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Episode 29 - Devin Engebretsen

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Akil and Hong welcome SBCC men's basketball/women's golf coach Devin Engebretsen to the show to talk SBCC athletics, and Devin's path from Modesto to Santa Barbara. In the process, the conversation moves from BBQ spareribs to Trader Joe's Japchae to Thai ice cream pop-ups, and in Higher Learning Devin talks about his lifelong love of Star Wars, Hong talks up The Sandlot, and Akil highlights Cinemax/HBO's Warrior.

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Hong Lieu: hello, and welcome to another episode of SBCC Vaquero Voices - a podcast highlighting the unique voices that comprise our campus culture, and how we're all working together to serve our students and the Community at large. As usual, i'm joined by my co host akil hill.



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Akil Hill: what's good y'all?



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Hong Lieu: And today, we are honored to welcome Devon engebretsen to the show welcome Devon.



00:00:19.980 --> 00:00:21.390

Devin Engebretsen: hey guys thanks.



00:00:23.250 --> 00:00:28.890

Hong Lieu: So so Devon, you are the the head coach for the men's basketball team here at city college how.



00:00:29.790 --> 00:00:36.150

Hong Lieu: and women's golf I see how are the seasons, going so far is golf started, or is it just kicking up right now golf.



00:00:37.050 --> 00:00:53.070

Devin Engebretsen: You know starts late or mid August is when we start to get to practice and then our first our first tournament's actually in town here August 29 and then two weeks after that we have another one here on August, I want to say 11 or something like that the week after Labor day so.



00:00:53.070 --> 00:00:56.430

Hong Lieu: So of course they play in town here in montecito or where.



00:00:57.000 --> 00:01:01.080

Devin Engebretsen: No, no we're gonna play at the Santa Barbara golf club, also known as immunity for the municipal.



00:01:01.260 --> 00:01:01.920

Hong Lieu: Oh wow.



00:01:02.970 --> 00:01:13.830

Devin Engebretsen: yeah that's a good track, especially for for the young, ladies that you know compete in the conference it's it's not very long there's some hills, you know so that it is, it is a challenge, but.



00:01:15.000 --> 00:01:19.290

Devin Engebretsen: montecito and look whom are those would be rough there's there's a lot of there's a lot of golfers on the back end.



00:01:19.770 --> 00:01:29.850

Devin Engebretsen: That shoot you know they're in the one hundreds, as it is so we try to we try to give them some courses that are doable and not super challenging so they you know they they get some confidence and feel good.



00:01:30.630 --> 00:01:36.300

Hong Lieu: And in terms of getting practice rounds and it's nice to go to Munich because you'd go to mulligans after it's nice chill chill afternoon.



00:01:37.140 --> 00:01:38.790

Devin Engebretsen: just sit on the patio.



00:01:40.170 --> 00:01:42.150

Akil Hill: you're putting the sleep well, I was golf talk man.



00:01:44.370 --> 00:01:46.260

Devin Engebretsen: Oh man I gotta kill.



00:01:46.710 --> 00:01:47.070

Time today.



00:01:48.480 --> 00:01:51.990

Akil Hill: If it is in a T bones a T bone steak I don't want it to.



00:01:52.800 --> 00:01:53.460

Akil Hill: Do what I do.



00:01:54.090 --> 00:01:59.730

Hong Lieu: I play golf real heavy college for the five years out of a saml service allows get my you know suburban white guy on.



00:01:59.760 --> 00:02:00.780

Hong Lieu: And I did enjoy it.



00:02:01.110 --> 00:02:01.410




00:02:02.490 --> 00:02:16.470

Hong Lieu: But but i'm tired i'm terrible like consistency, like in terms of like reproducing that swing like I can get the ball up and then maybe like two out of 10 swings and so anyone that plays golf on any sort of like COP competitive level I have much respect for.



00:02:16.620 --> 00:02:31.110

Devin Engebretsen: Like selena golf golf is an underrated deals, you can hear Mr Mr Hill and discuss hitting a inanimate object, with a basically a steel blade to get it in the air is a difficult task yeah.



00:02:31.290 --> 00:02:38.220

Akil Hill: isn't it I heard it's the second hardest thing to do, outside other than hit like a major league fastball or something like that they.



00:02:38.220 --> 00:02:38.430

Akil Hill: say.



00:02:38.460 --> 00:02:50.850

Devin Engebretsen: yeah I would say, probably hitting a baseball is harder, especially with any kind of movement curveball or slider would be a little more difficult because it's moving at you, but yeah in the golf ball in the air man and producing whatever it is you produce is tough like.



00:02:52.200 --> 00:02:56.730

Devin Engebretsen: You know, we talked about it, the reproduction of it like doing it over and over and.



00:02:56.730 --> 00:02:57.840

Devin Engebretsen: Over and over is really hard.



00:02:58.110 --> 00:03:04.170

Hong Lieu: And I, the two are kind of pair to me because I asked my golf swing improve I noticed my baseball so when you prove to, because it really.



00:03:04.410 --> 00:03:13.920

Hong Lieu: In terms of getting my hips rotated in and kind of like keeping the shoulder locked in I didn't even never thought about the House me like you know, Tim salmon like squatting spinning the BAT around you know.



00:03:14.700 --> 00:03:27.540

Hong Lieu: You know the hidden singles up the middle, but once my girlfriend got lucky, and I feel like when I went to the batting cages, I was a little more locked in in terms of icon you know, keep an eye on the ball, you know swinging through like it helped a lot, I would say, but i'm still.



00:03:27.600 --> 00:03:27.810

Devin Engebretsen: You know.



00:03:28.830 --> 00:03:33.690

Devin Engebretsen: it's one of the only sports that there are so many aspects to it that are all different.



00:03:34.050 --> 00:03:41.490

Devin Engebretsen: I would just say, probably the one that's similar would be football where football you played on the ground, you can play it in the air, and then you kick the ball.



00:03:41.850 --> 00:03:49.230

Devin Engebretsen: So, like in golf you're hitting a ball off the TEE then it's on the ground and you're hitting it and then you're rolling it so you're playing it in the air, half the time.



00:03:49.530 --> 00:03:55.710

Devin Engebretsen: And then you're rolling in half the time it's like two different games and you have to practice all those aspects of it so it's tough to be good at it for.



00:03:55.710 --> 00:04:03.720

Hong Lieu: Sure, and hitting a ball a rough like playing tiger woods on the video games, or like early, but when you actually have to hit a ball, the rough it's not easy.



00:04:03.750 --> 00:04:05.640

Hong Lieu: Man up kitchenette back on the fairway so.



00:04:06.330 --> 00:04:18.270

Hong Lieu: yeah yeah so let's talk basketball, this is the basketball season is still is still fresh and you know, is it is it finished or still are wrapping up right now, or what's what's.



00:04:18.330 --> 00:04:19.050

Devin Engebretsen: what's cool yeah.



00:04:19.980 --> 00:04:26.160

Devin Engebretsen: basketball basketball season ended about February I won't say 25 or somewhere in there and then the state championships ended.



00:04:26.910 --> 00:04:37.890

Devin Engebretsen: march like march 13 so that's basically our season, you know our official day starts October 1 we get through mid March, when the state championship ends and then we have.



00:04:38.550 --> 00:04:46.950

Devin Engebretsen: You know, we have about two maybe three weeks completely away and off and I just kind of conduct individual meetings with all our players and.



00:04:47.520 --> 00:04:55.230

Devin Engebretsen: just talk about the season and talk about you know what they felt went well areas of improvement for myself, for me, you know my staff.



00:04:55.560 --> 00:05:09.960

Devin Engebretsen: And what we're doing, and also for themselves and then, once those are completed, we start back in mid march back in the gym three days a week, and they're lifting they're lifting three days a week, so you know it's we don't really have a one off time in the whole year.



00:05:12.030 --> 00:05:17.940

Hong Lieu: So, in terms of I mean have you heard anything about what kind of protocols, it can be like for next year, because I know I know.



00:05:18.060 --> 00:05:20.430

Hong Lieu: y'all are going through all kinds of stuff this year between.



00:05:20.430 --> 00:05:25.500

Hong Lieu: coven and i'm a Crown and all that stuff have you heard any kind of guidance on next year you just gonna wait and see right now.



00:05:26.580 --> 00:05:35.580

Devin Engebretsen: You know I just I live minute to minute man, so I have no idea what's happening next year I just know you know today we're all healthy and if we needed to go play, we could.



00:05:36.090 --> 00:05:45.390

Devin Engebretsen: and whatever comes down the pipeline that's The one thing i've learned, which I felt I was pretty good at anyway being flexible in life, but I mean just we got to be way more flexible now and.



00:05:45.900 --> 00:05:52.860

Devin Engebretsen: Things can come at you just left and right out of the blue so and that's what we try to instill with our guys to is like hey what's happening today.



00:05:53.220 --> 00:06:00.030

Devin Engebretsen: might not be happening tomorrow, and if you want to react like a baby and be all upset about it it's going to adversely affect your performance so.



00:06:00.420 --> 00:06:10.860

Devin Engebretsen: You know, we gotta roll with the punches and we can control, we can control, and you know, obviously coven protocols are things we can't control so let's just let's just roll with it and try to be flexible.



00:06:12.870 --> 00:06:17.250

Hong Lieu: So, so, in general, then I guess outside of all the all the extraneous stuff coaching at this level.



00:06:17.520 --> 00:06:22.470

Hong Lieu: I mean these guys are coming in having played you know if they played AAU or played any other ball, but they played high school ball.



00:06:22.770 --> 00:06:29.640

Hong Lieu: They don't all that stuff I mean when they're coming to you are, you still I mean it's it's still just X in terms of x's and o's versus.



00:06:30.150 --> 00:06:40.680

Hong Lieu: getting their conditioning and stuff or is it pretty even I mean even are you focusing more on one or the other, or is it just kind of same same deal as it kind of as they were in high school or what's what's that kind of progression like.



00:06:42.150 --> 00:06:44.910

Devin Engebretsen: You know just just imagine just imagine like.



00:06:45.960 --> 00:06:49.890

Devin Engebretsen: You know, we have what's a 15 guys and maybe two.



00:06:51.300 --> 00:07:00.240

Devin Engebretsen: pockets of to maybe would be at the same high school and typically you know those two guys are going to be at the better end of the of the 12 or 15 guys on their team.



00:07:00.870 --> 00:07:09.540

Devin Engebretsen: And so, when you have 15 guys are 10 guys or whatever, coming from a different program but they're kind of towards the the better and better end of the spectrum on their team.



00:07:09.990 --> 00:07:16.980

Devin Engebretsen: Take all those guys in and imagine just having like the best player, not the best or maybe second best player of each of those guys teams now on one team.



00:07:17.610 --> 00:07:24.660

Devin Engebretsen: So the level of competition is higher, the speed is faster the strength is stronger the skills are better.



00:07:25.500 --> 00:07:37.710

Devin Engebretsen: So you know when they come in it's eye opening to them, I think there's a little bit of a it's a misconception, or just you know just a perception that our level is.



00:07:38.490 --> 00:07:48.480

Devin Engebretsen: You know not what it is it's a really great, especially in California it's really great level it's high level basketball, a lot of guys in our state go division one go division to go any I.



00:07:50.520 --> 00:07:59.910

Devin Engebretsen: mean I talked to a young man yesterday, who you know he's a like a 511 point guard and he's saying all my go here i'm gonna go here i'm because i'm a division one player.



00:08:00.510 --> 00:08:12.360

Devin Engebretsen: And my response you know, try and I don't try to crush the kid but I was like I don't say this to them necessarily all the time, but i'm like if you're a division one player, you would have signed you'd be going to a division one school right now, so I think there's this like.



00:08:13.380 --> 00:08:22.380

Devin Engebretsen: Like a bit of a scotomas centered around Community college basketball is like it's not good enough for me or i'm going to go division three or whatever the case is, but we are high level.



00:08:22.830 --> 00:08:27.600

Devin Engebretsen: And what we focus on just getting our guys better, and you know basically three areas.



00:08:28.290 --> 00:08:36.060

Devin Engebretsen: Maybe maybe for school become a better student become a better person, you know grow up mature become a young man become a better player.



00:08:36.510 --> 00:08:43.710

Devin Engebretsen: So you are able to be recruited by the University and then the fourth thing would be like we're kind of implementing more analysis, the social aspect is.



00:08:44.070 --> 00:08:52.710

Devin Engebretsen: what's your social responsibility, which your Community for footprint going to look like what are you doing on Twitter, what are you doing in the Community where kids are you representing our school and our Program.



00:08:53.340 --> 00:09:00.900

Devin Engebretsen: So it's it's a you know it's a lot of stuff going in and you add in the classes, the different timeframes, you know in high school you're there from eight.



00:09:01.290 --> 00:09:07.080

Devin Engebretsen: To two or 830 to three wherever it is you know in college it's like I might have an ATM and I might not have anything until port.



00:09:07.410 --> 00:09:14.280

Devin Engebretsen: I might have a 10 o'clock and then five o'clock I might just go straight through and I got practice, then I gotta go lift and I gotta go to work, you know it's it's a totally different life.



00:09:16.740 --> 00:09:23.400

Hong Lieu: yeah I mean and that social aspect that you talked about that fourth pillar, I mean it's something that it's hard to kind of.



00:09:24.090 --> 00:09:32.160

Hong Lieu: It because it came up with them like it's something that i'm kind of even detached with someone who grew up with the Internet, you know, like, I was there from beginning in high school.



00:09:32.460 --> 00:09:38.250

Hong Lieu: You know, to the World Wide Web stuff and I still don't know kind of how that sort of stuff works and how powerful, it is in terms of the psyche of.



00:09:38.700 --> 00:09:52.950

Hong Lieu: Of the modern young person, you know how much it kind of fuels them and guide them and and can go back so so trying to trying to teach that that's that's that's already a lot on your plate and adding more on that yeah along with the the just the basketball stuff yeah.



00:09:53.370 --> 00:09:55.770

Devin Engebretsen: You know it's it's a really interesting.



00:09:56.940 --> 00:10:02.520

Devin Engebretsen: Just development and youth of like you talked about the Internet and how they communicate with each other and it's like.



00:10:02.910 --> 00:10:11.370

Devin Engebretsen: As soon as our practices over these guys beeline into their phones and their chicken snapchat or tech check ins there, whatever it is they're on or what's that you know whatever's going on.



00:10:11.730 --> 00:10:14.940

Devin Engebretsen: Whoever they're talking to but they're talking to people that aren't there, like in our gym.



00:10:15.330 --> 00:10:27.420

Devin Engebretsen: So we do things like when we go out to dinner and stuff will will say hey no phones but phones away let's just talk to each other, right now, it's like this itchiness of like I gotta get on my phone somebody might text me somebody might do this and.



00:10:27.840 --> 00:10:29.550

Akil Hill: Low grade low grade.



00:10:30.270 --> 00:10:31.200

Hong Lieu: Low grade addiction is.



00:10:31.590 --> 00:10:43.110

Devin Engebretsen: A real like think like when we were kids we had landlines and it's just like you know timmy call at 330 he said, can you play and i'm like yeah let me call him back oh he's not there all right let's just go to the park and see if he's there.



00:10:43.650 --> 00:10:44.040

Akil Hill: hey but.



00:10:44.340 --> 00:10:45.180

Devin Engebretsen: The different world.



00:10:45.840 --> 00:10:48.810

Akil Hill: But do you guys remember when call weighty are the three way calling party.



00:10:49.440 --> 00:10:50.010

Hong Lieu: party they.



00:10:51.090 --> 00:10:54.000

Hong Lieu: Had like nine or 10 line party lines in La we call it.



00:10:54.180 --> 00:11:01.320

Hong Lieu: You want to talk about awkward just random pause and say hey and then like and then eight people are talking about like what just happened here yeah.



00:11:01.590 --> 00:11:02.490

Akil Hill: Listen man.



00:11:02.580 --> 00:11:12.360

Akil Hill: That party line killed killed the game and you got people caught up you got people like who do you like what is so and so say they'd be on a phone listening me me a.



00:11:12.810 --> 00:11:14.820

Akil Hill: crack at three o'clock today is going.



00:11:14.880 --> 00:11:14.970




00:11:16.020 --> 00:11:18.270

Hong Lieu: Call waiting star 69 I mean starts.



00:11:18.450 --> 00:11:25.500

Hong Lieu: at nine because I I knew folks that are addicted the phone like they'd be called like boo boo boo boo boo have like a lineup.



00:11:25.800 --> 00:11:32.670

Hong Lieu: I call this person I call this person call this visit get all the Info get all the cheese may gather and then we blasted out to other folks I call it.



00:11:33.540 --> 00:11:44.970

Hong Lieu: Like that so so it's it's it's just different I guess similar kind of mentality and similar emotional stuff but it's different and it's just so entrenched like it like almost two connected, you know where it's like yeah.



00:11:45.090 --> 00:11:46.860

Devin Engebretsen: And then the cloud is instantaneous.



00:11:47.220 --> 00:11:47.610

Devin Engebretsen: Different.



00:11:47.910 --> 00:11:50.490

Hong Lieu: Because I mean that's why well, we all know about the beauty about the fancy.



00:11:50.490 --> 00:12:03.420

Hong Lieu: clothes and Nice cars, I mean cloud is always good to think as well, but now cloud just is just manifest in so many ways, and that social the social Internet cloud it's different for sure, like it's it's so it's it's yeah so in terms of.



00:12:03.840 --> 00:12:06.030

Devin Engebretsen: You know it's it's tough on parents to I mean.



00:12:06.060 --> 00:12:16.920

Devin Engebretsen: yeah we were kids our parents would like maybe sneak and listen, on the other, line and now it's just like you know to kill, you know this, you got to like check checking in with all their Apps and their texts and what's going on it's just like.



00:12:18.150 --> 00:12:20.700

Hong Lieu: Their phone is like is a huge kind of breed of you know.



00:12:20.760 --> 00:12:22.290

Hong Lieu: Properly you don't do properly.



00:12:24.180 --> 00:12:25.530

Devin Engebretsen: taken away my Nintendo you know.



00:12:27.120 --> 00:12:35.940

Akil Hill: it's funny you know, like, I will say this, you know I i've been doing, you know athletic eligibility for quite some time and I will say like this season.



00:12:36.720 --> 00:12:43.740

Akil Hill: The men's basketball team is just such a pleasure to see them, I think we were talking prior to the start of the podcast.



00:12:44.610 --> 00:12:51.510

Akil Hill: Just seeing them like really move as as a unit like yesterday I was out at friendship Plaza we're celebrating.



00:12:52.200 --> 00:12:57.030

Akil Hill: The graduates of a mojo and they all came up together they look like they just came out the weight room.



00:12:57.960 --> 00:13:04.710

Akil Hill: they're all they're probably like seven eight deep you know and they all came over and said what's up shake my hand, you know, give me a pound and.



00:13:05.310 --> 00:13:15.090

Akil Hill: You know little hook, you know bro hug and just just it was it's cool to see that camaraderie amongst them and what you're doing with the program Devon because.



00:13:15.420 --> 00:13:26.970

Akil Hill: You know it hasn't been like that in years past, to say the least, and so it's great to kind of be able to witness the you know the maturity of these young men into people to just better men, you know I mean.



00:13:28.080 --> 00:13:30.780

Devin Engebretsen: So shout out appreciate that yeah definitely appreciate that.



00:13:31.830 --> 00:13:41.850

Devin Engebretsen: I want you guys to think of like a like a palm tree right and the palm tree kind of embodies what our programs about so I don't know if you guys notice the palm trees, the most resilient tree in the world.



00:13:42.360 --> 00:13:43.590

Devin Engebretsen: And I believe it for like.



00:13:43.590 --> 00:13:45.720

Hong Lieu: If you're from your backyard yeah.



00:13:45.840 --> 00:13:54.510

Devin Engebretsen: yeah you can and then like even in hurricanes palm trees, like the you know the ethos of palm tree is it'll lay down before it gets the rooted.



00:13:54.930 --> 00:14:02.280

Devin Engebretsen: Like in a hurricane, you know you'll see him going sideways but then the next day they're standing backed up right, so the hurricane is like the adversity and sometimes you know our guys.



00:14:02.670 --> 00:14:08.190

Devin Engebretsen: Myself, whoever in our program we're going to go through adversity, but we might have to lay down for a second but we're going to stand right back up.



00:14:08.610 --> 00:14:16.920

Devin Engebretsen: And then within the within the palm tree I got this on my wall in my office of visual of a palm tree and there are some words underneath that are the roots of the palm tree.



00:14:17.430 --> 00:14:21.030

Devin Engebretsen: And one of those roots and this goes to what it kills talking about his pride to be of the Carol.



00:14:21.540 --> 00:14:31.200

Devin Engebretsen: And one of the things that I wanted to instill in our program is just be proud to be here be proud to be a member of NSPCC be proud to be a student athlete.



00:14:31.470 --> 00:14:34.950

Devin Engebretsen: At one of the best colleges or community, you know Community colleges in America.



00:14:35.310 --> 00:14:40.890

Devin Engebretsen: and be proud and so like when you see him walking through campus to kill and they're representing who we are, you can kind of see a little bit of like.



00:14:41.220 --> 00:14:47.040

Devin Engebretsen: Oh yeah man, here we are we're basketball we're in it we're here to represent we're here to also support, we want to support other programs.



00:14:47.370 --> 00:14:55.380

Devin Engebretsen: And just having kind of a presence on campus and showing that they're proud to be who they are and where they are yeah it's kind of like one of the tenants of what we do.



00:14:56.250 --> 00:15:04.920

Akil Hill: Actually, until it came off just that way, yesterday you know I mean in fact well saving table with some other some other my co workers and work colleagues and.



00:15:06.300 --> 00:15:17.400

Akil Hill: They were like wow man he they're like based on the basketball team looks like you know they're together and it's always refreshing to see that you know so yeah man shout out.



00:15:17.460 --> 00:15:17.910

Devin Engebretsen: that's cool.



00:15:18.090 --> 00:15:24.060

Hong Lieu: that's cool it's a good point because you know a lot of these folks are focused on winning losing compared competing.



00:15:24.420 --> 00:15:29.130

Hong Lieu: And it's hard to it's hard to like see the forest for the trees and just look at the fact that just being able to step on that court.



00:15:29.400 --> 00:15:39.810

Hong Lieu: The amount of work that you put in across the season across your entire life up to this point to get to that point, I mean you should be proud of that, I mean it's a big accomplishment as someone who played playground basketball a lot and played.



00:15:40.290 --> 00:15:51.270

Hong Lieu: Eighth grade basketball one year, I mean I know what I cannot do and I and just to see that see got folks that just put in that extra work to do it to go to practice and get better like that yeah.



00:15:51.690 --> 00:15:56.010

Hong Lieu: it's it's graduate people absolutely should be proud of that, especially for the kiddos you know, like yeah.



00:15:56.100 --> 00:15:57.480

Devin Engebretsen: So, except for you know we.



00:15:58.050 --> 00:16:02.460

Devin Engebretsen: One of the things I talked a lot about about is not necessarily you know.



00:16:02.940 --> 00:16:10.080

Devin Engebretsen: In the moment yes compete compete compete let's try our best let's get better it was do all that, but when you extrapolate and you look at the big picture it's about the relationships.



00:16:10.500 --> 00:16:15.960

Devin Engebretsen: And you know when these guys are our age i'm not gonna remember again they might remember one game know you're all I scored 30.



00:16:16.380 --> 00:16:24.420

Devin Engebretsen: Okay, great I remember a game, but you know, are you going to your teammates weddings you know, one of my teammates in college he married my wife and I, he was our efficient.



00:16:24.900 --> 00:16:38.460

Devin Engebretsen: And so it's those relationships Those are the things that the lasting part of your journey it's not just these games and so you know when you see them in those relationships around campus i'm just hoping in 10 years they're still you know still hang out and talk.



00:16:39.030 --> 00:16:39.480

Akil Hill: yeah.



00:16:39.600 --> 00:16:43.470

Hong Lieu: Do they still have a group text that is the new, modern equivalent is this.



00:16:44.160 --> 00:16:44.880

Devin Engebretsen: big groups.



00:16:46.800 --> 00:16:48.300

Devin Engebretsen: They got they got group.



00:16:49.140 --> 00:16:50.880

Devin Engebretsen: So, as long as I just call, we should start.



00:16:50.880 --> 00:16:52.590

Devin Engebretsen: An APP called group, and this is all group.



00:16:56.700 --> 00:17:02.970

Akil Hill: You know the other thing too, I wanted to I think it's definitely worth mentioning and and I think you hit it on the head.



00:17:03.960 --> 00:17:12.360

Akil Hill: coach Devon was you know, like some of these young men like being when you're talking about the piece of being you want you're trying to instill pride that they're very careful and.



00:17:13.170 --> 00:17:22.290

Akil Hill: Like some of the adversity in some of these places where some of these young men come from and the challenges that life is thrown at them at such a young age.



00:17:22.800 --> 00:17:30.420

Akil Hill: that's absolutely correct like it's an honor that they're here and they've made it through what what they had to make.



00:17:31.050 --> 00:17:37.470

Akil Hill: go through to actually suit up and be a part of the team, because you know I know some of the players and you know.



00:17:38.040 --> 00:17:42.870

Akil Hill: You know life didn't do them like you know the maybe the best of roses.



00:17:43.230 --> 00:17:56.760

Akil Hill: You know, and so the fact that they're still here with us still competing still being a part of the team still balancing you know their their education, like you know me like that's a real thing you know and so.



00:17:57.600 --> 00:18:09.600

Akil Hill: that's definitely I you know worth mentioning is like the fact that they're here, they should be proud, they should own that, and you know I love the fact that that's what you're what you're doing with the program you know you're instilling that in them.



00:18:10.830 --> 00:18:14.370

Devin Engebretsen: yeah we we do a lot we do a lot of stuff with our guys to.



00:18:15.390 --> 00:18:25.680

Devin Engebretsen: To help them along their process, I mean obviously our schools so great and, like all the resources we have to help our guys are gonna help any student, you know succeed, and in fact I had to recruit the other day and I told his dad.



00:18:26.490 --> 00:18:37.170

Devin Engebretsen: You know it's literally impossible to fail here, in fact, for you to fail, you actually have to try to fail and then, if you fail you actually succeeded so it's impossible and.



00:18:38.130 --> 00:18:44.220

Devin Engebretsen: We you know, we had a couple guys this year that like you mentioned a killer just gone through like life's hardships man and and we're talking.



00:18:44.730 --> 00:18:52.560

Devin Engebretsen: 15 years old 16 years old, like raising their younger brother and younger sister mom and dad's been out of jail.



00:18:53.400 --> 00:19:02.910

Devin Engebretsen: don't talk to mom anymore don't have money, I mean it's it's not a life that I ever have ever known you know, and I don't really try to.



00:19:03.750 --> 00:19:08.580

Devin Engebretsen: Tell them like oh this and that you know I just try to help them and they're like be empathetic and listen to.



00:19:08.970 --> 00:19:15.120

Devin Engebretsen: Their story, but also at the same time give them some tools to help them continue to grow and one of our guys.



00:19:15.960 --> 00:19:21.840

Devin Engebretsen: He you know he started off as a freshman he didn't do well in the classroom In fact this is like three coven.



00:19:22.380 --> 00:19:34.650

Devin Engebretsen: He was an eligible and then coven hit he came back, we invited him back I said i'm really like this guy came back got 4.0 he's a 4.0 now the last like three semesters and we're talking like calculus.



00:19:34.920 --> 00:19:35.520

Akil Hill: yeah and.



00:19:35.730 --> 00:19:45.780

Devin Engebretsen: You know macro ECON business admin I mean he's crushing it and so he just got accepted to westmont and we're just kind of we're kind of in limbo right now waiting to see.



00:19:46.110 --> 00:19:53.280

Devin Engebretsen: If that team West mom's gonna bring him on or not, but but it's looking good i've talked to the coach he's been in contact with the coach.



00:19:53.640 --> 00:20:03.060

Devin Engebretsen: And i'm telling you right now man, if you told me five years ago, this young man would be in the discussion to make westmont team even get accepted to the school.



00:20:03.630 --> 00:20:14.190

Devin Engebretsen: academically I would have said man I don't know about that, but this guy has completely turned everything around crushing school and now basketball, you know he might be playing any high school right now.



00:20:15.330 --> 00:20:15.930

Akil Hill: that's awesome.



00:20:16.230 --> 00:20:27.420

Hong Lieu: And it's awesome to see those kind of results, because you know high school you get four years, a lot of college you get four years here, you get two maybe three years and to see to see that those kind of results, turn out but, but it is a pivotal moment a lot of folks.



00:20:27.420 --> 00:20:27.690

Devin Engebretsen: Like.



00:20:27.720 --> 00:20:37.530

Hong Lieu: You know that 18 to 2018 to 21 so you do you do, you are there for a pivotal time it's a short time, so you really have to make the most of it so big ups props to you for for making the most of it doing what you can.



00:20:38.220 --> 00:20:43.830

Akil Hill: but also to like like you know how athletes get kind of basically.



00:20:45.120 --> 00:20:53.220

Akil Hill: boxed in right, so if they do anything bad it's the whole program it's everyone it's toxic everything, but then, when we have.



00:20:53.490 --> 00:21:11.460

Akil Hill: Student success is for some reason that's not celebrated as much as when something goes wrong, you know, and so you know when you really need to hear these type of stories, so we can you know really be like you know out here and understanding that the student athlete journey is probably.



00:21:12.540 --> 00:21:19.020

Akil Hill: You know I wouldn't say 10 times harder than average student, but what they're juggling and balancing is is definitely a lot more.



00:21:20.610 --> 00:21:23.610

Devin Engebretsen: Absolutely, you know, and you know when you when you talk about.



00:21:24.900 --> 00:21:32.310

Devin Engebretsen: honoring people to do well, and instead of focusing on what people have done that, I mean I pointed the takes 1000 miles of love to you know heal a mile of pain.



00:21:32.880 --> 00:21:43.260

Devin Engebretsen: And that's just human human nature, you know we tend to I mean look at all the sensationalism in the media, we tend to turn on the news it's all bad bad bad bad we tend to just focus on that and.



00:21:44.280 --> 00:21:50.400

Devin Engebretsen: Like we said it's super important that we acknowledge when these guys are any athlete or a person just does something outstanding.



00:21:50.880 --> 00:22:02.280

Devin Engebretsen: So, once this gets all settled for him we're going to figure out what we're doing in terms of like we're going to do a signing thing, are we gonna you know we're going to do, article, but it is it, I agree, I feel it's really important that we.



00:22:03.300 --> 00:22:09.900

Devin Engebretsen: You know honor and highlight the accomplishments of not just basketball i'm just talking about any student and the student athletes.



00:22:11.430 --> 00:22:19.350

Devin Engebretsen: And let me just mention real quick, the two year deal Hong the you were talking about is like our I really believe our level is the hardest month.



00:22:20.010 --> 00:22:27.900

Devin Engebretsen: Because in high school you've got four years and you've kind of got levels you got freshman coach your jv coach and if you're good enough, you might play varsity and.



00:22:28.530 --> 00:22:35.640

Devin Engebretsen: You kind of got you can have a well oiled machine, you can have parent help and you got a lot of support you go to the four year university.



00:22:36.210 --> 00:22:42.510

Devin Engebretsen: you've got freshmen looking up to senior so I mean you might have 2324 year old Dudes playing basketball, you know or women.



00:22:42.780 --> 00:22:50.220

Devin Engebretsen: talking to these 18 year olds that are coming in and they're like hey This is our program this is how it rolls, this is what we do this is how we work, this is how we do school.



00:22:50.400 --> 00:22:57.390

Devin Engebretsen: You know this is how we talk about each other, blah blah blah it's not just all coach driven and then you got our level and it's like two years.



00:22:57.750 --> 00:23:07.680

Devin Engebretsen: And you can't develop that deep embedded culture planets player driven that's the key when it's player driven and it's not always just the coach doing it.



00:23:08.910 --> 00:23:24.600

Devin Engebretsen: So what happens is a lot of times you get a guy or a girl for two years and it's like they fight they fight they fight they fight and then it's like a week left in the season and they're like Oh, I get it now and you're like okay well hey let's shake hands and good luck at the university.



00:23:25.560 --> 00:23:25.890

Devin Engebretsen: it's like.



00:23:27.180 --> 00:23:28.530

Akil Hill: Do it again next year with somebody.



00:23:29.940 --> 00:23:36.000

Devin Engebretsen: So that's that's the tough part for for site think but it's you know if you can get some people that red shirt for you, maybe.



00:23:36.510 --> 00:23:45.600

Devin Engebretsen: And like this young man in the West mark i'm talking about he you know he had a great presence about him he had a great maturity great leadership aura to him because he's a little bit older.



00:23:45.930 --> 00:23:52.440

Devin Engebretsen: So if you can get that in your Community college program that i'm telling you that just leaps and bounds helps you out so much more.



00:23:54.780 --> 00:24:07.260

Hong Lieu: yeah and in terms of relating to folks you have to have that little bit of real necessity to be able to get to relate communicate get these folks you know quick quick quick enough where you can have that kind of impact in the two new tab so so that the.



00:24:07.320 --> 00:24:09.450

Hong Lieu: orion props to you in so.



00:24:10.020 --> 00:24:10.350

Devin Engebretsen: pretty sure.



00:24:10.830 --> 00:24:20.700

Hong Lieu: segue into our second segment of the show um what brought you to SPC Devon, did you play ball growing up or did you grow up around here, or what what what kind of brought you over over the SPC.



00:24:21.510 --> 00:24:27.510

Devin Engebretsen: So I grew up in northern California and a farming town called the desta so probably heard of it.



00:24:27.870 --> 00:24:28.200

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah.



00:24:28.260 --> 00:24:32.580

Devin Engebretsen: Doug been talking about negative news there's a lot of negative stuff that comes in with this stuff but.



00:24:33.390 --> 00:24:40.440

Devin Engebretsen: So I went to school, I went to school modesto one of my really good friends His name was Chris Chris played at an tinier town called river bank.



00:24:40.800 --> 00:24:48.060

Devin Engebretsen: And he and I developed a good relationship in high school, he was a year older than me he went to heart nail Community college or hartnell college in Salinas.



00:24:48.660 --> 00:24:55.020

Devin Engebretsen: And he played there for two years and the head coach there his name is frank Carvalho frank used to coach Santa Barbara city college.



00:24:55.380 --> 00:25:01.110

Devin Engebretsen: and ease frank has now passed on, but his son frank jr he was the assistant at westmont.



00:25:01.680 --> 00:25:07.830

Devin Engebretsen: So, Chris had gone through the heart nail program and then he got recruited by frank jr and he got the scholarship and played.



00:25:08.280 --> 00:25:18.990

Devin Engebretsen: At westmont he was an all American his senior year so his junior year I came down to watch him scrimmage NSPCC in the West month gym.



00:25:19.560 --> 00:25:26.940

Devin Engebretsen: So I had played in high school, you know i've made all conference and I went to modesto JC for for a year, about a year and a half.



00:25:27.510 --> 00:25:35.610

Devin Engebretsen: And I didn't play ball, I went out I just wasn't I was just like one of those you know guys are just like I don't really feel like playing anymore i'm just going to go to school.



00:25:36.330 --> 00:25:43.590

Devin Engebretsen: So I started getting that itch again and I came down and I watched westmont in Santa Barbara and I was like well, I think I could play at Santa Barbara city.



00:25:44.370 --> 00:25:51.720

Devin Engebretsen: Let me reach out to the coach and this is when coach Raj is the head coach so I hit him up and we kind of maintain contact, this was like in October.



00:25:52.350 --> 00:26:01.590

Devin Engebretsen: so fast forward to August of the next summer I stuck with it stuck with it with with coach and Chris and then I moved in with Chris so it was me going to city college.



00:26:02.070 --> 00:26:10.590

Devin Engebretsen: And five westmont guys and we lived in a three bedroom House over on the east side on good two years and it was it was my first time living on my own.



00:26:11.040 --> 00:26:21.000

Devin Engebretsen: i'd always lived at home, my parents and it was it was crazy to say the least, you know six guys living in that house, but it was good times talking about relationships and memories.



00:26:21.840 --> 00:26:29.190

Devin Engebretsen: But while I was there for a year, I played at city college that first year and then I moved out and moved in with a couple of buddies played city college again.



00:26:30.060 --> 00:26:42.300

Devin Engebretsen: So I was there in 99 201 so i'm an alum you know I played from from that point I moved to San Francisco and I went to school in San Francisco San Francisco state graduated kept in contact with hodges.



00:26:42.750 --> 00:26:55.830

Devin Engebretsen: moved back in oh three, and was assistant coach from 2003 to 2007 so I was 23 years old, when I first started collegiate coaching and I got I was in Grad school got a master's in history, which did me.



00:26:56.880 --> 00:27:04.200

Devin Engebretsen: You know, basically, nothing I taught history for one year, so poor investment on my part, and then I went back and got another master's and Nice.



00:27:05.070 --> 00:27:16.740

Devin Engebretsen: Because I wanted to be doing what i'm doing so after I finish, that I was there for about three to seven I moved to San Jose where I was an athletic director and a high school coach and all girls Catholic school.



00:27:17.490 --> 00:27:27.210

Devin Engebretsen: And so, at that time you know 27 years old, coaching college men, you know how you can talk to men, a little bit different, and you can talk to like a 14 year old girl.



00:27:27.570 --> 00:27:36.270

Devin Engebretsen: Talking about culture shock, I came in there and I was just like oh boy what am I what I get myself into but those four years I was at that school.



00:27:37.050 --> 00:27:47.820

Devin Engebretsen: really helped me grow as a coach I learned how to communicate better I was an athletic director, so I had to talk to multiple people multiple audiences, you know admin media.



00:27:48.090 --> 00:27:59.010

Devin Engebretsen: Parents and just people from different programs like I had to talk to volleyball moms and dads golf people and just you know that I had to go to like ad meetings and talk to them, and I was still just a young, a young buck back then.



00:28:00.120 --> 00:28:09.150

Devin Engebretsen: But I always wanted to be a Community college coach that's like where my story's going so from there, I was there for four years, we want a couple conference titles, we went to the playoffs we were icy.



00:28:09.630 --> 00:28:21.510

Devin Engebretsen: We had some good times now those girls I love those girls, I still keep in contact with with a lot of from there, I went to sacramento city college, where I took over the women's program there and I was there for three years 11 to 14.



00:28:22.560 --> 00:28:32.220

Devin Engebretsen: My wife and I were trying to have a you know, a family at that point, and she got pregnant, so we moved back to La because her family's from there, we just wanted to be closer to home and went into this little tiny high school.



00:28:33.000 --> 00:28:40.890

Devin Engebretsen: And I was there for two years, we want conference style both years and that school really helped that school was a school for kids with learning differences.



00:28:41.250 --> 00:28:48.600

Devin Engebretsen: So now i'm learning how to teach the kids with like dyslexia and ADHD dyspraxia and you know just like severe anxiety problems.



00:28:49.260 --> 00:28:57.330

Devin Engebretsen: So that really helped me build empathy like I was just like wow what do I do here, so I really learned about being empathetic to the student journey basically.



00:28:57.960 --> 00:29:07.530

Devin Engebretsen: So I was in 16 and then the whole time I was I kept talking to coach hodges and he said once you come back here, I can get you a class or two, we can, maybe get you into the fitness Center.



00:29:08.580 --> 00:29:15.150

Devin Engebretsen: And coach you know, and he goes I don't know how long how much longer i'm gonna be doing this, you know he'd been there 30 years, so we decided to come back here.



00:29:16.320 --> 00:29:21.390

Devin Engebretsen: 2016 so I was 1617 1718 1819 as the assistant.



00:29:23.520 --> 00:29:30.300

Devin Engebretsen: coveted and coach retired and then I was lucky enough to to step up and get the get the first Chair and.



00:29:31.080 --> 00:29:48.120

Devin Engebretsen: You know, as they say here I am rest is history and we just finished your three or i'm sorry your to your one was you know the covert here and just finished year year to of building this program and was trying to get inroads in the Community and and build some special here.



00:29:49.200 --> 00:29:50.880

Devin Engebretsen: there's my there's my professional journey.



00:29:52.080 --> 00:30:01.500

Hong Lieu: Starting coaching at such a young age, you said you were 2324 when you first started coaching I mean it, how do you overcome that urge and not just want to go out on the Court and like you know, like.



00:30:02.130 --> 00:30:02.400

Just like.



00:30:03.570 --> 00:30:11.160

Hong Lieu: You you still want to play right, I mean you know at that age so, is it is it a lot to kind of work through to kind of switch over was it a pretty seamless transition for you.



00:30:12.810 --> 00:30:15.600

Devin Engebretsen: I thought I did a pretty good job of you know.



00:30:16.860 --> 00:30:24.000

Devin Engebretsen: keep you know when you're that young, and this is what I used to tell my coaches, when I was the Ad at the high school, you have to you have to keep and maintain boundaries.



00:30:24.690 --> 00:30:34.440

Devin Engebretsen: Now, does that mean you can't have like a close relationship with a player no because I did have close relationships with them, but what I didn't do is like I didn't go out and hang out with them.



00:30:34.890 --> 00:30:42.600

Devin Engebretsen: Afterwards we didn't you know I didn't go to like a party and IV, or something like that which you know there's 2324 25 year old students out and IV still.



00:30:43.020 --> 00:30:43.830

Devin Engebretsen: grow or.



00:30:43.950 --> 00:30:48.330

Devin Engebretsen: You know guys that are just you know maintenance biding their time like van wilder or something.



00:30:51.330 --> 00:31:03.870

Devin Engebretsen: So that was that was my biggest thing is just make sure you're maintaining the boundaries terms of communication, how do I talk to the guys and yeah did I slip up sometimes absolutely I made mistakes, you know I learned from those mistakes in terms of playing.



00:31:05.310 --> 00:31:12.840

Devin Engebretsen: I you know I would get out every once in a while not all the time and it's funny as the older i've gotten I can still.



00:31:13.590 --> 00:31:27.240

Devin Engebretsen: I mean not now but probably five years ago I could still play with those guys, because my mind is sharp like I understand more basketball than they do, but they're weak faster and quicker and stronger than me and nowadays I just can't you know I just can't move so but back then.



00:31:28.830 --> 00:31:42.030

Devin Engebretsen: It was you know it was it was okay i'd get out every once a while I wasn't like super in love with it, I transition more to golf, to be honest with you my knees are killing me my back's bad my lips i'm just like let's just go chill and play golf and maybe have a beverage out there.



00:31:42.120 --> 00:31:46.710

Hong Lieu: So does a golf come a little later was the golf Channel with with basketball, the whole time.



00:31:47.880 --> 00:32:00.900

Devin Engebretsen: You know I when I was growing up, and so one of my really close friends, he his dad belong to a country club, and so we go out there and play for five bucks but I wasn't serious about it i'd go out and just play maybe once a month, I really got serious about golf and I was.



00:32:02.340 --> 00:32:06.720

Devin Engebretsen: I was about 20 about 25 so I was back in Santa Barbara coaching hodges.



00:32:07.410 --> 00:32:17.010

Devin Engebretsen: And tea time and just opened up in carpinteria this this golf range out there now back in the day, you could go to some time and pay like 10 bucks for an hour.



00:32:17.700 --> 00:32:25.350

Devin Engebretsen: And it was just like hit as many balls, as you can in an hour so i'd go and i'd get like the two biggest buckets like a fine and I would just hit ball after ball after ball after ball.



00:32:25.680 --> 00:32:31.260

Devin Engebretsen: Just hundreds of balls pretend books and that's when I started getting better at golf was just doing that, over and over over.



00:32:32.430 --> 00:32:37.170

Devin Engebretsen: And then, once I started realizing like hey man i'm slowing down my my body's hurting.



00:32:37.830 --> 00:32:46.770

Devin Engebretsen: Which is maybe not playgroups as much, but again my brain still thinking i'm 42 i'm almost 43 my brain still thinks i'm 26 times.



00:32:47.220 --> 00:32:56.340

Devin Engebretsen: So, last week I got out and I played with her guys because we needed one for 10 and I pulled my cat so I played for about eight minutes in my Catholic pop and I was like alright guys i'm damn football.



00:32:59.730 --> 00:33:07.380

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah I still play, we have a weekly gaming garage with some guys that I know in town and and I know the clock is ticking on me.



00:33:07.830 --> 00:33:17.220

Hong Lieu: I can feel it I don't I barely jump anymore, I never developed old age jumper so I don't have that in my back pocket, I still try to play in the post I just know it's a matter of time, you know.



00:33:17.280 --> 00:33:20.760

Devin Engebretsen: You can always defend, you can always rebound and you can take charge.



00:33:21.270 --> 00:33:21.630

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah.



00:33:21.960 --> 00:33:22.410

Hong Lieu: Oh, the.



00:33:22.440 --> 00:33:24.600

Hong Lieu: canteen charges, though know what's called a charge to play.



00:33:25.170 --> 00:33:26.730

Akil Hill: A nobody caught it starts on the plate they.



00:33:26.730 --> 00:33:30.810

Hong Lieu: don't even they don't even bother me anymore, they don't even traveling anymore so.



00:33:31.230 --> 00:33:33.840

Akil Hill: What is the charge on the playground i've never seen that ever.



00:33:34.770 --> 00:33:36.660

Hong Lieu: know they gave me for three seconds if they could.



00:33:36.690 --> 00:33:40.560

Hong Lieu: Because I still play in the post box out past I can defend but yeah.



00:33:40.920 --> 00:33:47.040

Hong Lieu: I don't really jump in yeah the clock is ticking that's why i've tried to transition to golf and just seeing how difficult golf is yeah definitely.



00:33:47.580 --> 00:33:54.630

Devin Engebretsen: See that's The great thing about basketball to that you know a lot of these young these young folks get wrapped up in is just the scoring and the offense.



00:33:54.960 --> 00:34:00.240

Devin Engebretsen: And let me work on my dribbling and let me work on my shooting and and it's just like that's one aspect of the game.



00:34:00.960 --> 00:34:08.790

Devin Engebretsen: And what happens is they get so wrapped up in offensive production that when they don't produce let's say in a game they're missing shots.



00:34:09.120 --> 00:34:16.320

Devin Engebretsen: Maybe they're turning it over maybe a guy's got your number, whatever they allow that to affect everything else they do.



00:34:16.770 --> 00:34:28.680

Devin Engebretsen: They stop playing hard they don't defend as much they internalize they don't talk they don't communicate anymore and it's all based on their offensive production so that's part of our message to is like yo man.



00:34:29.010 --> 00:34:29.430

Devin Engebretsen: there's like.



00:34:29.520 --> 00:34:39.000

Devin Engebretsen: 50 different thing you can do in basketball it's not just about can you go score if you if you make a layup but the guy you're going into three you're down one you know so.



00:34:39.540 --> 00:34:41.280

Devin Engebretsen: Do or two and then just finished shooting.



00:34:42.270 --> 00:34:47.280

Akil Hill: I always that's the piece that I always look for to like you know I played basketball in high school and.



00:34:47.730 --> 00:34:54.240

Akil Hill: I to me like when I go watch people like oh this kids really good like i'm always curious to see like how he's playing when is.



00:34:54.810 --> 00:35:04.590

Akil Hill: He has an off night or when his shots now fallen because it's like anything like when things are going in there's only one response of course you're happy, but when things aren't working in your favor.



00:35:05.160 --> 00:35:09.870

Akil Hill: What are you really doing like that's that's when you really find out what you have you know what I mean.



00:35:10.320 --> 00:35:11.610

Devin Engebretsen: It sounds like.



00:35:12.270 --> 00:35:12.990

Devin Engebretsen: Like a palm tree.



00:35:14.520 --> 00:35:20.190

Hong Lieu: Absolutely and see them just playing from playground over the years that i've been pretty consistent playing you know speed ball playground ball.



00:35:20.580 --> 00:35:29.190

Hong Lieu: The defensive acumen just just a Buddhist to square up on someone's face up and play D without falling I mean that's a lost art street at least.



00:35:30.960 --> 00:35:31.500

Devin Engebretsen: In our gym.



00:35:33.300 --> 00:35:38.550

Hong Lieu: So, like that's that's something where i'm happy I, I learned that every engagement I grew up you know bad boys pistons.



00:35:38.580 --> 00:35:40.170

Akil Hill: The polls Nick oh yeah.



00:35:40.440 --> 00:35:43.110

Hong Lieu: So and and and now as an old and I learned and I grew up.



00:35:43.320 --> 00:35:45.930

Hong Lieu: Where where, if you play the wrong way you get in a fistfight on the Court.



00:35:46.140 --> 00:35:55.110

Hong Lieu: So, then you couldn't even you can be the guy slapping slapping slapping because if you slap the wrong way a guy a guy could get you know offended and he'd be fighting so like those two things.



00:35:55.530 --> 00:36:03.510

Hong Lieu: allowed me to play like play really hard for him D, but not beat but still be civil war, like i'm not trying to you know i'm trying to i'm trying to hurt nobody i'm trying to me.



00:36:03.720 --> 00:36:13.380

Hong Lieu: But I always screw you up i'll always you know have arms straight up in there i'm not i'm not coming down or anybody, and that is like just it's gone like it doesn't exist anymore i'm yeah I think you're.



00:36:13.650 --> 00:36:14.610

Devin Engebretsen: playing with you man i'm.



00:36:15.930 --> 00:36:24.900

Hong Lieu: Too many hard to step back jumpers we've got people we got the game all messed up because they got that in their back pocket, but they can't play straight up D anymore so yeah.



00:36:25.320 --> 00:36:28.620

Akil Hill: i'm getting I mean like old school uncle vibes.



00:36:29.580 --> 00:36:30.030

Akil Hill: Right now.



00:36:30.780 --> 00:36:34.860

Akil Hill: that's how I think that's how he does have do that's what I that's what i'm getting.



00:36:36.390 --> 00:36:36.930

Devin Engebretsen: Through either.



00:36:37.230 --> 00:36:38.040

Hong Lieu: yeah I mean.



00:36:38.550 --> 00:36:43.890

Hong Lieu: i'm not blocking anybody shot but i'm at least altering the shot, where you know I tip my CAP when you make it, but a lot of people.



00:36:43.980 --> 00:36:53.160

Hong Lieu: can't make it because they're used to assert that you get their motion they get there, you know everything down to a science, but you just throw it off like 2% and that's that's me i'm that 2% guy.



00:36:53.550 --> 00:36:54.030

Hong Lieu: Because I can.



00:36:54.300 --> 00:36:55.500

Hong Lieu: jump into the navy so.



00:36:56.130 --> 00:37:01.830

Devin Engebretsen: The thing that i've learned the most is especially now, at our level is that guys are really good with the basketball.



00:37:02.190 --> 00:37:08.160

Devin Engebretsen: And like I said all their practices are contingent upon you know their individual workouts are all contingent on having the ball in your hands.



00:37:08.730 --> 00:37:16.410

Devin Engebretsen: And so guarding the ball like you said kind of squaring up and not getting beat off the dribble that is the hardest skill to master as a defender.



00:37:16.770 --> 00:37:22.740

Devin Engebretsen: Because these guys are so good, with the ball nowadays, and then conversely guys are not good off the ball.



00:37:23.400 --> 00:37:30.840

Devin Engebretsen: And they're just like they're like ball hungry or their ball bakers, are they getting anxiety I call a ball anxiety they don't have the ball they don't know what to do.



00:37:31.080 --> 00:37:42.780

Devin Engebretsen: So they like run to the ball, or they get mad when a guy shoots it's just it's a weird phenomenon and i'm just like go if you want to watch a professional team play without the ball go watch the warriors play basketball, because the movement.



00:37:43.800 --> 00:37:50.340

Devin Engebretsen: Just the accuracy of passes on the movement is what basketball it's like a balance yeah basketball is.



00:37:50.580 --> 00:37:51.690

Hong Lieu: And the warriors.



00:37:51.720 --> 00:37:52.800

Devin Engebretsen: All five together.



00:37:53.130 --> 00:37:58.260

Hong Lieu: yeah and the warriors are experts at exploiting lapses switch instincts like a lot of folks.



00:37:58.620 --> 00:38:09.720

Hong Lieu: don't instinctual like off of a backpack or something they won't know to go and switch off automatically because you're already beat you know, so the warriors will just ping pong around open shot every time you know incredible to watch the run.



00:38:10.050 --> 00:38:12.690

Akil Hill: May listen I ain't trying to give lawyers office love.



00:38:14.880 --> 00:38:16.800

Akil Hill: steph Curry killed the game of basketball man.



00:38:18.660 --> 00:38:21.600

Akil Hill: You got kids throwing up shots from the parking lot now because it's steph Curry.



00:38:21.930 --> 00:38:22.260

Hong Lieu: well.



00:38:22.320 --> 00:38:30.090

Hong Lieu: that's true There does seem to be a general like every generation or period has the bathroom you know, like 90s was all toward you know, then you had colby.



00:38:30.390 --> 00:38:37.050

Hong Lieu: And then, like you know, there was a staff moment, and there was a hard moment or was like I said everyone's dropping trying to step back and go crazy so he's up in there.



00:38:37.380 --> 00:38:45.660

Hong Lieu: So I mean i'm curious where it goes in here I mean everyone wants to be job doing like finger roles like they're from the Nice I like 20 degree bags off the glass i'm done with that, but yeah so.



00:38:46.410 --> 00:38:47.670

Devin Engebretsen: I mean i'm watching.



00:38:47.700 --> 00:38:51.750

Devin Engebretsen: i'm watching the sixers the other day and it's literally just walked the ball up just stand there.



00:38:52.110 --> 00:38:54.060

Devin Engebretsen: While you're watching these guys play they're all standing there.



00:38:54.390 --> 00:38:58.470

Devin Engebretsen: And then you watch the world and i'm not trying to like you know, give the worries all this love i'm just saying their actual system.



00:38:58.800 --> 00:39:02.010

Devin Engebretsen: That they have elven Steve Steve Kerr as a GM.



00:39:02.280 --> 00:39:08.250

Devin Engebretsen: When he was a phoenix and then as a player he had a binder that he took all these different concepts and principles of different teams.



00:39:08.430 --> 00:39:18.210

Devin Engebretsen: The triangle phoenix is Dan tony's running guns to he took showtime lakers stuff he took all of that, and put it like in a binder together and develop this kind of own system and I tell my guys like.



00:39:18.510 --> 00:39:30.270

Devin Engebretsen: You want to do all this dribble work all the time, but I mean do clay score 60 something on like 11 dribbles or 15 dribbles or something like that you know you don't need to dribble the score so i'm trying to get these guys understand.



00:39:30.540 --> 00:39:31.440

Akil Hill: yeah yeah.



00:39:31.980 --> 00:39:41.280

Hong Lieu: I want to even watch the mavericks with Luca came back like Luke is dropping crazy numbers, but sometimes he just he does that he runs that hard and clogged toilet often we use drupal for 16 seconds.



00:39:41.550 --> 00:39:42.690

And then does something it's a.



00:39:44.340 --> 00:39:44.940

Devin Engebretsen: False number.



00:39:45.450 --> 00:39:57.870

Hong Lieu: So yeah we can we talk sports all day, I guess, we could segue over to our our food section good eatin devin you want to kick us off good meal good dish remember growing up anything anything.



00:39:57.990 --> 00:39:58.440

Hong Lieu: Yet.



00:39:58.470 --> 00:39:59.040

kind of stuff.



00:40:00.990 --> 00:40:08.760

Devin Engebretsen: So when I was a kid my old man, he was every Sunday wow maybe not every Sunday but probably at least three out of the four Sundays of the month.



00:40:09.300 --> 00:40:16.620

Devin Engebretsen: And you know growing up in modesto or we did just a couple things you know we played sports in the street and we like rode their bikes that was basically it.



00:40:17.070 --> 00:40:24.030

Devin Engebretsen: And I always look forward to Sundays, because my old man, he would have at about two o'clock you would have a huge pot like a big old.



00:40:24.690 --> 00:40:32.100

Devin Engebretsen: You know boiling pot, full of ribs that he would boil and I know you know when I was a kid I was just like I got ribs you know.



00:40:32.700 --> 00:40:39.780

Devin Engebretsen: So you boil Ridge, and he bbq ribs and I never and they were spare ribs I never understood the boiling part, so I got older, you know to to eliminate the fat content.



00:40:40.590 --> 00:40:51.480

Devin Engebretsen: But my dad made this this sauce this like secret homemade Barbecue sauce handmade with like brown sugar and ketchup and vinegar you know and i'm just like.



00:40:52.170 --> 00:41:05.100

Devin Engebretsen: Once you just go by Barbecue sauce so when you want to go by Barbecue sauce I will so one day he went by Barbecue sauce and he made the bbq Sony just put it on the ribs and we ate it and I was like man these ribs suck and he's a.



00:41:06.420 --> 00:41:06.720

Devin Engebretsen: boy.



00:41:10.170 --> 00:41:11.160

Devin Engebretsen: So that's a.



00:41:11.220 --> 00:41:19.890

Devin Engebretsen: So after that I was like yo POPs you do you baby I love you so much man, they were they were you know, during artichoke season, we would have ribs.



00:41:20.490 --> 00:41:30.900

Devin Engebretsen: artichoke and salad and it's just like I firmly remember that memory man grown up and eaten like that on Sundays and now my kid he's seven man this dude only wants to eat is like MAC and cheese.



00:41:31.410 --> 00:41:39.750

Devin Engebretsen: Like cereal or a eggs and i'm like yo bro we got to eat some Greens man he's like I guess i'll have one broccoli i'm like alright cool let's start there.



00:41:43.980 --> 00:41:49.560

Hong Lieu: yeah I mean that those kinds of dishes like people will tell you all you don't want to boil your ribs or you want to only want to do it this way or that way.



00:41:49.920 --> 00:41:57.090

Hong Lieu: But I mean that that nostalgia factor and and the flavor you get good flavor out of any any kind of preparation any kind of methodology so.



00:41:57.420 --> 00:42:08.190

Hong Lieu: So that that's what it comes down to put your heart into he put your soul into you know you cook you cook with love me it's gonna be good, no matter what so that's that's that sounds delicious right there because I.



00:42:09.510 --> 00:42:09.930

Hong Lieu: yeah.



00:42:11.040 --> 00:42:13.350

Devin Engebretsen: The funny thing was i'm sorry I didn't mean interrupt go.



00:42:13.350 --> 00:42:22.110

Devin Engebretsen: Ahead honey thing is, is it you know my dad my dad passed away a couple years ago, but when we were cleaning out the House, I found this this like.



00:42:23.340 --> 00:42:34.650

Devin Engebretsen: Just a little plastic container and it had like 103 by five cards in it and they were all recipes and they were, I mean we're talking like from like 1982.



00:42:35.190 --> 00:42:47.700

Devin Engebretsen: handwritten recipes up in this like little cupboard I never knew existed, you know I moved out when I was 19 I had been there for like you know 20 some years and I found it and the first thing I looked for was where's that rubric.



00:42:47.850 --> 00:42:50.340

Devin Engebretsen: yeah I found I found I found it.



00:42:50.400 --> 00:43:07.230

Devin Engebretsen: And I can't I make it and I can't replicate I can't get exactly the way I don't know what maybe he added some he didn't have on the card paprika who knows i've tried i've tried to do some stuff but it's not just not the same, but like you said Hong might be like the might be the nostalgia.



00:43:08.460 --> 00:43:12.210

Hong Lieu: Peace and the love and the fact that you know when he's put that recipe down he's kind of approximate.



00:43:12.240 --> 00:43:15.840

Hong Lieu: Because you know he's not putting a quarter teaspoon of something in there, he started like three.



00:43:16.140 --> 00:43:29.670

Hong Lieu: Review last three blast with his hand, you know, two pitches of this, and so so he's trying to write that recipe down after the fact, like if you you'd have to like videotape it and I watch the replay like like going over game tape you know to watch to get every recipe down, you know.



00:43:30.450 --> 00:43:33.150

Akil Hill: Also, also you know, like.



00:43:34.440 --> 00:43:41.640

Akil Hill: it's I mean look if he's making them three out of four Sundays, you know i'm saying you got to put your time in to get 10.



00:43:42.090 --> 00:43:42.510




00:43:45.900 --> 00:43:50.100

Akil Hill: They say in order to make good Barbecue you gotta what make a whole lot of bad Barbecue.



00:43:52.200 --> 00:43:53.370

Devin Engebretsen: And i've done that trust me.



00:43:54.900 --> 00:43:58.410

Hong Lieu: Oh man Barbecue, especially now the brisket has come to the west coast.



00:43:58.560 --> 00:44:05.430

Hong Lieu: brisket is so hard to nail like i've got so many like dried broken out broken down bruschi that i've been sad about yes.



00:44:07.980 --> 00:44:13.800

Devin Engebretsen: That was it for me and food is grown up with those rooms um you know, but that was one thing that growing up my parents did a great job of.



00:44:14.250 --> 00:44:20.790

Devin Engebretsen: Looking at my life now as an adult is that my parents cook dinner for us every night and we sat down as a family every single night.



00:44:21.120 --> 00:44:29.850

Devin Engebretsen: i'd be outside playing time to come in for dinner at 630 whatever come in eat dinner as a family, I listened to my parents trade, you know war stories, they were both teachers.



00:44:30.300 --> 00:44:37.590

Devin Engebretsen: And then i've tried finishing, and I remember just drinking milk like like two glasses of milk and then i'd run back outside and play and.



00:44:38.220 --> 00:44:45.870

Devin Engebretsen: it's, just like the American family now is different, I feel my wife's a nurse yeah so you know Tuesdays and Thursdays, she doesn't come home until eight o'clock.



00:44:46.410 --> 00:44:56.130

Devin Engebretsen: And it's like kids are already bathed and ready for bed at eight o'clock and she gets home, so we miss that family dynamic, you know we still try to do it like at least once or twice a week but.



00:44:56.970 --> 00:45:02.070

Devin Engebretsen: As a basketball coach you know man i'm sometimes i'm gone for three straight days like just gone, not even here.



00:45:02.610 --> 00:45:12.660

Devin Engebretsen: And then you know, sometimes I have a night class like Monday nights I teach a class if we you know when we're face to face so it's just it's an important dynamic I think and it's tough that a lot of people just can't do it.



00:45:13.290 --> 00:45:16.440

Hong Lieu: And the other aspect, he talked about with the food specifically you you.



00:45:16.860 --> 00:45:26.760

Hong Lieu: take for granted that you could talk about farm to table you grew up in like america's breadbasket up there you go, you have artichokes you got castroville not that far from where you're at you got garden gilroy you.



00:45:26.760 --> 00:45:27.270

Hong Lieu: got a lot of.



00:45:28.500 --> 00:45:29.220

Hong Lieu: This is just like.



00:45:29.700 --> 00:45:30.990

Hong Lieu: a hotbed of like just.



00:45:31.020 --> 00:45:32.400

Hong Lieu: produce up and down so.



00:45:32.640 --> 00:45:34.230

Hong Lieu: So you had access to great degrees.



00:45:34.260 --> 00:45:40.020

Hong Lieu: You had you had family time I mean that's that's a good upbringing right there that that's how you could ever ask for growing up, and you had a.



00:45:40.470 --> 00:45:51.870

Hong Lieu: street but that's one thing I I bank before in La I had enough kids in the neighborhood where if I wanted to play baseball we can play baseball we had enough kids to get on the diamond to field full baseball you know, so it was.



00:45:52.440 --> 00:45:55.350

Hong Lieu: It was those kinds of things are yeah absolutely.



00:45:55.380 --> 00:45:59.880

Devin Engebretsen: And that's what we got here now, we when we pick this place to live at we live over by Bishop Diego.



00:46:00.510 --> 00:46:07.350

Devin Engebretsen: We live on a cul de SAC and there's probably you know 10 kids in the hood and, like last night, you mentioned baseball there was a forum for wiffle ball game going.



00:46:07.890 --> 00:46:15.090

Devin Engebretsen: And I just I got my lawn chair, it sounds sidewalk and I had you know my funny water my whatever where you go flavored funny water.



00:46:15.630 --> 00:46:26.400

Devin Engebretsen: And just sat there and watched him play wiffle ball man awesome and i'm just like dude I missed the days but it's great to see at least some kids outside not just you know screens and phone faces.



00:46:26.670 --> 00:46:32.520

Hong Lieu: yeah that's something that i'm for my son my son is eight now and i'm trying to cultivate that neighborhood kid you know.



00:46:32.550 --> 00:46:33.000

Devin Engebretsen: Network.



00:46:33.090 --> 00:46:40.650

Hong Lieu: But it's it's a little slower going around here but i'm i'm still hoping it comes together might not get enough to feel the baseball team, but maybe we can only scale like a two on two.



00:46:42.420 --> 00:46:42.720

Devin Engebretsen: Right.



00:46:42.810 --> 00:46:43.500

yeah yeah.



00:46:44.550 --> 00:46:54.390

Hong Lieu: yeah so but yeah thank, thank you for sharing that um i'll go next I gotta I gotta pretty quick one the the Thai restaurant or upstate your choice.



00:46:55.140 --> 00:47:03.390

Hong Lieu: They they have always been you know good good place for Thai food i've always been you know, been there for to get classics but they started doing ice cream pop up.



00:47:03.900 --> 00:47:08.880

Hong Lieu: he's always sold ice cream out of the out of the restaurant or criminal now they're doing pop up on Saturday night.



00:47:09.360 --> 00:47:16.380

Hong Lieu: No sad Sundays they call it, they put the menu up and instagram but they're doing like Asian kind of inspired flavors like mango sticky rice, you know toro boba.



00:47:16.680 --> 00:47:23.880

Hong Lieu: So, like kind of unique ice cream flavors that are kind of with a little bit of Asian touch but um yeah so he's just been doing this thing I feel like.



00:47:24.660 --> 00:47:28.920

Hong Lieu: Bringing that pop up energy to Santa barbara's something that I, that I can respect and also the fact that.



00:47:29.370 --> 00:47:35.670

Hong Lieu: That he's taken over that restaurant or really kind of going to take it in the Thai food still good but he's doing this other stuff too that's kind of adding to it and he's working with.



00:47:36.060 --> 00:47:41.130

Hong Lieu: You know the guy that's doing a kid bake shop using multi donuts for a while, but now he's doing like some other stuff he's got a shoplifter bike.



00:47:41.550 --> 00:47:49.410

Hong Lieu: But yeah i'll put that in from the show notes criminal is the is the ice cream any makes but no said Sundays, the pop up and i'll get that in the show notes.



00:47:50.250 --> 00:47:52.110

Devin Engebretsen: cool i'm going to use it upper state.



00:47:52.500 --> 00:47:56.640

Hong Lieu: is on a per states rights right where you know via master is across the street and say your choice Thai.



00:47:56.640 --> 00:47:57.000

Devin Engebretsen: restaurant.



00:47:57.450 --> 00:48:02.430

Hong Lieu: So during the week they're just the Thai restaurant, but then on Saturday nights from eight to nine they do the ice cream pop up.



00:48:03.000 --> 00:48:05.940

Hong Lieu: Last week, because the pharaoh super busy but normally it's.



00:48:06.390 --> 00:48:12.060

Hong Lieu: Generally, a pretty lively crowd younger folks and and a lot of folks right, I will i'm not sure if I wasn't sure if they would like really.



00:48:12.300 --> 00:48:17.790

Hong Lieu: Take to some of the agent flavors are doing, but I mean you know ice cream is ice cream, no matter what, if it's good it's gonna it's gonna fly and and.



00:48:18.060 --> 00:48:24.060

Hong Lieu: But he does some other cool stuff like he's doing mango sticky rice sushi and like things like that that are really kind of like it just it's just good and like.



00:48:24.480 --> 00:48:35.460

Hong Lieu: At first I was, I was just going every now and then, but my wife, you know we kind of make it a weekend thing now my son really likes it because he doesn't get to go out at night that often so it's good good chance for me to get like scared by by the darkness and Why is he.



00:48:37.140 --> 00:48:39.270

Hong Lieu: So it's good times all around so yeah.



00:48:40.020 --> 00:48:41.490

Devin Engebretsen: that's cool i'm gonna check it out.



00:48:42.660 --> 00:48:48.810

Akil Hill: that's that's funny that's funny because I was going to do ty housing to revisit this spy and in.



00:48:49.440 --> 00:49:06.810

Akil Hill: thousand oaks but i'll go a little bit simpler as something that i've been eating this past week, a couple times and you guys may laugh at me for this, but gotta keep it real i'm going trader joe's frozen section job che you know it is a P, I and so it's.



00:49:08.190 --> 00:49:14.460

Akil Hill: I love job che it's a Korean dish it's made from sweet potato sweet potato noodles.



00:49:15.450 --> 00:49:16.230

Hong Lieu: Are you right yeah.



00:49:16.290 --> 00:49:26.040

Akil Hill: yeah I think it is but uh you know trader joes has a way of you know, doing this doing just enough to get you.



00:49:27.360 --> 00:49:32.490

Akil Hill: To get you over the hump until you can find the real thing you know what I mean like it's.



00:49:33.690 --> 00:49:43.620

Hong Lieu: That frozen section holds holds me down many, many a night, whether, if I need a quick meal and yeah I need you know that's pretty good, because all their stuff is pretty good you know the pts.



00:49:43.680 --> 00:49:45.750

Hong Lieu: ya know flat breads they sell you know.



00:49:45.750 --> 00:49:46.320

Akil Hill: Like right.



00:49:46.380 --> 00:49:47.820

Hong Lieu: All the frozen stuff yeah.



00:49:48.150 --> 00:49:49.170

Akil Hill: yeah so.



00:49:50.550 --> 00:49:55.290

Akil Hill: I think they just started carrying it but i've i've already eaten several content little.



00:49:55.530 --> 00:50:04.740

Akil Hill: Containers I would suggest cooking in over the stove you just you know heat up like three teaspoons tablespoons of water put it in there.



00:50:05.130 --> 00:50:21.000

Akil Hill: And then open the package dump the package in and just cook it over so it tastes better than probably that microwave but a man that's what i've been eating on this past week and it's super good so john J trader joe's don't sleep.



00:50:21.930 --> 00:50:22.890

Devin Engebretsen: or minute let's go.



00:50:23.460 --> 00:50:23.730

Hong Lieu: yeah.



00:50:23.760 --> 00:50:24.780

Devin Engebretsen: If you like one of those.



00:50:26.070 --> 00:50:26.430

Akil Hill: If you like.



00:50:27.870 --> 00:50:28.740

Akil Hill: The texture of.



00:50:28.800 --> 00:50:39.420

Akil Hill: Job che and then it has that sesame kind of like I mean i'm a big fan of sesame oil, so it has that kind of component it's it's really good.



00:50:41.010 --> 00:50:49.650

Hong Lieu: yeah there's that Korean restaurant in town that keeps it all you can eat Korean bbq Jeff J is one of the side you can order with decree Barbie and he's got pricey I think it's like.



00:50:50.070 --> 00:50:59.100

Hong Lieu: it's up to like 30 bucks for a meal now I mean you know food costs are with the our buddy you know, like if you actually want the actual dish I gate and that might be the closest spot in town, you get.



00:50:59.400 --> 00:51:00.120

Akil Hill: choice you soon.



00:51:00.600 --> 00:51:02.070

Akil Hill: Oh yeah that's right choice boys.



00:51:02.070 --> 00:51:03.120

Hong Lieu: Mark Patterson i'm.



00:51:03.600 --> 00:51:05.910

Hong Lieu: right there they got some people go lean so.



00:51:06.390 --> 00:51:06.750

Akil Hill: yeah.



00:51:07.650 --> 00:51:12.060

Hong Lieu: i'll get both of those in the show notes and all right segue into higher learning.



00:51:13.110 --> 00:51:21.120

Hong Lieu: piece of culture Devon, if you want to kick us off again anything book music movie TV anything that's moved here now, or at any point in your life.



00:51:23.490 --> 00:51:28.590

Devin Engebretsen: Oh man this really goes to the depths of who I am so I don't want to be too shallow here.



00:51:30.960 --> 00:51:38.160

Hong Lieu: I mean, but think about it, how many pieces of culture of your life, you know the depth of your SS hundred thousand so you just plug anyone out of there you good to go.



00:51:38.190 --> 00:51:39.210

Devin Engebretsen: Right right.



00:51:41.580 --> 00:51:52.200

Devin Engebretsen: Well, you know i'll just talk a little bit about what me and my kids are doing now, so I grew up a huge Star Wars fan, and I mean, I think that Star Wars is within the American culture anyway.



00:51:53.160 --> 00:51:59.730

Devin Engebretsen: So I remember being four years old or five maybe and I went and watched return of the jedi with my mom.



00:52:00.450 --> 00:52:09.420

Devin Engebretsen: And I love, like the logs I was just in love with all those characters so when my kid turn I think five is when we kind of introduced in the Star Wars, we were struggling with.



00:52:09.900 --> 00:52:16.320

Devin Engebretsen: First, real struggle with how old she be you know what's appropriate and what's not but the original Star Wars they're not they're not too bad.



00:52:18.540 --> 00:52:30.750

Devin Engebretsen: But then the other struggle was well what order, are we going to show these movies into him, and so we decided, with him we're going to show it the way we saw so you know 456123789 obviously 79 was just recently.



00:52:31.830 --> 00:52:39.930

Devin Engebretsen: But he liked just fell in love with it so he's got 10 lightsabers and when we went to Disneyland he's like I want to build my own lightsaber so.



00:52:40.050 --> 00:52:41.700

Hong Lieu: All you did it Nice.



00:52:41.730 --> 00:52:46.650

Devin Engebretsen: Well, we didn't do no we didn't do the one on the giza if the part that Star Wars land.



00:52:47.100 --> 00:52:50.820

Devin Engebretsen: Is I went in there and I was like yeah we let's do and he's like yeah it's 238 bucks.



00:52:54.120 --> 00:52:54.570

Hong Lieu: A day.



00:52:55.830 --> 00:52:56.100

Hong Lieu: Did you.



00:52:56.670 --> 00:53:03.000

Hong Lieu: Do you do the galactic cruiser rider of that long line for that, because I heard that too I haven't done any of that I want to try.



00:53:03.360 --> 00:53:08.040

Devin Engebretsen: Both of the rides are really good I get a little little motion sickness with.



00:53:09.000 --> 00:53:20.760

Devin Engebretsen: screens, you know, so the one that you're on with the Millennium falcon's is a screen, so I like when I got off, I was like okay it's good for me, but yeah that whole land is awesome like he loved he loved it I loved it.



00:53:21.960 --> 00:53:29.610

Devin Engebretsen: But he builds like you can build another lightsaber This is where the the cheap folks goes my land right off a star tours when you get down in that little shop.



00:53:29.880 --> 00:53:30.270

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah.



00:53:30.300 --> 00:53:36.090

Devin Engebretsen: build one for like 30 bucks, and so I was like this is more about us right here buddy perfect so we built that one.



00:53:37.470 --> 00:53:43.740

Devin Engebretsen: And then we, for his birthday, here we got it we got an Nintendo switch, and I say we got for him, we really got us for me, but.



00:53:45.060 --> 00:53:56.190

Devin Engebretsen: He says it too, but one of the game that I got was the Star Wars game, so this game is exactly like the movies, you go through every episode and it's like every single thing in the game is the movie.



00:53:56.970 --> 00:54:03.240

Devin Engebretsen: You know you're you start with Luke and you know you go to tattoo for sure on the ship and you go to tattoo mean and you got to meet Ben kenobi and.



00:54:03.540 --> 00:54:10.080

Devin Engebretsen: Then you, you know you end up fighting vader and then you got to get through the first three is crazy so just growing up, you know, and now that i'm older.



00:54:10.590 --> 00:54:20.790

Devin Engebretsen: Like I still I watch I watch return the jedi with him the other night man and i'm crying when hater with vader's getting when Bader saves Luke.



00:54:21.540 --> 00:54:26.760

Devin Engebretsen: And it's like to me when I was a kid growing up, I was like oh man yeah okay he's a good guy.



00:54:27.180 --> 00:54:36.060

Devin Engebretsen: But now as a father i'm a father now and I and i'm watching that and it's really the whole, the whole thing about that series is about the love.



00:54:36.660 --> 00:54:46.560

Devin Engebretsen: Of like the father and the son, you know invader saves his son in the very last scene and i'm just like Max Max my son's like crying i'm like you know.



00:54:50.520 --> 00:54:55.290

Devin Engebretsen: he's like dad dad you seen this movie like 100 times I was like a millennial.



00:54:58.230 --> 00:55:04.530

Devin Engebretsen: So I always just cool to kind of be into something growing up and then passing it down to him and then having him having him be and do it to.



00:55:06.210 --> 00:55:09.450

Hong Lieu: Have you done the Star Wars animated stuff do you like clone wars rebels.



00:55:09.480 --> 00:55:16.020

Devin Engebretsen: And all that stuff all of it all of it and i'll tell you what man, to his credit, I would never watch that stuff like you know we got Disney plus.



00:55:16.470 --> 00:55:22.050

Devin Engebretsen: But I would never watch it, I would just I just watched the movies, and then you know when when man delorean came out, I was into that.



00:55:22.500 --> 00:55:29.370

Devin Engebretsen: And then you know boba fett whatever and then he he just started like searching and dude like Lego Star Wars is funny.



00:55:29.910 --> 00:55:40.590

Devin Engebretsen: Like i'm watching Lego Star Wars every day with him and i'm laughing out loud it's hilarious but we watched all of the clone wars or the animated series which is awesome and like he got all into like so katana who is.



00:55:41.700 --> 00:55:46.590

Devin Engebretsen: This and now they're coming out I just read they're going to come out with one of these series like they're doing with obi wan.



00:55:46.770 --> 00:55:47.730

Hong Lieu: The show.



00:55:47.820 --> 00:55:51.660

Devin Engebretsen: yeah yeah and Anna can is going to be back crisper hayden is going to play no.



00:55:52.140 --> 00:55:53.280

Hong Lieu: No yeah that's right.



00:55:53.340 --> 00:56:05.760

Devin Engebretsen: they're bringing it back just kind of it's cool in my seven year old he's showing me these animations and he's telling me who these care I didn't know who these people were like I don't know who's gonna win and he's telling me about all these people, probably right on dude.



00:56:06.660 --> 00:56:14.070

Hong Lieu: yeah I was, I was movies, only for a while, then I dipped it during the pandemic and watched clone wars and rebels rebels was excellent to and then like.



00:56:15.510 --> 00:56:22.200

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah bad batch was expanded the universe so much and gave so much because you know the prequels there they're all right, but.



00:56:22.410 --> 00:56:28.740

Hong Lieu: When you combine the prequels with clone wars and and that and the way the way clone wars flushes out that prequel universe like.



00:56:29.280 --> 00:56:40.410

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah it's it, it may be, I rewatch the prequels and in a whole new line I was like I much greater appreciation because of clone wars and then you know rebels leading up to leading up to the events in new hope and stuff was like yeah.



00:56:41.010 --> 00:56:42.270

Devin Engebretsen: right here, kill snore and again.



00:56:43.530 --> 00:56:46.320

Akil Hill: Now i'm here i'm here i'm a star wars guide to that's.



00:56:47.340 --> 00:56:53.160

Akil Hill: Good yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean I grew up you know Star Wars as well, but I just never.



00:56:53.760 --> 00:56:59.340

Akil Hill: did a deep dive and actually I was thinking listening you guys both talking right now i'm like man I gotta get.



00:56:59.910 --> 00:57:06.210

Akil Hill: I gotta get my Star Wars game bike because you know, obviously I you know, had a son a couple months ago and.



00:57:06.660 --> 00:57:18.510

Akil Hill: i'm like you this listening to you talking like i'm gonna it's gonna be like that, with us to you know so i'm like I gotta go back and rewatch and you know, try to do a deep dive you know, so you know i'm gonna catch up catch up to you guys.



00:57:19.740 --> 00:57:23.250

Hong Lieu: I mean yeah in terms of the prequels if you watch them watch a Wicklow wars rebels.



00:57:24.450 --> 00:57:26.310

Hong Lieu: Then headed in the end of the original trilogy.



00:57:26.370 --> 00:57:27.660

Devin Engebretsen: yeah you understand way more.



00:57:27.720 --> 00:57:35.430

Hong Lieu: Exactly yeah the flesh is that everything out yeah because the clone wars prequels they rushed a lot of plot points and stuff but yeah they definitely they hand them they held it down right there.



00:57:36.810 --> 00:57:41.730

Hong Lieu: So yeah, thank you for that also shout out from the bay area so that's another reason why you have it, but yes.



00:57:41.730 --> 00:57:42.570

Devin Engebretsen: No, no, no.



00:57:44.880 --> 00:57:46.440

Hong Lieu: No that's right that's right yeah.



00:57:46.710 --> 00:57:51.720

Devin Engebretsen: He grew up around the corner from my house he grew up on rexford I grew up on rugby.



00:57:52.770 --> 00:57:54.150

Devin Engebretsen: Across street crazy.



00:57:54.540 --> 00:57:56.190

Devin Engebretsen: And you and he went to the high school.



00:57:56.550 --> 00:57:57.870

Devin Engebretsen: They my dad my dad taught it.



00:57:57.900 --> 00:58:00.420

Devin Engebretsen: Down the high school for 30 years and that's for George Lucas when school.



00:58:01.680 --> 00:58:02.340

Hong Lieu: There it is.



00:58:02.370 --> 00:58:03.120

Akil Hill: There it is.



00:58:04.050 --> 00:58:13.380

Hong Lieu: Alright, so i'm going to bring it to sports movie since devon's here sandlot probably my favorite sports movie of all time just because.



00:58:14.400 --> 00:58:21.750

Hong Lieu: When it came out and when when I was watching it like yeah I was all over the sandlot and I did just I just love that film so.



00:58:21.990 --> 00:58:22.830

Akil Hill: that's such a good movie.



00:58:23.040 --> 00:58:29.880

Hong Lieu: yeah and it's it's a good film, because in terms of baseball not not the big that's the big sport in terms of the neighborhood kids growing up.



00:58:30.600 --> 00:58:38.310

Hong Lieu: But we we all watched a sound like we're able to get a team, and we all went out and started playing baseball you know, like because we would play, but yeah it was basketball.



00:58:38.640 --> 00:58:43.560

Hong Lieu: And even roller hockey and stuff guys real, serious for a while, but yes, and I really got us into baseball and.



00:58:44.160 --> 00:58:48.930

Hong Lieu: I was watching baseball before that, so I was always into it, but in terms of playing like I was never played that much.



00:58:49.410 --> 00:58:56.370

Hong Lieu: Saying like change at all so that's that's my probably number one sports we've all times, I know it's not the best source of all time you know because i've had a chance to go back.



00:58:56.730 --> 00:59:05.460

Hong Lieu: Watch hoosiers natural all these all these words lose a man out i'll you know I run the gamut now bad you know bad news bears leave their own all that stuff but in terms of for me like.



00:59:06.060 --> 00:59:15.390

Hong Lieu: That that that piece of hit me the hardest growing up definitely Salah and I haven't seen the sequel yet, but I will say about part two, but but yeah so I don't know.



00:59:15.450 --> 00:59:17.820

Devin Engebretsen: but also highly quotable so high, oh yeah.



00:59:18.390 --> 00:59:19.650

Akil Hill: yeah yeah.



00:59:19.710 --> 00:59:22.020

Devin Engebretsen: yeah absolutely the wrong quotes up that all the time.



00:59:22.260 --> 00:59:26.760

Hong Lieu: yep squeak squints getting you know speed game at the lifeguard oh yeah.



00:59:28.770 --> 00:59:29.700

Hong Lieu: Wendy peppercorn.



00:59:29.850 --> 00:59:30.420

Hong Lieu: Although kind of.



00:59:30.660 --> 00:59:32.640

Hong Lieu: kind of borderline harassment now but it's a.



00:59:35.850 --> 00:59:39.870

Devin Engebretsen: Good no you can't can't be there, good okey dokey no concern for 25th record.



00:59:40.320 --> 00:59:42.510

Hong Lieu: He had a figure, he was crowded but it's all good.



00:59:43.890 --> 00:59:44.820

Devin Engebretsen: vision is history.



00:59:47.850 --> 00:59:49.230

Akil Hill: yeah every moves like that.



00:59:49.680 --> 00:59:54.660

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah and I still remember when they when they build their record set to kind of try to flip the ball over from the beast.



00:59:54.960 --> 01:00:04.290

Hong Lieu: I wanted to record set so bad because I wanted to do some kind of like crazy contraption but yet so yeah so i'll figure out where it's streaming i'll put i'll put in the show notes sound like that's my pick for this week.



01:00:05.010 --> 01:00:06.660

Akil Hill: you're killin me smalls yeah.



01:00:07.560 --> 01:00:11.400

Hong Lieu: Easy easy everyone knows, everyone knows that.



01:00:11.790 --> 01:00:12.570

Akil Hill: Everyone knows that.



01:00:12.780 --> 01:00:15.630

Hong Lieu: And it's so useful it's so so useful.



01:00:17.880 --> 01:00:27.000

Akil Hill: So I will go my PIC for this week is you know hey honoring API month and one of the best, I think.



01:00:28.050 --> 01:00:36.600

Akil Hill: series that i've watched since the pandemic or probably dropped it's probably up there, and in my top maybe top three.



01:00:37.980 --> 01:00:40.470

Akil Hill: Is a series called warrior.



01:00:42.120 --> 01:00:53.460

Akil Hill: And it's basically centered in the 1900s and San Francisco and its centers basically the Chinese experience the immigrant experience into America.



01:00:54.450 --> 01:01:07.380

Akil Hill: In downtown chinatown and there's a beef with the Chinese in the Irish gangs it's with some of the big names as Angela koji he's in it Jason tobin's in it.



01:01:08.970 --> 01:01:19.680

Akil Hill: it's just a really, really well done it so it came out on it started it was on cinnamon cinemax, but I think it's moved over to HBO Max.



01:01:20.340 --> 01:01:21.150

Akil Hill: it's two season.



01:01:21.300 --> 01:01:23.790

Akil Hill: it's two seasons and I think they're.



01:01:24.810 --> 01:01:36.360

Akil Hill: filming season three currently but it's just it just documents, a history of our country that's not well known just really good I can't.



01:01:37.260 --> 01:01:55.230

Akil Hill: You know, given enough praise man it's a really good piece kind of loops doing on to what the culture was like being Chinese and you know early 19th century and the whole immigrants and it's just such a good series, so you guys have a moment you definitely I would say check that out.



01:01:55.530 --> 01:01:57.360

Devin Engebretsen: You got angel island and stuff.



01:01:58.020 --> 01:02:01.800

Hong Lieu: yeah you're the guy that hit me on that akil you told me to watch it I started watching because you so.



01:02:02.190 --> 01:02:03.240

Hong Lieu: yeah it 44.



01:02:03.660 --> 01:02:22.860

Akil Hill: it's like Kung fu Western it's actually from the writings from Bruce Lee his daughters actually produced it so it totally has that Bruce vibe it's just it's really well done, I mean I just can't say more than that, but yeah it's I think it's originally some of the Bruce Lee writings.



01:02:24.300 --> 01:02:37.110

Akil Hill: and his daughter has taken some of those writings and actually produce a series I think that's like West Western Kung fu it's great man it's good stuff.



01:02:37.800 --> 01:02:40.560

Devin Engebretsen: So let me ask you this, how did you how do you find something like that.



01:02:41.970 --> 01:02:54.990

Akil Hill: i'll just searching I just randomly like is look like when you know we talked about like representation like anytime that i'm searching for something like just scanning through if it's something like that I know that I normally don't see I always stop.



01:02:55.620 --> 01:02:58.080

Akil Hill: So we just stumbled across it, I think, actually.



01:02:59.460 --> 01:03:04.860

Akil Hill: You know I think my wife found it but anytime I i'm searching i'm like oh wait a minute like.



01:03:05.490 --> 01:03:13.950

Akil Hill: that's not you know you don't see that every day right, and so, then I kind of looked at it and I was like let's give it up let's let's watch one episode right we watched one and I was like.



01:03:14.820 --> 01:03:25.560

Akil Hill: next thing I know was like 4am do episode like eight in you know, like i've just been you know so yeah that's it's that good.



01:03:26.130 --> 01:03:33.870

Hong Lieu: Anything that has to do with the god, you know Bruce Lee Bruce Lee is a you know iconic like I call him Chinese Tupac but, like you know he's.



01:03:34.590 --> 01:03:35.040

Hong Lieu: he's just.



01:03:35.280 --> 01:03:40.680

Hong Lieu: He just huge huge to Chinese people like he is he is the god so like.



01:03:40.980 --> 01:03:47.460

Hong Lieu: Anything touched by him is going to be good I didn't know that he was involved, but akil was the one that typically offer you got to watch warrior so I checked out a couple and.



01:03:47.820 --> 01:03:57.030

Hong Lieu: And yeah it's just it's just excellent and just a good a good period piece of that time, also the acting the actors, there are excellent that there's a guy Joe tesla who's an Indonesian martial arts star.



01:03:57.420 --> 01:04:02.550

Hong Lieu: he's done some like just insane martial arts films he's he was in the raid movies, with equal ways and.



01:04:02.940 --> 01:04:09.690

Hong Lieu: And there's a movie called the night comes for us it's one of the most visceral like violent movies i've ever seen, but it's just an amazing action film so yeah.



01:04:09.960 --> 01:04:18.000

Hong Lieu: That is top notch the writings top notch i'm excited for the new season coming in and i'm grateful that you recommend it to like in terms of why we do these culture pieces like.



01:04:18.780 --> 01:04:25.530

Hong Lieu: stuff like that we're I think i've seen a lot of done a lot but there's always something else around the corner, you know always always people dropping knowledge.



01:04:25.890 --> 01:04:37.590

Hong Lieu: And you've got to be receptive to it and so like you know anytime someone gives you, you know shouts out something i'll try to check it out and see what's going on and and yeah that's one of the ones are i'm grateful i'm grateful for your discovery because yeah.



01:04:38.040 --> 01:04:40.710

Hong Lieu: I always saw it, but I never actually peaked it until yeah.



01:04:40.770 --> 01:04:43.200

Hong Lieu: Until I got the cosine that US Okay, we should do this.



01:04:43.380 --> 01:04:52.320

Akil Hill: And the one thing that is cool for me that I really liked about it also is that you get that you get to see things through both lenses like you get to see it through.



01:04:52.590 --> 01:05:01.740

Akil Hill: The Irish experience and what they were kind of trying to up against and what they were dealing in their community and then you see what was going on in the Chinese community and you see them.



01:05:02.610 --> 01:05:10.620

Akil Hill: The the tension out of both of these groups that are kind of struggling to be accepted and and and so that's the piece that.



01:05:10.920 --> 01:05:27.600

Akil Hill: was really that was like really interesting for me to sit back and really kind of be like wow both of them are are trying to struggle to be accepted and both of them, you know, for a long large period of time word never actually accepted so that's the the duality in a film that I thought.



01:05:27.630 --> 01:05:30.030

Hong Lieu: yeah their problem their problems are the same.



01:05:30.030 --> 01:05:30.420

Akil Hill: same.



01:05:30.450 --> 01:05:35.370

Hong Lieu: But instead of instead of banding together to kind of you know they they end up getting turned against each other, you.



01:05:36.120 --> 01:05:38.220

Hong Lieu: see that get played out history, you know yeah.



01:05:38.280 --> 01:05:39.510

Hong Lieu: yeah yeah.



01:05:39.750 --> 01:05:40.740

Hong Lieu: yeah yeah.



01:05:40.830 --> 01:05:48.510

Hong Lieu: yeah great PIC i'll put that in the show notes, but yeah we should start we'll start wrapping things up so so Devon get out of the sun, a little bit.



01:05:51.840 --> 01:05:52.290

Hong Lieu: But uh.



01:05:53.520 --> 01:05:53.730

Devin Engebretsen: yeah.



01:05:53.760 --> 01:05:59.370

Devin Engebretsen: Go ahead i'm gonna say my my my Star Wars now feels you know pretty deep thanks.



01:06:01.980 --> 01:06:07.110

Hong Lieu: start, I mean I I got I got a nephew Dave Luke like you know you know how deep Star Wars runs.



01:06:09.570 --> 01:06:11.520

Devin Engebretsen: I mean, I know what you would bring it problem.



01:06:13.020 --> 01:06:16.470

Devin Engebretsen: there's there's another show on HBO right now we are we on the city.



01:06:17.100 --> 01:06:19.650

Devin Engebretsen: about the the eight COPs in baltimore they were like.



01:06:19.860 --> 01:06:20.310

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah.



01:06:20.370 --> 01:06:23.280

Devin Engebretsen: This gun the gun Task Force I watched them, so one man.



01:06:23.520 --> 01:06:25.860

Devin Engebretsen: The same time we did the wire that David chase yeah.



01:06:25.920 --> 01:06:33.150

Hong Lieu: He did the Why did he did trump may like so he's he's definitely just like yeah that guy knows good TV for sure.



01:06:34.680 --> 01:06:36.930

Hong Lieu: yeah I haven't started it yet, but I will cuz i've been watching.



01:06:37.170 --> 01:06:38.550

Devin Engebretsen: Your religion yeah.



01:06:39.840 --> 01:06:43.410

Hong Lieu: So, but yes Devon, thank you for coming on the show.



01:06:44.010 --> 01:06:54.600

Hong Lieu: Thanks, it was an honor to privilege, you know break bread with you in and chop it up before we before we say goodnight good good day have anything you want to shout out and, if you want to plug in you want to mention.



01:06:56.730 --> 01:07:02.460

Devin Engebretsen: You know just just come out and support support our student athletes and our coaches, as much as much people can.



01:07:02.970 --> 01:07:07.080

Devin Engebretsen: Everything that we do in the you know starting next fall whether it's football or.



01:07:07.590 --> 01:07:13.440

Devin Engebretsen: Or you know water polo whatever it is, and the basketball, and in the spring, sports just let's get some people out and support.



01:07:13.860 --> 01:07:23.040

Devin Engebretsen: A lot of our faculty I mean all of our faculty have seen athletes in our class and their glasses so be great see some more faces out of our games, I know, killed a.



01:07:24.090 --> 01:07:32.730

Devin Engebretsen: bunch of folks with him a couple times to some home games and I love seeing other people, you know faces on the on the campus come and support our athletes and our coaches so.



01:07:33.150 --> 01:07:41.460

Devin Engebretsen: anytime people can do that maybe we can figure out a night, where we we try to get the Faculty night together something like that or absolutely i'm open i'm open for all of it.



01:07:42.540 --> 01:07:42.840

Akil Hill: yeah.



01:07:44.040 --> 01:07:48.360

Hong Lieu: Absolutely get out get out when you can see those palm trees and actually you know, like they.



01:07:48.420 --> 01:07:52.350

Hong Lieu: They may they may lean they may blow, but they will never, never be uprooted so.



01:07:53.250 --> 01:07:54.240

Devin Engebretsen: Hopefully they're tall through.



01:07:55.830 --> 01:07:56.940

Akil Hill: 667 tall.



01:08:00.240 --> 01:08:03.750

Devin Engebretsen: I appreciate you guys thanks for reaching out, you know you're doing a great job Keep it up.



01:08:04.110 --> 01:08:04.380

Hong Lieu: yeah.



01:08:04.410 --> 01:08:05.490

Hong Lieu: Thank you very much Devin.



01:08:05.790 --> 01:08:09.660

Hong Lieu: Thank you, Akil as always - and until next time, this was Vaquero Voices y'all - take care.



01:08:09.930 --> 01:08:10.410