah.



00:59:40.530 --> 00:59:49.200

Akil Hill: like this is social distancing we're the only people in the restaurant, so it worked out of favor, but when she took a bite of the red Curry I got that my girl was gonna cry man i'll she was like oh.



00:59:50.460 --> 00:59:53.010

Akil Hill: it's tastes so good, after all these years is.



00:59:54.390 --> 00:59:55.620

Stephanie Linnander: like an Epiphany.



00:59:55.680 --> 00:59:56.160

Stephanie Linnander: yeah.



00:59:56.550 --> 00:59:59.520

Akil Hill: that's how she was feeling I was like she was like.



00:59:59.580 --> 01:00:15.690

Akil Hill: I was worried, it may taste, a little salty because I thought she was gonna cry but listen the right curries is phenomenal anything from that spot is it's really good so that's my pick for this show Bangkok avenue Thai restaurant come through you won't be disappointed.



01:00:16.440 --> 01:00:25.560

Hong Lieu: I would definitely picking them up next hotel, because after as an African nation, I always knew I always call the kill the yelp whisper i'm the big guy with no taste it kills the yelp whispers that's how that's how.



01:00:25.830 --> 01:00:27.210

Hong Lieu: that's how the split off here.



01:00:27.480 --> 01:00:30.300

Hong Lieu: So we killed up and knowledge i'm definitely gonna do my part.



01:00:30.510 --> 01:00:30.960

Akil Hill: Yes, so.



01:00:31.020 --> 01:00:32.790

Akil Hill: ap I month.



01:00:34.050 --> 01:00:41.370

Akil Hill: You guys represent support Asian businesses get in the car go on a road trip every and try Bangkok avenue.



01:00:42.870 --> 01:00:51.120

Stephanie Linnander: yeah I mean i'm always willing to drive me i've driven down to you know the good old six to six area and desperation for for good Taiwanese food.



01:00:52.110 --> 01:00:53.280

Stephanie Linnander: At a restaurant.



01:00:53.820 --> 01:00:55.860

Hong Lieu: Oh, he is good.



01:00:57.240 --> 01:00:57.480

Stephanie Linnander: yeah.



01:00:58.230 --> 01:01:00.690

Hong Lieu: i'm 66 I still got my 66 area code.



01:01:02.490 --> 01:01:13.650

Stephanie Linnander: So I have taken desperation drives just to go to a restaurant to get that Taiwanese food is hard to come by it's you know it's a small, you know area or a small country.



01:01:14.340 --> 01:01:21.000

Stephanie Linnander: And so it's hard to find good Taiwanese food and Madame blue actually upper state she's Taiwanese.



01:01:21.540 --> 01:01:31.530

Stephanie Linnander: So one thing you know, being in this, you know bogged down of work in school is i'm seeking out comfort foods, all the time and Taiwanese food is my biggest comfort food.



01:01:31.980 --> 01:01:39.720

Stephanie Linnander: So I remember she's like my go to because a couple years ago I was was feeling sad and I wanted food, and I was missing home and so.



01:01:40.140 --> 01:01:44.940

Stephanie Linnander: I picked up an order and then I asked him and I was like hey because I found out she was Taiwanese.



01:01:45.570 --> 01:01:57.600

Stephanie Linnander: I was like hey like what recommendations, do you have you know my big struggle is I don't know Chinese my sister does my mom does, I never picked it up, though, so I can never read those secret Chinese menus.



01:01:58.650 --> 01:01:59.220

Stephanie Linnander: So.



01:02:01.290 --> 01:02:09.150

Stephanie Linnander: i'm in a disadvantage there I feel you know less than him and I asked her, and I was like hey like i'm really proving Taiwanese food that my mom made.



01:02:09.480 --> 01:02:18.390

Stephanie Linnander: Like, what do you recommend and all of a sudden, I have four people around me pointing out the menu like Oh, like you, gotta get this and kind of get that and then they finally said, like if you're just.



01:02:19.290 --> 01:02:26.130

Stephanie Linnander: Just tell it, you can also just call us and tell us what you're craving and just describe it to us and we'll cook it for you and I was like really.



01:02:27.090 --> 01:02:28.410

Akil Hill: I love restaurants, like that.



01:02:28.770 --> 01:02:38.820

Stephanie Linnander: Oh, it was so cool and I was like absolutely so one day I called him I was like hey I want white fish like brace brace and soy sauce with some ginger and some scallions hot oil on top.



01:02:39.090 --> 01:02:44.160

Stephanie Linnander: And they're like all right come pick you up in 20 minutes and I was just driving over there super stoked.



01:02:44.460 --> 01:02:44.910

Akil Hill: yeah.



01:02:45.540 --> 01:02:47.460

Stephanie Linnander: So that's been super cool but yeah i'm willing to.



01:02:48.660 --> 01:02:50.490

Akil Hill: Give that field to fork stephanie.



01:02:53.430 --> 01:02:53.790

Akil Hill: field.



01:02:54.030 --> 01:02:54.900

Hong Lieu: That is a fair point.



01:02:55.530 --> 01:02:59.880

Hong Lieu: And, as someone who can't rewrite Chinese either I mean the secret Chinese menu thing it.



01:03:00.300 --> 01:03:06.780

Hong Lieu: Is a is a thing in a lot of like isn't it's not done they don't do that in La like in this TV there there's no secret menu because.



01:03:06.960 --> 01:03:14.340

Hong Lieu: You buys agrees to use them, I don't know I mean that I understand why you do it here because there's certain dishes that you don't have that many that much of that ingredients, so you want to kind of keep.



01:03:14.700 --> 01:03:19.410

Hong Lieu: keep those sales low, but in La they just trying to sell as much as they can have everything, so I want to kind of.



01:03:19.770 --> 01:03:20.250

Stephanie Linnander: Be on there.



01:03:20.460 --> 01:03:24.270

Hong Lieu: yeah and I was like oh man I forgot I left out to but you know but.



01:03:24.420 --> 01:03:25.560

Stephanie Linnander: China pavilion has one.



01:03:25.950 --> 01:03:26.910

Akil Hill: yep definitely.



01:03:26.940 --> 01:03:28.830

Hong Lieu: All the restaurants in town have a secret Chinese man.



01:03:28.830 --> 01:03:29.730

Stephanie Linnander: yeah exactly.



01:03:30.480 --> 01:03:36.180

Hong Lieu: And and tenable it actually went to the extra step of translating it, which is nice, because now, because I do like ordering some of the dishes on there.



01:03:36.360 --> 01:03:44.340

Hong Lieu: Like they have bitter melon you know which I really love and bitter melon o'neill is huge and i'm like well if you don't sell them it's bitter melon I can't even trust a bit of money given me because it's.



01:03:44.340 --> 01:03:44.730

Stephanie Linnander: giving me.



01:03:46.110 --> 01:03:50.220

Hong Lieu: Like three weeks old you never know but yeah I so i've kind of come around that as well, but.



01:03:51.300 --> 01:03:59.100

Hong Lieu: yeah there's I mean there's a am Jason Irvine so it's a little farther South and I but but Irvine is like a real hotbed for Asian kind of food and just Asian.



01:03:59.400 --> 01:04:04.500

Hong Lieu: kind of people getting together because of the university and just like, if you want to see like, if you want to hang out with the.



01:04:05.010 --> 01:04:12.480

Hong Lieu: Young folks and see because a lot of young Asian just going out to eat is kind of like going out it's like before the club or after whatever yada yada.



01:04:12.750 --> 01:04:21.780

Hong Lieu: So, so those those kind of areas, what would happen would happen in restaurants seems like you know Rowland heights Irvine you know arcadia stuff like that it's definitely.



01:04:21.960 --> 01:04:37.110

Stephanie Linnander: A Buddhist community food in Asian culture, if you did food, I mean if it was all cultures it's a huge connection, but especially that's our get together, you know hot pot, is my all time absolute favorite comfort food, above all else.



01:04:37.830 --> 01:04:44.490

Stephanie Linnander: And that we have one I think they make a change of ownership so many times that one that's on lower state.



01:04:44.520 --> 01:04:45.660

Hong Lieu: They spawn the dim sum.



01:04:46.110 --> 01:04:50.520

Hong Lieu: I think the lights dim sum, but they're hot pot was the most authentic because they had the bar the.



01:04:50.520 --> 01:04:51.060




01:04:53.580 --> 01:04:54.390

Hong Lieu: even have the duck next.



01:04:55.500 --> 01:05:07.020

Hong Lieu: Meeting duck next like a crazy person like oh God, what do you don't like oh man i'm so glad to have this stuff but yeah they they pivoted because I I guess it wasn't it wasn't paying the bills, I guess, all the way, but states free reign is just crazy so.



01:05:07.140 --> 01:05:13.200

Stephanie Linnander: yeah exactly but that's why you know boil actually has been my my other it's not the same thing, since it's like a single.



01:05:13.470 --> 01:05:14.490

Hong Lieu: solo pop it.



01:05:14.580 --> 01:05:15.300

Hong Lieu: is good.



01:05:15.480 --> 01:05:23.100

Stephanie Linnander: it's still good until it hits the spot it, you know satisfy the craving for when it's like I, this is the best thing I can get in town, this is what i'm going for.



01:05:23.370 --> 01:05:33.090

Hong Lieu: And if you want boba popcorn chicken, you know boy was also the best spot if you knew I like they don't do brick toast, which is the one boba snack that I really miss is like the giant hug a piece of bread, with the condensed milk, but.



01:05:33.660 --> 01:05:35.190

Stephanie Linnander: I wasn't render that honestly.



01:05:35.520 --> 01:05:36.840

Stephanie Linnander: it's a little too sweet for me.



01:05:38.100 --> 01:05:40.590

Hong Lieu: I could like I said no taste, no taste here.



01:05:44.160 --> 01:05:44.670

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah.



01:05:45.090 --> 01:06:01.800

Stephanie Linnander: I got spoiled with boba and Taiwan like being a bit of a boba snob if you will bobo is Taiwanese and I came from there and I prior to the pandemic i'd go there, once a year, my sister lives out there with her husband, and so they.



01:06:02.880 --> 01:06:18.390

Stephanie Linnander: Were my go to spot for my annual Taiwan trip and that's where I get my boob effects and how pop fix and all of the Taiwanese food would be my annual trip out there and with Kobe that's come to a close, so I have her vicariously some photos to me, so I can look through her at this point.



01:06:18.660 --> 01:06:27.300

Hong Lieu: My my wife is my wife, his wife, but she's she loves bubble way more than I do, and she's like she's like not a full on kind of service, she likes really good boba.



01:06:27.690 --> 01:06:40.500

Hong Lieu: Her favorite boba is in La it's a chain that's from Taiwan teach Ascension and like it's like it does, I can even taste it as someone with no taste, it is like that that extra little notch above where the qq of the boba chou.



01:06:40.650 --> 01:06:41.790

Stephanie Linnander: Yes, the qq.



01:06:42.240 --> 01:06:43.920

Hong Lieu: tea milk balance is excellent.



01:06:43.920 --> 01:06:50.760

Hong Lieu: So yeah I can respect it, even though i'm like yeah i'll take that quickly tapioca express just it's just the same too, but yeah I mean talent.



01:06:51.810 --> 01:06:59.550

Hong Lieu: really like 20 sausage stinky tofu pork chop right a lot of it is like CAFE like like not CAFE like diner food too cheap in it it's just like.



01:06:59.730 --> 01:07:10.680

Hong Lieu: You get together with friends, you get together with family, you can all get something different, you know if you want steak and eggs and pork chop rice and some stinky tofu or some Chinese the time when he saw studies, which are all excellent yeah.



01:07:11.760 --> 01:07:20.970

Stephanie Linnander: I do, like all the night market foods and that's when you know, one of the big things that they're known for is that night market just kind of reacting to to qq I actually haven't heard somebody say qq in.



01:07:21.030 --> 01:07:25.680

Stephanie Linnander: In years only because I think that my mom and my sister, and I use.



01:07:25.890 --> 01:07:43.230

Stephanie Linnander: So qq is a is a texture it's like a chewing is that tune, is that you get with boba is qq and it's something that's so sought after like if you get like a good like steam bow or been and that it's just right where you get that she was like Oh, this is qq is perfect.



01:07:44.010 --> 01:07:51.600

Hong Lieu: mushy is not mushy it gives a little bit back, but it definitely is soft soft and my husband, not to be machine that is.



01:07:51.660 --> 01:07:54.150

Stephanie Linnander: me you like unlocked a total memory that I.



01:07:56.730 --> 01:08:08.220

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah you can't you can't do like a boba analysis without without without analyzing the qq along with the ratio and i'm just nice green tea guide, so I just like the straight T flavor as well yeah you.



01:08:08.280 --> 01:08:11.280

Akil Hill: So funny you guys made me think about.



01:08:12.420 --> 01:08:25.080

Akil Hill: One other thing that i'm going to throw out in the show too, because you guys are talking about the boba that the texture last weekend I think was last week in the week before we were done in Santa Monica and we tried to the mochi not.



01:08:25.320 --> 01:08:26.700

Hong Lieu: Oh that's right the Multi donut.



01:08:26.790 --> 01:08:38.940

Akil Hill: yeah so it was a more she was like a multi donut so that's another spot if you find yourself down in in the La area it's something worth trying out there actually are getting getting ready to open one in northridge.



01:08:40.050 --> 01:08:47.460

Akil Hill: But so that would be a little bit closer but it's not open yet, but yeah it's that that kind of texture where you're saying, where it's like.



01:08:48.510 --> 01:08:53.280

Akil Hill: it's a little a little soft but not too soft and so it just made me think about.



01:08:53.850 --> 01:08:57.690

Hong Lieu: Multi donuts and and mochi is definitely qq when you hit it hit it right like.



01:08:57.690 --> 01:09:00.450

Hong Lieu: yeah wait a couple days to too chewy.



01:09:00.750 --> 01:09:09.810

Hong Lieu: yeah if you get it if he gets the job done wrong it's too mushy bone you hit it just right that is definitely qq in a nutshell, and and there is one person in town here doing mochi donuts.



01:09:10.320 --> 01:09:14.820

Hong Lieu: His name is more donors he's like an instagram pop up he sells out a lot so it's kind of hard to get up here.



01:09:15.060 --> 01:09:17.460

Hong Lieu: yeah but in terms of yeah I.



01:09:17.820 --> 01:09:18.360

Akil Hill: haven't tried them.



01:09:18.570 --> 01:09:19.380

Akil Hill: Is the Asian, though.



01:09:19.740 --> 01:09:20.610

Hong Lieu: yeah well yeah.



01:09:20.700 --> 01:09:21.840

Hong Lieu: Okay okay cool I came.



01:09:21.930 --> 01:09:22.290

Akil Hill: out, you know.



01:09:22.320 --> 01:09:24.690

Hong Lieu: He knows the guy that prostate tie your choice tie.



01:09:25.050 --> 01:09:27.660

Hong Lieu: Because it makes his own ice cream the criminal criminal.



01:09:28.380 --> 01:09:39.180

Hong Lieu: Criminal I think is actually put in the show notes as well, so they know each other, my because my wife befriended a boss because she's been trying to get him to do both but stuff and do some other stuff too, because she wants to kind of bring some more that food.



01:09:39.750 --> 01:09:43.680

Hong Lieu: yeah she's she's she's more of an ambassador for the culture than I am at this point.



01:09:43.680 --> 01:09:48.240

Hong Lieu: So i'm kind of embarrassed to say no taste, not an ambassador for the culture, like really.



01:09:49.800 --> 01:09:51.510

Stephanie Linnander: she's she's pushing you in the right direction.



01:09:52.410 --> 01:09:54.510

Hong Lieu: She dragged me, along with you.



01:09:54.540 --> 01:10:03.180

Akil Hill: So in the Santa Monica mall that's where the mochi it's called mochi now that's the name of the company, but so we kind of stumbled.



01:10:04.380 --> 01:10:06.030

Akil Hill: Across it, it was like you know.



01:10:07.170 --> 01:10:16.560

Akil Hill: Ramadan was still in, and so we were like you know someone's getting ready said we're trying to figure out where we're going to eat we're walking around the food court and we stumbled into it.



01:10:17.730 --> 01:10:27.720

Akil Hill: And it was funny because the there was a line kind of growing right, and so the line was they just did a bad job at really creating like.



01:10:28.980 --> 01:10:35.100

Akil Hill: You know, like this is the line right, so the wind kind of wrapped around the side of the of the donut shop.



01:10:35.610 --> 01:10:44.160

Akil Hill: And people would come in one direction, and just think that they were at the at the beginning of the line, but then the line was on the side, so you know it had that whole tension, we.



01:10:44.430 --> 01:10:46.710

Akil Hill: were like people are like there's only.



01:10:46.860 --> 01:10:47.160

Akil Hill: there's only.



01:10:48.000 --> 01:10:50.580

Akil Hill: there's only a few minutes left, right and they weren't.



01:10:51.030 --> 01:10:58.710

Akil Hill: They weren't making them fast enough and so people would roll in and he could see they're standing there and other people are like given that depth look right.



01:10:59.070 --> 01:11:07.050

Akil Hill: And so, then they kind of feel like oh wait divides over here so then we go in and, and so the funny thing is like you know, I was like look.



01:11:07.800 --> 01:11:15.750

Akil Hill: we're getting that doesn't like i'm like I it's like I don't even care if they're good I had never tried to like just share on principle they're about to run out.



01:11:17.460 --> 01:11:25.590

Akil Hill: And so the people behind us, they were like you know they're like really interested they're ordering because they're like this guy is going to order it here everything.



01:11:25.650 --> 01:11:25.920

Akil Hill: You know.



01:11:26.610 --> 01:11:40.050

Akil Hill: But uh yeah so it's that was funny all the tension that the drama donuts running now you're like oh no the chocolate, you know it's all gone, you know, and so, but yeah mochi donuts man those.



01:11:42.000 --> 01:11:48.060

Akil Hill: crazy good you know the strawberry one was one of my favorites they had a whole bunch different layers like strawberry peach.



01:11:49.890 --> 01:11:59.790

Akil Hill: Had a yogurt flavor a blueberry blueberry actually was one of my favorites to strawberries and blueberries I didn't try the chocolate because wifey kind of devoured those before I got to.



01:12:02.160 --> 01:12:02.460

Akil Hill: But.



01:12:02.550 --> 01:12:03.780

Akil Hill: She said they were good.



01:12:04.620 --> 01:12:05.430

Akil Hill: And so.



01:12:06.450 --> 01:12:12.630

Akil Hill: But uh yeah definitely if you in the Santa Monica area you got to make sure you hit them the mochi donuts.



01:12:13.830 --> 01:12:15.630

Akil Hill: I was trying to bring some back home, but you know.



01:12:16.920 --> 01:12:18.390

Akil Hill: Maybe you have a beast.



01:12:18.480 --> 01:12:19.590

Akil Hill: You know how be sometimes.



01:12:19.890 --> 01:12:21.780

Hong Lieu: You know, you know and and.



01:12:21.840 --> 01:12:31.740

Hong Lieu: and your mom's with YouTube and she texted me to she's like those mochi donuts we're good i'm like oh man like you like you did it did it right though you got showing out for the family that's good yes.



01:12:31.770 --> 01:12:35.730

Akil Hill: So that's those who are tie and watch during that span.



01:12:36.300 --> 01:12:42.210

Hong Lieu: will get everything in the show notes as best we can and we covered a lot of ground which is, which is what the show is all about, and now we're headed.



01:12:42.540 --> 01:12:56.850

Hong Lieu: hendra and our last segment, which is a higher learning so Stephen you want to kick us off again book TV music movie any piece of culture that that's kind of moved, you are kind of you know, recent or throughout your life if you want to share anything.



01:12:59.460 --> 01:13:10.020

Stephanie Linnander: Definitely i've been so been hitting the books back again so your free time has been few far between besides, you know the occasional you know 90 day fiance episode that I.



01:13:14.280 --> 01:13:19.740

Stephanie Linnander: that's why i'm sorry that's my go to is all the spin offs of 90 day fiance our.



01:13:19.740 --> 01:13:21.060

Stephanie Linnander: Man Steve.



01:13:22.140 --> 01:13:23.910

Akil Hill: This is gonna continue after the show but go ahead.



01:13:25.920 --> 01:13:30.690

Stephanie Linnander: i'm so happy with that there's a lot of people that go ooh really i'm like I love tlc i'm sorry.



01:13:32.520 --> 01:13:41.340

Stephanie Linnander: But i've been hitting the books, a lot lately obviously finishing up school and the the most interesting course that i've taken recently was.



01:13:41.880 --> 01:13:52.590

Stephanie Linnander: The history of indigenous Americans and and learning more about the culture and history behind that, and you know the impact of our US politics and.



01:13:53.400 --> 01:14:12.870

Stephanie Linnander: The impact on that and the one day thing that the instructor did to kick off the course was we had to watch a Ted talk and it was called the danger of a single story and I keep ever since I took that course a couple of months ago I keep referencing it because I think it was so powerful.



01:14:14.580 --> 01:14:27.990

Stephanie Linnander: And what it practices is when you listen to one person side of of a story or one person's experience we have a tendency to hone in on that narrative and the example given.



01:14:29.820 --> 01:14:37.560

Stephanie Linnander: In in it well, you can basically compare it to is you know I meet somebody and i'm like oh all right.



01:14:37.920 --> 01:14:43.170

Stephanie Linnander: you're from xyz culture and I hear your story, and I take it as oh Now I know about the culture.



01:14:43.470 --> 01:14:53.130

Stephanie Linnander: And that's my takeaway and in their instances, it was watching movies and assuming that you know all white people are Americans, and therefore this is how they act.



01:14:53.550 --> 01:15:03.360

Stephanie Linnander: And it's the danger of a single story and that's why I think it circles back to what you mentioned earlier, Hong where it's listening to everybody's different stories and experiences and.



01:15:03.810 --> 01:15:13.290

Stephanie Linnander: You gave the example of looking at Sweden, for example, and feeling like you know they're really progressive and they have you know their inch together, and you know they're doing great.



01:15:14.730 --> 01:15:23.100

Stephanie Linnander: But then we hear about these different things that are going on in the different layers so that reliance on a single story is such a dangerous narrative.



01:15:23.430 --> 01:15:30.240

Stephanie Linnander: And that we really need to look at multiple perspectives and really hear the experiences of.



01:15:30.780 --> 01:15:43.140

Stephanie Linnander: A variety of people and that never ends we're constantly evolving in that that I can't just hear your story in Hong and yours akil is I need to go, I want to truly understand I need to go deeper and go broader and that will.



01:15:43.830 --> 01:15:58.860

Stephanie Linnander: never end it'll continue forever and you know it's it's being aware and cognizant of that and that Ted talk has just really stuck with me, ever since, so I would highly recommend that anybody watched that for that insight.



01:16:00.630 --> 01:16:08.190

Hong Lieu: yeah it's it's definitely a powerful valid like you know message and very important is that not only to do not count on that same a story.



01:16:08.460 --> 01:16:16.740

Hong Lieu: But did that learning must go on forever, because the narrative is always continuing unfold, and we are all individuals, which is you know, we are all.



01:16:16.980 --> 01:16:26.790

Hong Lieu: Equal as individuals, so to get those individual perspectives and kind of tie them into the overarching all is is essential and I feel like for you, you kind of advocated for this especially.



01:16:27.150 --> 01:16:32.610

Hong Lieu: As someone who's mixed race, you know my son is mixed race akil kills not you know, like, I mean it's just.



01:16:33.420 --> 01:16:37.470

Hong Lieu: A single story to a mixed race person is like you know it was like one day, you know because.



01:16:38.100 --> 01:16:44.280

Hong Lieu: there's there's so many it's such a multifaceted kind of existence there's so many aspects of it, and I see my son kind of you know navigating.



01:16:44.550 --> 01:16:52.590

Hong Lieu: His his two sides of the two sides of His story in different ways, were like you know my parents are the angry, you know angry evil was.



01:16:53.040 --> 01:17:01.020

Hong Lieu: My wife's parents with it, you know, like but it's but it's reconciling both of them understanding he's a little you know he's a part of both and both both aspects of the culture are important.



01:17:01.320 --> 01:17:08.460

Hong Lieu: to acknowledge and recognize, I mean you can't you can't boil any any of that down to a single story you can't sell anybody on this planet.



01:17:08.820 --> 01:17:16.800

Hong Lieu: To to to a single story and oppression, a meeting you know it's like even food critics when they when they write about restaurants there they don't go eat there once they write their story.



01:17:17.130 --> 01:17:26.130

Hong Lieu: You eat there multiple times you sample various dishes you know, like this, all that principle to see to extend to our lives in general it's a very important kind of point to me right.



01:17:26.640 --> 01:17:38.760

Akil Hill: What I also to what I also here and i'm kind of reflecting on listening to you share that with stephanie is also the piece of the element of of traveling you know because.



01:17:39.990 --> 01:17:49.440

Akil Hill: that's the piece in it, and so, for a lot of American people, you know a lot of American people, they don't even have a passport, let alone, three side FLEX.



01:17:49.740 --> 01:17:50.130




01:17:52.200 --> 01:18:04.680

Akil Hill: um that you know I you know i've had the you know the good fortune to travel pretty extensively and I really understand like you know a lot of my biases or.



01:18:05.220 --> 01:18:08.880

Akil Hill: You know preconceived notions shifted when I was in different places.



01:18:09.420 --> 01:18:14.880

Akil Hill: You know, when I was in Saudi Arabia things shifted when I was in Turkey things shifted when I was in Morocco.



01:18:15.180 --> 01:18:23.640

Akil Hill: Things shifted when I was in you know different places that i've been when I was in Japan being shifted like a lot of a lot of your preconceived notions.



01:18:24.210 --> 01:18:37.080

Akil Hill: Are you know just just simply not right you're just you know what I mean and and that comes from a lot of you know, the media, or what we think that we know we know about a group of people.



01:18:37.410 --> 01:18:41.250

Akil Hill: versus actually spending time in the presence in their company in their country.



01:18:42.030 --> 01:18:50.850

Akil Hill: So you know I just think it's important you know to you know remind the listeners, and if you guys after cove it passes I would highly suggest.



01:18:51.180 --> 01:18:57.330

Akil Hill: If there's not one thing I think what people should really take away from the pandemic is people need to travel.



01:18:58.050 --> 01:19:08.730

Akil Hill: You know you've been stuck in a home for a year okay now it's time to travel get out there and see the world and and and challenges you challenge your own stuff with your your notions and your beliefs, what you thought you may have.



01:19:09.390 --> 01:19:15.150

Akil Hill: New prior going into it, you know, so you know get a passport you don't have to get three but definitely want.



01:19:16.170 --> 01:19:33.000

Stephanie Linnander: At least one I recommend it when my big thing is the biggest takeaway as well, and always advocate strongly for international students, the International program does such amazing work with them, and unfortunately they get given a bad rap a lot we've seen the the Community.



01:19:34.890 --> 01:19:41.760

Stephanie Linnander: And kind of viewpoint on international students, I was very negative in years past towards international students and.



01:19:42.270 --> 01:19:47.520

Stephanie Linnander: A lot of people do have a lot of preconceived notions of them I was once part of that group.



01:19:47.970 --> 01:19:53.460

Stephanie Linnander: And a lot of what I can you know, sometimes hear from other students staff or faculty are like.



01:19:53.760 --> 01:20:05.550

Stephanie Linnander: Oh, the Swedish students are like this oh are tiny students are like this, you know, are you know and kind of grouping them together, but one thing I try to remind them as myself, coming from Sweden is.



01:20:06.870 --> 01:20:17.730

Stephanie Linnander: This group of sweets I come over there, a specific cohort of students that share that ideology and lifestyle and will to come over to the US and study it doesn't represent.



01:20:18.210 --> 01:20:26.130

Stephanie Linnander: All of the Swedish you know 20 something year olds that come over here and that's the danger of a single story is we're looking at this and categorizing us.



01:20:26.520 --> 01:20:32.100

Stephanie Linnander: Oh, these are how Swedes are or these are how our Chinese students are Korean students.



01:20:32.520 --> 01:20:44.880

Stephanie Linnander: And just looking at it as a single story is so dangerous, because not representative of it there's so many facets to it, you can't take your experience with this one person and mold it as and take it as.



01:20:45.360 --> 01:20:56.310

Stephanie Linnander: You know the Community or the culture as a whole and so really being continually cognizant of that and traveling and experiencing it and being proactive in that is so important.



01:20:57.570 --> 01:21:04.020

Hong Lieu: yeah those preconceived notions they're not completely worthless like they'll get you maybe 50 55% of the way, but if you're.



01:21:04.470 --> 01:21:10.530

Hong Lieu: Trying to take that to make it 100% and your point is made yeah that's not gonna that's not gonna work so so you really have to.



01:21:11.040 --> 01:21:17.550

Hong Lieu: compliment it's like analytics and sports I think about like all those all the analytics are important, but if you don't watch the Games, what do you really know you know so it's like.



01:21:17.910 --> 01:21:25.470

Hong Lieu: All the your preconceived notions or this and that but, until you meet someone and actually get to know them and and and meet more people and really.



01:21:25.680 --> 01:21:34.410

Hong Lieu: Especially because, like I said individual we're all individuals, by definition, so there are literally you know over 6 billion different impressions on this planet right now.



01:21:34.710 --> 01:21:40.290

Hong Lieu: let alone in the past and what's to come just right now 6 billion different perspectives.



01:21:40.560 --> 01:21:53.340

Hong Lieu: On what this human condition is all about, so if you're not even getting to know, but one or two and you're trying to make big old grand statements about things yeah it's just you kind of know what you're getting into before you get into it so definitely.



01:21:53.430 --> 01:22:03.030

Stephanie Linnander: And I would also say there's a lot of things right in front of us that we can also you know work to understand better and appreciate and and work hard towards to be more inclusion airy.



01:22:03.720 --> 01:22:10.530

Stephanie Linnander: i've worked with the esl program here on campus for a couple of years past year, with a pandemic has has slowed.



01:22:11.760 --> 01:22:23.760

Stephanie Linnander: But this this might be going into a different tangent but in terms of deaf culture, especially is being cognizant of that and that existing on our campus as well, we do have we have two dash.



01:22:24.870 --> 01:22:31.170

Stephanie Linnander: faculty on our campus Ignacio ponce and and cat as well, they are.



01:22:31.980 --> 01:22:44.250

Stephanie Linnander: Huge part of this campus and the esl program and the work they've done it's phenomenal in terms of being include unary for deaf and hard of hearing students, which is one thing I did want to mention with regards to this podcast is.



01:22:44.970 --> 01:22:49.770

Stephanie Linnander: Would it be possible to transcribe it as well just for that accessibility as well.



01:22:49.980 --> 01:22:53.130

Hong Lieu: We do provide subtitles on all of our episodes.



01:22:53.190 --> 01:22:53.910

Stephanie Linnander: You have to go through.



01:22:54.270 --> 01:23:02.400

Hong Lieu: To our simple cast page, to get them and they are done by zoom so they're not kind of all the way there but yeah they they do a pretty good job for the most part.



01:23:03.090 --> 01:23:09.090

Hong Lieu: So yeah we do provide a trance transcript for each episode that some of the timestamps get a little off because I do a little bit of.



01:23:09.900 --> 01:23:12.690

Hong Lieu: some slight edits but they're brought 95% of the way there.



01:23:13.290 --> 01:23:24.930

Hong Lieu: In terms of quality, I can't speak on the call but they're definitely not going to pass like Ada muster but yes we I do absolutely I didn't think about that cognizant Lisa we do have the zoom transcripts with me yep okay cool cool cool.



01:23:25.200 --> 01:23:31.860

Stephanie Linnander: So yeah so there's a lot of work that we can always do not only out in the world, but also here at home in our Community as well.



01:23:33.000 --> 01:23:33.720

Stephanie Linnander: Absolutely.



01:23:33.780 --> 01:23:38.880

Hong Lieu: Well, said, and I will definitely get a link to that Ted talk in the show notes so folks can check it out and.



01:23:39.450 --> 01:23:49.920

Hong Lieu: kind of build on the conversation we've been having here because definitely worth having a definitely worth you know expounding on even further, because you can never you can go, you can go forever on that that's a that's a topic, you can just go.



01:23:50.280 --> 01:23:53.610

Stephanie Linnander: Oh yeah no that's the thing where i'm like Oh, I can snowball and keep going forever.



01:23:54.150 --> 01:23:57.720

Hong Lieu: yeah just like we were talking about food all sounds like you came up and we went another know.



01:23:59.040 --> 01:24:00.930

Hong Lieu: What it's all about all about.



01:24:01.980 --> 01:24:02.730

Hong Lieu: Thank you for that.



01:24:04.020 --> 01:24:08.190

Hong Lieu: Alright cool you want me to go again, you want to go oh alright.



01:24:09.990 --> 01:24:10.680

Hong Lieu: Alright, I go.



01:24:10.710 --> 01:24:11.220

Akil Hill: yeah go ahead.



01:24:13.050 --> 01:24:22.470

Hong Lieu: I got to do quick picks this week, I wanted to mention to animated thing that I did I did kind of comics last week somebody some animated stuff this week, yes Okay, which is on.



01:24:22.530 --> 01:24:23.580

Akil Hill: Oh, that was me.



01:24:23.640 --> 01:24:25.740

Akil Hill: I was you okay i'll stop talking about yes okay.



01:24:25.920 --> 01:24:27.180

Akil Hill: No, no.



01:24:27.270 --> 01:24:27.570

Akil Hill: i'll wait.



01:24:27.840 --> 01:24:28.320

Akil Hill: i'll wait and well.



01:24:28.410 --> 01:24:29.190

Hong Lieu: I know cuz I got to.



01:24:29.460 --> 01:24:34.260

Hong Lieu: I got to I got to my second pick my second pick is gonna be invincible.



01:24:34.980 --> 01:24:41.850

Hong Lieu: Which is on Amazon streaming full disclosure my oldest sister is the executive producer of animation and Amazon so she helped.



01:24:42.180 --> 01:24:51.270

Hong Lieu: kind of bring that show to the she works to us he works on all the animation she's not like an animator she's like the behind the scenes kind of person, but so she works on everything that's enemy that ran and, most of us.



01:24:51.720 --> 01:24:54.390

Hong Lieu: kind of comes through her office so she was a part of that process and.



01:24:55.170 --> 01:25:00.570

Hong Lieu: But it turned out really well, I was a fan of the comic before it kind of hit the hit the screen and they did a great job kind of.



01:25:01.050 --> 01:25:05.730

Hong Lieu: Bringing the comic to the screen and i'm kind of excited to see how they adapt some of the other storylines.



01:25:06.120 --> 01:25:11.730

Hong Lieu: It is very violent I mean it's like it's like grisly violent in terms of like the show but.



01:25:12.060 --> 01:25:20.400

Hong Lieu: But it's it's kind of it's needed to kind of tell that story it's a superhero think it's like the boys common Amazon, just like a realistic superior story, but the boys live action and invisibles animated.



01:25:21.120 --> 01:25:28.380

Hong Lieu: And I just thought they did a really good job and its faithful to the comics so if you're curious if you're curious about it all is definitely worth checking out and yeah it.



01:25:28.740 --> 01:25:35.910

Hong Lieu: The first season eight episodes and it ends kind of on a cliffhanger and it's oh yeah it was it was excellent and it's it's one of those things where.



01:25:36.480 --> 01:25:40.830

Hong Lieu: She was telling me about the production and saying there were there were like moments, where I was like you know touchy here and there, but.



01:25:41.220 --> 01:25:49.320

Hong Lieu: In terms of when it came out and the impact it's had all my friends are talking about it and we're just like it just it was just really good I mean if you can get over like the hyper violence aspect of it which.



01:25:49.590 --> 01:25:57.570

Hong Lieu: Is animated it's kind of comical you know it's superhero so people are going to get like ripped in half and stuff it happens, but if, once you get over that it's a really good.



01:25:58.770 --> 01:26:01.980

Hong Lieu: it's like it's and it's a superhero family so like the father is the Superman.



01:26:02.340 --> 01:26:08.490

Hong Lieu: And the sun is this is, you know he's he's he just got his powers, but it turns out that the father is like.



01:26:08.820 --> 01:26:16.020

Hong Lieu: secretly kind of like has an evil kind of support ran through so I just asked i'll leave it at that and then like, if you want, you can yeah i'll put a link in the show us invincible.



01:26:16.920 --> 01:26:27.660

Hong Lieu: And, and the guy who did invincible comic also did walking dead Robert kirkman so it's his two babies are walking dead and invincible and now they both been adapted into good TV specialist and yeah awesome so.



01:26:28.740 --> 01:26:32.520

Hong Lieu: Nice nice nice way to get a plug for my family member there and also.



01:26:32.610 --> 01:26:33.720

Akil Hill: Ah yeah.



01:26:34.830 --> 01:26:38.190

Hong Lieu: And then the day the what the what I wanted to spend that off the point I wanted to make is that.



01:26:38.640 --> 01:26:47.310

Hong Lieu: it's not like we know we we all grew up we're just chillin like it's not like my sister was this person like really like like she was in animation but it wasn't like something where I looked at her like she's going to get.



01:26:47.610 --> 01:26:54.270

Hong Lieu: You know, get into doing animation one day it's just one of the things where the experiences we had growing up like we'd all sit together and watch TV.



01:26:54.570 --> 01:26:58.920

Hong Lieu: or she's the one I showed me anime like she brought she brought like akira on table and we watched it like.



01:26:59.160 --> 01:27:04.140

Hong Lieu: Little things like that that I didn't think meant that much in the moment like they were they were profound moments for me.



01:27:04.470 --> 01:27:07.950

Hong Lieu: Because of what I was learning in terms of you know, being exposed to pop culture.



01:27:08.340 --> 01:27:15.960

Hong Lieu: But in terms of like having that profile kind of impression I didn't know it was something that we kind of springboard into a career with a and that's kind of how all of our lives, end up being.



01:27:16.230 --> 01:27:23.250

Hong Lieu: A little moments, and things that you pick up on throughout your life experiences that you really like profoundly meaningful to you, you don't know how other people kind of.



01:27:23.670 --> 01:27:31.020

Hong Lieu: exists in those planes as well, like like experience really profound to me, maybe weren't so to her, and vice versa, where something else there is like humdrum girls like well you know, like so.



01:27:31.410 --> 01:27:41.430

Hong Lieu: You know, like it just kind of interesting to see how our lives played out and where that brought us and the little moments, and things that I can think of, now that kind of led us on that path and it's just kind of cool.



01:27:42.690 --> 01:27:42.960




01:27:44.670 --> 01:27:45.150

Akil Hill: Nice.



01:27:46.680 --> 01:27:47.280

Hong Lieu: Article.



01:27:47.730 --> 01:27:50.310

Akil Hill: I was so excited to accept my listen, I know how he.



01:27:50.340 --> 01:27:51.210

likes to geek out.



01:27:53.280 --> 01:28:05.820

Akil Hill: On anime and so i'm like i'm going to give him, and you know it is API month and so i'm like i'm gonna try to step out here on the limb and do some enemy, which is not like my forte or my.



01:28:05.820 --> 01:28:06.540

Hong Lieu: watched it.



01:28:06.930 --> 01:28:08.430

Akil Hill: And yeah I watched.



01:28:09.900 --> 01:28:11.010

Akil Hill: I watched those series.



01:28:12.390 --> 01:28:13.170

Akil Hill: and



01:28:14.730 --> 01:28:20.220

Akil Hill: I thought was pretty good it's always yes good, how do you pronounce it yesterday.



01:28:20.610 --> 01:28:21.870

Hong Lieu: I go yeah yes okay.



01:28:22.050 --> 01:28:22.710

Akil Hill: Yes, okay.



01:28:22.770 --> 01:28:25.050

Hong Lieu: So you're fasting like yesterday but yeah yeah yeah.



01:28:26.010 --> 01:28:27.300

Akil Hill: i'm used to saying yesterday but.



01:28:27.420 --> 01:28:28.350

Hong Lieu: yeah yes okay well.



01:28:28.680 --> 01:28:33.360

Akil Hill: um but uh basically we can talk to him on this on.



01:28:33.840 --> 01:28:34.320

Hong Lieu: yeah since.



01:28:34.350 --> 01:28:39.120

Akil Hill: Since i'm sure you know you went in you probably took a super deep dive but basically.



01:28:39.150 --> 01:28:44.400

Akil Hill: it's a story about an African man who comes to Japan in the 15th century.



01:28:45.600 --> 01:28:50.220

Akil Hill: And he basically becomes a summer I I believe he.



01:28:51.720 --> 01:28:52.920

Akil Hill: He was under.



01:28:54.120 --> 01:28:55.260

Akil Hill: what's the guy's name.



01:28:55.710 --> 01:28:56.640

Hong Lieu: i'm moving Naga.



01:28:56.730 --> 01:29:09.870

Akil Hill: No, no, but Naga yo what was his first name is Olga Olga Olga Olga and so, but it's kind of it's like the show that's on netflix it's an enemy show and it's kind of like telling His story.



01:29:11.220 --> 01:29:15.750

Akil Hill: And so you know that's who that's That was my PIC for the week.



01:29:17.220 --> 01:29:19.920

Akil Hill: I one thing I did really like about it is.



01:29:21.660 --> 01:29:39.090

Akil Hill: This is gonna sound crazy, but I thought the music, it was really well done there was like that that blend of like Japanese and hip hop kind of infused so it was good to see like the culture is kind of colliding and making making beautiful things together.



01:29:40.230 --> 01:29:43.140

Akil Hill: And so, but yeah I mean what else would you say about it.



01:29:43.530 --> 01:29:57.450

Hong Lieu: yeah so the music was done by a flying Lotus notes I lo he's a producer from La he does he has a record label called brain feeder he just kind of like he has like a jazz bass, but he does a lot of electronic kind of production so for the soundtrack is really good.



01:29:58.560 --> 01:30:04.050

Hong Lieu: And, and it is based on a true story in terms of yesterday was you know serve under auto newbie Naga.



01:30:04.290 --> 01:30:12.960

Hong Lieu: They have an animation itself there's like robots and magic involved, so it gets pretty fantastical pretty quick, but I kind of like that, as well you know where where they integrate some of the.



01:30:13.260 --> 01:30:18.510

Hong Lieu: The the classic anime tropes like you know giant Mecca and things of that sort, to to kind of add to the story.



01:30:18.990 --> 01:30:27.840

Hong Lieu: And yeah and it's just it's Well done, the animation studios mappa they did they've they've worked on a lot of stuff they did the final season of attack on titan.



01:30:28.410 --> 01:30:32.820

Hong Lieu: David this movie called in this corner of the world which I really loved so I knew the studio.



01:30:33.300 --> 01:30:38.430

Hong Lieu: And I think the animation is really well done, the action is pretty phonetic like they did a good job animating the action.



01:30:38.850 --> 01:30:42.780

Hong Lieu: And it's just kind of a cool story, because you know the people think of Japan as it's like.



01:30:43.170 --> 01:30:50.010

Hong Lieu: You know this isolationist you know just Japanese island but seeing stories like this, where Yasukuni was in the 15th century and African man who.



01:30:50.310 --> 01:30:59.610

Hong Lieu: Who who ended up in the circle that one of the one of the kind of older noble Naga is like a Japanese heavyweight in terms of the dime meals of you know, like the leaders of that.



01:31:00.390 --> 01:31:04.470

Hong Lieu: I mean the first time I heard about him was from a video game that's kind of when I guess ambitions strategy game.



01:31:04.800 --> 01:31:09.120

Hong Lieu: Where you do, like all the stuff so just having that name out there, like, I know that name from other sources, and then.



01:31:09.720 --> 01:31:16.860

Hong Lieu: was able to do that deep dive and knowing that yes, Okay, was able to get in kind of that upper Echelon of being in that inner circle with him.



01:31:17.370 --> 01:31:23.760

Hong Lieu: Is is kind of a big deal, you know so so first for something through a country, and you know you think of this isolation if.



01:31:24.180 --> 01:31:33.840

Hong Lieu: You know Japanese first kind of thing to you know that African man was able to kind of integration, it shows you how relay out interlinked all the cultures were even back then.



01:31:34.140 --> 01:31:40.530

Hong Lieu: You know, in terms of trade routes and and people, you know you know interacting with each other, like the Silk Road.



01:31:40.920 --> 01:31:48.900

Hong Lieu: And between all this between all these things like the Silk Road in China, the naval routes in Japan, you can just see how how the global culture was even back then was was.



01:31:49.230 --> 01:31:58.500

Hong Lieu: We were all still kind of that that one one world at that time, even with kind of the isolation is conversations we have about history, you know it's all it's all interlinked.



01:31:59.040 --> 01:32:08.580

Hong Lieu: And that's why I thought it was a great story to highlight, because not just this good enemy and could separate with just like you know the 15th century was pop was often public just like just like it is today so yeah.



01:32:09.570 --> 01:32:13.170

Akil Hill: yeah there's also a really good series to it's called the age of summer right.



01:32:13.830 --> 01:32:20.490

Akil Hill: it's on netflix as well and it kind of talks about the history of the diet meals and how'd you paying kind of came about.



01:32:20.880 --> 01:32:31.080

Akil Hill: A being and then there's a big section on there on where they they look at noble Naga and they talk about him and what its contribution was how he actually basically united.



01:32:32.850 --> 01:32:46.590

Akil Hill: Japan under him in and he was first one to kind of united, Japan and granted it was done pretty brutally but he was the first one that actually made it happen, and it was really interesting because you know the history of.



01:32:47.940 --> 01:32:56.400

Akil Hill: usc is really interesting because you know i'm thinking about 15th century, they say he was really tall statue was like six feet.



01:32:56.790 --> 01:33:08.490

Akil Hill: I guess the average Japanese person in that period of time they're like 5556 how you must have just totally been like people are like probably bugging out, and I can testify to that.



01:33:09.060 --> 01:33:17.160

Akil Hill: You know i've traveled to Japan several times, and one of the first times I had actually went to Japan, I actually went to.



01:33:17.580 --> 01:33:30.750

Akil Hill: Hokkaido, which is the Northern Ireland above Japan, and I was went to a small town well it's actually kind of a bigger city it's the second biggest city in Hokkaido is called a psychology and for a lot of.



01:33:31.740 --> 01:33:38.310

Akil Hill: People that was first time they seen anyone black right, and so I just remembered the reactions of the kids in the streets and the people and.



01:33:38.820 --> 01:33:50.040

Akil Hill: That kind of thing where they're probably like who you know they're just tripping out on me and i've heard similar similar stories from my mom I mean she was you know, I was born in Japan, and she always tell stories about.



01:33:51.150 --> 01:33:59.700

Akil Hill: Being in Japan in the 70s and people trying to touch her Afro and touch with skin and all these different stories and so in a lot of ways, it kind of resonated with me.



01:34:00.990 --> 01:34:05.520

Akil Hill: You know I just remember one night when I was in a psych our.



01:34:06.570 --> 01:34:22.650

Akil Hill: We went to a club and people were just bugging out on me like it's so happened to be the night that I showed up there was a rapper performing from California, so I walked in people thought I was a rapper but because what are the chances of to black people being.



01:34:22.980 --> 01:34:36.690

Akil Hill: In this town, the same weekend, and so I pretty much got like bald because people thought I was a rapper, but it was pretty funny it's just good times and so again, alluding to your your point on about how.



01:34:38.190 --> 01:34:44.550

Akil Hill: You know it's so intertwined in so many different ways and so it's definitely worth checking out.



01:34:45.600 --> 01:34:48.810

Akil Hill: It was kind of funny I was thinking about you when I was watching it because i'm like.



01:34:49.230 --> 01:35:03.420

Akil Hill: Because you know Mike, and this is, you know not really my stick i'm not really a big anime guy but he kind of opened up some things for me so i'm hoping to explore that that lane a little bit more going, you know, in the future so but yeah.



01:35:03.510 --> 01:35:06.990

Hong Lieu: You got a good resource with your daughter she she knows, she knows all the good stuff so.



01:35:07.020 --> 01:35:08.760

Akil Hill: yeah she's yeah she's like.



01:35:08.820 --> 01:35:19.680

Akil Hill: always trying to tell me, you know she reads and writes and stuff like that so she was always like try this and try that and try this you know I just.



01:35:20.640 --> 01:35:30.720

Akil Hill: i'm still trying to get into i'm learning man it's it's tough, for me, because it's all like that futuristic type stuff and i'm like that's not really my lane but yeah definitely worth checking out.



01:35:31.380 --> 01:35:36.990

Hong Lieu: That I wasn't expecting that twist where they brought where the robot started busting out because I was expecting like a historical kind of drama because.



01:35:37.020 --> 01:35:37.740

Akil Hill: yeah me too.



01:35:37.770 --> 01:35:48.660

Hong Lieu: enemy Japan just runs kind of gamma you can have like serious stories, you can about stories SCI fi fantasy, so I was expecting kind of like a true to life telling and then giant robots and magic start popping i'm like Okay, I know I know where we're going now.



01:35:49.350 --> 01:35:51.150

Hong Lieu: Technical monsters, at least, luckily, but you know.



01:35:52.440 --> 01:35:52.770

Hong Lieu: So.



01:35:53.040 --> 01:35:57.660

Akil Hill: I think you're actually making a movie out of it, too, as well, I heard that there is that's in production.



01:35:57.930 --> 01:36:00.300

Hong Lieu: There were plans originally any chadwick bozeman was.



01:36:00.330 --> 01:36:00.810

Akil Hill: yeah.



01:36:01.380 --> 01:36:06.390

Hong Lieu: yeah, so I hope they keep the story of the revived story, because it wasn't I didn't know much about.



01:36:06.510 --> 01:36:07.980

Akil Hill: And yeah it was yeah.



01:36:09.210 --> 01:36:09.540

Oh yeah.



01:36:10.860 --> 01:36:15.150

Hong Lieu: So yeah that that great PICs this week definite definite higher learning and stephanie.



01:36:15.510 --> 01:36:27.300

Hong Lieu: Thank you so much for taking the time I know we ran we ran a little long today because we got into the qq and everything else, but all good knowledge nuggets of wisdom Thank you so much, it was an honor to have you on and we.



01:36:27.390 --> 01:36:28.200

Akil Hill: Just absolutely.



01:36:28.350 --> 01:36:32.880

Hong Lieu: Hope your trade SPC is long and prosperous any any last words you want to say before we sign off.



01:36:33.810 --> 01:36:35.040

Stephanie Linnander: Now, thank you guys so much.



01:36:35.040 --> 01:36:35.250

Hong Lieu: For.



01:36:35.670 --> 01:36:36.870

Stephanie Linnander: Having me on right.



01:36:38.610 --> 01:36:44.700

Stephanie Linnander: Now definitely thank you both so much for not only inviting me on but doing this for our campus community as a whole.



01:36:45.000 --> 01:37:01.260

Stephanie Linnander: I think it's super important and bringing the conversation back, and you know stirring it up again I think it's it's really great and just a big thank you to all the mentors that i've had throughout my career at CC and like we said that's it continues on from.



01:37:02.340 --> 01:37:06.360

Stephanie Linnander: To you know just I always say get that purse but pretty much.



01:37:07.290 --> 01:37:09.450

Akil Hill: Thank you, I was getting ready to say it too i'm glad you.



01:37:09.450 --> 01:37:09.810

Hong Lieu: said it.



01:37:10.740 --> 01:37:11.940

Akil Hill: All that calipers.



01:37:12.000 --> 01:37:14.700

Stephanie Linnander: I mean you're getting you're getting me in that mindset now So here we go.



01:37:16.110 --> 01:37:18.450

Hong Lieu: The values of public sector right, I mean the.



01:37:18.510 --> 01:37:20.100

Hong Lieu: Absolutely yeah.



01:37:20.670 --> 01:37:24.870

Stephanie Linnander: But thank you guys so much I super appreciate what you guys have been doing the College.



01:37:25.770 --> 01:37:36.090

Hong Lieu: And likewise We appreciate what you've done getting getting to open that window and seeing seeing the things you're doing in the cashiers office, if this fiscal services, I mean really enlightening really happy to hear about and and.



01:37:36.720 --> 01:37:43.590

Hong Lieu: It seems like you're making a live a difference in the lives of all of our students, so thank you much for that, and thank you all to our listeners.



01:37:44.670 --> 01:37:48.210

Hong Lieu: until next time this was Vaquero Voices we'll see you next time y'all.