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Episode 33 - Carrie Hutchinson

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Akil and Hong welcome Carrie Hutchinson to the show to discuss the Communication department at SBCC, how the discipline has evolved in the digital age, and then segue to food and culture topics. Chili cheese fries, cookies, survival shows, and 80s music all get covered in the process!

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Hong Lieu: hello, and welcome to another episode of SBCC Vaquero Voices - a podcast highlighting that unique voices that comprise our campus culture, and how we're all working together to serve our students and the community at large.  As usual, I'm joined by co host akil hill.



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Akil Hill: was good yeah.



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Hong Lieu: And today, we are honored to welcome carrie Hutchinson, to the show welcome carrie.



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Akil Hill: Welcome Jay.



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Carrie Hutchinson: Thank you so much i'm so happy to be here.



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Hong Lieu: So I know you were a few hats here SPC, but you are a faculty Member in the communication department.



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Hong Lieu: And, as someone that works in the office communications, I know what are kind of work duties are but I don't know much.



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Hong Lieu: As I since I wasn't communications major communication major I don't know much about the discipline itself so if you can just touch on that briefly in terms of.



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Hong Lieu: I know how yeah because I know we do, but I don't know what the discipline is, if you could just like expand on that a little bit for us.



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Carrie Hutchinson: yeah no problem, can I get the backstory hung i'm just gonna say what.



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Hong Lieu: Of course, yes.



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Hong Lieu: We are in the office of communications, it says that on our door, and then I was, I was told by Kerry that that.



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Hong Lieu: preferred nomenclature is communication know plural so i'm curious about that myself.



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Carrie Hutchinson: Yes, in fact, it's a great opportunity to make my colleagues proud because we're constantly talking about this and I got the email about the podcast and.



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Carrie Hutchinson: You had used the term communications with an s and the bill was actually called communication with no ass and it's a big debate and not a debate in the discipline but it's kind of I would call it a sensitive.



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Carrie Hutchinson: area, and so I said oh I don't want to correct you on air, but just so you know there's no ass and if you use the S my people are going to freak out.



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Carrie Hutchinson: But nobody's really going to break out, but it is worth explaining the difference between communication and communication so communications like what you do.



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Carrie Hutchinson: has more to do with the applied areas of the field and that's you know marketing advertising PR writing.



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Carrie Hutchinson: All these various things i'm sure i'm missing a ton of them that you're more familiar with than I am, but what we studied communication.



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Carrie Hutchinson: And that is the social science of communication, having to do with the various contexts in which people communicate, so we study.



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Carrie Hutchinson: interpersonal communication small group communication mass media public speaking intercultural communication inter group communication.



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Carrie Hutchinson: Gender and communication, all these different things, linking really strongly to psychology and other social sciences so it's really the study of human beings and how they communicate.



00:02:16.470 --> 00:02:28.620

Carrie Hutchinson: On a more human level than on advertising marketing and PR level so hopefully that makes sense I don't I you know I over the years i've certainly tried to refine my description of it because it happens often that people use the ass but that's.



00:02:29.400 --> 00:02:32.190

Carrie Hutchinson: pretty much the best I can do at this stage it is a complicated field.



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Hong Lieu: And i'm sure they were related at one point, but the.



00:02:35.280 --> 00:02:39.180

Hong Lieu: Press crass commercialism and capitalism has really just turned the field into.



00:02:39.510 --> 00:02:41.970

Hong Lieu: press releases, you know, like.



00:02:42.030 --> 00:02:43.530

Hong Lieu: social media massaging.



00:02:43.950 --> 00:02:46.170

Hong Lieu: and marketing anything of that sort, so it is.



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Hong Lieu: it's still one one aspect of it but yes not it's definitely not the all encompassing holistic kind of look at what what you do as a communication student or teacher.



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Carrie Hutchinson: yeah as a student exactly and it's interesting how you describe it here because you're exactly right it started out all is one thing and then the discipline got so big that it became.



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Carrie Hutchinson: kind of sectioned off into different specialty areas, but what you just said reminded me that really it is coming back to being all one thing right because we communicate.



00:03:15.180 --> 00:03:21.210

Carrie Hutchinson: Inter personally in a way on social media, even though traditionally that was only considered a mass media channel.



00:03:21.840 --> 00:03:27.690

Carrie Hutchinson: or mediated channel and we're also advertising ourselves all the time and it's all about self promotion and controlling our.



00:03:28.290 --> 00:03:40.830

Carrie Hutchinson: Identity the mass channels so really it is coming back into being one field in so many ways and that's why I think interdisciplinary and cross disciplinary studies are so important, so I can see the way these things kind of work together.



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Hong Lieu: yeah it seems to be like an abstraction of the discipline were like you know some someone in early in the field like the late 1800s like.



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Hong Lieu: Okay, this is a lot to to kind of digest, how can I really distill this and make it like let's all go to lobby and have ourselves a snack you know subliminal messaging and stuff, and so they kind of codify data, the simpler aspects of it and kind of.



00:03:59.790 --> 00:04:02.610

Hong Lieu: I feel like that's kind of what we get as simple as that, but in terms of.



00:04:03.030 --> 00:04:08.280

Hong Lieu: The field and how it evolves I mean you know everyone's constantly updating the disciplines, you know you have journal articles and is that.



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Hong Lieu: How do you learn more about how folks communicate as communication moves so fast today as as the ways we communicate and evolve so quickly, I mean.



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Hong Lieu: Is it just kind of immersing yourself in these things, or are there kind of other ways to kind of stay informed, because it just it's all over the place now.



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Carrie Hutchinson: it's all over the place now it's part of our everyday life and that's one thing students love about it is that it's so highly applicable to to our daily lives it's really relevant it's really personal.



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Carrie Hutchinson: So how do I stay at her had people my discipline stay current with what's going on, because there's so much information and yeah it's true.



00:04:42.480 --> 00:04:49.440

Carrie Hutchinson: we're kind of nerdy we like to still read academic journals and all the current research, one of my favorite ways of staying current is to look at.



00:04:50.580 --> 00:04:57.720

Carrie Hutchinson: Some of the pop culture sources even like psychology today, and some of these pop culture magazines they reference all the academic studies right so.



00:04:57.930 --> 00:05:05.130

Carrie Hutchinson: They pull the ones that are interesting and that people are talking about and then as a social scientist, I can actually go back in open up the article and take a look at.



00:05:05.970 --> 00:05:13.980

Carrie Hutchinson: The actual study and see what they learned from the study half the time they have you know, Miss cited or over simplify it to finding from a research, study.



00:05:14.430 --> 00:05:24.720

Carrie Hutchinson: And our favorite one is some of the studies that that talk about the link between the living together before marriage and divorce and folks not informed in social science will always say that.



00:05:25.440 --> 00:05:30.720

Carrie Hutchinson: there's a higher rate of divorce for people who live together in advance, when in actuality there's a correlation there.



00:05:31.050 --> 00:05:39.540

Carrie Hutchinson: That comes from things that have less to do with living together and more to do with other non traditional aspects of people's personalities that caused them to choose to live together, like non.



00:05:40.050 --> 00:05:46.020

Carrie Hutchinson: Non religiousness and a variety of other things that actually influence that more so that's just a small example of.



00:05:46.620 --> 00:05:51.300

Carrie Hutchinson: When you look at something and pop culture and the way research, study is cited, then you get to kind of go back in and.



00:05:51.960 --> 00:06:04.110

Carrie Hutchinson: Take a look at what the study actually looked at how they did it and what their findings really were, and now I feel like i'm talking to students, because this is essentially a lecture on, for you know not not secondary citing sources in your research.



00:06:05.460 --> 00:06:06.030

Carrie Hutchinson: There is no.



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Right so.



00:06:08.160 --> 00:06:12.540

Akil Hill: So here's here's a big question for me that I wanted to ask you is.



00:06:14.100 --> 00:06:20.460

Akil Hill: Do you think that people are communicating better now than ever before.



00:06:22.770 --> 00:06:25.350

Carrie Hutchinson: and kill before I answer that what do you think.



00:06:26.610 --> 00:06:28.530

Akil Hill: I would honestly say.



00:06:30.180 --> 00:06:30.930

Akil Hill: i'm going to say no.



00:06:32.310 --> 00:06:33.210

Akil Hill: Miss say no.



00:06:34.620 --> 00:06:39.600

Akil Hill: And the reason why i'm at I guess there's multiple reasons why, but I want to say that as well.



00:06:40.470 --> 00:06:41.220

Akil Hill: that's what i'm gonna say.



00:06:41.460 --> 00:06:42.780

Akil Hill: that's what my gut tells me.



00:06:43.590 --> 00:06:48.720

Carrie Hutchinson: i'm gonna go with you on that one and i'm going to back that up with a little social science to it.



00:06:49.260 --> 00:06:56.340

Carrie Hutchinson: You know, it depends on how you're defining better yeah so like our people, communicating better now well they're definitely communicating differently.



00:06:56.760 --> 00:07:02.160

Carrie Hutchinson: Now, and one of the things that we look to as influencing that should come as no surprise to you, but.



00:07:02.790 --> 00:07:09.180

Carrie Hutchinson: The impact of mediated communication, so this is through social media and text messaging all the variety of ways, we have to communicate.



00:07:09.810 --> 00:07:21.690

Carrie Hutchinson: It provides a layer of comfort and an m different cause us to be less censored, and not always to bring our authentic selves to communication, so we are.



00:07:22.110 --> 00:07:36.870

Carrie Hutchinson: angrier we we respond more rapidly, we don't imagine the person on the end the recipient of our message as often as we do when there's this magical story that we have in person face to face so those things have caused us to communicate differently.



00:07:37.440 --> 00:07:45.180

Carrie Hutchinson: And it is measurable and it's having an impact on the world frankly and and we can talk a little bit about how it really influences.



00:07:45.660 --> 00:07:57.540

Carrie Hutchinson: The nature of the world today in our sort of divisions and and the way that we interface with each other, are having a lot to do with how our culture feels right now and that's largely you know because of how we're communicating with each other.



00:07:58.260 --> 00:08:05.130

Hong Lieu: I always think of it like a depth and breadth kind of thing like you know before communication, you had more depth, because it was more of.



00:08:05.850 --> 00:08:12.480

Hong Lieu: A focus kind of interaction, you were interacting with one person, you were you were explicitly seeking out one person to communicate with them.



00:08:12.780 --> 00:08:22.590

Hong Lieu: And now you are kind of built to like fire hose it's kind of like a spray you know, like you, you know that when you post on your social media it's going out to multiple parties, you know you know you're not just posting.



00:08:23.010 --> 00:08:26.730

Hong Lieu: To one person you're posting to like your entire high school class or like and even.



00:08:26.730 --> 00:08:36.510

Hong Lieu: That where where you know you're reaching out to one person is more difficult today so so the depth and breadth has changed, so I feel like communication has expanded, but you know.



00:08:36.990 --> 00:08:44.970

Hong Lieu: I don't know yeah if you could say it's necessarily better I mean this is me speaking without social media, so this is just my hypothetical brain, you know i'm still shocked.



00:08:45.720 --> 00:08:53.910

Hong Lieu: That correlated people living together before marriage lead to higher rates of divorce that's just like that's just common sense to me or it's like Come on, you should kind of it yeah but yeah that's.



00:08:55.380 --> 00:09:01.320

Carrie Hutchinson: really like that one, and I want to know more about it but you're here you're referring to the social penetration model it's a model in our discipline and it.



00:09:01.320 --> 00:09:09.630

Carrie Hutchinson: talks about the depth and the breadth of communication and I think you're exactly right that we're having a lot of it's like quantity over quality.



00:09:10.410 --> 00:09:22.830

Carrie Hutchinson: With access, we have two people, the rapid fire access that we have is is causing definitely some problems in our culture, so you know we can we can talk, I think, really one of the biggest areas and my discipline.



00:09:23.340 --> 00:09:35.310

Carrie Hutchinson: Is you know untapped areas or areas with the most potential for growth is how do we kind of get back to a place where we really understand the impact of our messages, even when they're mediated so the big problem.



00:09:35.910 --> 00:09:40.920

Carrie Hutchinson: Is that people are unaware of the impact they're having with you know when they fire off harmful words and hurtful words.



00:09:41.280 --> 00:09:48.270

Carrie Hutchinson: And I think if we get a little better in touch with impact we're having on other people, we can do do a lot better and communicate more as if it's in our personally.



00:09:48.900 --> 00:09:56.340

Carrie Hutchinson: You know how we do that, and what methods we use there's a lot of different theorists with different ideas about that i'm super into.



00:09:57.120 --> 00:10:07.650

Carrie Hutchinson: theory of change and how we change our culture, through our communication and the various theories about the best ways to do that so i'm a big believer in best practices when it comes to you know.



00:10:10.260 --> 00:10:20.940

Akil Hill: Well, I mean you know hung and I were it's really interesting how he and I were having lunch together this week and we were kind of talking a little bit about music and communicating and.



00:10:22.020 --> 00:10:23.880

Akil Hill: You know it's funny because I really think.



00:10:25.830 --> 00:10:35.310

Akil Hill: We have all these different avenues right to communicate, now that never ever once ever existed before, but also, I think it's really interesting that people communicate less I feel.



00:10:35.580 --> 00:10:45.270

Akil Hill: So, in other words to to kind of break it down to for my own experience, I remember like when I was in junior high or high school and it was like.



00:10:46.590 --> 00:10:51.690

Akil Hill: It was like you had a call someone's home and speak to someone's parent if you wanted to speak to their daughter right.



00:10:52.110 --> 00:10:59.070

Akil Hill: And so now that's not that that's completely cut out so you can have conversations with certain people without.



00:10:59.790 --> 00:11:08.280

Akil Hill: Really learning how to communicate with older people like it's just such a unique thing it's like yes there's more communications, but at the same time, people.



00:11:08.610 --> 00:11:14.610

Akil Hill: aren't like having to go through certain channels and hoops you know hey make sure you pick up the phone at eight o'clock when the call.



00:11:14.880 --> 00:11:27.990

Akil Hill: Or how about this one i'm gonna call hang up wondering, a call back that's just like that means that i'm calling it right, so you try to do those things, but you know, like, I feel, like everyone has access to everyone now in different ways.



00:11:29.550 --> 00:11:34.590

Hong Lieu: And that is valuable let's not say it's all distracted but it's not intrinsically value valuable in and of itself, you have to.



00:11:34.860 --> 00:11:44.280

Hong Lieu: use the technology and apply in a way that yeah that does add value because folks are just like blindly just engaging you have to really kind of there's a little more nuanced there for sure absolutely.



00:11:45.120 --> 00:11:57.150

Carrie Hutchinson: right for sure, and when we're using a device as the thing that we're interfacing with we're really doing an exchange that's quite different than an interpersonal exchange where we're kind of it's an end it's a means to an end it's a.



00:11:58.200 --> 00:12:04.980

Carrie Hutchinson: yeah it's a machine and we're not thinking about the person, on the other end and really developing the skills like you're talking about a keel that require us to think more.



00:12:05.700 --> 00:12:12.570

Carrie Hutchinson: in greater depth and more creatively about our different goals and different moments, and so our goal is not just to send a message to the person.



00:12:12.780 --> 00:12:16.800

Carrie Hutchinson: When we're communicating face to face when the person has to call on the phone event and ask for.



00:12:17.190 --> 00:12:20.640

Carrie Hutchinson: Speak to your daughter there's some there's a variety of skill sets there.



00:12:20.850 --> 00:12:30.120

Carrie Hutchinson: And anonymous tangible, we know what they are, as we learn them and we know when we don't have them, but we don't have the opportunity to develop those would work communicating always through now you guys we sound like a bunch of old people, right here.



00:12:35.280 --> 00:12:39.150

Hong Lieu: The social fabric that aspect of the culture, like I love that disagreements that akil.



00:12:39.150 --> 00:12:50.970

Hong Lieu: talks about like I enjoyed being that ninja status or no one knew what I was doing no one knew what I was up to like but that you know that that that is kind of an antithetical to yeah but but I guess, not to be such an old person about it.



00:12:51.780 --> 00:12:54.960

Hong Lieu: If i'm a like it was thinking about i'll bring it back to the pathways and goes up.



00:12:55.200 --> 00:13:08.250

Hong Lieu: If i'm gonna i'm a student I don't know what I want to study it what would be kind of in terms of like little things that i'm I would be interested in that would make me a good communication student is there is there is there is there is a print universe.



00:13:08.640 --> 00:13:16.590

Carrie Hutchinson: yeah i'm pretty biased so i'm going to tell you the things that I think as a student considering communication or considering any major that you might want to think about.



00:13:17.820 --> 00:13:23.790

Carrie Hutchinson: I think it's really important for students to take a good look around them at the actual practical world that they live in and think about.



00:13:24.450 --> 00:13:36.630

Carrie Hutchinson: Whether they're happy with it, and if they're not as the young person today what is their role in making it better, making it a place where they would want to live, where they would want to have children, where they would want.



00:13:37.500 --> 00:13:47.040

Carrie Hutchinson: To see it thrive, you know what it's because students were also good at complaining right about the world and, now more than ever, right there's just so many opportunities to say that are wrong with that, but the thing that gets me up in the morning.



00:13:48.270 --> 00:13:55.560

Carrie Hutchinson: is really thinking about what it is it's wrong with it, that I don't like and what I can do to change it, and so, speaking in a very broad sense, to answer your question.



00:13:55.980 --> 00:14:07.350

Carrie Hutchinson: I think a starting place for all students should be not you know what, how can I make the most money or what's this hobby that I like but really a bigger question, which is what do I want to do.



00:14:08.280 --> 00:14:17.760

Carrie Hutchinson: With this life to make the world a better place than how I found it, and when you start there, it can be communication or any other field that that sparks your interest, where you can really harness.



00:14:18.330 --> 00:14:25.890

Carrie Hutchinson: The skills that you learn from your professors and mentors about how to do those things so in the field communication I teach interpersonal communication.



00:14:26.940 --> 00:14:38.100

Carrie Hutchinson: And I teach it from a standpoint of a larger model of social change, so my favorite model of social change, it has four different layers so on the inside, is the intra personal level right that's how we.



00:14:39.090 --> 00:14:46.470

Carrie Hutchinson: Those are our biases and all the stuff we bring to the table that you only have to do with ourselves and all the influences that the folks have had on us, but their internal to us right.



00:14:46.680 --> 00:14:54.330

Carrie Hutchinson: And then the outer circle of that is interpersonal that's how we interface with other people and the influence we have in our social circles and relationships right.



00:14:54.960 --> 00:15:03.450

Carrie Hutchinson: And then the next level is institutional so that's the places that we work our schools, our systems all the human artifacts that we've created and socially constructed.



00:15:03.810 --> 00:15:10.620

Carrie Hutchinson: And the work we can do in those spaces and then the biggest level on the outside is ideological you know our our philosophies of thinking and how we.



00:15:11.280 --> 00:15:13.650

Carrie Hutchinson: Are worldview really and what kind of.



00:15:14.100 --> 00:15:25.230

Carrie Hutchinson: Change and work, we can do in that arena so in those four arenas you can take any aspect of the communication discipline many other disciplines as well, and you can kind of target, an area where you think.



00:15:25.560 --> 00:15:33.180

Carrie Hutchinson: Where you're interested in learning more anything you can have a lot of influence so that's my my one classes, the interpersonal communication class i'm in the other class I teach is leadership.



00:15:33.870 --> 00:15:37.830

Carrie Hutchinson: For a global society and that really has to do, also with that model of change and.



00:15:38.400 --> 00:15:48.660

Carrie Hutchinson: Where we can have impact in our communities and in our world, in fact I started out when I was much younger I became very passionate about you know global problems.



00:15:48.960 --> 00:15:54.990

Carrie Hutchinson: And I think a lot of that is an artifact of our educational system and how we teach young people.



00:15:55.620 --> 00:16:04.890

Carrie Hutchinson: That you know, in the United States i'm talking about we teach young people that problems exist in this faraway place so we look at.



00:16:05.160 --> 00:16:12.810

Carrie Hutchinson: Poverty and all the global problems that are real in the world, but we deflect our own issues here in our country by sort of.



00:16:13.410 --> 00:16:21.240

Carrie Hutchinson: Pointing young students to places across across the globe, where they can identify real, concrete problems, and then we help them.



00:16:22.050 --> 00:16:29.490

Carrie Hutchinson: develop a charity mindset, where they think they're going to be some kind of savior and go help people in other countries, and I definitely had that mindset.



00:16:29.940 --> 00:16:39.600

Carrie Hutchinson: As a young person because of the various education and socialization that that I experienced, like most of us, but as we develop and we go to.



00:16:40.320 --> 00:16:49.740

Carrie Hutchinson: You know, different schools and we talked to other smart adult people and they inform us about all the different things that we can do, right here in our own communities and right here in our own.



00:16:50.010 --> 00:16:56.610

Carrie Hutchinson: Country and like I said before, now more than ever that's becoming obvious to us, but I don't think it was as obvious to us Americans.



00:16:57.690 --> 00:17:12.570

Carrie Hutchinson: Before, and I think now we're really rethinking our tendency to look with a over there lens and we're looking inside and seeing what we can do here, so to bring it full circle that's what I say to students who are looking for their purpose, I say hey.



00:17:14.010 --> 00:17:16.590

Carrie Hutchinson: Look everywhere and don't forget to look here.



00:17:17.250 --> 00:17:30.090

Carrie Hutchinson: And don't forget to look within because it's the law that's a lot of the work that needs to be done is that all those different levels, but the interpersonal within levels and the interpersonal levels within our immediate circles of influence are enormously.



00:17:31.770 --> 00:17:33.360

Incredible places where we can have impact.



00:17:36.090 --> 00:17:45.120

Hong Lieu: yeah I think about those 40 years and I think for folks today that ideological one is the toughest one to get to because it takes so much work just to learn and inter intra.



00:17:45.390 --> 00:17:48.930

Hong Lieu: and institutional institutional will weigh you down if you're not get you know so.



00:17:49.350 --> 00:17:56.790

Hong Lieu: To get to that back in why Why do I do all of these things you know and it's kind of going back to the kiehl's how to talk to parents when you're talking to someone on the phone like.



00:17:57.240 --> 00:18:02.610

Hong Lieu: ideologically you need to connect with you need to connect with folks and you need to have that common ground ideologically.



00:18:02.880 --> 00:18:14.640

Hong Lieu: Before you can really form real relationships, because you can form inter intra institutional relationships that are superficial like I know how to act in these situations, but until you've ideologically connected and found some kind of.



00:18:15.000 --> 00:18:19.260

Hong Lieu: empathetic core that allows you to really just be a human being with someone else.



00:18:19.650 --> 00:18:30.450

Hong Lieu: than that that's where the true communication comes when you have the ideological background justify what you're doing and it's, not just because you know this will meet an end like I can put on a facade and just meet an end communicated.



00:18:31.080 --> 00:18:39.570

Hong Lieu: But to actually have an ideological core is really you know I know that's where he was going, I just want to extrapolate his point about try try the other folks over the phone.



00:18:41.970 --> 00:18:51.150

Carrie Hutchinson: you're right, I mean I hear what you're saying, and this is a big thing when it comes to you know social science theories of influence attitude and behavioral change right, we have to.



00:18:52.230 --> 00:19:01.320

Carrie Hutchinson: Well, first of all, I think there are major ideological differences, no doubt, we see those everywhere right now and that's one of our biggest cultural problems are they are ideological differences.



00:19:01.740 --> 00:19:11.100

Carrie Hutchinson: But one thing that i'm learning a lot about right now and then a kill and I were talking a little bit about at a conference we went to recently is this this focus on.



00:19:11.940 --> 00:19:18.180

Carrie Hutchinson: The ideological differences between or the perceived ideological differences between people who actually really are.



00:19:18.540 --> 00:19:26.100

Carrie Hutchinson: Our allies and potential allies, so people who we actually have more important things in common than we don't have in common and.



00:19:26.700 --> 00:19:41.370

Carrie Hutchinson: You know the social justice movement in particular tends to require this value purity this purity measure which is that if we're not aligned 100% on every single thing and every belief and every thought then we're going to you know.



00:19:42.510 --> 00:19:45.150

Carrie Hutchinson: call each other out and cancel each other and do all these things that we do.



00:19:46.050 --> 00:19:52.980

Carrie Hutchinson: In the social justice, movement and really i'm learning a lot of this from from an incredible woman named loretta J Ross who really is a big.



00:19:53.670 --> 00:19:59.190

Carrie Hutchinson: she's a human rights activist she's one of the people who coined the term reproductive justice and she just does a lot of work.



00:19:59.580 --> 00:20:06.780

Carrie Hutchinson: Around really identifying our spheres of influence our circle of influence and and really not requiring total 100%.



00:20:07.470 --> 00:20:15.570

Carrie Hutchinson: attitudinal purity with our peers, in order to strengthen that in group, in order for us to have influence and so she talks about.



00:20:16.380 --> 00:20:23.640

Carrie Hutchinson: Her model I really like it, she says, you know cross let's say we're looking at the United States there's about 10% there's only 10% of the people.



00:20:24.270 --> 00:20:28.980

Carrie Hutchinson: let's say in our country, who actually are 100% aligned with us.



00:20:29.490 --> 00:20:35.610

Carrie Hutchinson: On every single thing and it doesn't need to be more than that because she she refers to it, as that would be a cult you know that's not a.



00:20:35.790 --> 00:20:42.630

Carrie Hutchinson: that's not a movement that's a cult but everyone's thinking exactly the same it has the same thoughts, so we don't really need to work on the purity of.



00:20:42.900 --> 00:20:51.330

Carrie Hutchinson: Those 10% we can have differences, we can you know that's diversity that's the thing we're fighting for right, so we can have that and strengthen that group and then outside of that there's a 25%.



00:20:52.020 --> 00:21:04.110

Carrie Hutchinson: of people who they actually share all of our values don't share the same language that they use to describe those values and we're all aligned it's just that we describe it differently, we have different background education around it.



00:21:04.530 --> 00:21:12.540

Carrie Hutchinson: So we don't need to worry too much, we just need to come in alignment develop share vocabulary, strengthen the movement with those 25% of people and then there's 75% who.



00:21:13.410 --> 00:21:23.760

Carrie Hutchinson: are no sorry 50% she says, who are you know they're they're on the fence and it can go either way and that really is our target audience so she argues that we want to be careful about working.



00:21:24.240 --> 00:21:36.690

Carrie Hutchinson: so hard on the people within our movement with whom we're mostly aligned, and we want to allow differences between people and work together and advocate for diversity within our own social circles and then really work on the folks who.



00:21:37.740 --> 00:21:48.750

Carrie Hutchinson: Who aren't sure who we can draw into the movement and create social change, in that way, so I really like that model because it helps us understand how we can waste a lot of time with demands and requirements from everybody within our movement.



00:21:49.470 --> 00:21:58.890

Carrie Hutchinson: And how we'd be better off really targeting our energy toward people that we can draw in and strengthening our you know they call it the choir you know, instead of preaching to the choir you want to strengthen the choir.



00:22:01.050 --> 00:22:02.550

Akil Hill: yeah I mean.



00:22:03.690 --> 00:22:11.340

Akil Hill: I think that's spot on you know and and when you when I was listening to you when you may you know just something kind of you know resonated inside of me when.



00:22:11.880 --> 00:22:16.920

Akil Hill: you're talking about that social justice purity you know and and and and.



00:22:17.430 --> 00:22:25.800

Akil Hill: What I think mostly about that is that's birthed out is something that we're fighting against you know, like that's so you know the supremacy of.



00:22:26.130 --> 00:22:37.110

Akil Hill: Being like pure and like so we got to be careful in those spaces, where we're we're not replicating that same model that's been replicated on us that we're fighting against so.



00:22:37.590 --> 00:22:49.410

Akil Hill: big fan of calling and calling out giving people grays and spaces and allowing people to arrive to their own conclusions when they're ready to you know versus.



00:22:49.890 --> 00:22:55.770

Akil Hill: You know, last time I checked, you know anytime I had an argument with someone didn't matter how I call them out.



00:22:56.220 --> 00:23:08.580

Akil Hill: You know, and a lot of ways they didn't change, they have people have to arrive to serve an order and that goes vice versa, to buy it goes people have to arrive to places, but you can't just push them there you know what I mean and then, if they.



00:23:09.750 --> 00:23:09.960

Carrie Hutchinson: say.



00:23:10.620 --> 00:23:11.190

Akil Hill: No that's it.



00:23:11.250 --> 00:23:11.610

Akil Hill: that's all.



00:23:11.730 --> 00:23:13.380

Carrie Hutchinson: I want to hear, I want to hear, I want to hear you finish.



00:23:14.370 --> 00:23:21.630

Akil Hill: or so, and then, once you even if you do push them to that space or they authentically in that space, because the same people.



00:23:21.990 --> 00:23:31.530

Akil Hill: are not the same people, the people who want them to be that space, if you push in that space, you may not be getting enough authentic version this if you're not authentic then best you don't really have change.



00:23:32.730 --> 00:23:39.450

Carrie Hutchinson: that's exactly right and that's everything you just said is what social science backs up all those all those books and there is that you just shared because.



00:23:39.690 --> 00:23:48.840

Carrie Hutchinson: We find that you know calling out, obviously, is totally necessary and so many situations for major social change and social movements right so when people are being explicitly.



00:23:49.710 --> 00:23:57.690

Carrie Hutchinson: ideologically oppressive when they are engaging in all sorts of corruption and oppression of at various levels of various people, yes, of course.



00:23:58.050 --> 00:24:03.600

Carrie Hutchinson: calling out is something that we have to use and that's been used, historically, to make massive social change for sure, but we're talking here.



00:24:03.840 --> 00:24:14.670

Carrie Hutchinson: More about dealing with people in our own circles and folks with whom we want to share this movement and you're exactly right akil you know every single theory of social science says that shaming doesn't work.



00:24:15.810 --> 00:24:30.060

Carrie Hutchinson: gosh Nelson Mandela said there's no there's what how did he said oh my gosh there's no one more dangerous than the person who has been shamed, and that is not who we want in our circles, the person who has been shamed, who is now.



00:24:31.080 --> 00:24:37.140

Carrie Hutchinson: A potential enemy, as opposed to a potentially stronger ally so yeah it shame, he doesn't work.



00:24:37.740 --> 00:24:44.880

Carrie Hutchinson: All these things don't work and exactly right that if people change their behavior because the punitive measures that we put on them in a personally it's usually because is.



00:24:45.180 --> 00:24:52.830

Carrie Hutchinson: There, a fear of social penalties and not because of intrinsic change and the way that you're describing it and that's also what we don't want because that's not sustainable.



00:24:53.550 --> 00:24:53.760

Hong Lieu: yeah.



00:24:53.790 --> 00:24:55.560

Carrie Hutchinson: i've never i've actually hurts.



00:24:56.520 --> 00:25:00.540

Hong Lieu: yeah i've never understood the need for the 100% uniformity because.



00:25:00.990 --> 00:25:05.700

Hong Lieu: People also forget that, as you as we get older, I mean it will we do outreach to older folks.



00:25:06.000 --> 00:25:14.430

Hong Lieu: These are folks that already belong to another subset or cultural elements, so that if you put too many barriers up to them becoming an ally with with you.



00:25:14.700 --> 00:25:23.850

Hong Lieu: They will just retreat back to where that what they know and they're they're high you know their their tribe, so to speak, and and it happens when you put a lot of people try to outreach to folks in the street.



00:25:24.270 --> 00:25:28.110

Hong Lieu: street folks you know they speak a certain way they live a certain way they know certain things.



00:25:28.470 --> 00:25:35.490

Hong Lieu: So we're trying to get them on a level where like they they're intelligent people that know that have beliefs and they usually are allied in terms of.



00:25:35.790 --> 00:25:41.160

Hong Lieu: Their more liberal philosophies and a lot of things, but if you try to you know correct them on how they speak too much, maybe.



00:25:41.400 --> 00:25:48.930

Hong Lieu: Correct what music they listen to in certain settings and yada yada it can turn them off and the retreat they fade back in so I mean in terms of.



00:25:49.230 --> 00:25:56.190

Hong Lieu: I think we're all the time when we're trying to reach out to folks you know, in the street trying to get them to come to city college even like if you come at in a certain way saying.



00:25:56.640 --> 00:25:59.160

Hong Lieu: Well yeah you know if you do this this this and you come.



00:25:59.490 --> 00:26:08.880

Hong Lieu: We should just be taking folks as they are and figuring out where the similarities are because there are a lot of similarities, you know when you when you get to the like like we talked about the ideological portion of someone.



00:26:09.180 --> 00:26:15.750

Hong Lieu: ideologically we we all have pretty similar beliefs in terms of we want good things for a lot of people, you know for the majority people usually.



00:26:16.380 --> 00:26:27.000

Hong Lieu: And so we're quick to shut people out and really filter people out before we get to know them and and i've always tried to go to that to get to know them first before we you know all that stuff because.



00:26:27.330 --> 00:26:30.360

Hong Lieu: i've seen it happen, where i've introduced I brought folks in the situation's.



00:26:30.660 --> 00:26:41.850

Hong Lieu: they've been kind of you know, the conversation becomes more like a grilling were like you know this everywhere, this, what is this, and then by them to like now i'm just not into that i'm going to go back you know over there until with the homies over there, so.



00:26:42.690 --> 00:26:49.590

Carrie Hutchinson: And you know everything everything you're saying is backed by the research, so we have a we have a saying which is that we have to make the revelation irresistible.



00:26:50.010 --> 00:26:59.520

Carrie Hutchinson: And, and if we can't do that and I, you know you're talking about outreach and things that pertain to city college i'm relating that to larger social change and then it says we're seeing in our country and in our culture right now.



00:26:59.760 --> 00:27:10.110

Carrie Hutchinson: If we don't make the revolution irresistible people aren't gonna want to join it, and so we find that not only if we if we alienate folks through shaming and the requirement of perfection and purity.



00:27:10.410 --> 00:27:15.120

Carrie Hutchinson: Not only do they retreat back to where they were, but the research shows us that there's a pendulum effect.



00:27:15.900 --> 00:27:24.600

Carrie Hutchinson: They don't just retreat back to where they were they become against us, or even more rigid in beliefs, that are the opposite of the ones that we were trying to.



00:27:24.990 --> 00:27:33.600

Carrie Hutchinson: Try to share, and so you know we definitely find that when we don't use positive and welcoming inclusive.



00:27:34.320 --> 00:27:49.410

Carrie Hutchinson: behaviors to welcome folks of all levels into the movement for social change, we definitely alienate them and and we even strengthen the other side and so that's just been proven, time and time again, throughout history there's a great article I refer to it all the time, you may.



00:27:51.270 --> 00:27:53.070

Carrie Hutchinson: Be excommunicated from the Church.



00:27:54.360 --> 00:28:09.210

Carrie Hutchinson: And relate to all your different tests that really replicate oppressive methods, historically and currently that we want to kind of get our we want to get clarity and stop using so that we can actually strengthen strengthen the core.



00:28:11.520 --> 00:28:14.160

Hong Lieu: yeah absolutely absolutely.



00:28:15.240 --> 00:28:17.280

Hong Lieu: So um on that note.



00:28:19.740 --> 00:28:20.430

Not intense.



00:28:23.280 --> 00:28:24.030

Carrie Hutchinson: 80s, music and.



00:28:25.170 --> 00:28:28.020

Carrie Hutchinson: Absolutely needs to be said, actually needs to be said, as.



00:28:28.290 --> 00:28:28.620

You said.



00:28:29.880 --> 00:28:31.770

Hong Lieu: yeah it's a nice segue because.



00:28:33.180 --> 00:28:36.330

Hong Lieu: segue into what brought you to SPC so I mean.



00:28:37.530 --> 00:28:40.050

Hong Lieu: 80s, music and guitar is probably were part of that as well because.



00:28:43.710 --> 00:28:44.730

The connection somehow.



00:28:46.440 --> 00:28:47.880

Carrie Hutchinson: find a way to bring that full circle.



00:28:49.500 --> 00:28:50.220

Hong Lieu: i'm not sure how.



00:28:51.090 --> 00:28:54.990

Carrie Hutchinson: yeah so what brought me to say to college oh gosh I saw this question.



00:28:56.280 --> 00:29:00.000

Carrie Hutchinson: When we're chatting and I thought this guy need to figure out a way to make this a short story so.



00:29:00.600 --> 00:29:01.920

Hong Lieu: far back you want to go yeah there's.



00:29:02.490 --> 00:29:03.600

Hong Lieu: all kinds of ways, you can frame it.



00:29:04.230 --> 00:29:04.860

Hong Lieu: far back in.



00:29:06.090 --> 00:29:18.990

Carrie Hutchinson: Time and for when I was born no okay I won't go back that far, so I am let's let's start here, I was a graduate student at ucsb.



00:29:19.860 --> 00:29:26.850

Carrie Hutchinson: And I was ucsb as an r1 institution for it top five in that country for my discipline and the goal, there is to.



00:29:27.600 --> 00:29:35.130

Carrie Hutchinson: turn out some really high quality researchers to go to big universities and research, and you know become.



00:29:35.640 --> 00:29:41.910

Carrie Hutchinson: Famous relative, relatively speaking, as researchers in the discipline and and lots of my peers and colleagues that I went to Grad school.



00:29:42.300 --> 00:29:49.710

Carrie Hutchinson: With did that and they're awesome they do a lot of that research, we talked about earlier that we read and reference so that was my sort of path.



00:29:50.490 --> 00:29:56.250

Carrie Hutchinson: And what I thought I was doing and then one day when I realized that it was much harder to live in Santa Barbara and then I thought it would be.



00:29:56.760 --> 00:30:02.850

Carrie Hutchinson: friend of mine said Oh, you know city College will hire graduate students as part time adjunct instructors.



00:30:03.660 --> 00:30:10.350

Carrie Hutchinson: And you can teach class over there to help supplement your income and I thought great so I went and applied I got the job.



00:30:10.920 --> 00:30:20.640

Carrie Hutchinson: And what ended up happening was I you know, after a few months went by and i've been teaching at city college it dawned on me that all I really wanted to do was going to my classes at city college.



00:30:21.120 --> 00:30:32.580

Carrie Hutchinson: I fell in love with my students I loved what I did I loved what I was teaching I found it to be so much more to have such greater impact than the research, I was doing in my lab.



00:30:34.350 --> 00:30:39.360

Carrie Hutchinson: I enjoyed the graduate work and developing expertise in the discipline, but I really.



00:30:39.870 --> 00:30:45.990

Carrie Hutchinson: quickly when I could compare the two side by side realized that I was not going to be going off to be a researcher at a major university.



00:30:46.500 --> 00:30:52.710

Carrie Hutchinson: Setting in a lab I was going to be interfacing with students and having direct impact on students in the classroom and that was where I was thriving and so.



00:30:53.100 --> 00:31:02.610

Carrie Hutchinson: I knew that I had to finish my program and I didn't know that I had to finish lots of people not finished, but I knew one thing about the world we live in, and that is that.



00:31:03.930 --> 00:31:14.100

Carrie Hutchinson: People definitely tend to listen to more especially if you're a woman, if you have those three letters behind your name, and so I figured I would finish because it certainly couldn't hurt me finish my PhD and.



00:31:15.060 --> 00:31:24.360

Carrie Hutchinson: I got a job actually a really cool job I was on a bunch of list serves to figure out how to get full time employment, because that was an option city college at that time, so I took a job with.



00:31:25.500 --> 00:31:32.400

Carrie Hutchinson: The University Colorado but I never actually worked at the University, I was traveling Professor for what was called the world smart leadership Program.



00:31:32.850 --> 00:31:40.920

Carrie Hutchinson: And we had students from 25 different countries in this program is international program and we traveled all over the world and.



00:31:41.610 --> 00:31:55.500

Carrie Hutchinson: I was the teacher who taught them their communication classes and other instructors top different things, and they gained college credit in this travel experience, which was truly a once in a lifetime and really cool thing, but also an unsustainable lifestyle.



00:31:56.640 --> 00:32:00.120

Carrie Hutchinson: I was living in a different hotel every week we move cities every single week.



00:32:00.390 --> 00:32:01.230

Hong Lieu: Every week.



00:32:01.770 --> 00:32:02.820

Carrie Hutchinson: Every week every week.



00:32:02.850 --> 00:32:03.090

Carrie Hutchinson: It was.



00:32:03.600 --> 00:32:17.940

Carrie Hutchinson: A whirlwind just the opportunity of a lifetime, but so taxing on you know the variety of different different things, and so, when a full time position became available at city college I couldn't believe it, I was.



00:32:18.930 --> 00:32:25.140

Carrie Hutchinson: gosh I was so determined to get that job I just I told everyone I knew that I was gonna get that job do anything.



00:32:25.470 --> 00:32:36.930

Carrie Hutchinson: And I was so excited I flew back from Japan and Japan, at the time I flew back for the interview, I was here for 24 hours, and then they graciously allowed me to do the remainder of the interviews over the phone because I was International and.



00:32:38.310 --> 00:32:51.900

Carrie Hutchinson: I got that job and i'm so grateful every day that that I just had my eye on that prize and would not let it go because I knew that's where I could thrive and I stick to that to this day that's where I thrive I thrive at city college.



00:32:53.010 --> 00:33:01.620

Carrie Hutchinson: I love the campus i'd love the school i'd love my students and I couldn't be happier and I kind of just feel like i'm living my best life doing the thing that I love and that was how I got there.



00:33:02.820 --> 00:33:13.920

Hong Lieu: It does seem like interfacing students is like the purest form of communication, you know, like, I mean the research stuff is nice but there's a lot of bureaucracy involved, you know publish do a journal, and all the vetting process and the peer review.



00:33:14.310 --> 00:33:17.880

Hong Lieu: it's I mean I feel like teaching students, just so pure and like you know, like.



00:33:18.420 --> 00:33:28.920

Carrie Hutchinson: yeah it is and it's funny you know what you say, reminds me of this interesting thing that I that I definitely would love to take this opportunity in this space to kind of discuss a little bit and that's.



00:33:30.600 --> 00:33:36.240

Carrie Hutchinson: The education component of it because I started out as an entirely face to face teacher and then I was.



00:33:36.660 --> 00:33:44.640

Carrie Hutchinson: There are a couple classes, we needed to put online, this is early early days before there were many offerings and I designed some of our very first online courses that we offer still to this day.



00:33:45.360 --> 00:33:51.150

Carrie Hutchinson: And I agree with you that teaching students there's a purity in that, and such a joy in it and it's such a unique thing.



00:33:51.540 --> 00:34:01.200

Carrie Hutchinson: But I have I started to notice, not just another people, but also in myself, there is a very fine line between the role of the teacher and.



00:34:01.950 --> 00:34:09.210

Carrie Hutchinson: Some of the other things, your ego does to you when you have this opportunity to have the stage and to have that kind of impact on your students.



00:34:09.660 --> 00:34:19.260

Carrie Hutchinson: And once I started teaching online classes, I was teaching three modalities face to face entirely hybrid and also online and I started really noticing a difference in myself.



00:34:19.710 --> 00:34:29.190

Carrie Hutchinson: In my focus on pedagogy and my focus on really measuring students learning and really taking a lot of the focus.



00:34:29.700 --> 00:34:36.480

Carrie Hutchinson: off of me as a teacher and the teaching experience and really taking a closer look at how effective.



00:34:36.960 --> 00:34:45.240

Carrie Hutchinson: I was on my courses were in terms of helping students learn the things I needed to learn to get the the class a transfer to learn the things that were important so i'm.



00:34:45.840 --> 00:34:48.090

Carrie Hutchinson: You know, talking about sort of my my evolution.



00:34:48.900 --> 00:34:57.810

Carrie Hutchinson: or a lot of that has occurred at city college through my transition into online learning and what i've what i've learned in that context about how to really reach students.



00:34:58.080 --> 00:35:03.330

Carrie Hutchinson: And the values of different modalities, not just for the students but also for the instructors is strengthening.



00:35:03.570 --> 00:35:13.140

Carrie Hutchinson: Our pedagogy strengthen our skills and really making ourselves super adaptable for the for the modern world in which we live i'm an out sounds like a PSA for online teaching but but really.



00:35:13.650 --> 00:35:18.780

Carrie Hutchinson: I do think as a teacher, we have to be continuing to grow and develop our skills, and that is one arena.



00:35:19.080 --> 00:35:23.520

Carrie Hutchinson: Where i've had the opportunity to do that and i'm so grateful for it that's why i'm a huge advocate for online instruction.



00:35:23.790 --> 00:35:32.190

Carrie Hutchinson: I don't think we should be offering exclusively online instruction by any means I like offering I mean my in my ideal world and here's a theory get this one out.



00:35:32.460 --> 00:35:41.130

Carrie Hutchinson: For the President and anyone else is listening, I mean I in my ideal world every single class we offer would be offered in three ways totally face to face hybrid and entirely online.



00:35:41.460 --> 00:35:47.280

Carrie Hutchinson: And that makes it accessible for every learning style students have a preference we're serving everyone's needs and meeting every student.



00:35:47.580 --> 00:35:55.800

Carrie Hutchinson: Where they're at and also forcing instructors not forcing but encouraging instructors to really develop larger skill set when it comes to their teaching.



00:35:57.240 --> 00:36:00.600

Carrie Hutchinson: So for what it's worth I love his last name it I would love to see that happen.



00:36:01.260 --> 00:36:01.980

Akil Hill: Oh they're listening.



00:36:02.130 --> 00:36:02.400




00:36:04.740 --> 00:36:05.280

Carrie Hutchinson: listening.



00:36:07.890 --> 00:36:09.570

Carrie Hutchinson: For the town hall.



00:36:10.380 --> 00:36:11.820

Akil Hill: Listening going I guess what i'm.



00:36:11.820 --> 00:36:14.190

Carrie Hutchinson: saying is i'd like to see something happening.



00:36:15.210 --> 00:36:27.120

Carrie Hutchinson: More often yeah but yeah everybody's doing the best they can, I know that I know that we're in really hard times everybody's doing the best they can city college, the focus is serving students and everyone that I work with I mean I don't know anybody.



00:36:27.690 --> 00:36:32.400

Carrie Hutchinson: I can't criticize anybody on campus for saying that they're not serving students, that what we're all.



00:36:32.760 --> 00:36:46.110

Carrie Hutchinson: And now everybody's doing a little differently, and we all have different ideas about how to do it, but that is our shared mission and our shared goal I don't know anybody on our campus who deviates from that maybe it's just selective about.



00:36:47.340 --> 00:36:54.240

Carrie Hutchinson: Who I hang around with, but I really believe that 90% of us if we go back to that kind of that loretta rossum.



00:36:58.200 --> 00:37:07.140

Carrie Hutchinson: All of our circles of influence we share students, we are all on this campus to do that thing, and if there's a few of us who aren't you know i'm not those aren't the ones i'm bothered with i'm.



00:37:07.680 --> 00:37:15.690

Carrie Hutchinson: gonna bother myself with strengthening the community of people who all have shared interest and shared values to the degree that we need to have them to to serve our students.



00:37:16.500 --> 00:37:31.020

Hong Lieu: Absolutely yeah I think I think you're accurate, that the most folks i've never met anyone that hasn't really been primarily focused on student success and trying to really kind of increase that that idea of student success so yeah that's right about it'd be weird but like.



00:37:33.090 --> 00:37:34.560

Carrie Hutchinson: So I think sometimes, though, like.



00:37:34.590 --> 00:37:38.820

Carrie Hutchinson: A you probably do this to everybody, does this is sliding doors effect right where i'm like what if I you know.



00:37:40.080 --> 00:37:52.050

Carrie Hutchinson: When colleague, you know I haven't listened to her and I never went and got that job at city college and I just stayed on my one track mind and I went to be a researcher at a major institution, and I was there now like what would my life be like.



00:37:53.760 --> 00:38:04.530

Hong Lieu: yeah and it's kind of incredible all these years later this summer multiverse we find ourselves in today that sliding doors that like 90 night late 90s movie with gwyneth paltrow oh it's so good, but.



00:38:04.530 --> 00:38:08.520

Hong Lieu: it's like yeah yeah but, and you can think of a million different pivot.



00:38:09.330 --> 00:38:10.140

Hong Lieu: Right well yeah.



00:38:10.230 --> 00:38:14.580

Carrie Hutchinson: And that one thing that you chose differently and I don't even know, but I just think it's so.



00:38:14.580 --> 00:38:17.370

Akil Hill: Interesting to think about and it makes me reflect on how lucky I am for all.



00:38:18.090 --> 00:38:25.080

Akil Hill: The things that have fallen into place oh yeah absolutely that's why i'm a firm believer i'm a firm believer everyone is where they're supposed to be.



00:38:26.010 --> 00:38:33.540

Akil Hill: Like there's there's no there's no like mistake about it, everyone is where exactly where they're supposed to be at because, like all the possibilities.



00:38:34.830 --> 00:38:45.930

Akil Hill: That could have actually went a different way, and you will be in a different spot is great right, and so the fact that none of that happened, and you are where you're at is not by mistake.



00:38:46.650 --> 00:38:55.740

Carrie Hutchinson: yeah hey thanks for saying that, because it really it really points out that it's not like you could have done one little thing wrong or maybe today i'll do that one thing wrong, and then I won't end up where i'm supposed to be it's.



00:38:55.740 --> 00:38:55.950

Carrie Hutchinson: Really.



00:38:56.430 --> 00:38:58.680

Carrie Hutchinson: it's like all comes together in the way it's supposed to.



00:38:58.680 --> 00:38:59.550

Akil Hill: And exactly.



00:38:59.610 --> 00:39:02.340

Carrie Hutchinson: worry too much about that one wrong turn we might have made because.



00:39:02.340 --> 00:39:03.750

Akil Hill: Here we are yeah.



00:39:04.200 --> 00:39:07.650

Hong Lieu: And anytime you make a wrong turn you just take two left turns and you're back where you were.



00:39:08.160 --> 00:39:21.420

Hong Lieu: Before, so I mean there's very there's very few there are there are definitely definitely do exist, but there's very few like really, really pivotal no turning back, like those kind of decisions they do exist and the you like you like, do I pick up that crack pipe.



00:39:21.450 --> 00:39:23.130

Hong Lieu: that's a pivotal like pivotal I can't.



00:39:23.130 --> 00:39:29.310

Hong Lieu: Go back from it, but but most most of them aren't like that and and we put a lot of important things that sometimes we think are that are.



00:39:29.700 --> 00:39:40.140

Carrie Hutchinson: But you know sorry yeah although one of those things, I think, is the people you choose to spend time with I really did and that's one of the reasons I love teaching my interpersonal communication class because I talked a lot to students about relationships and.



00:39:40.440 --> 00:39:45.840

Carrie Hutchinson: The relationships we find ourselves in and why we do that, and what that says about our own identities and self concepts and.



00:39:46.710 --> 00:39:51.120

Carrie Hutchinson: You know I do someone asked one time what you know, is there anything you regret in life and.



00:39:51.660 --> 00:40:00.420

Carrie Hutchinson: My standard answer to that is no way and I love it all it's all the way it's supposed to be, but if I do regret anything it's having spent a little too long.



00:40:01.380 --> 00:40:09.090

Carrie Hutchinson: With folks that I, maybe should have moved on quicker from and and I think most people can say that that's how we learn right but.



00:40:09.570 --> 00:40:18.150

Carrie Hutchinson: The more clarity we have about about that, I think, the better we we can do, because I could have you know we all thought we could have ended up with somebody different we could have.



00:40:19.140 --> 00:40:22.200

Carrie Hutchinson: found ourselves with different friends and different places, so I was trying to.



00:40:22.830 --> 00:40:27.060

Carrie Hutchinson: point to that if I do have a regret that would be at central your credits more of an insight.



00:40:27.450 --> 00:40:34.560

Carrie Hutchinson: In my my older wisdom here, looking back, and so I try to impart that on my students just something to think consciously about the relationships.



00:40:34.800 --> 00:40:41.160

Carrie Hutchinson: we're in and the people we surround ourselves with and be really conscious about that, and that will lead you in the right direction, one way or another.



00:40:42.690 --> 00:40:52.080

Akil Hill: i'm going to say one thing about what you're talking about the three different models for teaching and I know i'm old school I got Gray, in my beard so but I really believe, like.



00:40:53.220 --> 00:41:00.690

Akil Hill: You know, and in my heart of hearts in in regards to teaching and and educating you know I spent some time in West Africa and.



00:41:02.310 --> 00:41:09.330

Akil Hill: And one thing that I really picked up on is that or or a belief that they held true is that.



00:41:10.830 --> 00:41:29.280

Akil Hill: That the knowledge is transmitted from the teacher to the student through like it's it's an experience meaning like a physical presence, because all the tangibles that students are allowed to pick up on from the teacher, like the compassion peace, the.



00:41:31.230 --> 00:41:42.540

Akil Hill: or just the pieces of is the teacher present or how the teacher navigates and moves in the classrooms all of that information that you're taking it from being present is is is.



00:41:43.110 --> 00:41:54.540

Akil Hill: it's really understandable and so i'm a big fan of in person, but I also understand to meet everyone where they're at, we need to have three different models i'm in agreement of that but I can't just can't understate the fact that.



00:41:55.020 --> 00:42:05.670

Akil Hill: Being in the company in the presence of someone who has mastered something there's there's a lot that has to be said for that so that's.



00:42:06.480 --> 00:42:08.970

Carrie Hutchinson: That, and you know you're talking about equity.



00:42:09.000 --> 00:42:16.620

Carrie Hutchinson: Really, because when you say meeting people where they're at I find that that what I love about what you just said is you perfectly described what you need.



00:42:17.160 --> 00:42:26.460

Carrie Hutchinson: to learn and the learning experience that's ideal and perfect for you and because you can explain and express that that is what should be offered to you, that is what you should should have.



00:42:27.090 --> 00:42:32.040

Carrie Hutchinson: One of my greatest lessons, you know in my 20 plus years of teaching it city colleges.



00:42:32.400 --> 00:42:44.220

Carrie Hutchinson: I have a lot of students who who don't feel that way I have students who have ptsd I have students who have major social ad I have a student in my online class right now as to who's quadriplegic and.



00:42:44.580 --> 00:42:53.730

Carrie Hutchinson: And you know the the in person learning experience is not ideal for so many reasons for those students, so you know, on zoom couple times a week or.



00:42:54.630 --> 00:43:11.280

Carrie Hutchinson: I you know I write, I have a book that students read and they get my voice through the book if listening auditory isn't their learning style and so there's just so many so many ways to learn, I agree with you, I personally prefer that face to face interaction.



00:43:12.450 --> 00:43:18.090

Carrie Hutchinson: And you know with with the caveat that we want to be careful about our role as the sage on the stage and then partner of wisdom and all that.



00:43:19.080 --> 00:43:26.430

Carrie Hutchinson: But, but I do think there are students so many more than I ever realized, especially at city college, especially Community colleges, who really.



00:43:26.850 --> 00:43:39.660

Carrie Hutchinson: have different learning styles and learning needs that that we can serve if we're creative and I love doing that I kind of collect in the back of my mind, all these incidents and and situations where students have shared with me why.



00:43:40.890 --> 00:43:48.960

Carrie Hutchinson: Why the Amato so much better for them, you know the other thing too in terms of equity that I always like to point out, as a busy working mother is for people who.



00:43:49.620 --> 00:44:05.460

Carrie Hutchinson: are raising families mothers or fathers or caretakers of children of any kind, people who are raising families and also trying to work and provide for their families, the face to face learning experience is not only less than ideal, it can be impossible, and so it's quite prohibitive.



00:44:06.690 --> 00:44:16.680

Carrie Hutchinson: for everybody to learn, and so I just really I love them i'm so grateful that my students share with me, I give them lots of opportunities to share and as part of designing an equitable online learning experiences, you ask them, you know.



00:44:16.890 --> 00:44:28.020

Carrie Hutchinson: Do you prefer this modality of learning and if not, what are the ways that I can make it better for you and, if so, tell me why because I like to talk about it with other people and other teachers and explain.



00:44:28.770 --> 00:44:34.980

Carrie Hutchinson: The various stories that i've heard from students and the reasons why they say that in fact they wouldn't even be in this class if it weren't offered this way.



00:44:36.120 --> 00:44:45.750

Carrie Hutchinson: i'm always i'm also happy to hear that and to share it out, so that we know you know we keep in mind that everybody is different, so that diversity thing folks i'm telling you its diversity is a good thing.



00:44:46.350 --> 00:44:48.900

Carrie Hutchinson: We haven't we haven't collectively.



00:44:48.900 --> 00:44:53.610

Carrie Hutchinson: concluded that yet there's mounting evidence for it so yeah i'm into it.



00:44:54.030 --> 00:44:58.920

Hong Lieu: And even just putting on my bad student caps, I was a terrible student, you know, for a long time.



00:44:59.520 --> 00:45:08.400

Hong Lieu: There are a lot of classes, where I was checked out, and I was in person, I was just writing on the desk the whole time so I had a choice to take back class, in particular in another modality, I would probably take.



00:45:10.500 --> 00:45:14.490

Carrie Hutchinson: That spending like forcing someone to be in a classroom does not mean they're learning.



00:45:14.910 --> 00:45:16.500

Carrie Hutchinson: Actually yeah that's another thing i've.



00:45:16.500 --> 00:45:20.850

Carrie Hutchinson: learned about the way I share materials and the online classes i've got all these different.



00:45:21.180 --> 00:45:24.150

Carrie Hutchinson: mechanisms to kind of keep their attention.



00:45:24.510 --> 00:45:33.540

Carrie Hutchinson: While they're engaging in the material, which is something I can't really demand in the face to face experience sure you can you can ask them to put their cell phones and those little cubbies people are doing.



00:45:33.750 --> 00:45:47.190

Carrie Hutchinson: In the classroom that's one way to force their attention but they're thinking about what they're gonna do tonight, or what they did last night and I like I like being creative and learning as an instructor how to design materials and in ways that.



00:45:48.030 --> 00:45:58.710

Carrie Hutchinson: keep us students attention and then getting a lot of feedback on that and refining it and just continue to improve that's my jam, you know i'm i'm a lifelong learner in case can tell so that's what I do.



00:45:58.890 --> 00:46:14.970

Hong Lieu: absolutely excellent alright, and on that note segue speaking of lifelong learning our food section good eatin if you could let us know but either meal you ate cooked or remember recently that first you know comes to your mind we'd love to hear about it.



00:46:15.450 --> 00:46:16.980

Carrie Hutchinson: Okay guys, can we skip to the music.



00:46:19.080 --> 00:46:19.470

Hong Lieu: You don't have.



00:46:23.910 --> 00:46:26.760

Carrie Hutchinson: To say about food I don't much care for it.



00:46:26.820 --> 00:46:27.270

I this is.



00:46:30.810 --> 00:46:33.180

Hong Lieu: like an astronaut like squeezing the tube of like.



00:46:33.210 --> 00:46:40.380

Carrie Hutchinson: fruity really low that okay so as you guys know I do I do a lot of things like I think you started by saying I wear many hats.



00:46:40.500 --> 00:46:55.590

Carrie Hutchinson: yeah I do a lot of things, I have a lot of interests, and I have my many hats hands and pots, however, you want to whatever analogy, you want to use and so to me, food and again i'm going to develop people if I don't know if you could still like me after we had this conversation but.



00:46:56.760 --> 00:47:03.120

Carrie Hutchinson: fair to me is like a major inconvenience, because it makes me have to stop in the day and do something about the feeling in my stomach.



00:47:03.450 --> 00:47:12.390

Carrie Hutchinson: And so I really you know, I have the palate of like a six year old and that doesn't mean I don't appreciate, I appreciate all Phase I love spicy food i've eaten.



00:47:12.810 --> 00:47:18.660

Carrie Hutchinson: snake and sales every like i'm i'm down for anything but i'm not interested in preparing it because I simply don't have the patience.



00:47:18.810 --> 00:47:20.400

Hong Lieu: Which is fine that's perfectly acceptable.



00:47:20.670 --> 00:47:27.330

Carrie Hutchinson: You know and i'm also okay with eating whatever like my family jokes my husband's out of town, because all the cooking case against all.



00:47:28.230 --> 00:47:38.010

Carrie Hutchinson: here's out of town for a week and the joke, you know and we chat on the phone is like what do you have for breakfast cheese and crackers and cheese and crackers for dinner macaroni and cheese.



00:47:40.950 --> 00:47:46.560

Carrie Hutchinson: So he came back last night and I just can't wait to see what's going to be kicking tonight, because I think my body needs assistance.



00:47:47.130 --> 00:47:53.850

Akil Hill: Full full disclosure carrie I was waiting for the guests that to come on the show and then be like i'm not interested in food so.



00:47:55.110 --> 00:47:56.580

Akil Hill: That is carrie sees a.



00:47:56.580 --> 00:48:00.330

Akil Hill: fishy were our shows official now we officially assume as.



00:48:00.600 --> 00:48:03.660

Hong Lieu: The communicative aspect of breaking bread, you know, like.



00:48:04.950 --> 00:48:11.070

Carrie Hutchinson: Oh no it's all break the bread i'll hang out I I will eat whatever you prepare for it that way.



00:48:12.630 --> 00:48:14.400

Hong Lieu: So, like if I said, like.



00:48:14.820 --> 00:48:18.240

Hong Lieu: If you what's your favorite food like nothing POPs in your head it's just like whatever like.



00:48:19.470 --> 00:48:22.620

Hong Lieu: MAC and cheese okay there we go there that's something we've got.



00:48:23.310 --> 00:48:25.440

Akil Hill: MAC and cheese or MAC and cheese out convenience.



00:48:26.010 --> 00:48:26.730

Carrie Hutchinson: uh.



00:48:26.820 --> 00:48:27.750

Carrie Hutchinson: yeah I like.



00:48:28.530 --> 00:48:31.770

Akil Hill: I like food that's convenient that's what i'm that's what i'm picking up on.



00:48:32.190 --> 00:48:32.910

Carrie Hutchinson: yeah for sure.



00:48:32.940 --> 00:48:44.400

Carrie Hutchinson: I mean you'll see me a kill and I went to a great restaurant and a couple times and and I love to eat good food it's just i'm not thinking about it until i'm actually eating it and saying oh.



00:48:46.080 --> 00:48:46.320

Hong Lieu: that's.



00:48:48.720 --> 00:48:55.500

Hong Lieu: that's the gift that you say you don't have to think about it, because i'm thinking about my next meal, while i'm eating my current meal like i'm already i'm already.



00:48:55.710 --> 00:48:56.730

Hong Lieu: on to the next one.



00:48:57.000 --> 00:49:06.210

Hong Lieu: Like I got the chatter that shows my extreme by how little things I do outside of my day to day life because yeah I probably could have a few more hobbies and I wasn't thinking about food so much.



00:49:08.100 --> 00:49:16.080

Carrie Hutchinson: Although I you know, maybe because my daughter super active to she does a lot of stuff she's an athlete and she's also a foodie and she is the one who's thinking about the next meal, so we are eating.



00:49:16.320 --> 00:49:24.690

Carrie Hutchinson: Whatever we're eating she's talking about working meeting next, so I shall come home so go on a run in the morning and come home, and it will make a steaming plate of broccoli for breakfast.



00:49:24.930 --> 00:49:40.200

Carrie Hutchinson: And then, to top it off with a huge thing of oatmeal with every every type of fruit and that you can put in there and it just starts talking about what's for lunch, so now I have that here in my house and my family and I just i'm like a mail and that way I don't get it.



00:49:40.320 --> 00:49:46.170

Hong Lieu: Okay, so so for the show notes I won't even bother the recipe for MAC and cheese I just put a link to the craft box, you know, like.



00:49:47.700 --> 00:49:48.690

Akil Hill: dude dude dude.



00:49:48.810 --> 00:49:50.670

Carrie Hutchinson: I do make one thing I make one thing.



00:49:50.910 --> 00:49:51.750

Carrie Hutchinson: Okay Kelly.



00:49:52.500 --> 00:49:53.430

Hong Lieu: Oh, there we go.



00:49:53.670 --> 00:49:57.900

Carrie Hutchinson: Because it takes it seriously like three minutes to open a bunch of cans and throw them in the.



00:49:57.930 --> 00:49:58.500

Slow cooker.



00:50:01.290 --> 00:50:05.790

Carrie Hutchinson: And one of our colleagues I shared a chili recipe lynette Williamson, who is.



00:50:05.820 --> 00:50:14.910

Carrie Hutchinson: An awesome colleague over and a Chai tea she shared with me, she heard that the only thing I make is chilly so she sent me a recipe and it's got chocolate in it, or Coco Coco.



00:50:14.970 --> 00:50:15.510

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah.



00:50:15.780 --> 00:50:21.330

Carrie Hutchinson: He put cocoa powder in the chili and it really makes it more interesting and it makes me sound like i'm.



00:50:21.600 --> 00:50:30.870

Carrie Hutchinson: Like I know how to cook when I talk about it, so I kind of have that one of my back pocket anytime I find myself with foodie types and I feel like an outcast I can always pull out that chocolate chili recipe.



00:50:32.340 --> 00:50:36.300

Hong Lieu: Excellent there we go that's that's for the show notes out chili.



00:50:36.540 --> 00:50:38.250

Hong Lieu: Slow cooker chili recipe there we go.



00:50:38.730 --> 00:50:45.750

Hong Lieu: He I mean even then as as as cursor you think it is it still has a has a piece, you know pizza pizza piece of the puzzle.



00:50:45.810 --> 00:50:49.770

Carrie Hutchinson: piece here right, so I stand corrected, I am interested in food, and I can talk about fan.



00:50:50.970 --> 00:50:52.200

Carrie Hutchinson: I am just like you in that way.



00:50:54.870 --> 00:50:55.920

Carrie Hutchinson: commonality you know.



00:50:57.300 --> 00:50:59.820

Hong Lieu: Just like we were talking earlier no and that's that's The thing is like.



00:51:00.030 --> 00:51:07.950

Hong Lieu: As long as you have that little that little bit that can attach you to the to the to the overarching culture that's all you need that's all we should really be asking people.



00:51:08.190 --> 00:51:15.330

Hong Lieu: Is because it takes a lot to care about even one piece of that puzzle, but you know you know, like it yeah I don't I don't need to hear about anxiousness and like.



00:51:15.540 --> 00:51:20.910

Hong Lieu: You know the mouth feel of certain foods as long as you go yeah like chili that's all I need that I mean that's it, you know, like.



00:51:21.180 --> 00:51:22.830

Carrie Hutchinson: The word what what was that word again my name.



00:51:23.880 --> 00:51:24.090

Hong Lieu: Is.



00:51:26.430 --> 00:51:28.020

Carrie Hutchinson: gonna sound like I know what i'm talking about with.



00:51:29.040 --> 00:51:31.770

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah the mouth feel of my chili she's.



00:51:32.940 --> 00:51:44.580

Hong Lieu: lovely yes so yeah Thank you were sharing that was then being a loony conversation in and of itself, just because yeah we get to the that's the ideological side of a conversation.



00:51:45.450 --> 00:51:52.260

Carrie Hutchinson: Now you know something about me and so we know each other better, because I just close this kind of weird thing and it's like kind of a in.



00:51:52.440 --> 00:51:52.770

Hong Lieu: I mean.



00:51:53.160 --> 00:51:53.640

Carrie Hutchinson: I don't know.



00:51:53.970 --> 00:51:59.850

Hong Lieu: And it's less sweet into his world because you know I I know the tech rosie just drink soylent all day, so you know it happens.



00:52:01.650 --> 00:52:08.430

Carrie Hutchinson: yeah I mean that I haven't gotten that far, as you know, next to my desk where I work just having a stack of those.



00:52:09.330 --> 00:52:11.160

Hong Lieu: Just not having to do anything yet it's like.



00:52:11.340 --> 00:52:14.340

Hong Lieu: This is sustenance all I need yeah adequate yeah.



00:52:14.460 --> 00:52:22.260

Carrie Hutchinson: I probably better off if I were doing that because I think those have more nutritional value than than the things I tend to use to to stop the feeling in my stomach so I.



00:52:22.260 --> 00:52:22.470




00:52:24.390 --> 00:52:26.910

Hong Lieu: crackers their cheese and crackers there's a little there's a comfort.



00:52:26.910 --> 00:52:31.980

Hong Lieu: Food elements that to you, like the shark Community board and all that stuff like it is, it is relaxing yeah.



00:52:32.010 --> 00:52:35.280

Carrie Hutchinson: For sure, but just you know to be clear i'm talking about like pre.



00:52:43.170 --> 00:52:43.440

Akil Hill: Mike.



00:52:43.560 --> 00:52:45.330

Hong Lieu: Thank you, I was like I.



00:52:45.540 --> 00:52:48.930

Akil Hill: don't I was like I know she likes MAC and cheese out, it can be it's do.



00:52:50.130 --> 00:52:52.710

Akil Hill: stuff he's really trying to stress, with Carey show.



00:52:54.390 --> 00:52:55.650

Carrie Hutchinson: me something i'm not.



00:52:56.280 --> 00:52:59.520

Hong Lieu: i'm not i'm giving you credit for what you want that's what I that's where i'm.



00:52:59.520 --> 00:52:59.790

Hong Lieu: At.



00:52:59.880 --> 00:53:04.500

Hong Lieu: You like I don't I don't make someone what they're not I give them more credit than I shoot for what they are right so.



00:53:08.670 --> 00:53:13.350

Hong Lieu: Alright, so i'll i'll go next because i'll go next is my PIC actually.



00:53:14.100 --> 00:53:22.080

Hong Lieu: fits us a little bit I was thinking about like kind of childhood memories and one of the more profound foods in my life growing up was actually chili Fries.



00:53:22.410 --> 00:53:30.000

Hong Lieu: I worked at wiener schnitzel full disclosure high school for a little while, but my primary avenue was the kind of the corner good burger joints the head.



00:53:30.510 --> 00:53:36.120

Hong Lieu: burgers Fries onion rings soda like you know you hang out with friends that's where you go get you know burger chili Fries.



00:53:36.660 --> 00:53:43.800

Hong Lieu: And in La we had a bunch of spots, we had you know in my side side of La we had a hat, you know famous or chili Fries tops pasadena.



00:53:44.190 --> 00:53:50.520

Hong Lieu: I mean there's there's a few places Tom was saying about this, the other day, because he grew up near where I did, and we were just talking about how much chili Fries mentor.



00:53:51.630 --> 00:53:57.630

Hong Lieu: I mean we just literally rise with the worst of the, but they were still good, but you know Santa Barbara just don't have that same kind of.



00:53:58.200 --> 00:54:01.440

Hong Lieu: They have great burgers in Santa Barbara I mean the habit is one of the greatest.



00:54:01.920 --> 00:54:10.560

Hong Lieu: brought by my pick for best fast food burger even over in and out, I would say, because I do love shredded lettuce but in terms of the hat doesn't actually Fries I mean a lot of the burger joints don't don't actually Fries.



00:54:11.040 --> 00:54:15.630

Hong Lieu: But dave's dogs and turfs has to the Fries interestingly enough, and then.



00:54:17.400 --> 00:54:31.110

Hong Lieu: there's a couple other places, but i'll from for me it I guess dave's dogs and giraffes David actually would do chili cheese talks as well, which is nice but I mean it doesn't hit the same, but when I have that craving it's a close I guess so that's really you know.



00:54:31.650 --> 00:54:33.570

Akil Hill: The potential growth down here and carp.



00:54:33.780 --> 00:54:35.220

Akil Hill: Oh yeah that's.



00:54:35.310 --> 00:54:37.140

Hong Lieu: yeah yeah pretty good too.



00:54:37.800 --> 00:54:41.850

Carrie Hutchinson: I love that sound like options that are going to take too much time as or any of these available at the drive through.



00:54:42.540 --> 00:54:44.160

Hong Lieu: Yes, yeah well.



00:54:44.520 --> 00:54:55.440

Hong Lieu: God in town here, no, but if you go to La like yeah the most of the hood burger joints will have a drive through as well, I mean it's one of those drive to is where it's like old school drive to where it's just like if you're walking up to the counter to order so now you've saved anytime.



00:54:55.650 --> 00:54:58.050

Hong Lieu: You just in a car waiting for your food.



00:54:58.260 --> 00:55:02.460

Hong Lieu: Or the posting at the counter waiting for your food, you know, but still yeah absolutely.



00:55:03.090 --> 00:55:10.830

Akil Hill: One thing I want you to try on if you go to if you go there is, they also do this is the only place i've ever seen it done, but they do.



00:55:11.940 --> 00:55:16.200

Akil Hill: clam chowder Fries so basically they take their club charters and they put it over the Fries.



00:55:16.530 --> 00:55:20.160

Akil Hill: Oh it's really good with Tabasco and all that so.



00:55:20.160 --> 00:55:27.330

Hong Lieu: yeah i'd be down with that because yeah even out in and out has animal style Fries i'm like Oh, this is just a poor pale imitation of chili Fries.



00:55:27.540 --> 00:55:28.470

Hong Lieu: And then he didn't i'm like.



00:55:28.710 --> 00:55:32.580

Hong Lieu: there's something about this that I just can't stop eating it and I feel like clam chowder Fries be similar.



00:55:32.790 --> 00:55:34.860

Hong Lieu: yeah i'd be able to get down with those.



00:55:34.860 --> 00:55:35.820




00:55:37.140 --> 00:55:45.660

Hong Lieu: yeah so yeah i'll put some links in the show notes and yeah it's it's it's like chili Fries is just one of those things so like yeah I didn't eat a lot of it at home, because my mom.



00:55:46.050 --> 00:55:57.210

Hong Lieu: had no concept of the of the, but when I would go out with friends that would be like the number one and those kind of comfort foods, just like cheese and crackers just like you know, ideally, whatever hits it you got it yet embrace.



00:55:58.980 --> 00:56:03.180

Akil Hill: All right, well i'll go I got two quick PICs or so and i'll be short, so we can talk.



00:56:04.380 --> 00:56:05.130

Akil Hill: Music, but.



00:56:07.050 --> 00:56:18.210

Akil Hill: One is there's a new spot and Hong and I talked about this in oxnard it's called crumble cookie that just to open up it's kind of basically down by nordstrom rack and oxnard.



00:56:19.860 --> 00:56:29.280

Akil Hill: And the cookies are absolutely amazing just to kind of more like gourmet cookies were so they have their menu kind of changes weekly.



00:56:30.300 --> 00:56:40.050

Akil Hill: If you're into hot fresh baked cookies that are like almost like a donut and in size you definitely have to go there.



00:56:41.370 --> 00:56:51.270

Akil Hill: And just the whole it's a whole vibe so when you walk in and everything, like the way that they you know the kitchen set up it's an experience and so.



00:56:53.280 --> 00:56:57.180

Akil Hill: super great cookies I won't be longer than that check it out, I know we got a lot of.



00:56:58.380 --> 00:57:05.070

Akil Hill: Co workers that live down in the Vinci rocks not areas so that's an easy drive over so treat yourself and then.



00:57:05.670 --> 00:57:12.060

Akil Hill: Lastly, how can I yesterday when we had lunch We walked over to sweets ice cream parlor on the Mesa.



00:57:12.750 --> 00:57:27.960

Akil Hill: So the reason why i'm throwing them some love one is because their local into it's right by right by campus so if you're ever feeling an ice cream urge while you're at work right up there, they use mcconnell's ice cream right hungry you're saying.



00:57:29.400 --> 00:57:30.600

Akil Hill: I got the Earl grey.



00:57:31.710 --> 00:57:44.550

Akil Hill: shortbread right Earl grey and cookies I think that's what it is that's one of my favorites So those are the two my two picks for the week you got one in Vitoria area oxnard area, a one right up on the Mesa so.



00:57:45.510 --> 00:57:55.230

Carrie Hutchinson: That is such good information if i'm so appreciative that you share that with me because, as you know, I wouldn't have gotten that knowledge on my own and so here, I have all this information to bring back to my family of foodies and.



00:57:56.760 --> 00:58:04.140

Akil Hill: Around town have some good food, we had the cookies the girls are going to love them if you take a minute it's like you're gonna be like what is this.



00:58:04.500 --> 00:58:05.640

Carrie Hutchinson: We got through there all the time.



00:58:05.700 --> 00:58:07.080

Akil Hill: That I know you do from traveling.



00:58:09.240 --> 00:58:11.100

Carrie Hutchinson: So we will check that out for sure.



00:58:11.100 --> 00:58:13.050

Carrie Hutchinson: Absolutely, today, we might check out the one on the Mesa.



00:58:13.200 --> 00:58:14.640

Akil Hill: So thanks yeah mm hmm.



00:58:15.690 --> 00:58:22.320

Hong Lieu: All right, here we go higher learning time we're segue into higher learning culture piece so carrie I think I know we're talking about but.



00:58:22.770 --> 00:58:24.330

Hong Lieu: yeah he's a culture, you know.



00:58:25.560 --> 00:58:26.610

Hong Lieu: yeah.



00:58:27.030 --> 00:58:31.470

Carrie Hutchinson: Well before I logged on today, I was actually making little playlist for both of you that i'll share later.



00:58:31.890 --> 00:58:42.510

Carrie Hutchinson: Because I feel like there's just no way to fully talk about music without kind of sharing I love sharing things you know the pop culture stuff that I consume I love sharing it so you know we're.



00:58:43.320 --> 00:58:45.180

Hong Lieu: Talking about it's important I feel like that's very.



00:58:45.810 --> 00:58:46.380

Hong Lieu: Very important.



00:58:46.710 --> 00:58:56.220

Carrie Hutchinson: it's so important, I find like podcasts or place where I just consume not you know learning a constantly like it kills me to do a lot of traveling so when i'm in the car just anytime.



00:58:56.640 --> 00:59:06.480

Carrie Hutchinson: I listened to the podcast so i've got if you go to listen notes and you search me at CC hatch you can see, like giant collection of all my different their collection, so I take podcast on different themes and I put them together and shareable.



00:59:07.050 --> 00:59:18.000

Carrie Hutchinson: playlist for folks and I access those all the time I love those and then with music playlist sharing with friends, is something I really like to do it's the modern version of the mixtape, so I would, if we were back in the 80s, I would image all mixtape.



00:59:19.320 --> 00:59:21.510

Carrie Hutchinson: That today image a playlist so much about later.



00:59:22.290 --> 00:59:30.840

Carrie Hutchinson: So yeah what do I, like what's on there, well, I guess we'll have to we'll have to wait and see it's funny so you know I know we're going to talk about the fact that I play music and 80s band but 80s music is not my.



00:59:31.110 --> 00:59:39.630

Carrie Hutchinson: genre of choice, so I played 80s, music, because people love it they love dancing to it, everybody knows the lyrics it brings a lot of joy it's super fun.



00:59:39.930 --> 00:59:48.780

Carrie Hutchinson: I got to where if i'm things um and that's pretty much why I do it for the fun of it but it's really not my it's not like people so like what's your favorite song i'm like oh my gosh i'm so sick of all of them.



00:59:50.820 --> 00:59:53.220

Carrie Hutchinson: You know, in my house I would never have that on.



00:59:54.630 --> 00:59:58.470

Carrie Hutchinson: Unless i'm learning lyrics which i'm doing a lot of the times, which is kind of funny too because.



00:59:58.650 --> 01:00:02.850

Carrie Hutchinson: Both my daughters they know a lot more about music than any person shed their age, they know all the lyrics because.



01:00:02.850 --> 01:00:06.390

Hong Lieu: i'm at still carries when you play live because.



01:00:06.690 --> 01:00:15.180

Hong Lieu: it's I I love the 80s, because I, it was it was forced on me, you know, like it was like I had K rock flashback lunch, and you know, the new wave of all that post punk stuff was still.



01:00:15.180 --> 01:00:18.450

Hong Lieu: Huge but now they play at some key on care.



01:00:18.570 --> 01:00:22.650

Carrie Hutchinson: The oldies station la right now the call yes please now yeah so.



01:00:22.980 --> 01:00:23.580

Hong Lieu: So and it's.



01:00:23.730 --> 01:00:35.520

Carrie Hutchinson: still carry this I mean oh my gosh people people love it so we had it we just did some of this stuff into your fundraiser so we do stuff just for for playing music out my bound by the way, it's called joysticks 80s cover band.



01:00:36.090 --> 01:00:44.820

Carrie Hutchinson: You can find us on all the socials but we just did a fundraiser for the westside clinics, it was out at the courtyard behind the draftsman on state street.



01:00:45.480 --> 01:00:56.580

Carrie Hutchinson: And so, in collaboration with darla be who's a local DJ and the draftsman, we did a fundraiser for westside clinic and and we raised 1700 dollars, there was a few hundred people.



01:00:57.930 --> 01:01:08.880

Carrie Hutchinson: All coming out to listen to music and and raise some money drink some good beer and people really do come out they let even we have we have kind of a following and we don't play, all the same things we have new songs that every time we gig but.



01:01:09.600 --> 01:01:13.590

Carrie Hutchinson: You know 80s music is it's all the same there's not going to be in a new way the songs.



01:01:14.340 --> 01:01:15.000

Akil Hill: Coming out.



01:01:15.420 --> 01:01:24.450

Carrie Hutchinson: And so people still love to hear it, and they loved it it's just it's a stall jackets papi it's fun, most people know if you shop at trader joe's you know all the lyrics because.



01:01:25.410 --> 01:01:37.980

Carrie Hutchinson: wearing it everywhere and so it's just yeah it's it's still has a big big draw and even some of the younger folks are getting getting more into it now, so I say the younger folks but you know our demographic is people like us and.



01:01:39.090 --> 01:01:51.450

Carrie Hutchinson: come out just have a really good time and take a load off, you know in this in this world, so my one of my favorite quotes are you so my my my philosophy really that I try to live by is.



01:01:51.960 --> 01:01:53.430

fueled by rage.



01:01:54.450 --> 01:01:55.080

Carrie Hutchinson: joy.



01:01:55.140 --> 01:02:02.700

Carrie Hutchinson: Right fueled by rage his name by July, so you know, I have a lot of cold anger, a lot of underlying current of rage, like most people.



01:02:02.970 --> 01:02:14.460

Carrie Hutchinson: And I find that we can work on that all day long, and then we got to go take a load off and rock out at night and bring some joy that's what I tried to do I kill just flashed, this is the podcast that people can't see it, but he just flashed our business card there which.



01:02:15.450 --> 01:02:16.050

Akil Hill: Is Nice.



01:02:16.590 --> 01:02:27.240

Carrie Hutchinson: yeah it looks like an 80s video game, and then on the back, we have all the characters in our band, which are kind of look like PAC man for PAC man, and of course PAC PAC man or.



01:02:28.740 --> 01:02:29.160

Carrie Hutchinson: woman.



01:02:32.430 --> 01:02:33.060

Carrie Hutchinson: Man that's me.



01:02:35.310 --> 01:02:39.630

Hong Lieu: So is it just is it kind of do you'd hit all those kinds of genres that because that.



01:02:39.900 --> 01:02:49.380

Hong Lieu: To me, is really the first kind of big boom of independent music, because you know the punk punk broken 77 so 80s was kind of the first kind of college rock bubbling up so you have the you know, the new wave post punk.



01:02:49.800 --> 01:03:00.660

Hong Lieu: You have the yacht rock as it as it is called, and you have the 80s pop and then you have like hardcore punk and like you know the 80s independent music so, is it is it really just kind of like new age stuff or is it.



01:03:01.200 --> 01:03:02.670

Hong Lieu: Well, it once again.



01:03:02.910 --> 01:03:05.970

Carrie Hutchinson: it's funny you should ask are either view in bands, who play music by chance.



01:03:06.450 --> 01:03:17.970

Carrie Hutchinson: No okay so band practice is a fun and interesting experience and a lot of what we do and band practice, but you try try to do about once a week but typically only get to it every couple weeks, but i'm.



01:03:18.660 --> 01:03:22.470

Carrie Hutchinson: At band practice we talked We talked a lot about the philosophy that you just.



01:03:22.890 --> 01:03:32.130

Carrie Hutchinson: summarize there, which is who are you know what kind of 80s, music, do we want to play, and so we have different criteria that we use we try, we like to play Besides, we like to play stuff that is.



01:03:32.760 --> 01:03:38.610

Carrie Hutchinson: surprises people a little bit so it's it's familiar but it's not the most familiar top 40 song and.



01:03:39.030 --> 01:03:46.890

Carrie Hutchinson: You know stuff the stuff that will surprise people a little bit, but still sounds good, we like to play stuff that's pretty up tempo so we keep people happy and dancing, but we have some.



01:03:47.400 --> 01:03:56.370

Carrie Hutchinson: Some slower tempo songs that we throw in there, like my singing voices carry and a couple other it's my wife and a couple other sort of slow or ones.



01:03:56.910 --> 01:04:03.870

Carrie Hutchinson: And then we try not to do all the songs that other 80s cover bands, do you know just keep it kind of different I have our own identity, a little bit.



01:04:04.860 --> 01:04:09.570

Carrie Hutchinson: So we're not above one hit wonders we're not we're not above anything really it's all fine, but we try to.



01:04:09.990 --> 01:04:17.520

Carrie Hutchinson: We do try to be selective about that the song choices and I have a set list I was like I know they're gonna ask me, it sounds like a plan, I never gonna i'm not I don't remember when i'm out.



01:04:17.580 --> 01:04:30.150

Hong Lieu: Oh, that those two are dust that's all I need to hear so Tuesday voices carry that's classic and yeah it's my life is already covered, you know no doubt that the cover so you said you don't he was exact your primary primary listening what what what's your go to what do you got.



01:04:30.930 --> 01:04:40.680

Carrie Hutchinson: I mean a lot of things so it's eclectic as I think anybody would say my my my preferences with music, it depends on what i'm doing that I want the background music too so.



01:04:41.370 --> 01:04:43.530

Carrie Hutchinson: i'm really into because i'm doing a lot of working and.



01:04:44.040 --> 01:05:00.090

Carrie Hutchinson: My kids were doing a lot of working studying at home there for time we like lo fi and you know some stuff some background music I used to be super into trip hop that's kind of that was one of my favorite sort of genres or era's with like portishead and massive attack and.



01:05:00.360 --> 01:05:01.470

Hong Lieu: Like mob wives.



01:05:02.850 --> 01:05:03.300

Carrie Hutchinson: yeah.



01:05:04.410 --> 01:05:07.470

Carrie Hutchinson: yeah I love that stuff um but you know that gets all because it's little dark and.



01:05:09.210 --> 01:05:19.650

Carrie Hutchinson: I like to listen to these remixes so one of my favorite things now is like the worst question, you can ask anybody in the modern day is like what's your favorite album because we don't really do albums anymore, you know, so I guess that's just as.



01:05:19.740 --> 01:05:22.470

Hong Lieu: Well, I mean they've expanded that I you like you're a top 10.



01:05:22.590 --> 01:05:23.940

Hong Lieu: or it's like a top 50 because I.



01:05:23.940 --> 01:05:27.960

Hong Lieu: just want album is a possible so you get like a top five top to you know Italy.



01:05:28.020 --> 01:05:33.690

Carrie Hutchinson: that's not even how we listen to music right, so my it's more like what's your favorite song to punch into Pandora and then go down a rabbit hole.



01:05:34.440 --> 01:05:42.030

Carrie Hutchinson: Different songs that are suggested to you that you never would have picked yourself, but you end up really liking like that's a good that's the way that's the question I think so, for me, i'll you know.



01:05:42.510 --> 01:05:49.440

Carrie Hutchinson: i'll pop in something into Pandora and then, just like let them take me on a musical adventure which I, I really quite enjoy but yeah stuff stuff that's.



01:05:50.610 --> 01:05:59.400

Carrie Hutchinson: Not lyrical that's really good backdrop music for studying and working I always like that, but i'm into some of the old the classics like Nina simone's always been a huge favorite.



01:05:59.790 --> 01:06:07.680

Carrie Hutchinson: And to kind of modernize a little bit i'm enjoying what people are doing with remixes so in your little playlist i'll share with you there's some cool Nina Simone remixes.



01:06:08.010 --> 01:06:22.740

Carrie Hutchinson: Where DJ is and and artists who are more modern day are doing cool things with her music that make it really, really pop so not that it wasn't good enough originally but you know music is all about, creativity and I love, people are doing with other people's music.



01:06:23.820 --> 01:06:25.950

Carrie Hutchinson: Which is why i'm in a cover band.



01:06:28.200 --> 01:06:31.590

Hong Lieu: And you mentioned key tar, as we, as we were playing the show.



01:06:31.620 --> 01:06:39.720

Hong Lieu: yeah if the guitar is you know it's it's a synthesizer but, if so, for folks that aren't as familiar with the guitar versus a Center you know, etc, etc.



01:06:40.050 --> 01:06:52.410

Hong Lieu: Is there a song that you recommend them to like is it like a herbie hancock or depot or is there anything that you would point to that would really kind of illuminate folks on the like the the the breadth depth and breadth of the guitar and in a couple songs.



01:06:52.950 --> 01:06:58.320

Carrie Hutchinson: What a great question because it allows me to tell folks that the guitar is so much more about a parent's than it is about sound.



01:06:59.340 --> 01:07:10.200

Carrie Hutchinson: Really, so the key char basically just does anything that a standing keyboard can do it's just that you're wearing it and you're playing it, I mean it's what s us piano players us who always wanted to be guitarists right so.



01:07:10.230 --> 01:07:15.870

Carrie Hutchinson: that's why I I treat it like it's a guitar I play it like it's a guitar and.



01:07:16.860 --> 01:07:17.550

Akil Hill: piano the.



01:07:17.940 --> 01:07:18.270




01:07:20.190 --> 01:07:20.730

Akil Hill: keys.



01:07:21.060 --> 01:07:23.490

Hong Lieu: You can you can riff on it like but yeah.



01:07:24.180 --> 01:07:24.840

Hong Lieu: But it's like.



01:07:25.800 --> 01:07:31.890

Carrie Hutchinson: it's like you couldn't really look up key to our songs because you can play any song and my teacher said, the best thing to do to get familiar with the instrument is to Google.



01:07:33.120 --> 01:07:43.680

Carrie Hutchinson: images and you know Prince Prince rock or lady gaga is got a killer guitar and she's is the one that I use actually more she has many I have many to I.



01:07:48.810 --> 01:07:51.570

Carrie Hutchinson: yeah it's really just it's it's a vehicle.



01:07:52.680 --> 01:08:05.430

Carrie Hutchinson: For the piano instrument and I typically do I typically play parts that would be typical of a piano but also because we're really creative in our family like to mix things up, we even have our our Members rotating playing different instruments and.



01:08:06.240 --> 01:08:14.250

Carrie Hutchinson: So i'll play like guitar solos on the guitar i'll do parts that are not typically a standard keyboard or piano part and i'll fill in.



01:08:14.820 --> 01:08:21.660

Carrie Hutchinson: With all the different sounds, but the cool thing about a synthesizer which everybody knows who's from our era is it can do things other than piano sounds right so.



01:08:22.140 --> 01:08:35.010

Carrie Hutchinson: I can do seagulls and I can do like we play blondie hanging on the telephone and i've got a cool old school telephone and sound that way that I play on the keys are before it starts, so it just helps it be creative and fun and people tend to like it and it looks good I mean.



01:08:35.190 --> 01:08:37.710

Carrie Hutchinson: The fake mine is big instrument looks like oh.



01:08:38.250 --> 01:08:45.780

Hong Lieu: And the fact that you seeing I mean when you have a sizer on a stand, you know are playing playing with see I mean with the guitar makes it easy for you to sing I read as well.



01:08:46.110 --> 01:09:01.080

Carrie Hutchinson: yeah it's awesome and we have some cool wireless equipment that allows me to run out with it, and you know play amongst the audience and do different things so depending on where we're playing that that can be more or less dangerous, but it is fun, it makes it really fun.



01:09:02.190 --> 01:09:12.240

Akil Hill: You have any song that you like you just you like you cringe every time people want it, but it's always asked for my gosh yes, of course.



01:09:12.300 --> 01:09:12.690




01:09:15.120 --> 01:09:30.960

Carrie Hutchinson: What do I want to now it's not coming to me, even though they're constantly shouting so here here's the the typical thing to have these people typically shout out to us and classic rock 70 songs do you want us to play and we've just now played three hours of fully 80s.



01:09:30.960 --> 01:09:31.440




01:09:32.670 --> 01:09:41.040

Carrie Hutchinson: shouting free bird okay free bird is the one right there shouting free bird data so we're like oh man you haven't figured out by now we're not playing that song.



01:09:42.810 --> 01:09:44.280

Akil Hill: there's a lot of alcohol.



01:09:45.030 --> 01:09:45.360

Hong Lieu: Maybe.



01:09:45.450 --> 01:09:46.980

Akil Hill: That maybe the alcohol it's because.



01:09:48.030 --> 01:10:01.740

Carrie Hutchinson: it's it's true and, on the one hand i'm grateful because I crowd with beers in their hands are a lot more fun than a crowd without them, but on the other hand, yeah by the end of the night, people are pretty pretty vocal about the things they want to hear and a.



01:10:01.740 --> 01:10:05.160

Carrie Hutchinson: lot of times we can meet their needs and other times we roll our eyes and.



01:10:05.160 --> 01:10:09.180

Carrie Hutchinson: Say that dad is playing over at whatever cold spring tavern.



01:10:12.180 --> 01:10:12.480

Akil Hill: yeah.



01:10:14.130 --> 01:10:21.360

Carrie Hutchinson: Oh yeah but it's good fun, I mean if you haven't come out, I hope you cannot hate city college people come out all the time we've got to have a couple of ruby's on campus.



01:10:22.620 --> 01:10:27.300

Carrie Hutchinson: shout out to Rachel Rachel Jonathan always comes out soon as I saw Z one of our shows.



01:10:28.800 --> 01:10:36.180

Carrie Hutchinson: gosh trying to think of who else I actually have a few colleagues on campus who i've been in bands with before Doug folsom over in physics, as a former bandmates.



01:10:37.080 --> 01:10:46.890

Carrie Hutchinson: and Marco bro I didn't play music, with him, but he's a musician so we've got a lot of creatives on campus and we have that shared commonality of loving music hey and hung we talked about this before, but.



01:10:47.520 --> 01:10:51.570

Carrie Hutchinson: I was, I was asked our band was asked to play it in service, and we really wanted to.



01:10:51.900 --> 01:11:00.840

Carrie Hutchinson: But it was a daytime gig and we typically don't do that because we all have day jobs and real jobs and only do music in the evenings, but we would love to do some kind of fundraiser some kind of thing.



01:11:01.200 --> 01:11:07.650

Carrie Hutchinson: And we do stuff to raise funds all the time, so we would love to do an evening events for city college where colleagues can come out.



01:11:07.920 --> 01:11:19.170

Carrie Hutchinson: Being community with each other, shared our common love of 80s, music, or at least live music and yeah get to know that aspect of each other, I played in bands at a couple city college things just small Trios and stuff.



01:11:19.590 --> 01:11:30.600

Carrie Hutchinson: And one of them with a academic senate party years and years ago and I was playing with a small group of people, and I gotta tell you looking out and seeing my colleagues people from different departments.



01:11:30.960 --> 01:11:35.100

Carrie Hutchinson: and staff faculty and seeing them just rocking out is so fun.



01:11:35.790 --> 01:11:43.560

Carrie Hutchinson: And and really opens up our minds about our various personalities and our common interests and just really developed a sense of community so.



01:11:43.860 --> 01:11:54.090

Carrie Hutchinson: I would kill and I have talked about this movement we're calling hashtag bring back the fun and radical and that's where we're going i'm going to campus fun again, so we can draw more people and.



01:11:54.450 --> 01:11:54.990

Akil Hill: bring your.



01:11:55.020 --> 01:11:55.620

Carrie Hutchinson: face to face.



01:11:55.980 --> 01:12:08.010

Carrie Hutchinson: Maybe it can be part of the bring back the fund campaign to have some live music and an event, where people are kind of Latin listen showing a different side of themselves taking off their scholarly identities and kind of rocking out yeah that's what I like to do yeah.



01:12:08.070 --> 01:12:09.900

Akil Hill: Hong will be in the dunk tank will put all.



01:12:10.560 --> 01:12:15.030

Hong Lieu: day and I got it I got the pH also at the back line they'll happily hit over to the dunk tank yeah.



01:12:15.930 --> 01:12:17.280

Carrie Hutchinson: You know, though I have to say, though.



01:12:17.670 --> 01:12:22.290

Carrie Hutchinson: you're not a perfect dunk tank candidate because you're too likable.



01:12:24.360 --> 01:12:28.290

Carrie Hutchinson: person for the dunk tank is someone that hasn't been grievances.



01:12:29.790 --> 01:12:39.840

Carrie Hutchinson: We got some grievances against or at least somebody in a position of such enormous power that we would love nothing more than to like just dunk them are there a pie in their face or you know.



01:12:42.150 --> 01:12:43.590

Carrie Hutchinson: it's getting dark but i'm not saying anything.



01:12:44.580 --> 01:12:51.600

Hong Lieu: So in the in terms of the best way to keep keep track of where where you're playing, is it uses social media, or is there a do you have a bad website where it's just a.



01:12:51.840 --> 01:12:55.980

Carrie Hutchinson: website, but I don't know if people are still using stuff like that, I think.



01:12:56.160 --> 01:13:06.270

Carrie Hutchinson: Facebook and instagram so it's joysticks it spelled J a y si ti X, so you can look up joysticks it'll identify that we're in Santa Barbara check us out and come out and say.



01:13:07.530 --> 01:13:08.370

Akil Hill: I love the name.



01:13:08.850 --> 01:13:10.140

Carrie Hutchinson: yeah that is fun.



01:13:12.090 --> 01:13:20.730

Carrie Hutchinson: At the at the start, and it really kind of got at the heart of what it is we're doing we're bringing the joy were fueled by rage sustain my joy and that's what we're doing out there having a good time.



01:13:21.210 --> 01:13:25.410

Carrie Hutchinson: yeah thanks everybody come out and say hi to me when you do in case I know lots of people.



01:13:25.980 --> 01:13:35.880

Hong Lieu: Like like I said that yeah ladies have a special place in my heart and most folks grew up in East la you know the Holy Trinity is the cure depeche mode and Smith, so the 80s are enshrined in.



01:13:36.930 --> 01:13:42.660

Hong Lieu: The coming of age in that area, so absolutely I will try to check out because I gotta get my son on that too, yes.



01:13:43.260 --> 01:13:52.200

Akil Hill: i'm more like the gutter his 80s man i'm like like those three bands are pretty pretty they're legends in their own right i'm more like Rupert Holmes.



01:13:52.200 --> 01:13:55.980

Akil Hill: And one of my favorite songs is the answering machine.



01:13:56.580 --> 01:13:58.110

Akil Hill: Oh yes, heard of that one oh my.



01:13:59.880 --> 01:14:00.720

Akil Hill: God I.



01:14:02.280 --> 01:14:03.300

Akil Hill: will put in the show notes.



01:14:04.530 --> 01:14:15.330

Akil Hill: The song is so bad that is actually good like you know how like sometimes you'll see people you like cats a person's off be but it's there so offbeat that it's like oh okay their army.



01:14:15.990 --> 01:14:23.070

Akil Hill: it's like little mind trick that's how the song is you'll see it's so bad that you after a while you'd be like oh this actually kind of good it's a.



01:14:23.460 --> 01:14:27.240

Carrie Hutchinson: way to hear it and I can't wait to use that excuse the next time I screw up a song.



01:14:30.900 --> 01:14:32.940

Akil Hill: Oh yes, exactly yeah.



01:14:32.970 --> 01:14:38.460

Hong Lieu: Because yeah this this their depth and breadth in terms of the music, it is, it is an ocean or a lake or.



01:14:39.480 --> 01:14:41.520

Carrie Hutchinson: an ocean, to bring it back to yacht rock it isn't.



01:14:43.230 --> 01:14:43.770

Hong Lieu: yeah.



01:14:45.090 --> 01:14:45.750

Hong Lieu: Absolutely.



01:14:46.050 --> 01:14:48.270

Carrie Hutchinson: Because everything comes back to yacht rock really don't you think.



01:14:48.720 --> 01:14:49.410

Of course.



01:14:50.730 --> 01:14:52.320

Hong Lieu: I mean yeah internally in terms of.



01:14:52.320 --> 01:14:53.430

Akil Hill: alpha and omega.



01:14:53.670 --> 01:15:03.360

Hong Lieu: K capitalism capitalism is is the is the way of the world, nowadays, so in terms of yeah you will folks aspire to Wilson to do we brothers on it yeah that's that's.



01:15:08.460 --> 01:15:10.500

Hong Lieu: All right, akil you want to go you want me to go.



01:15:10.920 --> 01:15:12.960

Akil Hill: Or you can go i'm good I yeah.



01:15:13.350 --> 01:15:14.850

Hong Lieu: I got a quick on this week.



01:15:16.260 --> 01:15:24.360

Hong Lieu: there's a show it's on netflix but it's I think it's on history channel called alone it's a reality show where folks trying to survive on an island, I mean it's it's just I.



01:15:25.290 --> 01:15:32.460

Hong Lieu: i've always thought I was a survivalist and I would I be able to kind of sit around, but now watch the show I realized no there's no there's no way I always think of there's a.



01:15:32.850 --> 01:15:39.420

Hong Lieu: tablet quality line we were survivalist turn to consumers, you know, like i'm like oh yeah I got this IV total survival that'd be fine.



01:15:39.960 --> 01:15:44.850

Hong Lieu: watching these folks at the premise of basically it's like survivor but actually what survivor really would be.



01:15:45.210 --> 01:15:51.510

Hong Lieu: In but they're they're forced to you know they put them on an island alone, you see how long they go and the last person that that stays wins 500 grand.



01:15:51.840 --> 01:16:01.170

Hong Lieu: So it's simple premise, we can bring 10 things with them, and so they bring like bows and arrows and stuff or housing or stuff to start a fire and they just out there living and it's tough, I mean.



01:16:02.220 --> 01:16:07.080

Hong Lieu: folks are you know a lot of folks quit just because they want to see their families, again, which is you know when you're alone.



01:16:07.380 --> 01:16:11.850

Hong Lieu: that's that's social aspect is important, but a lot of us really do like you weren't able to find food.



01:16:12.240 --> 01:16:16.920

Hong Lieu: They can you know they they can tap out or yeah they push a button the purchase come and pick him up so but it's a cool premise.



01:16:17.160 --> 01:16:24.990

Hong Lieu: And it's kind of a cool show because it just does give me like doesn't make me want to go camping like not on that level, but like just to just to be out there in nature, because.



01:16:25.320 --> 01:16:36.720

Hong Lieu: It is it is pretty profound some things that they that being alone kind of sparks in them, but it's a it's a cool show so it's on netflix but it's I think new episodes are on the history channel but i'll put a link in the show notes.



01:16:37.140 --> 01:16:39.150

Carrie Hutchinson: Do they let them bring one item because.



01:16:39.210 --> 01:16:40.860

Hong Lieu: I can bring my tent they bring like 10 items.



01:16:40.890 --> 01:16:52.110

Hong Lieu: So Okay, so they can be like a firestarter bow and arrow it's like a hacksaw because a lot of them are like building shelters, so they have to like like literally cut logs and it's not just things stuff so.



01:16:52.530 --> 01:16:53.340

Carrie Hutchinson: What would you bring.



01:16:53.370 --> 01:16:55.770

Carrie Hutchinson: I want to know what would be let's say we're one item.



01:16:55.980 --> 01:17:02.040

Hong Lieu: Well, I see i'm not talking about bringing a bow and arrow because I don't I don't have that kind of skill, so I would definitely bring like a hacksaw.



01:17:02.280 --> 01:17:13.500

Hong Lieu: I would bring something to start a fire like a flint you know, like a magnesium bar or somebody start fires and then yeah tarp I bring a tarp as well, because it because the weather does does start to play and water resistance would be key.



01:17:15.030 --> 01:17:17.220

Hong Lieu: I would bring food, but they don't worry because yeah.



01:17:17.280 --> 01:17:19.620

Carrie Hutchinson: I was gonna say cheese and crackers.



01:17:23.250 --> 01:17:24.030

Carrie Hutchinson: I would last.



01:17:25.200 --> 01:17:31.320

Hong Lieu: me they're like forging for for mushrooms, and he buries itself and i'm like oh man see I wouldn't I wouldn't make it too long, but.



01:17:31.920 --> 01:17:41.760

Hong Lieu: I guess, I have an le at some of the folks can go they some of the winners have gone over 100 days just alone in the wild like bears all like, and they do give them bear spray so like they do have like stuff.



01:17:41.760 --> 01:17:41.970

Hong Lieu: To.



01:17:42.000 --> 01:17:42.450

Fight again.



01:17:43.470 --> 01:17:45.000

Hong Lieu: Because of the bears come by they have.



01:17:45.240 --> 01:17:54.240

Hong Lieu: You can spray them with the best way to get really close or they give them like some like like flair ric flair POPs like noisemakers started scanning away because yeah the animal start rolling to because.



01:17:54.450 --> 01:18:07.470

Hong Lieu: They see a human the humans like getting food if they catch fish or something so yeah there's different on the campsite I guess it's a cool show oh yeah for sure yeah I mean it does make me think like the survivalist I thought I was like yeah not really about that, but.



01:18:07.680 --> 01:18:19.050

Carrie Hutchinson: it's also finding commentary on our culture right that we, we need to, we need to watch people still electively and on purpose, putting themselves in situations like this.



01:18:19.260 --> 01:18:20.670

Hong Lieu: It yeah to to to.



01:18:21.330 --> 01:18:35.610

Hong Lieu: To quote I live, when he was in black star most def be chasing after death just to call us those brave stable I mental slaves, you know, like so those things were like, why do you do this, but at the same time, like I i'm kind of interested like I am watching as well, so.



01:18:36.090 --> 01:18:52.140

Akil Hill: Last night last night roxanne was watching one of those same shows, I like I came in and i'm like what is this, and it seems like it's I forget the name of the show, but basically these guys only the whole premise of the show is to be bitten or stung.



01:18:52.770 --> 01:18:54.210

Akil Hill: By a crazy animal.



01:18:54.240 --> 01:18:56.580

Akil Hill: Like last last night, they were doing the electric eel.



01:18:57.240 --> 01:18:57.900

Akil Hill: So it was it.



01:18:58.170 --> 01:19:03.360

Akil Hill: They had in the tank they looked him up to the ekg and they would just touch it.



01:19:05.310 --> 01:19:05.760

Akil Hill: So the whole.



01:19:07.350 --> 01:19:09.810

Akil Hill: song like yeah yeah.



01:19:09.840 --> 01:19:12.060

Hong Lieu: yeah but you better, let me know the names I can put in the show notes.



01:19:12.060 --> 01:19:13.860

Hong Lieu: college, she said, I am interested.



01:19:14.400 --> 01:19:23.940

Carrie Hutchinson: Oh, I didn't know we were going to talk about or actually I didn't know but I didn't answer the question about films or movies, and I feel like I need to balance out the potential gender bias here if you don't mind because.



01:19:25.560 --> 01:19:26.790

Carrie Hutchinson: Bible says hey.



01:19:26.970 --> 01:19:27.900

Carrie Hutchinson: I don't want a stereotype.



01:19:29.940 --> 01:19:36.540

Carrie Hutchinson: Nothing there's nothing appealing to me about a survival show or sure people bitten or stung or where they fight each other so.



01:19:37.530 --> 01:19:40.260

Carrie Hutchinson: I want to tell you about advising recently the other night.



01:19:40.530 --> 01:19:50.730

Carrie Hutchinson: In the context of cultural current events reversing row is an incredible documentary on netflix and another one called the James, which is a.



01:19:50.730 --> 01:19:52.290

Hong Lieu: Real the James was excellent.



01:19:52.680 --> 01:19:58.470

Carrie Hutchinson: An HBO yeah James is just a credible and in terms of like.



01:19:58.830 --> 01:20:13.290

Carrie Hutchinson: So and change agents and how to be a change agent at the agent at the level where you where you can and the circles of influence, you have the genes of such an inspirational one for for young people to watch about them things that can be done despite.



01:20:13.770 --> 01:20:22.320

Carrie Hutchinson: sort of oppressive forces in our culture, so yeah incredible those are good if you want to put those in the show notes to balance out so that we have a representative collection of things for folks to consume.



01:20:22.950 --> 01:20:25.140

Hong Lieu: Definitely, and then the James was excellent, because I.



01:20:25.530 --> 01:20:30.990

Hong Lieu: that's always been the question for me is how do you actually get things done in the systems that we have that exist today.



01:20:31.230 --> 01:20:37.530

Hong Lieu: So seeing how how these women actually made things happen, and in a much more oppressive climate, you know, in a much more.



01:20:37.920 --> 01:20:46.410

Hong Lieu: kind of oppressive situation like the system we have today as a little bit more opportunity than the systems that they came up you know, in the 50s and 60s, etc, I mean it was just.



01:20:46.860 --> 01:21:01.050

Hong Lieu: It was really insightful and inspiring to see how much they got done and how effective protest was, I mean, I guess, I guess, maybe That was something that were protesters more effective than that now, which i'm not sure, but at the same time I get it was it was cool.



01:21:02.760 --> 01:21:04.830

Carrie Hutchinson: I mean the thing I loved about and we didn't talk at all.



01:21:05.790 --> 01:21:06.660

Carrie Hutchinson: Today, about my.



01:21:07.230 --> 01:21:11.790

Carrie Hutchinson: My role and showing up for Racial justice but, as you know, i'm a Community organizer with with Serge.



01:21:12.330 --> 01:21:19.560

Carrie Hutchinson: Serge Santa Barbara and and I work with search national and the thing that I love about that the jane's documentary and a lot of the other stuff where I take a page out of these.



01:21:19.890 --> 01:21:24.240

Carrie Hutchinson: Incredible resources is the strategy i'm really into strategy, you know and it's all about.



01:21:24.600 --> 01:21:33.210

Carrie Hutchinson: Looking around with what and see what you have and figure out what to do, that's going to make a change in a way that's effective and kind of also linking that to our conversation about how to influence people and how to harness our.



01:21:33.450 --> 01:21:36.000

Carrie Hutchinson: Our spheres of influence, but like with search we did a.



01:21:36.420 --> 01:21:43.260

Carrie Hutchinson: We did phone banking for state Stacy brown on Wednesday actually wasn't phone banking, it was text banking, you know and each of us there's like 300 people on the call.



01:21:43.500 --> 01:21:47.640

Carrie Hutchinson: And we were tasked with texting 2000 people in a span of two hours and.



01:21:48.000 --> 01:21:56.550

Carrie Hutchinson: The thing I loved about it was was really strategic in terms of what we weren't weren't doing all we were doing, and this round one is what they were calling it is we're trying to figure out who are people who are under.



01:21:57.600 --> 01:22:05.310

Carrie Hutchinson: So there was no influencing there's no persuading there was nothing no conversations to be had except to figure out who that we text is somebody who's undecided on how they're going to vote.



01:22:05.610 --> 01:22:15.000

Carrie Hutchinson: And then from that information we're going to come up with another bank and we're going to do the next level which is calling and then from the calling level we're going to have people on the ground canvassing and Georgia so.



01:22:15.330 --> 01:22:24.000

Carrie Hutchinson: The strategy that they talk about and the chains and how these brilliant women just took a look around and figured out what they needed to do in order to provide.



01:22:24.450 --> 01:22:34.200

Carrie Hutchinson: resources to ensure human rights it's just pretty incredible that's what i'm all about I love like looking around and just figuring out, how can we make change we're not stuck with what we have here folks we there's so much we can do.



01:22:34.620 --> 01:22:48.330

Carrie Hutchinson: And I only got to do is be strategic about it look around harness our circles of influence and be be be good and decent people while we're doing it to emulate the conditions that we're trying to advocate for and it's as simple as that let's go to the world.



01:22:50.190 --> 01:22:50.490




01:22:52.350 --> 01:22:54.060

Hong Lieu: Well, said well said.



01:22:55.230 --> 01:22:57.060

Akil Hill: The name that shows the King of kings or pain.



01:23:00.630 --> 01:23:01.560

Carrie Hutchinson: King James.



01:23:01.980 --> 01:23:05.100

Hong Lieu: James and then kings of paint that will be lower right next to each other in the show notes.



01:23:05.700 --> 01:23:09.390

Carrie Hutchinson: yeah just like a bit like it's got kings it's got violence it's.



01:23:11.850 --> 01:23:13.110

Carrie Hutchinson: All about balance right now.



01:23:13.170 --> 01:23:17.910

Akil Hill: Right last show, I was talking about married at first sight, so you know we got we got.



01:23:19.140 --> 01:23:20.310

Akil Hill: Your balance on the right huh.



01:23:20.670 --> 01:23:22.050

Hong Lieu: Oh yeah we tried to be.



01:23:24.810 --> 01:23:25.680

Hong Lieu: articulate you got.



01:23:26.730 --> 01:23:31.860

Akil Hill: um I think i'm good i'm just you can throw kings a painting, and that will be.



01:23:32.070 --> 01:23:36.330

Akil Hill: The pig and I mean I can't claim that a watch every episode I just saw 15 minutes of.



01:23:36.660 --> 01:23:38.670

Akil Hill: A guy trying to touch on an electric.



01:23:38.700 --> 01:23:41.790

Akil Hill: eel in a tank don't hold me to that, but.



01:23:41.790 --> 01:23:47.790

Akil Hill: that's not I mean if you're into that kind of survival themes type shows, then I think.



01:23:47.850 --> 01:23:48.540

Akil Hill: You may like it.



01:23:48.930 --> 01:23:55.590

Hong Lieu: So, in terms of connecting carries a social justice work i'll also link my coworker person.



01:23:55.950 --> 01:24:03.240

Hong Lieu: Thinking me to video of Kerry speaking at association of women in communications you, it was an award speech that you want it in 2018 or something where you.



01:24:03.630 --> 01:24:13.410

Hong Lieu: Your first thing you said was you made a point to emphasize that year, the work you did was you know standing on the shoulders of other women who were represented and stuff and I just listened to that was.



01:24:14.460 --> 01:24:20.610

Hong Lieu: Really really kind of profound and I was really it was really just a great speech, so I achieved ceiling to meet him.



01:24:20.880 --> 01:24:30.150

Hong Lieu: Like know in preparation for this show like oh my God, you have carry on the show you have to you have to watch this and I had seen it before and it wasn't me so i'll throw that in the show notes as well just because.



01:24:30.570 --> 01:24:35.340

Carrie Hutchinson: something bad and if you can bet the surge the the link to showing up racial justice that would be.



01:24:35.700 --> 01:24:39.660

Carrie Hutchinson: Absolutely as well, because I haven't committed to every time I speak, and every time I.



01:24:40.800 --> 01:24:52.650

Carrie Hutchinson: take up space and a stage or the microphone I want to make sure to amplify the places where people can actually participate and get involved so that we're actually yeah building and not just consumer space.



01:24:54.150 --> 01:25:02.520

Hong Lieu: Absolutely So yes, thank you carrie for coming on the show today, it was an honor to have you any any other parting words before we say goodbye.



01:25:05.280 --> 01:25:09.450

Carrie Hutchinson: Well, I can take you out the way I take folks out and one of our joy six shows.



01:25:10.350 --> 01:25:12.120

Carrie Hutchinson: Is by singing a bar from goodbye to you.



01:25:12.660 --> 01:25:13.200

Akil Hill: let's do it.



01:25:14.580 --> 01:25:16.710

Carrie Hutchinson: Good Thank you good.



01:25:18.870 --> 01:25:22.950

Carrie Hutchinson: good for you and you and you, thank you, everybody, thank you for.



01:25:22.950 --> 01:25:23.190




01:25:24.600 --> 01:25:27.330

Carrie Hutchinson: so wonderful to have you here check this out of the next one.



01:25:32.940 --> 01:25:39.870

Hong Lieu: And that's that no filter though no I was just like no no vocal cord warm ups and just boom pitch perfect just hit me.



01:25:39.870 --> 01:25:40.350

Hong Lieu: right there.



01:25:40.590 --> 01:25:42.720

Carrie Hutchinson: True professional editing that out right.



01:25:45.150 --> 01:25:46.350

Akil Hill: there'll be no idea that.



01:25:47.520 --> 01:25:50.730

Hong Lieu: That would be a disservice to the audience edit that out because, like, I said that was.



01:25:50.730 --> 01:26:02.520

Hong Lieu: pitch perfect is boom like it wasn't like yeah like we didn't like cut there's no like jump jump cut where you have like be vocal warm ups drinks ginger tea just boom just he did a true performer true professional.



01:26:02.880 --> 01:26:06.060

Carrie Hutchinson: Well now, I think that was missing was the key to our so you still have to come out to a show.



01:26:06.450 --> 01:26:07.860

Akil Hill: Absolutely, I definitely will.



01:26:08.160 --> 01:26:15.780

Hong Lieu: Like I said i'll put all that the shout outs, be allowed to pack Pack in there, but i'll do my best, and again thank you so much for coming.



01:26:16.650 --> 01:26:17.040

Hong Lieu: Thank you.



01:26:17.340 --> 01:26:17.820

Hong Lieu: As always.



01:26:19.200 --> 01:26:21.540

Hong Lieu: until next time this was SBCC Vaquero Voices.



01:26:21.720 --> 01:26:22.200