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Episode 21 - Z Reisz

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Akil and Hong welcome Z Reisz to the show! Z wears many hats at the college, and the trio take some time to break it all down (IARP, Data Protection, Grants) before delving deep into red and green Chile, food in Los Osos, and onigiri, as well as the Expanse book series, Girls5eva and We are Lady Parts on Peacock, and High on the Hog on Netflix.

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00:00:02.159 --> 00:00:14.820

Hong Lieu: hello, and welcome to another episode of SBCC Vaquero Voices - a podcast highlight the unique voices that comprise our campus culture and how we're all working together to serve our students and the community at large, as usual i'm joined by my co host to Akil Hill.



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Akil Hill: let's go.



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Hong Lieu: And today we're honored to welcome Z Reisz to the show.  Welcome Z.



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Z Reisz (he/him): Welcome thanks for having me.



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Hong Lieu: And just going off your email signature, you might have the the most dignified kind of you know, like like like name you're the senior director of the office of institutional assessment research and planning and accreditation liaison officer.



00:00:36.120 --> 00:00:49.260

Hong Lieu: yeah and the grants officer so like I I feel like the good burger mean it's like I know some of these words but in terms of like the the nuts and bolts and being potatoes of what that all entails I mean it sounds like a lot but it's probably even more than that.



00:00:49.620 --> 00:00:52.410

Z Reisz (he/him): They even add a data protection officer on to it as well.



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Akil Hill: holy cow.



00:00:54.720 --> 00:00:56.610

Akil Hill: Protection protection.



00:00:56.640 --> 00:01:03.630

Hong Lieu: Protection protection officer like yeah that's that's just that in and of itself would be like a mountain you know, like a lot.



00:01:03.930 --> 00:01:09.540

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah I think that was mostly just for the EU regulations you got to specify somebody who's responsible for that.



00:01:09.750 --> 00:01:14.370

Z Reisz (he/him): The GDP stuff yeah yeah yes Okay, they can be busy.



00:01:15.390 --> 00:01:16.080

Akil Hill: We got to protect.



00:01:16.140 --> 00:01:17.400

Akil Hill: get to protect that data man.



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00:01:19.800 --> 00:01:27.780

Hong Lieu: When I think of it a rp I always think of it as ir but I aarp when I think of that office data is probably the first word that comes to mind.



00:01:28.170 --> 00:01:35.040

Hong Lieu: And in terms of when you talk to anybody in the world, probably everyone's always like oh yeah we always respect the data this and that with the data data data data.



00:01:35.370 --> 00:01:44.370

Hong Lieu: So, in terms of what you do with this data, how you gather, can you just go into that process, a little bit where that data comes from what that data serves, I mean, which is pretty much everything I imagined.



00:01:44.700 --> 00:01:55.680

Hong Lieu: and your role in the process, just just a little bit because it isn't something where I know it's the deed office but beyond that, in terms of the how the sausage is made, I don't know that much about it, besides tablo yeah.



00:01:55.890 --> 00:02:06.120

Z Reisz (he/him): So, first we got to give major props to administrative systems all of our it developers, those are the folks who really Stewart the data they're, the ones who kind of keep track of it in banner make sure that they.



00:02:06.390 --> 00:02:12.180

Z Reisz (he/him): doing the integrity checks in there and make that data available to my team so without them we'd be nowhere.



00:02:12.990 --> 00:02:21.660

Z Reisz (he/him): So they do a whole lot of magic kind of making sure that that data is available, they essentially get it into a nice table format looks something like an excel spreadsheet.



00:02:21.930 --> 00:02:26.970

Z Reisz (he/him): And then from there, my team can work with it, we also have a senior data research warehouse.



00:02:27.570 --> 00:02:43.050

Z Reisz (he/him): Specialist it's a long title anyway Jordan Morris and he helps us kind of manage all of our data needs that through that so kind of it gets it to him and then he kind of helps oversee it through us once we got that data there then it's kind of.



00:02:44.370 --> 00:02:54.120

Z Reisz (he/him): gets used in a whole variety of ways, so probably some of the more popular areas are where you see it most regularly is going to be in all of our plans, so our student equity plan.



00:02:54.360 --> 00:03:04.470

Z Reisz (he/him): And our kind of distance ED plan, as well as as we move into our ED master plan that's really what a lot of this stuff does is it helps us get a good idea of where we're at right now.



00:03:04.860 --> 00:03:13.860

Z Reisz (he/him): And when we say data what we're really talking about is information we're talking about really what information do we have about our students and our college and how can we use that information to make it better.



00:03:14.130 --> 00:03:20.910

Z Reisz (he/him): One day after another one semester after another, one year after another, because that's the nice thing about education there's not an endpoint.



00:03:21.660 --> 00:03:34.410

Z Reisz (he/him): we've got our whole careers to make sure that education continuously gets better term after term after term after term and that's really what we tried to do with a inside of a wonderful acronym I rp I erp sounds kind of like a frog or something.



00:03:35.580 --> 00:03:36.090

Z Reisz (he/him): But.



00:03:36.570 --> 00:03:42.420

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah yeah so what we're trying to do is just make sure that that information is available to folks so that they can start to have.



00:03:42.450 --> 00:03:52.380

Z Reisz (he/him): A real well founded understanding of either whether departments at where their programs at or where their teachings that as an instructor and they're working with their students are trying to make sure that people have that data available to them.



00:03:52.590 --> 00:04:01.590

Z Reisz (he/him): and information available to them so that they can make really good decisions about how they want to move forward, do they feel like what's working is working and can we show that it is working.



00:04:02.010 --> 00:04:09.000

Z Reisz (he/him): Or are there, parts of it that aren't working so well, and we really need to change it up and rethink how we're doing things and that's you know.



00:04:09.510 --> 00:04:21.690

Z Reisz (he/him): that's the big push from our office, especially as we start to kind of move into equity and really start to try to think and rethink how we do that because we've been doing equity work for a long time.



00:04:22.500 --> 00:04:29.160

Z Reisz (he/him): But when you look at our data it doesn't have the types of changes that we really want to see as we engage in that work so.



00:04:29.490 --> 00:04:41.610

Z Reisz (he/him): that's probably one of the first and foremost areas that we do is try to provide information that helps the College understand where we're at with providing equitable access and success to our students to higher education.



00:04:42.930 --> 00:04:43.200

Hong Lieu: So.



00:04:43.230 --> 00:04:44.940

Z Reisz (he/him): I don't know if I get all of your questions on.



00:04:45.000 --> 00:04:50.130

Hong Lieu: Yes, yes, for the most part i'm curious, though, do you also help with the analysis of the data as well.



00:04:50.430 --> 00:04:58.020

Hong Lieu: Because I know that everybody wants the data everyone wants to get their hands on the data, but not a lot of folks really want to engage with the data, so to speak, beyond like.



00:04:58.320 --> 00:05:08.820

Hong Lieu: bar graph go up bar graph go down pie chart is big pie chart is small, is there anything you can do to help them, or is it just kind of the what they have is what they have to work with, and you just provide the Info for them.



00:05:09.540 --> 00:05:17.910

Z Reisz (he/him): Oh it's a little bit of both so we've kind of we're moving out of the era where we were just a data vending machine, you know provide me lunch and outcomes your data.



00:05:18.600 --> 00:05:25.320

Z Reisz (he/him): into kind of more of that analysis, where we're trying to say okay look at your data, and let us walk through it with you.



00:05:25.620 --> 00:05:36.630

Z Reisz (he/him): let's think through what these numbers mean because we got people on our campus from all sorts of backgrounds and a lot of those backgrounds don't include any sort of statistical analysis or if they did, it was in like one class.



00:05:37.020 --> 00:05:44.790

Z Reisz (he/him): Back 20 years ago and who can remember all that stuff so yeah we got myself and then two other members of my team Melanie Rogers and Nicole.



00:05:45.420 --> 00:05:51.900

Z Reisz (he/him): Who are really specialize in looking at this data, looking at this information and then pulling out.



00:05:52.320 --> 00:05:56.430

Z Reisz (he/him): What is the meaning of this, how should we interpret that How should we understand that information.



00:05:56.790 --> 00:06:06.090

Z Reisz (he/him): So yeah absolutely it's that's the fun part a lot of what we do is just provide data you never get that time to sit down look at it and digest it and be like what did I just learn the day from this data.



00:06:06.690 --> 00:06:19.290

Z Reisz (he/him): So the fun part is when we get a help you all, with the analysis and saying what did you learn from this data is this what you got Okay, you understand it, what do you want to do differently, what do you want to change, how do you want to make your area of better.



00:06:22.170 --> 00:06:25.320

Hong Lieu: And in terms of where all that data is coming from, are you getting.



00:06:25.860 --> 00:06:31.140

Hong Lieu: I mean, is it coming more mostly from like interactive sources like folks taking surveys.



00:06:31.440 --> 00:06:35.820

Hong Lieu: Or is it kind of baked into some process like the application process captures their.



00:06:36.060 --> 00:06:49.230

Hong Lieu: kind of demographic data and stuff like is it is it kind of a little bit of both of that as well, are you doing like active data collection, or is it more passive where you're getting that data from existing kind of pieces of the of the campus puzzle already like.



00:06:49.380 --> 00:06:58.230

Z Reisz (he/him): 90% of it comes out of our student information system banner and that's kind of all the information that you know many of you folks listening to might be inputting into banner.



00:06:58.440 --> 00:07:04.860

Z Reisz (he/him): Whether a student met their counseling appointment where they're at with the registration process what all they put on their CC.



00:07:05.220 --> 00:07:12.630

Z Reisz (he/him): CC apply application all that kind of stuff so that's where we get a lot of information and that's why we work so closely with administrative systems.



00:07:12.930 --> 00:07:18.450

Z Reisz (he/him): To kind of get access to that information and get that information presented out in a nice way but.



00:07:19.410 --> 00:07:28.680

Z Reisz (he/him): As with any data set there's going to be limitations and that's where we really start to lean towards surveys and focus groups as other ways to try to collect information.



00:07:29.010 --> 00:07:36.630

Z Reisz (he/him): about our students and their experience on campus so we can understand how are we doing where can we improve so it's a little bit of both but.



00:07:36.870 --> 00:07:42.420

Z Reisz (he/him): For most of our work we're really leaning heavily upon our student information system to say okay.



00:07:42.900 --> 00:07:47.670

Z Reisz (he/him): How our students doing in their courses are they seeing their counselors things of that nature.



00:07:48.030 --> 00:08:00.360

Z Reisz (he/him): We also bring in some other kind of external sources so some of you may be familiar with, academia, which is one of the kind of platforms, we use for tracking Tutoring so we'll do things like that, where we'll pull in data from.



00:08:01.230 --> 00:08:08.370

Z Reisz (he/him): I don't know what you call them private software companies that we hire to help us with whatever their product is and we'll pull that information into say okay.



00:08:08.670 --> 00:08:15.870

Z Reisz (he/him): Well, how does Tutoring look like it's impacting course success turns out it's pretty good so that's always fortunate so things like that.



00:08:18.090 --> 00:08:26.070

Hong Lieu: So, in terms of the the the data pieces you're you're mentioning in terms of the that are showing that equity kind of has a little ways to go, I mean.



00:08:27.480 --> 00:08:31.710

Hong Lieu: How is that coming from banner, so to speak, or is that mostly coming from the other.



00:08:31.770 --> 00:08:37.500

Z Reisz (he/him): The other third party sources, mostly coming from banner so when we're looking at kind of like retention or course.



00:08:37.770 --> 00:08:43.830

Z Reisz (he/him): Success where you know, did you get a C minus or better in your course that's all going to be in banner our student information system.



00:08:44.040 --> 00:08:52.290

Z Reisz (he/him): Whether you enrolled from your fault, your first fall to your spring to your third or your second fall that stuff's all we're pulling that all out of banner so.



00:08:52.950 --> 00:09:06.000

Z Reisz (he/him): When we're looking at kind of our equity gaps that's where you see a lot of that information in there, where we have kind of enough information, where we can do some of these analysis to say Okay, do we have disproportionate impact here not and that kind of stuff.



00:09:07.230 --> 00:09:07.890

Z Reisz (he/him): But yeah.



00:09:09.150 --> 00:09:10.560

Z Reisz (he/him): that's where we get most of the stuff.



00:09:10.590 --> 00:09:15.300

Z Reisz (he/him): And then, when you kind of want to know more about the student experience kind of hear their voice.



00:09:15.900 --> 00:09:24.870

Z Reisz (he/him): that's where we kind of start to reach more towards surveys or focus groups and ideally what we try to do is we identify a disproportionate impacted banner and we say okay.



00:09:25.200 --> 00:09:31.050

Z Reisz (he/him): we've got this group of students and you know it looks like they're not succeeding, at the same rate as other students.



00:09:31.740 --> 00:09:40.530

Z Reisz (he/him): So, at that point we're kind of left with a question of why and how can we support them to succeed, what is it that we can do to really lift them up.



00:09:41.190 --> 00:09:49.650

Z Reisz (he/him): And that's where we start to move into these other methodologies of okay let's do a focus group let's bring a group of these students together talk to them, listen to them and hear them.



00:09:50.280 --> 00:09:57.420

Z Reisz (he/him): and see what they say, but you always have a concern with focus groups that you're you're really only working with you know eight to maybe 20 people, but most.



00:09:57.870 --> 00:10:02.460

Z Reisz (he/him): Depending on how many focus groups you do so, the next thing you want to do is you're like okay we've learned this from the focus groups.



00:10:03.300 --> 00:10:09.930

Z Reisz (he/him): Now, does this generalize this speak to the rest of similar students experience and that's where we can kind of start to bring in surveys and say okay.



00:10:10.350 --> 00:10:18.330

Z Reisz (he/him): This is what we saw in the focus group does this generalize out does this relate to other students have that kind of same characteristic that we're looking at.



00:10:18.810 --> 00:10:31.050

Z Reisz (he/him): So that's kind of how we go at it when we're like trying to understand where and how we can further support equities we start out usually in banner same here we've got a gap once we got a gap, then we want to start moving into.



00:10:32.100 --> 00:10:38.040

Z Reisz (he/him): let's find out what's going on, what can we do to support the students, because they know best, and you know, we need to recognize that.



00:10:38.520 --> 00:10:45.510

Z Reisz (he/him): Once we've got a good idea of that then we say okay does this seem like this applies to all students or is it just a few of these students and we start to move forward from there.



00:10:47.040 --> 00:10:54.930

Hong Lieu: yeah I like that highlighting both sides of that because I think of it always like sports, you know our people data has kind of been a big.



00:10:55.230 --> 00:11:01.350

Hong Lieu: become a big part of sports and it's like the two sides of it, where you get a lot of data in terms of the quantitative numbers and everything.



00:11:01.560 --> 00:11:10.740

Hong Lieu: But without that qualitative the small sample size of of watching a game and etc things of that sort, it helps kind of marry the two to kind of verify results in the analytical side.



00:11:11.100 --> 00:11:18.900

Hong Lieu: or kind of corroborated results you see what watching games you use the two in concert, so you know, knowing that you y'all cover both sides does.



00:11:19.350 --> 00:11:23.670

Hong Lieu: kind of helped me a little bit because, if it was if it was just that numbers pull from banner it's really hard to kind of.



00:11:24.030 --> 00:11:32.790

Hong Lieu: You know, make statements to you know, make any sort of statement from that stuff there's there's all kinds of reasons why someone would kind of enroll in the fall and maybe not all spring that were.



00:11:33.090 --> 00:11:37.950

Hong Lieu: Initially, to do with you know particular things, but you know, to bring them in and have some follow up like that.



00:11:38.310 --> 00:11:43.920

Hong Lieu: I feel like that that does kind of help kind of paint a fuller picture, I guess, I guess, I have a follow up question along that support line.



00:11:44.130 --> 00:11:52.770

Hong Lieu: Are there any kind of sort of secret equations or anything that helps with analysis is there, like a because you know, like I said, most people just go bar graph go up or go down pie graphs pie graph go down.



00:11:53.100 --> 00:12:03.360

Hong Lieu: Are there kind of ways to crunch those numbers that are like you know you create this like like the equivalent war, which we know wins of rubber placement is there a way to kind of quantify There probably is but I.



00:12:03.990 --> 00:12:05.640

Z Reisz (he/him): know there.



00:12:07.230 --> 00:12:20.670

Z Reisz (he/him): were kind of you see him trying to move that way with some of these machine learning algorithms especially like once you have you know, not even the information from one school but you're pulling information from 50 or so schools.



00:12:22.680 --> 00:12:29.370

Z Reisz (he/him): That vast amount of data gives a machine learning algorithm pretty amount a pretty good amount of power to start to.



00:12:29.730 --> 00:12:38.640

Z Reisz (he/him): figure out some things on its own, as much as it goes kind of weird saying that the machines figuring things out but trying to adjust what parameters, but in general, like when we're looking at.



00:12:39.330 --> 00:12:47.250

Z Reisz (he/him): I mean for a lot of our information we're really just looking at trends so we're not doing a deep analysis we're not trying to do any sort of.



00:12:47.970 --> 00:12:55.920

Z Reisz (he/him): fancy inferential statistics like multi level modeling or anything of that sort we're just kind of looking at and we're saying okay how has this changed over time.



00:12:56.280 --> 00:12:59.040

Z Reisz (he/him): And you know, one of the interesting things that we're doing is kind of saying.



00:12:59.310 --> 00:13:06.510

Z Reisz (he/him): Rather than just looking at the College let's start looking at the student journey so we're trying to develop some metrics that really speak to what does the student journey look like.



00:13:07.020 --> 00:13:14.220

Z Reisz (he/him): Because what you've seen, if you look at a lot of our data metrics over time is they really speak more towards how the College is doing or how the department is doing.



00:13:14.550 --> 00:13:19.710

Z Reisz (he/him): How many students did the College enroll in this year, how many students did the College graduate where the focus is really the College.



00:13:20.130 --> 00:13:29.130

Z Reisz (he/him): And that's important right, we do need to know these things to be a healthy thriving college, if we are enrollments drop or if we start seeing that our students aren't completing at a really significant rate.



00:13:29.550 --> 00:13:32.940

Z Reisz (he/him): Well, we got to change our business practice otherwise we're not going to have much of a business going forward.



00:13:33.450 --> 00:13:41.490

Z Reisz (he/him): But we can go farther than that and we're starting to move into how can we look at the student journey and really look at a cohort of students saying Okay, you came in and fall.



00:13:42.540 --> 00:13:48.450

Z Reisz (he/him): What happened to you all, you know here's that we enroll about three to 4000 students in a given full term.



00:13:48.870 --> 00:13:56.490

Z Reisz (he/him): So how do they all play out Where do they all go where do they all end up and then starting to just aggregate that information, but there is no magical formula.



00:13:57.330 --> 00:14:03.450

Z Reisz (he/him): there's like you know there's some good basic principles of things that you want to understand about your numbers to.



00:14:03.990 --> 00:14:14.100

Z Reisz (he/him): get an idea of like how to interpret them how much weight, you want to put on them things of that nature, but no magical formula unfortunately or fortunately because that's why.



00:14:14.160 --> 00:14:16.170

Hong Lieu: yeah I would say, I would say, fortunately.



00:14:16.380 --> 00:14:17.460

Akil Hill: Fortunately, definitely it.



00:14:17.460 --> 00:14:26.910

Hong Lieu: comforts me, knowing that it's just kind of trend based and you're not just trying you're not trying to infer like or map outcomes for folks based on like you know banner banner data it's very good actually comfort to me, not knowing that.



00:14:27.180 --> 00:14:35.490

Hong Lieu: That there's a lot of data coming in, but a lot of its just through trend analysis, which is a lot, you know, like that's the bare minimum, nowadays, compared to what the you know the tech companies do out in the world, so.



00:14:35.790 --> 00:14:48.840

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah yeah and it's I mean it's very different, if you look at kind of like any sort of behavioral research at like our one university or things of that nature, they will spend you know, six, eight months on one problem.



00:14:49.890 --> 00:14:53.730

Z Reisz (he/him): Where we're lucky if we get two weeks per problem.



00:14:54.600 --> 00:15:03.330

Z Reisz (he/him): So it's a very different level of analysis, like they've got all the time to dig into it do multiple types of analyses Okay, this one didn't work out.



00:15:03.630 --> 00:15:11.550

Z Reisz (he/him): What if we do it this way to address this assumption things of that nature we're pretty much limited on that, even though we do have the expertise in those areas to do that, but.



00:15:12.240 --> 00:15:24.990

Z Reisz (he/him): It doesn't really it's not as necessary so we're always trying to balance okay what level of analysis is needed to provide the information for someone to make a good decision around this and that's always the tricky part or the balancing act that we're doing.



00:15:27.330 --> 00:15:42.180

Hong Lieu: yeah and I definitely see how the data piece informs your accreditation work and informs the data protection, of course, how did the grants part of your the grants officer portion come to play for that just part of your position when you got the job.



00:15:42.660 --> 00:15:50.970

Z Reisz (he/him): So that's this is so, the wonderful thing about being in an institution it's been a long around as long as SPC as you got all kinds of inherited things.



00:15:51.930 --> 00:16:06.270

Z Reisz (he/him): So prior to the reorganizations we did back in 2017 jack freelander had a grants officer who reported to him as the VP of institutional effectiveness so when jack retired and.



00:16:06.930 --> 00:16:19.320

Z Reisz (he/him): Then, my boss at that time, Robert else retired that's when I inherited the grants office as it goes, and then liana Bowman was our grants officer then she moved to another job and.



00:16:20.160 --> 00:16:26.970

Z Reisz (he/him): Well then, I inherited her job as well, so just that that fun sort of inheritance sort of thing we got going on here so.



00:16:27.630 --> 00:16:37.710

Z Reisz (he/him): i'm hoping is you know if we move into more budget friendly times here that we are able to kind of set for a more devoted grants office it.



00:16:38.340 --> 00:16:42.210

Z Reisz (he/him): We have enough grants in our institution that it really plays to it.



00:16:42.690 --> 00:16:52.770

Z Reisz (he/him): But it has also kind of I mean grants are awesome like they're the one area where we can get funding to innovate and do things that we absolutely don't have money to do so.



00:16:53.550 --> 00:17:01.770

Z Reisz (he/him): It makes a lot of sense to have it kind of really close to research and planning because research and planning is kind of telling you where do we got gaps, where do we have things that we need to work on.



00:17:02.670 --> 00:17:12.510

Z Reisz (he/him): And then grants can bring in money to support that so that's the really cool part and we are so incredibly fortunate to have Rachel Johnson up at the foundation helping support our grants like.



00:17:12.870 --> 00:17:20.190

Z Reisz (he/him): Honestly, we would not be moving forward with grants in nearly the same capacity, without her, she does just so much work for the College.



00:17:20.400 --> 00:17:30.030

Z Reisz (he/him): helping our faculty and our staff understand what grants are available and then working through the process to get those things submitted it's it's a lot of work and just so many things to her.



00:17:30.330 --> 00:17:38.910

Hong Lieu: And, as someone who has sat through your presentation you and Rachel do a presentation at in service occasionally about grants it's a very, very informative and worth worth attending.



00:17:39.330 --> 00:17:42.030

Z Reisz (he/him): We do shout out, we got one coming up this in service to.



00:17:42.510 --> 00:17:43.020

Hong Lieu: All right.



00:17:43.410 --> 00:17:45.180

Akil Hill: All right, i'm gonna have to jump in there.



00:17:46.050 --> 00:17:46.590

Hong Lieu: yeah yeah.



00:17:46.650 --> 00:17:48.570

Akil Hill: Oh yeah because.



00:17:48.690 --> 00:17:55.620

Hong Lieu: yeah because I learned they're not only options for yeah there's options for staff faculty to apply for personal grants as well for college programs and.



00:17:56.340 --> 00:18:03.210

Hong Lieu: Also, beyond that, the grants that you know the big grants or we're getting there's also room for small smaller and mid scale stuff as well, which is, which is really cool.



00:18:03.510 --> 00:18:04.260

Hong Lieu: And I imagine it.



00:18:04.500 --> 00:18:07.800

Hong Lieu: Get everyone leans on your office for the reporting aspect of most grants after.



00:18:07.830 --> 00:18:11.820

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah yeah at the at the I don't know if it's at the heart of the grant.



00:18:12.360 --> 00:18:21.210

Z Reisz (he/him): Maybe at the mind of the grant somewhere in the grant, there is the data that you've got that you're trying to address so early on you're going to say okay here's my objectives, I want to increase.



00:18:21.390 --> 00:18:26.790

Z Reisz (he/him): The number of students, that we get you know their comprehensive data plans by 50 a year all right.



00:18:27.300 --> 00:18:32.910

Z Reisz (he/him): How are we going to do that, how are we going to track that things of that ensure all of these grants are going to have some sort of objective of that kind.



00:18:33.240 --> 00:18:41.160

Z Reisz (he/him): Whether it's train X number of faculty or see this increase in student success or get this number of mentees.



00:18:42.060 --> 00:18:48.150

Z Reisz (he/him): recruited so yeah yeah our office helps support all of that data needs of both figuring out.



00:18:48.660 --> 00:19:00.240

Z Reisz (he/him): What you're going to put into an application and then, once you got your application going and you hopefully get the grant awarded monitoring that and seeing if all your planned activities have the outcome that you're hoping for.



00:19:02.250 --> 00:19:05.160

Hong Lieu: yeah so it doesn't really just kind of tie it all together.



00:19:05.430 --> 00:19:05.760

Z Reisz (he/him): It.



00:19:05.790 --> 00:19:06.690

Hong Lieu: Does I mean.



00:19:06.750 --> 00:19:13.500

Z Reisz (he/him): It seems a little crazy when you like just listed out but there it really is kind of Nice integration, when you start to think about research.



00:19:13.890 --> 00:19:28.620

Z Reisz (he/him): Research gives you awareness of how and where you need to be planning planning gives you an idea of where your resources need to go, so you can continually improve and grants gives you the opportunity to do focused changes in various areas.



00:19:30.450 --> 00:19:31.380

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah and.



00:19:31.560 --> 00:19:41.430

Hong Lieu: And so, and we're definitely glad to have you in this position because i'm sure it's a lot for anyone, including yourself but seems like you handle it pretty well and really keep a smile on your face, you know day in, day out.



00:19:42.510 --> 00:19:48.690

Hong Lieu: In terms of what brought you here and how you got the job, and can you speak a little bit about your journey to NSPCC.



00:19:48.990 --> 00:19:57.840

Hong Lieu: I know we spoken in the past about your previous life in a bike shop working on working on expensive high performance bikes but beyond that you have to speak on on the whole journey, a little bit.



00:19:58.050 --> 00:20:06.600

Z Reisz (he/him): Oh yeah for sure I you know it all started back in 2006 when I met a pretty lady, and I just been following her ever since.



00:20:07.080 --> 00:20:07.680




00:20:08.760 --> 00:20:12.360

Z Reisz (he/him): Melissa is my girlfriend we've been together, I don't know bundle of years now.



00:20:13.440 --> 00:20:22.710

Z Reisz (he/him): pretty much once I got out of yeah my bachelor's degree, she got a job out here in Redondo or not Redondo break down in southern California orange county area.



00:20:23.220 --> 00:20:26.730

Z Reisz (he/him): So we were down there for a few years, and I was like I was working at bike shops.



00:20:27.210 --> 00:20:38.040

Z Reisz (he/him): Great jobs they don't pay very much so, as I was kind of working through the bike shop started applying to Grad schools and all that kind of fun stuff during that whole thing she switched jobs and got a job up here.



00:20:39.150 --> 00:20:49.320

Z Reisz (he/him): With the company urs now it's a calm, now the company doesn't exist anymore so she had a job up here and we're just kind of as I finished up Grad school, I was, like all right, can I get a job at Santa Barbara.



00:20:50.130 --> 00:21:03.690

Z Reisz (he/him): And that seemed like a long shot but yeah it lucked out they had a research and assessment analyst position, open and interviewed for that and got the job so and since then it's been happiness.



00:21:04.020 --> 00:21:06.090

Akil Hill: Since 2000 and 2006.



00:21:06.270 --> 00:21:08.190

Z Reisz (he/him): You betta that's when I met Melissa.



00:21:08.580 --> 00:21:13.410

Z Reisz (he/him): Okay, so I think we're gonna we're gonna go back 15 plus years now.



00:21:14.610 --> 00:21:17.040

Z Reisz (he/him): But yeah so pretty much just been following her around.



00:21:17.940 --> 00:21:19.560

Z Reisz (he/him): and make some good decisions I gotta say i'm.



00:21:21.390 --> 00:21:25.290

Z Reisz (he/him): Not my favorite town on earth, but Santa Barbara good choice.



00:21:26.220 --> 00:21:29.550

Hong Lieu: dead definite glow up going from orange county to Santa Barbara for sure.



00:21:29.580 --> 00:21:38.760

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah Grad school and riverside to which is pretty close I grew up in new Mexico albuquerque new Mexico and riverside we were always the argument was always like.



00:21:39.780 --> 00:21:42.210

Z Reisz (he/him): How are they different i'm pretty sure these are almost the same place.



00:21:45.120 --> 00:21:45.660

Hong Lieu: plants.



00:21:46.800 --> 00:21:51.840

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah besides hotter I think albuquerque might have more shootings I don't know.



00:21:53.820 --> 00:21:54.090

Akil Hill: That.



00:21:54.540 --> 00:21:57.750

Hong Lieu: is still had to chilis in riverside though until they come in seasonally but.



00:21:57.780 --> 00:22:02.400

Z Reisz (he/him): Ah, that is, I mean that's where riverside definitely loses out they got no chili so you know.



00:22:02.550 --> 00:22:03.420

Z Reisz (he/him): that's where they lost me.



00:22:04.440 --> 00:22:07.230

Akil Hill: yeah that has Chile that's a that's a game changer man.



00:22:08.130 --> 00:22:14.100

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah yeah whenever we get to the food part well you're just gonna have to tell me when I need to stop talking.



00:22:14.100 --> 00:22:14.310




00:22:16.920 --> 00:22:19.680

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah so in terms of how long have you been.



00:22:20.850 --> 00:22:22.260

Hong Lieu: in Santa Barbara and at the College.



00:22:22.800 --> 00:22:27.720

Z Reisz (he/him): So i've been with the College I think i'm just just hit my five year mark some time here.



00:22:28.260 --> 00:22:30.990

Akil Hill: A cow requires baby yeah.



00:22:32.850 --> 00:22:33.900

gap vested.



00:22:34.980 --> 00:22:36.630

Akil Hill: And there were small celebration.



00:22:37.560 --> 00:22:38.580

Hong Lieu: And you might have got him.



00:22:39.300 --> 00:22:44.610

Hong Lieu: In the classic timeline you might have just just come in right to get that Congress classic so yeah yeah.



00:22:44.670 --> 00:23:02.250

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah so i've been here about five years i've been in this role for four years I spent a year as a research and assessment analyst before they did their first serve and then Robert else and jack retired and they reorder the department into, and then I came into this position.



00:23:03.390 --> 00:23:06.570

Z Reisz (he/him): And yeah it's been a wild ride ever since.



00:23:06.720 --> 00:23:13.920

Hong Lieu: yeah someone who followed I followed my my girlfriend at the time up here, I was in La working you know pretty happy, but.



00:23:14.370 --> 00:23:25.320

Hong Lieu: Working about 7080 hours a week, at times, and like yeah maybe it's not going to work long term we're going to stay together and like have a family do this and that so came up here for that public sector life and been limited ever since yeah.



00:23:25.350 --> 00:23:25.710

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah.



00:23:26.550 --> 00:23:36.450

Z Reisz (he/him): Okay now it's ironic, I never wanted to go back to La and I know some people love la I grew up in a small small town like 16,000 people my town had less people than our school has students.



00:23:38.520 --> 00:23:48.420

Z Reisz (he/him): So la was just like I thought albuquerque was a giant city with its to freeways, I was like man I just went to the big city and then Melissa brought me to fullerton and I almost lost my mind.



00:23:48.840 --> 00:23:51.960

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah yeah I didn't know what to do with that there's.



00:23:52.560 --> 00:23:54.090

Akil Hill: three ways people.



00:23:55.230 --> 00:23:56.190

Akil Hill: that's funny.



00:23:56.520 --> 00:24:02.220

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah and then sounds like right out of Grad school, I was like sweet never going back to La i'm done with that and, of course.



00:24:02.220 --> 00:24:03.210

Z Reisz (he/him): The first job I get.



00:24:03.450 --> 00:24:05.010

commuting back down to Redondo.



00:24:06.960 --> 00:24:10.800

Hong Lieu: So you had an yeah not just live that life, you have to run the Community that's the full experience.



00:24:10.830 --> 00:24:14.940

Z Reisz (he/him): Oh, did I got the full experience I was commuting from Bray at a riverside every day for.



00:24:14.970 --> 00:24:18.690

Z Reisz (he/him): Oh here's yeah.



00:24:19.860 --> 00:24:29.970

Hong Lieu: That was one of the reasons I brought me up here was my 24 mile commute was two hours each way and how to adding that time back into my life has been an immense quality of life, improvement.



00:24:30.720 --> 00:24:33.600

Z Reisz (he/him): it's so great, I now get to complain about Community 20 minutes.



00:24:34.830 --> 00:24:35.640

Z Reisz (he/him): Like nah.



00:24:35.730 --> 00:24:37.320

Z Reisz (he/him): downtown is way too far.



00:24:39.690 --> 00:24:42.060

Hong Lieu: yeah and too hot is 85 or 90.



00:24:42.270 --> 00:24:42.750

Z Reisz (he/him): Oh yeah.



00:24:43.440 --> 00:24:46.890

Z Reisz (he/him): Yesterday, or what was it yesterday Tuesday oh heavens terrible.



00:24:48.060 --> 00:24:48.630

Z Reisz (he/him): At six.



00:24:49.710 --> 00:24:50.520

Akil Hill: yeah right.



00:24:51.330 --> 00:24:57.360

Z Reisz (he/him): One of my friends is down in tucson he's sending me pictures of their hundred and 10 tips, I was like oh nevermind at six is good.



00:24:59.130 --> 00:25:02.340

Akil Hill: yeah i'm curious to hear about the bike piece, so what kind of bikes did you work on.



00:25:04.050 --> 00:25:17.820

Z Reisz (he/him): So I worked predominantly on road bikes when I first started I did kind of wrote in mountain, but then I ended up with a job at triathlon lab where they specialize in triathlons so at that point, I was only working on try bikes and those are some crazy machines.



00:25:18.690 --> 00:25:28.500

Z Reisz (he/him): Like there, they are just twitchy little tight machine man I don't know they put every kind of bell and whistle and there they can make that thing go fast.



00:25:29.130 --> 00:25:37.290

Z Reisz (he/him): So yeah the last like I dealt with them was just like the sweetest send off you could ever asked for for a job so is this new company CFO.



00:25:37.680 --> 00:25:48.480

Z Reisz (he/him): And it was the first bike that they had imported into America, and then it was the second bike off the production line so is there a serial number 000 which was in the owners living room.



00:25:48.570 --> 00:25:51.570

Akil Hill: And then I was building 010 Nice.



00:25:52.170 --> 00:25:57.510

Z Reisz (he/him): Man, it was just a gorgeous bike like I think the list got a little jealous because I had too many pictures of it, it was just.



00:25:58.860 --> 00:26:00.450

Z Reisz (he/him): Looking at it a little bit to lovingly.



00:26:00.720 --> 00:26:01.140




00:26:02.190 --> 00:26:02.460

Z Reisz (he/him): well.



00:26:02.580 --> 00:26:04.890

Hong Lieu: How much how much was it, what was the retail price on it.



00:26:05.250 --> 00:26:10.080

Z Reisz (he/him): The the frame, with no seat no wheels and no gears was eight grams.



00:26:11.850 --> 00:26:19.380

Z Reisz (he/him): I my current car was worth about $246 because I couldn't get someone to give me the $4 to make 250.



00:26:23.130 --> 00:26:24.000

Z Reisz (he/him): So yeah I was like.



00:26:25.080 --> 00:26:27.150

Z Reisz (he/him): This pedal cost more than my car.



00:26:28.050 --> 00:26:38.250

Hong Lieu: And it is the kind of thing, where the other with those bikes they have a short life, where people if you want them the fastest the lightest the newest you're upgrading new bikes every like.



00:26:38.940 --> 00:26:47.850

Hong Lieu: Two or three years it's not like that bike is with you forever, I mean you can keep it forever, but if you if you're like on the bleeding edge of competition you're switching up all the time, so it's like.



00:26:47.970 --> 00:27:05.880

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah it's true my bike oh it's still so just saying, but ya know so prior to work in a try lab I never really met an iron iron man person, a person who runs those crazy things which is like what is it it's a marathon 100 mile bike and like a two mile swim.



00:27:06.720 --> 00:27:08.760

Z Reisz (he/him): So you're looking at like a 13 hour race.



00:27:08.880 --> 00:27:15.450

Z Reisz (he/him): I was like okay that's just some theoretical thing and there's like five people who do this turns out there's a whole bunch of these folks.



00:27:15.720 --> 00:27:30.420

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah know how they do it like I don't know this one lady came and she's like well I just got done with my morning run, which was a marathon and i'm gonna go for a swim now i'm like huh I walked the dogs and had some cereal and got to work on time.



00:27:32.280 --> 00:27:33.450

Z Reisz (he/him): We have different lives.



00:27:34.560 --> 00:27:35.760

Hong Lieu: there's levels to this game.



00:27:35.790 --> 00:27:41.400

Hong Lieu: yeah and now you see all the tough monitor folks who do like those crazy like ninja warrior type mud courses.



00:27:42.180 --> 00:27:56.130

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah yeah it just gets crazier and crazier one of my brothers kind of favorite shows it's like three of those people who just do all these extreme races man, we make up some crazy things for people to do like just unreasonable.



00:27:56.640 --> 00:28:13.410

Z Reisz (he/him): there's a when I was a kid I did a aid station for one of these ultra not even an ultramarathon whatever you call 100 mile run, but it was up in like the rocky mountains and they run they do cumulative elevation change of sea level to mount Everest so whatever that is.



00:28:13.410 --> 00:28:13.950

Hong Lieu: Like oh my.



00:28:14.010 --> 00:28:22.320

Z Reisz (he/him): Goodness 9000 elevation change so they climb over like eight summit's through some passes some other stuff so I was at like mile at.



00:28:22.620 --> 00:28:31.860

Z Reisz (he/him): Getting to watch these guys come in so they've been like running all day all night is like 6am and they're coming in just all man those people look so sad, except for the guy winning.



00:28:31.890 --> 00:28:32.760

He just tried to drag.



00:28:35.280 --> 00:28:36.180

Z Reisz (he/him): jogging up the.



00:28:38.370 --> 00:28:42.870

Z Reisz (he/him): hills like a 4000 foot it's like running up and down these mountains, we got in Santa Barbara.



00:28:43.620 --> 00:28:46.410

Hong Lieu: Oh, and if you're not training for that the elevation change I don't do lungs.



00:28:46.470 --> 00:28:49.440

Z Reisz (he/him): collapsed or something like that yeah there's not enough oxygen up there at all.



00:28:49.770 --> 00:28:50.670

Hong Lieu: yeah oh.



00:28:50.880 --> 00:28:54.090

Akil Hill: Oh yeah listen i'm i'm getting tired just.



00:28:54.120 --> 00:28:55.170

Akil Hill: Talking about it man.



00:28:56.460 --> 00:28:58.290

Akil Hill: Am I get this get to the food section.



00:29:00.630 --> 00:29:01.530

Hong Lieu: On that note.



00:29:01.560 --> 00:29:02.220

Akil Hill: yeah.



00:29:02.880 --> 00:29:03.930

Hong Lieu: It does make for an excellent.



00:29:03.930 --> 00:29:19.320

Hong Lieu: segue into good eating because yeah with all that exercise know that conditioning and bike riding and things that I don't do that what I do, I have my mongooses from I don't know when it was 1989 89 needs a new seat, but yeah I still right it's good it's good to go.



00:29:19.380 --> 00:29:20.790

Z Reisz (he/him): might be going up in price by now.



00:29:22.080 --> 00:29:22.620

Z Reisz (he/him): and almost.



00:29:22.650 --> 00:29:26.940

Hong Lieu: All if it was the monsters bmx dogs yeah I grew up on bmx bikes you know what the gyro.



00:29:27.300 --> 00:29:31.740

Hong Lieu: yeah the tends to be the mountain bikes it no one no one's looking for that.



00:29:31.770 --> 00:29:34.560

Akil Hill: yeah yeah I know, no one was looking for that I remember because it's.



00:29:34.620 --> 00:29:35.670

Hong Lieu: still got the skinny.



00:29:35.670 --> 00:29:39.330

Akil Hill: red line, the Red Sea w's the heroes.



00:29:39.450 --> 00:29:40.350

Akil Hill: that's what it was.



00:29:40.380 --> 00:29:41.460

Hong Lieu: GT performed with.



00:29:41.460 --> 00:29:43.980

Akil Hill: GT our yeah.



00:29:44.790 --> 00:29:45.540

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah I tried.



00:29:45.600 --> 00:29:50.520

Z Reisz (he/him): I tried that bmx biking for a hot minute when I was way too old to be trying that and that hurts.



00:29:52.380 --> 00:29:53.220

Akil Hill: I don't know how they.



00:29:53.430 --> 00:29:58.860

Z Reisz (he/him): How they hop those things off the ground but somehow they do that every time I tried to do it, I just landed on my bum.



00:29:59.280 --> 00:30:00.030

Akil Hill: Oh yeah.



00:30:00.060 --> 00:30:01.500

Hong Lieu: which shows and helps because you can put your.



00:30:01.500 --> 00:30:08.340

Hong Lieu: feet on the back pegs and just kind of pop it really spend the gyro do it on the front end yeah yeah.



00:30:08.370 --> 00:30:09.570

Hong Lieu: yeah give me.



00:30:10.710 --> 00:30:11.610

Z Reisz (he/him): Just hurt myself.



00:30:12.600 --> 00:30:20.370

Hong Lieu: Oh it's painful to especially with yeah though my my buddy and bill for those for long use of those seats and I was a kid I do all day yeah no not anymore good saddle sore.



00:30:21.240 --> 00:30:22.050

Z Reisz (he/him): ergonomic seat.



00:30:23.370 --> 00:30:23.760

Akil Hill: Oh yeah.



00:30:24.030 --> 00:30:30.150

Hong Lieu: And the sharks sharks is a game that my tires were flat, the first time I had suspension on a bike, but it does help.



00:30:30.690 --> 00:30:37.740

Akil Hill: and listen to at least i'm just thinking about the 80s right now man, the bmx was was high breaking was high.



00:30:38.970 --> 00:30:40.050

Akil Hill: cried he was high.



00:30:42.270 --> 00:30:43.020

Akil Hill: 80s was.



00:30:43.500 --> 00:30:46.950

Hong Lieu: That was a good period yeah but, but we do have rose colored glasses on because.



00:30:47.100 --> 00:30:49.350

Hong Lieu: cocaine was hot trickle down economics were hot.



00:30:51.000 --> 00:30:52.200

Hong Lieu: Forget about let's not forget.



00:30:52.770 --> 00:30:54.690

Akil Hill: i'm just talking about childhood, I was talking about.



00:30:56.790 --> 00:30:57.480

Hong Lieu: absolutely fair.



00:30:59.010 --> 00:31:06.720

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah I had rollerblades that's what rollerblades became a thing I used to play hockey so that was, like all sweet I don't have to be a skater kid I can be rollerblades and be cool.



00:31:06.990 --> 00:31:09.240

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah it wasn't cool but I thought it was.



00:31:10.080 --> 00:31:15.990

Hong Lieu: I played a lot of roller hockey but I I have flat feet, so I my roller blade time was always like after about an hour, it was my.



00:31:15.990 --> 00:31:16.800

Hong Lieu: Max for my.



00:31:16.830 --> 00:31:18.930

Hong Lieu: decides of my feet started just barking me.



00:31:19.320 --> 00:31:20.880

Hong Lieu: But I love playing roller hockey.



00:31:20.940 --> 00:31:21.810

Hong Lieu: I really did.



00:31:21.960 --> 00:31:23.370

Akil Hill: Tell the podcast it's yeah.



00:31:25.350 --> 00:31:28.260

Hong Lieu: Well, I mean I think explain why I didn't play longer periods of time.



00:31:28.500 --> 00:31:29.550

Hong Lieu: You know yeah.



00:31:29.730 --> 00:31:31.680

Hong Lieu: And why denied my military service.



00:31:35.460 --> 00:31:36.030

Hong Lieu: So yeah.



00:31:36.570 --> 00:31:37.710

Akil Hill: Oh yeah.



00:31:38.010 --> 00:31:38.940

Z Reisz (he/him): Torture devices.



00:31:39.300 --> 00:31:46.170

Hong Lieu: and also why I wanted to play goalie half the time when you're playing roller hockey normally you don't play with a goalie roller hockey but I was like but I don't feel like moving right now.



00:31:49.980 --> 00:31:51.120

Akil Hill: I can't I can't write.



00:31:54.570 --> 00:32:04.320

Hong Lieu: And on that note let's segue to good eating our food section, do you want to kick us off or do you want to you want to defer and wait.



00:32:05.010 --> 00:32:18.090

Z Reisz (he/him): Oh well, i've got some real strong opinions about what good eating is and it always has red or green chili on it and it's just the truth and I don't know, and I know you guys are saying hash just kind of say hatch and all there is out there.



00:32:18.240 --> 00:32:26.280

Hong Lieu: And I hear someone who's been to Colorado many times the red and green chili because you got to explain to folks come up when you say chili folks are thinking like beans.



00:32:26.700 --> 00:32:35.670

Hong Lieu: Beef and like on top of a hot dog So if you want to break it down real quick for folks about red and green Chile and just what what what kind of goes into a good chilly in your in your estimation.



00:32:35.670 --> 00:32:36.180

Akil Hill: Oh.



00:32:36.300 --> 00:32:45.270

Z Reisz (he/him): Yes, flavor and it's got to have spice that's what goes into a good chili so what we're talking about chili you get your Green chilies on september's a magical time in new mexico's that's when the roast and all the chilies.



00:32:45.540 --> 00:32:53.940

Z Reisz (he/him): So you just walking around and all the grocery store is all the parking lots you just get this mass smell of chili and it's not the greatest smell until you grow up with it, and then there enough better.



00:32:54.540 --> 00:33:02.790

Z Reisz (he/him): And so that's that's your Green chilies and those usually kind of he can freeze a whole usually freeze a whole bunch of them, because you know you got to make until next September.



00:33:03.360 --> 00:33:05.250

Z Reisz (he/him): Not gonna be too many chilies between harvest.



00:33:06.030 --> 00:33:18.270

Z Reisz (he/him): But yeah those you get diced up and usually it comes up as pretty much the kind of chilly as it is you don't do too much past dyson it up, sometimes people put in a sauce but that's kind of a southern Colorado thing and it's a little bit questionable.



00:33:19.020 --> 00:33:22.380

Z Reisz (he/him): But it's Okay, you know if it's the chili you're going to get it to chill you're going to get.



00:33:23.130 --> 00:33:34.560

Z Reisz (he/him): But so that's the green chili the other one is the red chili so the red chili let the chilies mature a little bit more, so they turn red I guess when things get older they go from green to red so i'm going to be turning red here in a little bit I don't know.



00:33:36.510 --> 00:33:39.990

Z Reisz (he/him): that's thread should those they dry out So you see Murray stress.



00:33:40.860 --> 00:33:45.720

Z Reisz (he/him): And they just kind of you'll see it was all over to Mexico, if you ever go to New Mexico, you probably bring one home.



00:33:46.020 --> 00:33:55.650

Z Reisz (he/him): But essentially what you do with those is whenever it comes time to cook those and those are always kind of for later in the season, once all your Green chili supply has gone out because they're dried so they last a bit longer.



00:33:56.250 --> 00:34:05.520

Z Reisz (he/him): than you kind of rehydrate them pull off the seeds scan it put in some garlic blend that together into a nice little red chili sauce.



00:34:05.880 --> 00:34:16.140

Z Reisz (he/him): And then you just Dallas everything in that So if you want to make real carney out of auto not California Nevada you're doing it in red chili I don't know what they do our country about it here but.



00:34:16.800 --> 00:34:33.900

Z Reisz (he/him): it's way better and you just sit that pork in that Nice red chili sauce and you let that thing slow cook relax 567 hours until it's just falling apart and then you stick that inside of Sofia and all heaven is happy i'm guessing y'all don't have sofia's either right so.



00:34:34.140 --> 00:34:36.210

Hong Lieu: They do exist, but it's not a decision.



00:34:36.240 --> 00:34:38.700

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah it's not a that's another magical thing.



00:34:38.730 --> 00:34:49.680

Z Reisz (he/him): it's like a pita except way better but yeah kind of how the heck they know I didn't try to make these ones and almost with the House on fire, because I got the oil way too hot, and then the oil started on fire and.



00:34:50.100 --> 00:34:54.510

Z Reisz (he/him): Whatever I was 18 who knows what to do with oil and fire when they're 18 anyway.



00:34:55.770 --> 00:34:58.200

Hong Lieu: But yeah so I said, of course, is it cornmeal based.



00:34:58.530 --> 00:35:05.100

Z Reisz (he/him): I don't think, so I think it's a flower thing and it's kind of light and fluffy you'll either get them as desert and kind of put honey on them put honey in them to kind of.



00:35:05.130 --> 00:35:11.430

Z Reisz (he/him): pop up so you get a little pocket, but you could also just stop them with cardiac Robin oh heavens that's a meal to be happy with.



00:35:11.730 --> 00:35:15.270

Hong Lieu: So it's a lot like kind of fry bread you seen some indigenous kind of yeah.



00:35:15.300 --> 00:35:21.000

Z Reisz (he/him): restaurants and things yeah yeah it's probably not to oil fry bread usually doesn't have that kind of pocket in it right.



00:35:21.120 --> 00:35:22.500

Hong Lieu: It was like a nice dense.



00:35:22.650 --> 00:35:31.620

Z Reisz (he/him): Well, not it's kind of a fluffy but thicker bread, but yeah it's in that it's in that realm it's delicious so that's that's chilly it comes in all kinds of.



00:35:32.040 --> 00:35:40.410

Z Reisz (he/him): New Mexico, if you go to New Mexico they'll just put chili on everything you can get green chili on a cheeseburger mcdonald's bless mcdonald's for being flexible and their cheeseburgers I suppose.



00:35:41.250 --> 00:35:54.810

Z Reisz (he/him): But yeah so it's just everywhere, whatever you get you can get a Christmas, which is going to get little red a little green or you can just get it red or you can just get a green or however you want to go, I recommend green on the inside read on the outside, because, why have just one.



00:35:56.250 --> 00:36:02.130

Hong Lieu: So, in terms of your preferred chili chili usage we talking like on meat or are we talking just as is you know.



00:36:02.910 --> 00:36:11.730

Z Reisz (he/him): What Chilean cheese, or just a love, they just love each other they're good good friends, you should always have those together me yeah yeah meeting chili go well, I mean.



00:36:11.760 --> 00:36:13.980

Akil Hill: eggs eggs i'm sure a oh.



00:36:14.160 --> 00:36:14.610

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah.



00:36:14.670 --> 00:36:16.410

Z Reisz (he/him): it's breakfast burritos without.



00:36:16.410 --> 00:36:17.760

Akil Hill: The early yeah.



00:36:18.000 --> 00:36:18.330

Akil Hill: I like.



00:36:18.360 --> 00:36:19.410

Z Reisz (he/him): it's a good breakfast for you.



00:36:19.410 --> 00:36:20.070

Hong Lieu: Oh.



00:36:20.130 --> 00:36:21.270

Man I miss a thing.



00:36:23.220 --> 00:36:26.160

Hong Lieu: Yes, perfect in terms of adding that little like oh yeah.



00:36:26.220 --> 00:36:32.100

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah yeah I used to have this guy I knew and he made worked at a breeder shop you make me a special burrito.



00:36:32.610 --> 00:36:36.480

Z Reisz (he/him): And he kind of do a corn Tortilla in the middle, he puts her riso.



00:36:36.780 --> 00:36:48.360

Z Reisz (he/him): Red chili in that corn Tortilla he roll that up and that's like the heart of your burrito and then you build the rest of the breed around it, so I do double Teresa double and double chili double cheese and gosh that makes my heart shutter right now.



00:36:49.980 --> 00:36:51.330

Z Reisz (he/him): Good back then and man.



00:36:51.990 --> 00:37:03.000

Z Reisz (he/him): That that Rita will ever live on in my memory, because something with that, like corn Tortilla Center that just kind of held the red chili industry so it's like that do we Teresa they just leak stuff everywhere it's not that like.



00:37:03.330 --> 00:37:07.860

Z Reisz (he/him): fancy Teresa that actually stays as a sausage it just turns into red mush young.



00:37:09.090 --> 00:37:12.870

Z Reisz (he/him): Ah man kind of killing me making me talk about this, I want that thing now.



00:37:13.590 --> 00:37:23.820

Hong Lieu: Are there any restaurants in new Mexico anywhere that you'd recommend folks are ever traveling through the area that they have to go to to kind of get that quintessential kind of new Mexican philly flavor.



00:37:25.230 --> 00:37:28.380

Z Reisz (he/him): that's a tough one, they keep on changing on me.



00:37:30.000 --> 00:37:32.280

Z Reisz (he/him): The regular one that i'd go to.



00:37:32.880 --> 00:37:43.590

Z Reisz (he/him): actually had to wash dishes once there, because they didn't take cash or they didn't take credit card and I didn't have any cash and I didn't have anyone to go get me cash so they're like Okay, you can just wash dishes for an hour, but the heck was, I think it was a parasol.



00:37:44.040 --> 00:37:45.930

Akil Hill: Wait do they believe is that true story.



00:37:45.990 --> 00:37:46.740

Z Reisz (he/him): true story.



00:37:46.920 --> 00:37:47.580

Hong Lieu: And that word.



00:37:47.640 --> 00:37:49.920

Hong Lieu: Because I always offer and I like, please let me do this.



00:37:50.610 --> 00:37:53.520

Z Reisz (he/him): I was so I went there, like every other day.



00:37:53.850 --> 00:37:54.480

Akil Hill: So okay.



00:37:54.540 --> 00:38:00.780

Z Reisz (he/him): They kind of knew me and I was like i'm sorry guys I just like I missed I screwed this one up and they're just joking around it's like hey.



00:38:01.230 --> 00:38:10.230

Z Reisz (he/him): Well, our dishwashers out you want to wash the dishes for a while turns out i'm exceptionally good dishwasher I spent many years washing dishes and I got down.



00:38:11.370 --> 00:38:23.430

Z Reisz (he/him): wash dishes for a little bit and they're like cool and it's kind of one of those nice small places where it's like you know I probably my most restaurants status, like what you just had a random person into your kitchen to do things the liability.



00:38:23.550 --> 00:38:26.580

Hong Lieu: yeah she California, especially California.



00:38:26.640 --> 00:38:31.140

Z Reisz (he/him): Oh yeah well you know it's a small place there's like all right, and on you go.



00:38:32.490 --> 00:38:43.740

Z Reisz (he/him): So yeah other than that it's kinda, what are the other good places I mean it's kind, I think this goes with pretty much all food if it's a hole in a wall, you should probably try it.



00:38:44.070 --> 00:38:45.000

Akil Hill: yeah yeah.



00:38:45.300 --> 00:38:49.080

Z Reisz (he/him): You might regret it later, but you might not and it's probably worth it.



00:38:49.830 --> 00:38:52.950

Hong Lieu: Anything that's a hole in the wall, or has been around a while there's always.



00:38:53.520 --> 00:39:03.180

Hong Lieu: A reason that it's been around a while and there's a reason that folks and keeping their kind of you know their operation in control because anything that scales, you lose control of certain aspects of it.



00:39:03.480 --> 00:39:11.940

Hong Lieu: So so so the hole in the wall they're still in control the entire operation, so what you're getting is their their peers expression of what they're trying to survive, so that yeah.



00:39:12.060 --> 00:39:18.930

Z Reisz (he/him): If I mean if you are an albuquerque and you're feeling brave nelson's meat market that is like the.



00:39:20.040 --> 00:39:26.190

Z Reisz (he/him): That place has been around since Melissa mom was a kid so we're talking 70 plus years.



00:39:26.790 --> 00:39:36.240

Z Reisz (he/him): So it's been there forever her bomb actually flies us out so her mom retired from the airlines so she kind of flies out here pretty easy so she'll bring us out chili and red chili but yeah.



00:39:36.540 --> 00:39:52.020

Z Reisz (he/him): They make this excellent red chili sauce and it comes in a little plant containers she freeze that and she brings that out to us, we just use the last of ours and i'm real sad about it but yeah nelson's meat market our the heck it's in the north valley of albuquerque.



00:39:53.490 --> 00:40:03.660

Z Reisz (he/him): yep they got good me, and then they also got some good Chilean a random assortment of other things in there, but not really a restaurant but it's where where you go for your supplies if you're making dinner.



00:40:04.680 --> 00:40:07.680

Hong Lieu: In terms of bringing some back and freezing it sounds like the way to go.



00:40:07.740 --> 00:40:19.110

Z Reisz (he/him): So yeah especially got the red chili man like we get the red chili powder most was pretty good at making it into a sauce but just doesn't compare to that what they're doing down there and it's oh.



00:40:19.920 --> 00:40:20.610

Z Reisz (he/him): gosh it's good.



00:40:21.060 --> 00:40:32.520

Hong Lieu: And even if someone's head like I said I had to Colorado stuff and I do so, I always sense that, like Colorado new Mexico friction where they were like well we do it this way, and they do it that way, but you know and that's like I see.



00:40:32.760 --> 00:40:34.260

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah pretty sure Colorado likes.



00:40:34.260 --> 00:40:37.320

Z Reisz (he/him): putting their green chili into some sort of sauce with sausage.



00:40:38.070 --> 00:40:42.720

Hong Lieu: yeah i've had is definitely been like a suit like a stew like he kinda yeah.



00:40:42.840 --> 00:40:44.400

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah I mean whatever it's good to.



00:40:49.200 --> 00:40:49.680

Hong Lieu: shake.



00:40:49.740 --> 00:40:50.460

This solution.



00:40:52.230 --> 00:41:01.200

Z Reisz (he/him): But yeah you know I you know i'm proud of southern call or Colorado they're starting to they're starting to bring in some more red chili they're starting to get serious about like having it it's got to have a good spice to.



00:41:01.740 --> 00:41:07.800

Z Reisz (he/him): I mean like so much of the stuff we get is just got no spice by the time it gets here the chilies they pick a Martha really hot ones and.



00:41:08.340 --> 00:41:16.200

Z Reisz (he/him): And you know that loses a fair bit you got to have that kind of burning euphoria as you're trying to eat through your meal, you know a little sweat on your forehead that's good.



00:41:17.100 --> 00:41:24.060

Hong Lieu: For even the hatch chilies at always a milder spicy and like I always go with the spicy because the depth of flavor that that spices.



00:41:25.080 --> 00:41:25.680

Akil Hill: And, yes.



00:41:26.280 --> 00:41:27.270

Z Reisz (he/him): Burning euphoria.



00:41:28.680 --> 00:41:28.860

Z Reisz (he/him): You.



00:41:28.920 --> 00:41:37.890

Akil Hill: hon definitely i've eaten with this man, and I know he's all about that spice to I knew it was serious when I saw throwing back the cups of salsa.



00:41:40.140 --> 00:41:44.220

Akil Hill: Not only was it comes to salsa was a cups of the habanero so so.



00:41:44.490 --> 00:41:47.010

Akil Hill: yeah like I was like damn just do don't play.



00:41:48.540 --> 00:41:50.820

Z Reisz (he/him): Some good like monet's man there sauces.



00:41:51.360 --> 00:41:52.890

Z Reisz (he/him): I have an arrow one does have some kick to it.



00:41:53.070 --> 00:41:55.740

Hong Lieu: yeah kick yeah and the thing about having arrows is.



00:41:55.980 --> 00:41:59.670

Hong Lieu: Its weight in terms of spice and flavor it's probably my favorite pepper.



00:41:59.910 --> 00:42:01.020

Hong Lieu: Because it balances.



00:42:01.020 --> 00:42:05.760

Hong Lieu: spice and flavors so well, because you get that little sweet hit, and then it punches you with the Spice we.



00:42:05.880 --> 00:42:07.560

Hong Lieu: that's how has chilies are to to me.



00:42:07.770 --> 00:42:17.760

Hong Lieu: Where you get that beautiful chili flavor and then it knocks you over the head with the Spice if you get the spicy it's not just like an obnoxious like like the blue hill Nokia the ghost chili and stuff it just like right away.



00:42:18.510 --> 00:42:18.840

Hong Lieu: yeah.



00:42:19.770 --> 00:42:30.330

Hong Lieu: You know they get wild over the head so like like the habanero and even the jalapeno and stuff like serrano's those bad the best kind of balanced flavor for me.



00:42:30.390 --> 00:42:37.950

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah my brother gets a kick out of growing ridiculous peppers and how last time I was out there, he maybe try this was it was like a.



00:42:39.390 --> 00:42:42.390

Z Reisz (he/him): Court scorpion Scotch bonnet blend.



00:42:42.840 --> 00:42:43.320

Akil Hill: So I.



00:42:43.560 --> 00:42:45.810

Z Reisz (he/him): think the scorpion and the Scotch bonnet are both.



00:42:47.220 --> 00:42:49.500

Hong Lieu: The Naga scorpion is insanely hot.



00:42:49.650 --> 00:43:01.440

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah Scotch bonnet to holy oh God I just like just the smallest amount that I could feasibly get away with eating, and I think I cried for at least half an hour.



00:43:01.470 --> 00:43:05.610

Z Reisz (he/him): Just like I went to a different realm for a short bit there, whereas like nope.



00:43:05.910 --> 00:43:07.980

Z Reisz (he/him): holy heavens, that is too hot.



00:43:09.000 --> 00:43:24.090

Z Reisz (he/him): I will be back later hopefully or not I don't know but yeah you need that one but yeah how many heroes i'm with you i'm with you, other than red and green share like this might be my favorite one, it gives you that kind of Nice low key builds from the back of the town good flavor sweetness.



00:43:24.810 --> 00:43:25.350

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah.



00:43:25.620 --> 00:43:27.540

Akil Hill: I will say type chilies are good, too, though.



00:43:27.570 --> 00:43:28.260

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah I gotta.



00:43:28.320 --> 00:43:29.340

Akil Hill: We gotta get you gotta get a.



00:43:29.370 --> 00:43:30.360

Hong Lieu: Little those.



00:43:30.450 --> 00:43:32.940

Hong Lieu: Little times i've been the most of the little birds i'd like to tie.



00:43:32.940 --> 00:43:34.530

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah they're like the indie.



00:43:34.560 --> 00:43:36.150

Z Reisz (he/him): about the size of the into your pinky Canada.



00:43:36.150 --> 00:43:38.880

Akil Hill: yeah good yeah.



00:43:39.180 --> 00:43:44.580

Hong Lieu: I got a bunch of dried ones in my in my freezer right now I always break them out so yeah that that's a good point good point.



00:43:45.000 --> 00:43:48.450

Z Reisz (he/him): Sometimes a scare me, though, i'm like the little or the PEPPER the more scared I am.



00:43:49.290 --> 00:43:50.070

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah oh.



00:43:50.130 --> 00:43:51.960

Hong Lieu: One of my those will sneak up on you to those.



00:43:51.990 --> 00:44:05.970

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah my best bar room competition thing ever so I was random bar and riverside this guy comes up to me and he pulls out a pepper out to peppers out of his pocket about the size of your pinky first off peppers out of your pocket.



00:44:06.240 --> 00:44:07.530

Yes, randomly there.



00:44:09.060 --> 00:44:09.480

Z Reisz (he/him): But anyway.



00:44:10.380 --> 00:44:12.390

Akil Hill: yeah lot to do, but.



00:44:13.200 --> 00:44:18.300

Z Reisz (he/him): i'm far enough into the night that i'm like all right let's do this because you know i'm a very.



00:44:18.600 --> 00:44:24.690

Z Reisz (he/him): White kind of fellow so most people don't assume that I can eat peppers so this guy was he was looking forward to like just.



00:44:25.050 --> 00:44:39.480

Z Reisz (he/him): watching me burn and cry I was, like all right, you eat one on one, so I one I got the dead pepper like this thing didn't do anything and this guy's over here burnin up just like try trying to find all the bars solutions to hot food and i'm just sitting there.



00:44:40.650 --> 00:44:42.540

Hong Lieu: And he was the one that pulled them out.



00:44:42.750 --> 00:44:50.040

Hong Lieu: yeah yeah I see that you can't account you can't come like that you got to come correct if you're sitting there pulling peppers out of your pocket the challenge random.



00:44:50.190 --> 00:44:51.510

Z Reisz (he/him): password by in the bar.



00:44:51.750 --> 00:44:56.400

Hong Lieu: to spice challenges and you're coming wimping out like that begging the bartender for a glass of milk.



00:44:56.850 --> 00:44:59.880

Z Reisz (he/him): Oh, it was like my proudest moment because he had all his friends around.



00:45:00.480 --> 00:45:08.760

Z Reisz (he/him): up there to get a beer or something he's like I bet this guy will do, like all right good man he's just cry and i'm like I mean I just lucked out that pepper had nothing, it was like.



00:45:09.240 --> 00:45:18.900

Z Reisz (he/him): Honestly, he got the spicy when I got like I don't know the bell pepper or something cuz I was like sweet i'm not burning this guy's over you're crying i'm like I yeah feeling strong right now.



00:45:20.010 --> 00:45:25.770

Hong Lieu: that's your that's your bar hood pass every time you go in there from here on, out of a those guys in the bars like they'll vouch for you, right after that.



00:45:28.320 --> 00:45:29.100

Akil Hill: It sounded like a.



00:45:30.180 --> 00:45:33.510

Akil Hill: Crime right there pulling pip is out of pocket.



00:45:34.200 --> 00:45:35.070

Akil Hill: Piper picked.



00:45:35.190 --> 00:45:35.730

Akil Hill: A separate.



00:45:39.180 --> 00:45:42.120

Hong Lieu: yeah, especially when he's running for the hills after I can't believe that.



00:45:42.150 --> 00:45:42.810

Akil Hill: yeah the.



00:45:43.440 --> 00:45:52.740

Hong Lieu: Only pulling out your back pocket you gotta you gotta have a better poker face and that, at least, please just let the tears fall down your cheeks and just have a straight face welcome wailing to the bartender for.



00:45:52.800 --> 00:45:55.590

Z Reisz (he/him): Like i'm okay i'm Okay, thank you okay.



00:45:56.820 --> 00:45:59.760

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah you'll never catch me doing that nobody.



00:46:00.900 --> 00:46:03.360

Hong Lieu: At least suck it up and run outside in crying crying my car.



00:46:05.220 --> 00:46:05.640

Z Reisz (he/him): Sad.



00:46:10.830 --> 00:46:11.280

place in a.



00:46:12.390 --> 00:46:13.020

Z Reisz (he/him): Good place.



00:46:13.320 --> 00:46:19.350

Hong Lieu: Thank you, thank you for that a explications on chili have all sorts, I appreciate that, as someone who loves spice.



00:46:19.560 --> 00:46:25.380

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah it's a whatever it's what makes food interesting spicy salads I don't know why they haven't caught on but.



00:46:25.440 --> 00:46:26.700

Hong Lieu: You need to start with hot sauce in.



00:46:26.700 --> 00:46:28.470

Z Reisz (he/him): Your salad it makes it way more interesting.



00:46:28.740 --> 00:46:30.450

Hong Lieu: Oh, the Red pepper flakes at least yeah.



00:46:30.510 --> 00:46:33.780

Hong Lieu: yeah yeah nice article.



00:46:33.810 --> 00:46:36.060

Akil Hill: You want to go you want me to go it's it's up to you.



00:46:36.540 --> 00:46:37.950

Hong Lieu: Okay i'll go.



00:46:38.280 --> 00:46:38.700

Akil Hill: There you go.



00:46:38.820 --> 00:46:44.640

Hong Lieu: i'll go just because I the past couple weeks i've been picking kind of boozy places, so I want to bring out I gotta I gotta bring it back.



00:46:44.700 --> 00:46:46.710

Akil Hill: I gotta bring it back to the wait wait hold on.



00:46:47.010 --> 00:46:47.430

Akil Hill: hold on.



00:46:48.540 --> 00:46:50.070

Akil Hill: Just before we get into this.



00:46:50.970 --> 00:46:51.690

Akil Hill: I just want to let.



00:46:52.050 --> 00:46:58.590

Akil Hill: The listeners know that hung and I are a constant communication and this guy I don't even know what happened to this guy.



00:46:59.550 --> 00:47:11.700

Akil Hill: When we started this podcast he was like Mr frugal i'm on a budget, the last maybe like three months this dude is big like like Creme de la Creme like sending me pictures from the ritz carlton hotel.



00:47:11.940 --> 00:47:12.150

Akil Hill: Like.



00:47:12.870 --> 00:47:16.590

Hong Lieu: i'm sure sure no risk all to just have a short rib.



00:47:16.860 --> 00:47:17.400

Akil Hill: So let me put.



00:47:17.850 --> 00:47:22.920

Akil Hill: A $30 avocado toast like i'm like what who is this guy down.



00:47:23.460 --> 00:47:28.170

Hong Lieu: are vaccinated i'm i'm back out on the town i've been different in.



00:47:29.400 --> 00:47:32.160

Hong Lieu: That I mean that restaurants, like yeah i'm back.



00:47:32.640 --> 00:47:34.980

Akil Hill: You are back so what you got for us what you got.



00:47:34.980 --> 00:47:43.500

Hong Lieu: But I do want to shout like bring it back and understand and shout out some little mom and pop like we talked about hole in the wall places I was in cambria a couple weeks ago where I sent a kill the.



00:47:43.500 --> 00:47:43.800




00:47:47.460 --> 00:47:49.410

Akil Hill: he's getting back to his roots and cambria.



00:47:49.440 --> 00:48:01.080

Hong Lieu: Okay, go ahead, what on the way to cambria we stopped by every time so so my one of my favorite places in the world is Montana or Oh, you know state park in in in Los altos morro Bay area.



00:48:01.740 --> 00:48:09.540

Hong Lieu: So in La so so you know when you get Thai food people always say oh go to noise noise is a like an institution there it's like a little like a little wooden shack.



00:48:09.810 --> 00:48:17.910

Hong Lieu: And they have Thai food it's good it's great restaurant i'm not saying anything bad about noise but for my money my PIC in Los altos on ninth street and place called Lotus tie.



00:48:18.390 --> 00:48:22.800

Hong Lieu: And i've been going to Lotus tie since I was in college there, so you know 2002 2003.



00:48:23.400 --> 00:48:34.290

Hong Lieu: They recently have switched owners it's under different ownership but it's still Lotus tie and still a tie, family and you know before I when I went there, it was a tie family, but the husband was was.



00:48:34.890 --> 00:48:39.390

Hong Lieu: I think Italian American and he was from my hood down in La he was from a money so that's how I.



00:48:39.900 --> 00:48:49.680

Hong Lieu: chopped it up with him, like all you know money like it's like I know a money back into the landfill, then I was like oh I don't remember that, so you know we We broke it down that way, the recent under new ownership but still excellent.



00:48:50.460 --> 00:48:56.730

Hong Lieu: They probably maybe haven't one or two tables in the restaurant but it's mostly takeout, but if you get food from there to take out and take it to Montana or stay part.



00:48:57.150 --> 00:49:03.000

Hong Lieu: Not a better way to spend your day on this planet, then go to Montana state park and give us more time, but next a Lotus tie.



00:49:03.660 --> 00:49:14.100

Hong Lieu: They opened up a car in this area it's called San Miguel me market it's only been there, within the past year, and they have a special right now, where they do you can either do a pound or media or two pounds of.



00:49:15.690 --> 00:49:21.480

Hong Lieu: Two pounds a carny this for 18 comes with tortillas comes a salsa comes with Mexican cokes.



00:49:21.840 --> 00:49:28.350

Hong Lieu: And you can get that and bring it to my tenure so either way if you're planning a day trip to Montana state park and if you're in that area, I mean I.



00:49:28.530 --> 00:49:39.120

Hong Lieu: If you've never been, or even if you have been it's a great way to spend your day it's great hiking great you know beach access it's just one of the most beautiful places i've ever been to on the state on this planet, you know this country.



00:49:40.350 --> 00:49:48.450

Hong Lieu: yeah I would say semper gumby market via Besides having a good deal and kindness and media they use Harris ranch for their meat products, which you know for current city is.



00:49:48.720 --> 00:50:00.030

Hong Lieu: You know the Providence of the meat is always kind of an open question but they proudly display it they serve Harris ranch and if you ever driven up and down the five you know the smell of Harris ranch you know from from that drive so.



00:50:00.300 --> 00:50:09.570

Hong Lieu: It doesn't smell it doesn't smell great when you're driving by it, but it is high quality meat, I mean I didn't verify I was gonna ask I didn't know if they would know if it was the Hello Harris ranch.



00:50:09.930 --> 00:50:15.960

Hong Lieu: ranch does do specifically Hello me as well, but I didn't verify that but Harris ranch is always going to be a pretty good cut so if you're.



00:50:16.200 --> 00:50:25.860

Hong Lieu: If you're in the area and you need like you know you're kind of city, a good like carney saw the things of that sort, going to San Miguel, they will have Harris ranch but even just they're prepared stuff the car needs, those were excellent that video was good.



00:50:27.390 --> 00:50:35.010

Hong Lieu: And for under 20 bucks like I got the I got the candidate this personally, you know who's two pounds and we had friends over when I when I got back in town.



00:50:35.340 --> 00:50:44.250

Hong Lieu: And between me and three four other people, we only made it through about pound pound and a half, so I still had more for me after.



00:50:44.730 --> 00:50:55.080

Hong Lieu: entertaining a you know, a whole room of, I guess, a small room of guess so it's a lot of food and it's not very much money so that's that's my you know, like frugal pick.



00:50:56.160 --> 00:50:56.670

Akil Hill: pick.



00:50:56.790 --> 00:51:06.420

Hong Lieu: Also, so send me got me market and load is ty not say any bad about noise noise, if someone recommends noise go ahead head over there if you're eating dining in noise, probably the place, because that little wooden shack.



00:51:07.020 --> 00:51:17.370

Hong Lieu: be good ambience, but if you just want like you know great food and you're going to Montana 09 street is right off the main drag on your way to the State park so yeah Lotus tie and San Miguel.



00:51:17.430 --> 00:51:19.890

Akil Hill: Okay, but you never tell us what you ordered from the Lotus tile, though.



00:51:20.220 --> 00:51:24.270

Hong Lieu: Oh, I get they went under previous ownership, I used to get the red mountain.



00:51:24.690 --> 00:51:30.810

Hong Lieu: Which is kind of like this, you know, like that that red sauce with the spinach and the cashews and the chicken, you know, like the chicken meat in there.



00:51:31.560 --> 00:51:37.800

Hong Lieu: The wonton soup, but you wouldn't really think to order one time soup always from a Thai place but I always love the one consumer type places strangely enough.



00:51:38.460 --> 00:51:46.680

Hong Lieu: But yeah the one time soup the Tom yum is excellent and then now, instead of the the red bound, I get the cashew nut chicken, which is the same sauce base it's that.



00:51:46.680 --> 00:51:47.910

Hong Lieu: reddish kind of like.



00:51:48.030 --> 00:51:58.140

Hong Lieu: mommy based sauce but you know the pad Thai pets you all the stuff is really good but but, for me, I get the cash, you know chicken chicken satay and then a large thing of wonton soup.



00:52:00.030 --> 00:52:01.530

Akil Hill: Alright sounds good man.



00:52:01.830 --> 00:52:03.150

Hong Lieu: i'm back i'm back.



00:52:03.210 --> 00:52:03.810

Hong Lieu: he's back.



00:52:05.040 --> 00:52:07.020

Akil Hill: hog is officially out here in these streets yeah.



00:52:08.550 --> 00:52:09.570

Hong Lieu: it's been a while, but.



00:52:09.570 --> 00:52:12.990

Z Reisz (he/him): who's excited for be vaccinated and being able to go to restaurants.



00:52:13.410 --> 00:52:14.430

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah.



00:52:14.790 --> 00:52:15.210




00:52:16.740 --> 00:52:24.780

Hong Lieu: The changes that they've made it all these restaurants, like a lot of these alfresco dining areas is really nice, you know, like, I mean I don't know how it is in this in this hundred degree heat.



00:52:25.050 --> 00:52:37.290

Hong Lieu: But otherwise being outside eating in the 70s areas is really nice a lot of the online things he does is if you're doing takeout simplify where I could just put an online order to go and 20 minutes to pick up the food and go very nice like.



00:52:37.800 --> 00:52:47.010

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah i'm i'm rooting for these restaurants, I they've been through a lot of these past this past year, plus and i'm just trying to support, however, I can you whether it's a $30 shirt.



00:52:48.300 --> 00:52:50.430

Hong Lieu: or or avocado toast.



00:52:51.420 --> 00:52:52.500

Akil Hill: toast pitching for.



00:52:55.320 --> 00:52:56.940

Z Reisz (he/him): I support feeding my belly and.



00:52:56.940 --> 00:52:58.950

Z Reisz (he/him): Supporting all our local businesses, I mean that's.



00:52:58.950 --> 00:53:00.300

Z Reisz (he/him): A win, win for everyone.



00:53:00.630 --> 00:53:02.040

Akil Hill: yeah absolutely.



00:53:03.240 --> 00:53:12.240

Akil Hill: So I guess i'll go ahead and go i'm going i'm going a little bit out of town this week on my choice, but there's a place in Santa Monica it's called sunny blue.



00:53:12.960 --> 00:53:22.920

Akil Hill: and basically they specialize it's a small kind of hold a while and what they do is they specialize and some people call it is basically call it.



00:53:23.850 --> 00:53:41.700

Akil Hill: A degree, which is kind of like a Japanese rice ball it's usually in a triangle and it's it stuff with a whole bunch of different different feelings, it can be, you can stuff it with like spicy tuna, you can stuff it with like the you can stuff it with.



00:53:43.440 --> 00:53:55.500

Akil Hill: My favorite one is the shiso which, which is like a Japanese kind of leaf, along with pickled veggies that's one of my favorite ones from.



00:53:56.880 --> 00:54:10.500

Akil Hill: That particular spot, but if you're down in Santa Monica Monica it's a great spot great reviews small hole in the wall, if you want to buy a company they make they have that there, too, as well, but just a really good.



00:54:13.500 --> 00:54:20.550

Akil Hill: Simple but yet filling a dish that you people would love to eat good.



00:54:21.690 --> 00:54:37.650

Akil Hill: way to experience another part of Japanese culture without necessarily always eating sushi a lot of kids grow up in Japan actually the parents would pack own equity in their lunch some you know people have some of my friends here in the States.



00:54:38.760 --> 00:54:47.460

Akil Hill: You know their parents used to pack, you know, only for them in their their kids lunch box to take to school, but it's one of those home.



00:54:49.440 --> 00:54:50.550

Akil Hill: comfort foods.



00:54:51.690 --> 00:54:56.850

Akil Hill: You know and it's filling you wouldn't think it but it's a right triangle, I wouldn't always get like maybe like three.



00:54:58.050 --> 00:55:05.550

Akil Hill: You know, three different ones and that's kind of fills me up but it's definitely sunny blue Santa Monica, that is, the spot.



00:55:06.750 --> 00:55:08.820

Akil Hill: can't go wrong with a degree.



00:55:09.570 --> 00:55:14.850

Hong Lieu: yeah kill kill stays relevant for the people, because I, when I think of another idea I think of working class like a burrito.



00:55:15.660 --> 00:55:18.150

Hong Lieu: something you can hold in your hand like while you're driving your car.



00:55:18.420 --> 00:55:26.700

Hong Lieu: or just get like you're hungry you're working he's on a quick step aside eat and go back to work, like burrito and you get a similar similar like self contained foods.



00:55:27.390 --> 00:55:31.350

Hong Lieu: Like really good and really hardy and really nourishing like i've always loved.



00:55:31.830 --> 00:55:40.350

Hong Lieu: loved loved really good only Gideon and sometimes sometimes just with the rice in the in the nori is enough for me, but then there were a little bit of like the you know the little cuttlefish stuff the sprinkling talk.



00:55:40.410 --> 00:55:41.460

Akil Hill: yaki like yeah.



00:55:41.700 --> 00:55:45.150

Hong Lieu: And there something like that, like oh yeah always always good.



00:55:46.860 --> 00:56:03.240

Akil Hill: You know i'm waiting for like it's kind of interesting to i'm kind of waiting for that to blow up because you know everyone went through the sushi phase, the role phase, and then it went from that to ramen ramen have it's kind of it's kind of his day so i'm just waiting for.



00:56:04.680 --> 00:56:12.420

Akil Hill: Only spots to kind of blow up too because it's like you said it's just the rice in a triangle and then it's wrapped in the naughty.



00:56:13.080 --> 00:56:28.290

Akil Hill: And the noughties everything if it's crispy fresh you get the warm rise with the crispy crispy naughty plays on the textures So hopefully that will be the next kind of frontier but it's they really packet well.



00:56:29.580 --> 00:56:33.450

Akil Hill: down in sunny blue it's a really great place to eat and.



00:56:34.860 --> 00:56:50.160

Akil Hill: it's a part of the old towns in Santa Monica and so it's a great area just to walk around go to shops check out different stores, the beach is only like a couple blocks away it's it's an experience you can make a day out of it's sunny blue Santa Monica don't sleep.



00:56:51.390 --> 00:56:56.520

Hong Lieu: yeah there is a there's a place in Gardena tohmatsu and they do grilled on diggity.



00:56:57.390 --> 00:56:59.460

Hong Lieu: yeah again they finished it on the grill.



00:56:59.520 --> 00:57:01.530

Akil Hill: All because yeah krispies.



00:57:01.620 --> 00:57:03.330

Akil Hill: Oh yeah.



00:57:03.720 --> 00:57:04.980

Z Reisz (he/him): that's making me hungry all over.



00:57:04.980 --> 00:57:12.330

Hong Lieu: And that's what that's what this part of the show always does, but that's why it's good that we eat lunch beforehand, because i'm thinking about that now because.



00:57:12.630 --> 00:57:21.270

Hong Lieu: There aren't that many places to go and add around here I mean if you have a Japanese market nearby you can usually get some pretty decent stuff but yeah.



00:57:22.590 --> 00:57:24.780

Z Reisz (he/him): I gotta go try this stuff I don't think i've had this.



00:57:26.220 --> 00:57:29.100

Akil Hill: it's definitely worth the trip, I remember one time, I was in Japan and.



00:57:31.380 --> 00:57:32.340

Akil Hill: What city was it.



00:57:34.200 --> 00:57:46.680

Akil Hill: We were hiking and I forget it's it's escaping me right now but we're hiking and once we got to the top there was like you know a little shopping on top of the mountain and they did the grill the grilled.



00:57:47.550 --> 00:57:58.890

Akil Hill: On AG, and then they based it in soy sauce, and so they got the crispy outside texture with the saltiness of the soy sauce and that was like.



00:57:59.580 --> 00:58:09.930

Akil Hill: That was the best thing I had ever eat that day, because I was like you know he went how it is when you work so hard and you're out of breath you make it to the top you're like yeah it's time to get my global right now.



00:58:10.020 --> 00:58:11.700

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah I deserve this i've earned.



00:58:11.700 --> 00:58:12.360

Akil Hill: It yeah.



00:58:13.350 --> 00:58:17.760

Hong Lieu: And that's what I think about it is because, if we tell you to go get it if you haven't had it and you're like.



00:58:18.090 --> 00:58:24.270

Hong Lieu: You know the flavors are kind of understand like a little understated to a certain extent, depending on what feeling you get and because it's mostly rice mostly naughty.



00:58:24.510 --> 00:58:26.250

Hong Lieu: And then, a little bit of the stuff in the middle, but.



00:58:26.580 --> 00:58:34.230

Hong Lieu: it's more about the work you did, or what you did to get to that point where you're taking that break and enjoy because it's really feeling it and in terms of assessment is all you need.



00:58:34.530 --> 00:58:45.690

Hong Lieu: But it's more like like a hard after a hard day's work or or whatever you've been doing, you need a break, and you take that, and you can just relax and decompress like it's more a statement of the kind of expression around you that makes sense.



00:58:45.960 --> 00:58:48.390

Hong Lieu: As opposed like you have to try it because it's just like amazing.



00:58:48.660 --> 00:58:53.130

Hong Lieu: mommy flavor bomb like it's that's not what this is in terms of what what what the dishes.



00:58:53.400 --> 00:59:00.780

Hong Lieu: it's more just kind of like yeah it's more like a part of your day, that is, is just a nice kind of like like a high you know, like it's a highlight and its own way.



00:59:01.020 --> 00:59:09.210

Hong Lieu: But I wouldn't I wouldn't recommend like say like well, you have to try it because the flavors are in grades are incredible because they are but it's more just like it's a call back you know, like it's a.



00:59:09.480 --> 00:59:17.280

Hong Lieu: it's a it's a piece of it's just a piece of the culture is it is really beautiful but it's fun it's not this it's not it's not like yeah I don't know.



00:59:18.060 --> 00:59:24.540

Hong Lieu: If I can be a flavor bomb, so I did you definitely should try it we don't go in expecting like you to take a bite like wait a minute I was expanding.



00:59:24.540 --> 00:59:24.750




00:59:25.860 --> 00:59:32.640

Hong Lieu: Like despise we were talking about earlier it doesn't it's not necessarily that unless you depending what you dip it in depending what you're feeling is because the.



00:59:32.880 --> 00:59:45.240

Hong Lieu: Truth key of it is the rice and the naughty if the rice is good and nobody's good it's going to be a delicious bite, but just know that yeah it's good it's the like the harmony of at all, as opposed to you know, like some kind of flavor that is coming at you.



00:59:45.510 --> 00:59:46.410

Akil Hill: yeah absolutely.



00:59:47.670 --> 00:59:48.180

Z Reisz (he/him): cool.



00:59:49.890 --> 00:59:50.880

Hong Lieu: All right, some good show.



00:59:51.570 --> 01:00:04.680

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah so I was a little bit off on the specific spot if you are going through albuquerque new Mexico and you need to get your red chili sale, you want to go to, but he is Mexican kitchen so buddy is PA de las.



01:00:04.770 --> 01:00:05.610

Hong Lieu: Ideas okay.



01:00:05.730 --> 01:00:14.220

Z Reisz (he/him): This is going to be kind of pretty close to the intersection of I 25 and I 40 so, no matter how you're going through albuquerque you're probably passing by it and it's worth of stop.



01:00:14.580 --> 01:00:19.980

Hong Lieu: Perfect yeah especially I 25 runs to Colorado to so you want to do the Colorado new Mexico battle in one trip.



01:00:21.090 --> 01:00:22.470

Hong Lieu: run that route yeah.



01:00:23.940 --> 01:00:27.240

Akil Hill: Right yeah i'm looking forward to checking that out in the show notes i'll.



01:00:27.450 --> 01:00:33.690

Hong Lieu: definitely have both in there and so Moving on, we are now going from good eaten to higher learning our culture piece.



01:00:34.770 --> 01:00:44.160

Hong Lieu: Z if you want to kick us off again anything book movie TV any media that has been given you life any anything you want to recommend folks whether you with something into now or in your past.



01:00:44.520 --> 01:00:46.860

Hong Lieu: Many past lives as a bike bike person, etc.



01:00:47.520 --> 01:00:48.450

Z Reisz (he/him): Oh by person or.



01:00:48.960 --> 01:00:50.310

Z Reisz (he/him): Persons in the art.



01:00:50.340 --> 01:00:51.540

Z Reisz (he/him): bicycle mechanics.



01:00:51.570 --> 01:00:51.900




01:00:53.190 --> 01:01:01.530

Z Reisz (he/him): But that's just a that's just fear ever want to learn how to work on your bicycle and you, and if you find xin and doing things then that's a good one, just because you said it.



01:01:02.400 --> 01:01:05.040

Hong Lieu: A spin or is it a spin off a motorcycle maintenance.



01:01:05.130 --> 01:01:07.350

Z Reisz (he/him): it's not as fun as the motorcycle maintenance one.



01:01:07.800 --> 01:01:09.270

Z Reisz (he/him): Honest it's a little bit more of.



01:01:09.300 --> 01:01:12.210

Z Reisz (he/him): Actually, working on the bike but yeah now.



01:01:13.080 --> 01:01:13.680

Hong Lieu: Show notes.



01:01:13.710 --> 01:01:24.900

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah yeah as it goes for right now, a expanse so I haven't been watching the show i'm keeping it wholesome on the books but yeah so the last book of that expand series is supposed to come out this November.



01:01:25.380 --> 01:01:30.510

Z Reisz (he/him): And that's what that's what i'm on the edge of my seat, for I just read through the series again so i'm like okay.



01:01:30.930 --> 01:01:34.110

Z Reisz (he/him): Well, actually, I read through it it's supposed to come out last year didn't come out last year.



01:01:34.560 --> 01:01:39.960

Z Reisz (he/him): So now i'm a little bit behind don't know if I remember everything, all the same that's that's what i'm looking forward to hear.



01:01:40.350 --> 01:01:44.850

Z Reisz (he/him): I don't want that set that last book to come out because you know, I think it was a nine book series.



01:01:45.720 --> 01:02:00.090

Z Reisz (he/him): of books and I and it looks like these guys are going to pull off a pretty phenomenal end and the boot the the authors are from albuquerque new Mexico so i'm like I didn't even know that when I started reading it, but looking back like hey that's cool thank.



01:02:01.770 --> 01:02:07.080

Hong Lieu: You know how far the TV show went in terms of the books, because I did love the TV show too, and I haven't gotten that far in the books.



01:02:07.860 --> 01:02:13.650

Z Reisz (he/him): TV shows like into like I think each whatever season is pretty much a book, I think there were like four or five.



01:02:13.650 --> 01:02:15.750

Hong Lieu: So they canceled they canceled the show after three.



01:02:15.750 --> 01:02:16.680

Hong Lieu: seasons and now.



01:02:17.040 --> 01:02:17.610

Z Reisz (he/him): No way.



01:02:17.670 --> 01:02:21.780

Hong Lieu: But it's got an additional three seasons on Amazon so they're going to get probably get to six seasons total.



01:02:22.140 --> 01:02:24.270

Hong Lieu: So that should be hopefully the six books.



01:02:24.930 --> 01:02:29.760

Z Reisz (he/him): But yeah like honestly I couldn't stand James hold them like the guy they cast for him.



01:02:29.850 --> 01:02:30.120




01:02:31.200 --> 01:02:32.070

Z Reisz (he/him): I couldn't do that guy.



01:02:33.480 --> 01:02:36.570

Z Reisz (he/him): that's how it always goes if you've read the book first like any.



01:02:36.600 --> 01:02:42.780

Hong Lieu: anytime there's like a TV or movie adaptation, like the Kathy choices are always gonna be a little yeah.



01:02:42.960 --> 01:02:44.610

Hong Lieu: Whereas I came from the show first.



01:02:44.880 --> 01:02:49.320

Hong Lieu: And started what reading the books, after so i'm like i'm like to two or three books in.



01:02:49.980 --> 01:03:00.570

Hong Lieu: And just just after watching the show and I kind of like I don't exactly look look at it in the characters eyes now, but I can kind of it kind of makes a little more sense, but I could see where if I read the books first like yeah it was.



01:03:00.840 --> 01:03:05.580

Z Reisz (he/him): Like the holding character in the books by just don't know he's a piece right.



01:03:07.350 --> 01:03:15.510

Z Reisz (he/him): Like I don't know once you put them into like real life man they either casting them super well or not, but I was like that I could not deal with that actor.



01:03:16.860 --> 01:03:17.340

Hong Lieu: yeah.



01:03:18.300 --> 01:03:31.050

Akil Hill: that's the worst, though, you know when you invest so much time in the book and then like you're getting excited for the TV Well, no, the books are always better than the movies, or the TV series, and then, when they cast one you can't stand in the role man tan.



01:03:31.560 --> 01:03:32.070

Z Reisz (he/him): ruins it.



01:03:32.520 --> 01:03:33.120

Akil Hill: ruins it.



01:03:33.210 --> 01:03:38.790

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah I had a step way back from that and, like a race all of my memory about like okay that never happened we're going straight to the books.



01:03:39.090 --> 01:03:48.210

Hong Lieu: Luckily, this is not a George rr Martin situation this isn't like waiting a lot of times I mean you're waiting a little bit for the book, but they have followed a pretty regular release schedule, you know for.



01:03:48.420 --> 01:03:51.060

Hong Lieu: For a nine upcoming going to be a nine book series.



01:03:51.330 --> 01:03:57.990

Hong Lieu: They have maintained, you know every couple years there they're keeping the audience fed know where George rr Martin people are starving, all you ever.



01:03:58.440 --> 01:03:58.830

Z Reisz (he/him): read a book.



01:03:59.250 --> 01:04:12.570

Hong Lieu: A book they already know the ending to because he said he's not gonna really diverse than any there, so you get you've been you've been getting that steady diet books you're still ahead of the show so there's still a lot of like incentive to to finish that book series get it done so.



01:04:12.960 --> 01:04:20.250

Z Reisz (he/him): it's exciting to they're doing well with that jr Martin, so I actually quit watching the show, so I don't know what happened at the end don't tell me because I.



01:04:20.670 --> 01:04:26.700

Z Reisz (he/him): Well, for a while there, I was holding out hope he was going to write the sixth book I think i've given up on that now pretty sure we're just done with five books that guys.



01:04:28.650 --> 01:04:29.100

Z Reisz (he/him): I don't know.



01:04:29.670 --> 01:04:32.100

Z Reisz (he/him): Everything seems to indicate like yeah sure all right, another book.



01:04:32.220 --> 01:04:45.120

Hong Lieu: yeah he he throws that like three pages every like few months to kind of like like tease fans like put a few pages on his blog or whatever, and then go to sleep one is piles and piles of money, but like yeah I don't think i'm gonna put myself through that isolationism a book writing.



01:04:46.020 --> 01:04:58.440

Z Reisz (he/him): So that the lives in Santa fe and he just got like a big old ordinance violation, because he tried to build a castle in Santa fe and Santa fe has like very strict building codes, they want everything to look adobe so there's my little tidbit on jr Martin.



01:05:00.630 --> 01:05:03.060

Z Reisz (he/him): Like really dude right your sixth book already.



01:05:04.530 --> 01:05:08.640

Akil Hill: Yes, so tidbit don't move to Santa Santa fe and build a castle.



01:05:08.730 --> 01:05:09.510

Z Reisz (he/him): that's not gonna work.



01:05:10.440 --> 01:05:14.610

Hong Lieu: If you wanted to build a giant adobe presidio to defend his piles and piles of money.



01:05:14.790 --> 01:05:18.150

Z Reisz (he/him): It would have been Okay, but yeah that would have been more appropriate.



01:05:21.480 --> 01:05:24.570

Z Reisz (he/him): To Santa fe but castles in Santa fe that's not.



01:05:24.990 --> 01:05:29.580

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah it's not Castle land, you need like I don't know England, Scotland.



01:05:29.940 --> 01:05:32.970

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah somewhere up in Washington needs castles oh.



01:05:36.690 --> 01:05:40.110

Hong Lieu: Excellent yeah So those are excellent excellent excellent book series.



01:05:40.530 --> 01:05:45.120

Hong Lieu: I will definitely put a link in the show notes to both info about the books and the Shell for anyone trying to get in there.



01:05:45.420 --> 01:05:50.490

Hong Lieu: The show streaming on Amazon prime if anyone needs like a kind of a gateway into seeing if they want to try the books are not.



01:05:50.760 --> 01:06:02.850

Hong Lieu: Just you just watching the show get you get halfway there but yeah like a keel said there's the books are always better than than any other media for me in terms of when you have something, because you get so much more in depth.



01:06:03.300 --> 01:06:16.680

Hong Lieu: In terms of like breakdowns of characters motivations, and all the background details they try to do with Nissan saying like putting stuff in the background of sprinkled throughout the background of the shows and stuff but yeah just getting to live those machinations yeah.



01:06:17.340 --> 01:06:17.940

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah it.



01:06:18.060 --> 01:06:18.930

Hong Lieu: can't beat the books.



01:06:18.990 --> 01:06:25.140

Z Reisz (he/him): Now those guys are doing good work with that expand series it looks like I mean it got interesting and kept getting interesting like usually they kind of.



01:06:25.440 --> 01:06:32.910

Z Reisz (he/him): I don't know somewhere around book three or four it's got the same ending then i'll book three as same in his book for is five to six, but now they kept changing.



01:06:33.930 --> 01:06:40.740

Hong Lieu: yeah, especially for nine books, I mean only other long series like that I can think that actually made it through was was probably dark tower Stephen King books.



01:06:40.950 --> 01:06:56.250

Hong Lieu: yeah yeah I mean it's just hard to get to to sustain I guess the fantasy authors tend to do it a lot, they can go like you know, like like Anne mccaffrey doesn't like pin dragon books just spilling out, you know all every which way but yeah the SCI fi and stuff yeah I mean asimov did.



01:06:56.970 --> 01:06:57.480

Hong Lieu: I think he, like.



01:06:57.690 --> 01:06:59.130

Hong Lieu: seven or eight foundation books so maybe.



01:06:59.130 --> 01:07:01.620

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah yeah somewhere around there.



01:07:01.680 --> 01:07:03.360

Hong Lieu: Then, does it was like the Foundation trilogy.



01:07:03.570 --> 01:07:05.580

Hong Lieu: And then there was before foundation and then after.



01:07:05.640 --> 01:07:06.870

Z Reisz (he/him): So, like it was like yeah.



01:07:07.680 --> 01:07:14.430

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah okay how's mom that guy also was in Santa fe or loss, he was somewhere in that area to just go.



01:07:14.520 --> 01:07:21.930

Hong Lieu: yeah I didn't realize new Mexico was this hot bit of science fiction and fantasy yeah and as moms probably one of my favorite yeah definitely one of my favorites if.



01:07:22.470 --> 01:07:24.510

Z Reisz (he/him): I could be doing this information on that one too.



01:07:26.250 --> 01:07:27.090

Hong Lieu: I will fact check and.



01:07:27.930 --> 01:07:29.970

Hong Lieu: i'll insert a correction, the show notes, if need be, but.



01:07:30.030 --> 01:07:32.070

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah now the wheel of time though that's another of those.



01:07:32.070 --> 01:07:33.750

Hong Lieu: Long oh yeah wait.



01:07:33.990 --> 01:07:34.530

Hong Lieu: Tell me.



01:07:34.590 --> 01:07:35.760

Hong Lieu: is even to Mexico to.



01:07:35.970 --> 01:07:39.210

Hong Lieu: Now Okay, because we, the time is excellent yeah.



01:07:39.240 --> 01:07:42.090

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah I think that 14 books or something like that.



01:07:42.240 --> 01:07:43.320

Hong Lieu: Robert Jordan, I think.



01:07:43.320 --> 01:07:48.030

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah now that one's got true tragedy Robert Jordan died book 11.



01:07:49.440 --> 01:07:51.180

Hong Lieu: Well, did this i'm finishing with.



01:07:51.480 --> 01:07:52.680

Z Reisz (he/him): brandon sanderson finished.



01:07:52.680 --> 01:07:52.980

Hong Lieu: Oh.



01:07:53.010 --> 01:07:55.500

Hong Lieu: that's right that's right that's right that's right that's right that's right.



01:07:55.500 --> 01:08:02.490

Z Reisz (he/him): Yes, he did a good job, too, I mean God I can't, can you imagine picking up a series that's 11 books long and trying to wrap that up for someone pool.



01:08:02.520 --> 01:08:03.000

Hong Lieu: yeah.



01:08:03.090 --> 01:08:03.600

And there's.



01:08:04.800 --> 01:08:05.250

Z Reisz (he/him): pressure.



01:08:05.700 --> 01:08:07.860

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah jr martin's got nothing.



01:08:09.810 --> 01:08:15.660

Hong Lieu: And he's not feeling any pressure right now yeah no I can't feel my Castle just build an eight bedroom adobe House you know.



01:08:19.620 --> 01:08:21.870

Hong Lieu: Good PIC all right.



01:08:22.950 --> 01:08:25.230

Hong Lieu: You want me to go next to kill you I guess what you keep the same same.



01:08:25.230 --> 01:08:25.920

Akil Hill: rotation yeah yeah.



01:08:26.130 --> 01:08:36.240

Hong Lieu: i'll go, so I was gonna gonna go like dip dip back in the classic volt do like this book of mine those favorite of yours, but then I started watching TV and I decided to go with TV so.



01:08:37.800 --> 01:08:40.170

Hong Lieu: i'll save the default selection for our next episode.



01:08:41.880 --> 01:08:49.680

Hong Lieu: We on the show we've recommended place stuff on a lot of streaming services, you know netflix HBO Amazon this week i'm rapping for peacock the new.



01:08:51.630 --> 01:08:55.290

Hong Lieu: The new NBC streaming service that doesn't have seinfeld and doesn't have friends, yes.



01:08:56.190 --> 01:09:02.280

Hong Lieu: Yes, so like well you watch, you know, like they have some they have original programming, the original programming is actually pretty good um.



01:09:02.850 --> 01:09:15.090

Hong Lieu: They have a free like add tier where you only get a couple episodes of each series and I paid for the hat with ads which is like five bucks a month, and then they have like a no ads so I got the with ads because being frugal once again.



01:09:15.480 --> 01:09:17.220

Hong Lieu: I have to read.



01:09:17.280 --> 01:09:18.060

Akil Hill: The that's right.



01:09:18.450 --> 01:09:19.350

Hong Lieu: guys do this.



01:09:19.920 --> 01:09:22.620

Z Reisz (he/him): I mean you got to cut back somewhere you're gonna eat them short ribs.



01:09:22.680 --> 01:09:23.760

Akil Hill: yeah exactly.



01:09:24.120 --> 01:09:26.310

Akil Hill: Exactly exactly Z.



01:09:26.520 --> 01:09:37.890

Hong Lieu: So I get some ads, but I do get to see all the shows, and the original programming, I have been enjoying their they've done two shows one's called girls five ever another one's called we're lady parks and they're both about female musicians.



01:09:38.160 --> 01:09:42.390

Hong Lieu: Yes, i've ever is about a turn of the century pop like they had what they had a hit and the turn of the century.



01:09:42.630 --> 01:09:44.160

Hong Lieu: And then they come back as a reunion.



01:09:44.940 --> 01:09:48.930

Hong Lieu: Sarah brill's she's she is she has a budget like it's I mean.



01:09:49.200 --> 01:10:00.990

Hong Lieu: I could have this on to you I don't know if they're called We actually had a legit hits you know you know within the past couple decades she's the star of that show, along with renee ELISE gold's Barry who's from Hamilton you know, and you know busy philipps and a couple comedians.



01:10:02.520 --> 01:10:10.260

Hong Lieu: it's about so they're getting back to go to their 40s and trying to like rekindle that pop magic so that's just great comedy and then we are lady parts is.



01:10:10.950 --> 01:10:19.650

Hong Lieu: I watch that Oh, did you watch that yeah so good, I thought that was just an incredible show, I mean it's a comedy as well, but it's about a female Muslim.



01:10:21.480 --> 01:10:28.530

Hong Lieu: Female Muslim women in London who form a punk band, and then you know but beyond that it's kind of like wrestling with.



01:10:28.830 --> 01:10:33.930

Hong Lieu: With with how that kind of fits in with their family dynamics with their faith dynamics and what they were there, and just.



01:10:34.260 --> 01:10:42.570

Hong Lieu: I thought it was just really, really well done, like girls five it was a funny show, but we are lady parts that was just a great just a great show period like it just.



01:10:42.990 --> 01:10:50.430

Hong Lieu: Really really like a good a good kind of peeking it like under that Muslim Muslim lands of family dynamics like there's a there's a scene, where.



01:10:50.880 --> 01:11:01.380

Hong Lieu: The guy is trying to pretend like he's he's he knows this girl, and instead of like the classic sitcom like who's like oh you work here is, do you know this guy they asked you know who's who's your mom which mosque you pray at.



01:11:01.860 --> 01:11:02.970

Hong Lieu: That store and it was just.



01:11:03.120 --> 01:11:07.110

Hong Lieu: Just those little touches that really kind of kind of you know.



01:11:07.590 --> 01:11:17.010

Hong Lieu: rounded it out and really made it good you know, really, really felt good for me to watch and and and it turns in my experience with the punk punk world punk culture, they really hit all the pump notes right.



01:11:17.310 --> 01:11:23.190

Hong Lieu: about how the arc of the narrative flows and by the end of it, they really have to do it themselves and the DIY ethos.



01:11:23.460 --> 01:11:30.270

Hong Lieu: That that instills along with just the freedom of expression and kind of the thrill of being a part of a subculture that it's looked at as kind of like.



01:11:30.600 --> 01:11:37.950

Hong Lieu: You know underground and elicit in some ways, like a sneaky thing that you kind of have to hide from certain people and.



01:11:38.340 --> 01:11:47.250

Hong Lieu: Just kind of gloss over like I thought it was really well done, that was a really good show way to do peacock Thank you if you get no ads or do you get ads or how did you subscribe to that.



01:11:47.550 --> 01:11:56.730

Akil Hill: I don't even know a wife, he pulled it up and then I told her about this show, and then we pulled it up, we watch together, I don't I think it had ads oh.



01:11:57.240 --> 01:11:57.810

Hong Lieu: Okay yeah.



01:11:59.250 --> 01:11:59.700

Akil Hill: yeah.



01:12:00.390 --> 01:12:03.540

Hong Lieu: Yes, it's only six episodes so i'm hoping to get a second season.



01:12:04.110 --> 01:12:10.200

Hong Lieu: yeah they did a good job with the casting the people they pay for them for the roles are yeah and they can play the songs are pretty good so.



01:12:10.440 --> 01:12:14.430

Akil Hill: yeah I know a wife, he was all about it, she liked it she enjoyed it a lot.



01:12:15.900 --> 01:12:22.710

Akil Hill: So yeah good PIC man that I caught you, that was a you threw me a curveball man.



01:12:22.980 --> 01:12:25.230

Akil Hill: was just a peacock I was like as he could talk about.



01:12:26.670 --> 01:12:27.810

Z Reisz (he/him): Where you're going with peacock.



01:12:28.020 --> 01:12:29.520

Z Reisz (he/him): yeah he.



01:12:30.840 --> 01:12:32.820

Hong Lieu: He also have I mean they have a saved by the.



01:12:32.820 --> 01:12:39.150

Hong Lieu: bell spin off and i'm waiting to watch and some other stuff that i'm waiting to watch, but I haven't gotten to yet, but yeah Nice.



01:12:39.540 --> 01:12:40.320

Akil Hill: Good choice man.



01:12:41.340 --> 01:12:42.420

Hong Lieu: All right to feel what you got.



01:12:42.690 --> 01:12:47.400

Akil Hill: I got I know juneteenth is right around the corner it's this coming weekend and.



01:12:48.030 --> 01:12:54.450

Akil Hill: father's day is coming this weekend so shout out to you know everyone that's going to mean all the dads out there as well.



01:12:55.080 --> 01:13:11.640

Akil Hill: But uh the choice that I actually went with it's called the new series on netflix and I highly recommend this series I think it's a four, part two, I think it's a four six but it's called high on the hog was just released basically it.



01:13:12.990 --> 01:13:33.570

Akil Hill: talks about it gives the backdrop history of black food and in America in America is and how it came with them through slip through the enslavement period and so it's just a really well done super informative show.



01:13:35.100 --> 01:13:38.250

Akil Hill: It follows believe his name is Stephen.



01:13:39.570 --> 01:13:40.830

Akil Hill: what's his name Stephen.



01:13:41.160 --> 01:13:44.790

Akil Hill: shatter a set of a set of film I think that's his name.



01:13:45.090 --> 01:13:51.780

Akil Hill: Who he's a chef himself and a writer, and so it starts off with him basically.



01:13:52.950 --> 01:14:01.380

Akil Hill: In Africa, and his experience being there, how it for him was somewhat liberating and then it will walk him through.



01:14:01.770 --> 01:14:10.920

Akil Hill: I believe it starts in West Africa and then he goes to I think it's I don't know if it's I think it's beneath where he goes and then he comes.



01:14:11.460 --> 01:14:20.490

Akil Hill: It goes through that experience of what it was like to be in Africa, and then the food, the history correlations in the Americas.



01:14:21.270 --> 01:14:31.230

Akil Hill: They talk about some of the famous jet dishes like macaroni and cheese, they give them a historical reference to like Thomas Jefferson George Washington.



01:14:31.980 --> 01:14:41.640

Akil Hill: it's just a really well done thought out piece of entertainment and also there's they put you on notice to certain restaurants.



01:14:42.300 --> 01:14:58.680

Akil Hill: In the bigger cities that they are in so there's one restaurant in La that i'm trying to get get to because they actually highlighted it in the show so that's definitely on my list to get to just a great great source of information.



01:14:59.730 --> 01:15:13.380

Akil Hill: about the culinary experiences and the influences of black culture in America it's one of the other piece that they talked about that was really interesting about oysters and the history of oysters and how.



01:15:14.730 --> 01:15:28.320

Akil Hill: That was has deep roots in the black community and that's where a lot of the kind of started from so just just super informative a lot of good things about the show so that's my pick for the week.



01:15:29.640 --> 01:15:38.730

Akil Hill: Definitely check it out everyone that i've talked to that has watched it has you know texted me or called me in kind of talked about it, they just it's just wild.



01:15:40.740 --> 01:15:46.650

Hong Lieu: And akil did tipped me off that he was gonna or timmy off to watch, at least in free sure he's gonna talk about on the show but.



01:15:46.770 --> 01:15:58.410

Hong Lieu: So I did check it out to after he recommended, and it was excellent, it was really good, I mean the first episode ground kind of grounded by going to West Africa and kind of showing kind of how the direct food kind of kind of.



01:15:58.500 --> 01:16:00.450

Hong Lieu: preparation and intrusions there.



01:16:00.690 --> 01:16:09.420

Hong Lieu: And just seeing seeing how that translates over to the folks that came over and yeah that episode that made the mentioned rice in the carolinas and.



01:16:09.480 --> 01:16:26.070

Hong Lieu: yeah really covered all the bases and showed how kind of how black cooking and black cuisine has really informed all aspects of what we call American Food you know, like there's really no piece of it that doesn't have some kind of roots in in history to buy culture, so it is.



01:16:27.210 --> 01:16:34.260

Akil Hill: And so you know for me i've been to West Africa, and so, when I and there was so much I could that hit home with me.



01:16:34.590 --> 01:16:35.160

Z Reisz (he/him): Once now.



01:16:35.190 --> 01:16:40.710

Akil Hill: Because i'm like I was like oh yeah I remember, I remember that I remember that so it's just.



01:16:42.150 --> 01:16:51.810

Akil Hill: it's just it's just really well done to like I said there's so many different areas, how they care of that they cover the carolinas they cover in New York, they cover.



01:16:52.470 --> 01:17:05.940

Akil Hill: The south or Texas, then they do a little bit in La so it's just they hit they hit the right chords and it's definitely you don't want to miss it it's something you definitely should, I think everyone should kind of watch, you know.



01:17:07.110 --> 01:17:08.700

Z Reisz (he/him): got some good food in there i'm guessing to.



01:17:08.910 --> 01:17:11.610

Akil Hill: Some great food man some great food.



01:17:11.760 --> 01:17:15.630

Hong Lieu: Although that hatchet on la is is a can be a little bit expense.



01:17:15.990 --> 01:17:16.560

Akil Hill: Man that's.



01:17:19.500 --> 01:17:21.720

Akil Hill: Mr don't you give you, Sir, are you right now.



01:17:23.640 --> 01:17:26.430

Akil Hill: I know you are here soon and $30 avocado toast.



01:17:26.730 --> 01:17:27.930

Akil Hill: I know day well you.



01:17:28.260 --> 01:17:31.140

Akil Hill: need to drive your butts la and get in a seat and get.



01:17:31.950 --> 01:17:32.760

Hong Lieu: You no doubt.



01:17:32.850 --> 01:17:35.400

Akil Hill: No, no, you don't owe you I know you down you proven.



01:17:36.840 --> 01:17:39.060

Akil Hill: The budget is approved, the budget is out the.



01:17:39.060 --> 01:17:39.510




01:17:42.300 --> 01:17:43.110

Akil Hill: yeah.



01:17:45.060 --> 01:17:51.960

Z Reisz (he/him): skin shows, though, you need like that Wonka vision, I want to be able to reach in there and grab what they're cooking because man just watching that is almost torture.



01:17:52.170 --> 01:17:57.060

Hong Lieu: yeah oh yeah and some of the presentations here, you know are pretty good like.



01:17:59.430 --> 01:17:59.790

Z Reisz (he/him): That.



01:17:59.940 --> 01:18:01.890

Hong Lieu: fried fish and that West Africa was just like.



01:18:02.190 --> 01:18:09.270

Hong Lieu: The whole full fried fish is like a sweet spot for me because that's like what that was probably one of my favorite for like a lot of kids like my friend who's pizza I love pizza too.



01:18:09.480 --> 01:18:18.240

Hong Lieu: But a whole fried fish was probably like my number one food for a long time of my life and seeing how they prepared it was just perfect and still mall yeah.



01:18:18.360 --> 01:18:25.170

Akil Hill: yeah I mean look, I think, also there's a piece to have like em and we're so living in the West right we're so.



01:18:26.100 --> 01:18:35.970

Akil Hill: disconnected from like our source of food right, so we just we just wrote you know getting the car roll over to the grocery store pick it out eating or bring it home.



01:18:36.300 --> 01:18:43.860

Akil Hill: throw it on the grill cooking and eat it like there's like a real disconnect and one thing I do appreciate about a lot of cultures is that whole piece of really.



01:18:44.220 --> 01:18:56.070

Akil Hill: If you're fishing for your fish if you're actually raising your animal that you would eventually would have to sacrifice to eat there's a deeper appreciation and I think that is really missed in a lot of places.



01:18:56.790 --> 01:19:04.110

Akil Hill: In our current culture and that's why it's so good to see like there's an episode, where he goes to Texas and i'm not trying to give away a whole lot but.



01:19:04.590 --> 01:19:12.090

Akil Hill: They use every part of the animal and they make stew, and they do different things within the it's out of appreciation of the animal.



01:19:12.720 --> 01:19:26.070

Akil Hill: Where we're so disconnected from that in, and I think the show does a great job at highlighting that like like what you're saying either catching the whole for the whole fish eating everything of the fish, and this is true appreciation of.



01:19:27.240 --> 01:19:37.110

Akil Hill: The animal and what the sacrifices that they made for us to to feel our own self, so I think the show does a great job at that and we got to be a little bit more mindful of that you know.



01:19:37.710 --> 01:19:41.790

Z Reisz (he/him): that's the truth to it is the truth, we are way too disconnected from the food that we.



01:19:42.300 --> 01:19:42.840

Akil Hill: You know.



01:19:43.260 --> 01:19:48.300

Hong Lieu: i'll never forget, I went on a fishing trip, with some friends, and you know went on a boat did all got all this fish, I mean.



01:19:48.600 --> 01:19:54.030

Hong Lieu: i'm bad on those trips and things that get seasick cloud so half the time I just laid over but, but the guys caught a bunch of fish and we're excited to eat them.



01:19:54.240 --> 01:19:59.160

Hong Lieu: So, on the way back as we're seeing the back end that guys like the captain of the boat like Oh, you want me help you filet the fish.



01:19:59.670 --> 01:20:10.140

Hong Lieu: And we're like oh sure that sounds like a good idea, so he would just cut the falaise on each side and throw the rest of the fish over the boat in the water, so I guess the other fish eat the you know, whatever but i'm like.



01:20:12.570 --> 01:20:15.150

Hong Lieu: I literally was like I mean I was having he would just be sick like.



01:20:15.390 --> 01:20:19.440

Hong Lieu: grapes and food because I didn't catch anything but the other party was like what I mean.



01:20:20.760 --> 01:20:21.030

Hong Lieu: yeah.



01:20:22.560 --> 01:20:23.130

Akil Hill: yeah.



01:20:23.550 --> 01:20:24.300

Hong Lieu: fish stock.



01:20:24.570 --> 01:20:25.350

Akil Hill: yeah me.



01:20:25.650 --> 01:20:32.370

Hong Lieu: The top of the head meet over the dead set everything at the Department of the stomach everything was gone.



01:20:32.580 --> 01:20:42.990

Hong Lieu: yeah throw it throw it over the boat, I thought you at least put it aside in a separate bag, or something, but I was like man, I was not not happy at that that was yeah That was a mess.



01:20:43.020 --> 01:20:44.940

Z Reisz (he/him): But see you sick and wasting good food.



01:20:45.000 --> 01:20:48.330

Hong Lieu: yeah this was not worth it, I wish I had not seen that but.



01:20:48.390 --> 01:20:48.900




01:20:50.520 --> 01:21:04.230

Akil Hill: it's true man that's the piece that's why you know when you go into some of these attack it is, and you see the chat day and they see the language you seen the cut you know the vesa and all that you're like Okay, I see you man i'm good I appreciate you for that you know.



01:21:04.770 --> 01:21:06.210

Z Reisz (he/him): data is delicious.



01:21:06.270 --> 01:21:06.750

Hong Lieu: Yes, go.



01:21:07.050 --> 01:21:07.890

Akil Hill: To the plus.



01:21:07.950 --> 01:21:14.520

Hong Lieu: You know, on that sheet eyeball to eyeball has bite to that you wouldn't you wouldn't believe, as you would think was good, but it's very tasty yeah.



01:21:14.580 --> 01:21:19.410

Z Reisz (he/him): cool oh get over a little bit of something before I mean eyeball tough one.



01:21:19.470 --> 01:21:23.190

Akil Hill: hey listen if you're innocent Z if you're eating peppers out of people's pocket in.



01:21:34.710 --> 01:21:35.430

Z Reisz (he/him): late in the night.



01:21:36.660 --> 01:21:38.970

Hong Lieu: yeah so so we'll take you out for a couple of drinks then once.



01:21:38.970 --> 01:21:40.650

Akil Hill: We yeah exactly.



01:21:40.770 --> 01:21:41.880

Hong Lieu: we're going to do these after the.



01:21:42.240 --> 01:21:42.900




01:21:45.420 --> 01:21:46.980

Z Reisz (he/him): lily's got eyeball tacos.



01:21:47.550 --> 01:21:50.070

Hong Lieu: They did before I hope they still do yeah.



01:21:50.340 --> 01:21:51.810

Hong Lieu: No doubt yeah.



01:21:53.790 --> 01:21:55.470

Hong Lieu: Great choices all around.



01:21:55.740 --> 01:21:58.620

Hong Lieu: Always always circles back to food, but.



01:21:59.700 --> 01:22:14.460

Hong Lieu: Z Thank you so much for coming on the show today it's been an honor to have you and great great pleasure learn more about you and I rp and grants and all that stuff that you, you handle here at the school any last words pledge anything before we go.



01:22:15.120 --> 01:22:25.230

Z Reisz (he/him): Just a big thank you to you all for having me on it's been a good time, I mean we got it's always an exciting time NSPCC but we've got some really good years ahead of us, I think we're moving into.



01:22:26.160 --> 01:22:32.850

Z Reisz (he/him): You know we've got a lot of good people and we're moving into a very good planning phase, which I think is really going to help us figure out how we're.



01:22:33.330 --> 01:22:44.970

Z Reisz (he/him): allocating resources make that transparent and really move us into that kind of making sure one semester is just a little bit more badass and the Semester before, so thank you all for having me on and.



01:22:45.210 --> 01:22:51.810

Hong Lieu: And that's the key just like you know sports teams you don't root for the laundry institution you don't deserve for the buildings, you know it's all about the people.



01:22:52.170 --> 01:23:03.270

Hong Lieu: And that the one of the reasons we do this, show is to highlight the great people we have working NSPCC and how we're all working together and how we're we're I mean we're we're all we're all about it, so I mean yeah.



01:23:03.630 --> 01:23:12.570

Akil Hill: i'm going to say one thing I think that probably ruffle some people's feathers but I really appreciate, you see, for giving that analogy just making one.



01:23:14.070 --> 01:23:21.600

Akil Hill: Taking one semester, at a time and constantly are continually trying to move the benchmark for each entire semester, he reminded me of a.



01:23:22.050 --> 01:23:30.420

Akil Hill: Football you know and why I like football more than soccer because football it's just get the first down you get just get the first down just get the first down.



01:23:31.200 --> 01:23:41.520

Akil Hill: until next thing you know you find yourself in the end zone or in the red zone with the opportunity to score or soccer you're just just get into the net you're just running around here aimlessly so.



01:23:42.870 --> 01:23:57.630

Akil Hill: You know no disrespect to my soccer soccer fans out there, but I do appreciate that just each semester we got to continuously try to get a little bit better than that we were the Semester before and appreciate you for saying that and yeah I like football and soccer.



01:23:58.680 --> 01:24:00.360

Z Reisz (he/him): don't worry rugby's both of them.



01:24:01.920 --> 01:24:03.150

Akil Hill: I like Robbie to.



01:24:03.210 --> 01:24:11.820

Hong Lieu: yeah I didn't learn a lot about rugby to one of my when I was in college, one of my my dorm mates was on the rugby club or the drinking team with a rugby problem, as he called it.



01:24:13.260 --> 01:24:18.690

Hong Lieu: But yeah so I actually went to a gay or what to see this scrimmage and play and oh my God it's so intense yeah.



01:24:18.720 --> 01:24:19.560

Akil Hill: super intense.



01:24:19.590 --> 01:24:32.100

Hong Lieu: yeah and actually try to play with them for a little while and I lasted me up 1015 minutes, for I was like man we're we're head butting way too much you like we're just like knock knocking heads way too often for my own good, I gotta get out of here but yeah.



01:24:32.940 --> 01:24:33.510

Hong Lieu: I agree.



01:24:33.720 --> 01:24:34.410

Z Reisz (he/him): Good sport.



01:24:34.680 --> 01:24:35.040

Akil Hill: Maybe I.



01:24:35.070 --> 01:24:36.390

Z Reisz (he/him): Think, while you're getting beat up.



01:24:39.270 --> 01:24:44.580

Hong Lieu: So yes, so, so thank you for Thank you again for coming out and honor to have you and thank you.



01:24:44.880 --> 01:24:45.810

Hong Lieu: As always, for.



01:24:46.500 --> 01:24:47.730

Akil Hill: Likewise, thank you to have.



01:24:47.940 --> 01:24:49.890

Akil Hill: yep and thanks to the listeners for tuning in.



01:24:50.340 --> 01:24:56.010

Hong Lieu: Absolutely so until next time we'll we'll see you around this was this was SBCC Vaquero Voices take care y'all.